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River Architects used rigorous calculations and computer modeling while designing this Cold Spring passive home. As a result, the house is producing more energy through its solar panels than it uses.


Power Up! Passive house photo: Brad Dickson

By Melissa Everett


our neighbor has solar panels. Your office just installed an electric vehicle charger. The heating contractor mentioned that you could replace that old furnace with a highefficiency heat pump. Over 70,000 New Yorkers live in solar homes, and the electric vehicle market is growing (from a tiny beginning) at 60 percent per year. Just when you are thinking it might be time to consider switching to renewable energy, the phone rings and it’s a solar telemarketer. Ugh, never mind. The Clean Power Guide is for people who

see good reasons for shifting to renewable energy—from calming the climate crisis to increasing your comfort, efficiency, and savings. You just want to be sure you are doing it right, on your own terms. Luminary Media, in collaboration with Sustainable Hudson Valley, are launching this guide as a special section in Upstate House. This year, we highlight electric vehicles, solar power, and heat pumps, along with a tool and a technique for making them pay off—energy storage and energy efficiency. Here’s what you need to know, and where to learn more. upstate HOUSE

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Upstate House Spring 2019  

Upstate House Spring 2019