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Amy Lawton Murray’s Housed in a renovated church the staff calls their Sanctuary, Murray’s, on Tivoli’s main drag, is a breakfast-and-lunch spot that takes seriously its offerings of fine food—and coffee (La Colombe brand)—and offers hospitality joyfully. Chef Amy Lawton, an avid forager and food preservation whiz, moved from Rhode Island to the Hudson Valley after seeing a friend’s favorite upstate swimming hole; she’s currently refurbishing a food truck to “hit some events and get even crazier.” Lawton’s pastries and an espresso shot are the perfect finale to a wander around Tivoli bays. When September rolls around, says Lawton, “I love sautéed kale with garlic browned just right, steamed until it’s just bright green and tender and topped with an over-easy egg. The hot peppers start coming in, the turnips and winter squash... I love the bright colors and flavors. When it starts to cool off, the herbs get really happy. And I so look forward to chicken and hen of the woods [mushrooms]. If people are lucky, we’ll have mushrooms and cream... and nice crisp apples. And I’ll poach some pears if I can get them. I love serving and preserving the harvest. Homemade hot sauce, homemade sauerkraut—I love to ferment and pickle and freeze and dry all the good stuff.”

73 Broadway, Tivoli / (845) 757-6003 / MurraysTivoli.com

“ When farms are ready to go on something, we do our best to showcase it.” —Brian Arnoff Above: Fresh herbs from Sparrowbush Farm on display at the Hudson Farmers’ Market. Below: Fresh oyster mushrooms from Township Valley Farm in Hobart.

Brian Arnoff Kitchen Sink Food & Drink Kitchen Sink owner Brian Arnoff’s first food business was CapMac, a “mac-and-cheese-based” food truck in Washington, D.C. It was a big hit, but Arnoff was eager to get back to his native Dutchess County and start working with the local farm folks to serve up globally-influenced comfort food. Today he runs what has become the perfect complement to a visit to Dia: Beacon. “We focus on the information from farmers and producers—when they’re ready to go on something, we do our best to showcase it,” Arnoff explains. “September is the best month for tomatoes—they’re super ripe and juicy—so we do a lot of interesting tomato dishes. I love green tomatoes, in salads, pickled, fried. Then there’s great summer squash, greens, herbs; you’re just starting to edge into butternut and winter squash. Summer squash in season is great on the grill with maybe a chili rub, which goes perfectly with the sweetness you get from grilling—look for the delicata; you don’t have to peel it, and it takes nicely to the grill or the sauté pan.”

157 Main Street, Beacon / (845)765-0240 / KitchenSinkNY.com

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