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Powerful Partners RG&E encourages everyone to go green with our e-bill service and save green with our energy efficiency rebates and incentives. Learn more at our booth and at We’re proud to be part of the first Greentopia Festival and support the GardenAerial at High Falls.


From our presenting partner Welcome to Greentopia! Monroe Community College is proud to present Greentopia, our community’s first-ever festival dedicated to sustainable living. We join festival organizers, fellow sponsors and volunteers in thanking you for your interest in preserving our environment and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. At MCC, our students, faculty, and staff are actively involved in sustainability efforts on campus and strive to live green daily. We embrace our responsibility to be positive stewards of the environment and our opportunity to inspire and educate generations to be environmental caretakers. We also take seriously our responsibility to prepare our region’s workforce for careers in fields, like agriculture and renewable energies, that will be shaped by advancements in sustainability. Be sure to stop by the MCC and GROW Monroe exhibits to learn more about how the college is meeting the education and training needs of area residents, businesses, industries, and organizations, and responding to the “greening” of various industries. Together we will build a more sustainable Rochester. Thank you for going green with us and creating positive change for the future. Sincerely,

Anne M. Kress, Ph.D. President Monroe Community College

Greentopia 2011

From our event producers Dear Festival Attendees: On behalf of the Friends of the GardenAerial, the Festival Steering Committee and our presenting sponsor, Monroe Community College, we would like to welcome you to the Greentopia Festival! What began as a kernel of an idea more than two years ago has come to fruition this weekend. Through the incredible efforts of a dedicated group of individuals, organizations, educational institutions, sponsors and partners, we have created something new and exciting for our community which we hope will have a positive impact on future generations. The Greentopia Festival’s single goal this weekend is that everyone in attendance leave with at least one new “green” idea that you can be incorporate into your daily life. What you may not know is that the festival is also a fundraiser for another new project, The GardenAerial - an ambitious and bold project to transform the Pont de Rennes Bridge and other structures around the Genesee Gorge into a beautiful, floating arboretum - an innovative 21st century landmark and symbol for the Flower City. In partnership with the City of Rochester and the community, the Friends of the GardenAerial - a newly formed 501( c )3 nonprofit organization - hope to raise awareness and funds at this festival to support this new park. Thanks to members of the landscaping community, you will be able to get a glimpse, a “feel” for what we envision by walking on the Pont de Rennes Bridge this weekend. There is also an exhibition inside Max at High Falls of visionary renderings that has been put together by the Rochester Regional Community Design Center. We hope you have fun at the festival and leave with new knowledge, understanding and compassion for creating a more sustainable Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes. Enjoy!

Lewis Stess Co-Founder, Greentopia Festival & Friends of the GardenAerial

Michael Philipson Co-Founder, Greentopia Festival & Friends of the GardenAerial Page 5

Table of contents Welcome letter from our presenting partner...................................................................4 Welcome letter from our event producers........................................................................5 Thank you!...........................................................................................................................9 Schedule of events...................................................................................................... 10-12 Featured speakers...................................................................................................... 18-19 Featured chefs.................................................................................................................. 20 Water, power, waste......................................................................................................... 21 Festival map................................................................................................................ 28-29 Vendors........................................................................................................................ 32-37 Crew and committees................................................................................................. 40-41 Our partners................................................................................................................ 44-45

Do your part.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Together we can make a difference Our reusable bags are an easy way for you to join us in our efforts towards greater sustainability; find more ideas and info at

The sequel to the extremely popular 2006 show!

Exhibition Party Saturday, October 23, 8 to 11 pm

500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY | 585.276.8900 Exhibition sponsored by , MVP Health Care, the Gallery Council of the Memorial Art Gallery and an anonymous donor.

Top row: Jennifer Angus, Creature Comforts (insects); Mark Khaisman, Lydmila (packing tape). Phyllis Hackleman, ‘49ers (Virgin, UT) (inkjet print on used coffee filter). Bottom row: Jennifer Maestre, Kraken (colored pencils, thread); Mike Libby, Stegosaurus (Bible, glue, wire, wood); Danielle Julian Norton, Clear(Neutrogena soap). All works shown in detail.

Thank you!


any thanks to all of our musicians who graciously donated their time and talent to this inaugural event. It just would not be a festival without the music! Thank you Chris Lyons for creating our very special illustration for this year’s event and Tony Zanni, Dock 2 Press, for doing our onsite printing. What a special treat and a first for Rochester and the Finger Lakes. Special thanks to our interns, Kristin Bell and Sara Wowkowych, and special volunteers Donna De Luca and Maryanne Nisson, for their hard work and dedication. You have helped to create a very special festival for our community. Thank you for being part of the vision. We thank the Wegmans Recycled Art Competition Judges: Nancy Gong (artist); Chris Lyons (illustrator); Nan Miller from Nan Miller Gallery; Marie Via, Director of Exhibitions, Memorial Art Gallery; and Louis Perticone,

ARTISANworks. We would also like to thank our very special cheerleader who has been with us from the beginning and who has helped to make many things possible, Sean Phelan. You are a very special supporter of the Friends of the GardenAerial! And finally, we would like to say thank you to the staff at the Philipson Group: Jennifer Bell for her amazing organizational skills and her “yes, I can do that” attitude, and especially Felecia Wolff and Mike Morisco. Mike and Felecia have been the creativity behind all of the marketing and collateral materials that have put this event on the map and have helped to make it stand-out! Frankly, we don’t believe there is another festival in the region that can hold a candle to the quality of our brand. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! —Michael Philipson, Lewis Stess and the Greentopia Festival Steering Committee

Check out our neighborhood Green Open House! There are many great, green office spaces in the High Falls neighborhood. Several of them invite you in during the festival for special tours. OPEN GREEN OFFICES include Stantec, WXXI, Chait Studios, and the Urban League’s Mills and Annex. Participating businesses will display signs during open hours.

High Falls Business Improvement District



See what we’re up to now!

Schedule of events ONGOING ACTIVITIES & EVENTS Over 100 Exhibitors and Vendors Farmer’s Market Food Court Magic Hat Beer Garden, Wine Garden Pont de Rennes Bridge Landscape Show RG&E Alternative Fuel Vehicle Exhibition Wegmans Recycled Art Exhibition Honest Tea Music Stage Kid Zone SPECIAL ACTIVITIES & EVENTS SATURDAY, SEPT 17, 2011 10:00: Greentopia Moving Planet Bike the Bridges Self-Guided Bike Ride begins at Genesee Valley Park 12:00: Opening Ceremonies, Honest Tea Music Stage, with: Senator Joseph E. Robach Senator George D. Maziarz Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks 1:30: Greentopia Festival Essay Contest Presented by Senator Joseph E. Robach & George D. Maziarz 2:30: Goodwill Extreme Fashion Show, 61 Commercial Street MUSIC SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 2011 HONEST TEA MUSIC STAGE, PLATT & BROWN’S RACE 10:00-10:45: Golden Link Folk Singing Society 11:15-11:45: The Bluesberries 1:00-1:45: Still Saffire 2:15-3:00: Teagan Taylor Trio 3:30-4:15: Mr. Mustard 4:45-6:00: Funknut Greentopia 2011

FOOD COURT, FURNACE & BROWN’S RACE 12:00-12:45: RJ & Cu-Cu 1:15-2:00: DC James 2:30-3:15: Last Note 4:00-4:45: Fiske & Herrara 5:15-6:00: Dat dere trio + 1 SUNDAY, SEPT. 17, 2011 HONEST TEA MUSIC STAGE, PLATT & BROWN’S RACE 10:00-10:45: Sonar Mail 11:15-12:00: Jocelyn Masiti 12:30-1:15: Driftwood Sailorse 1:45-2:30: The Beaumonts 3:00-3:45: Rainline 4:15-5:00: The Bob Squad 5:15-6:00: Shaded Passion FOOD COURT, FURNACE & BROWN’S RACE 1:15-2:00: Company B 2:30-3:15: Amanda Lee Peers 3:45-4:30: Reuben Allen 5:00-5:45: Holy Smith Kid Zone / COMMERCIAL & MILL STREETS ONGOING KID ZONE ACTIVITIES YMCA Wheel of Fitness Child Care Council’s Green Arts & Crafts Seneca Park Zoo Bottle Cap Mural City of Rochester Rec. on the Move Kidwind Project SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 2011 10:00: Storytime with the Monroe County Library System 11:00: Helmer Nature Center 12:00: YMCA Family Pilates

1:00: Meet the Rochester Museum and Science Center H2O Hero 2:00: Dazzle Children’s Theater presents: “Cosmic Greenies” 3:00: Good Bug Puppet Show 4:00: SPARK (Sports, Play & Recreation for Kids) SUNDAY, SEPT. 18, 2011 11:00: Helmer Nature Center 12:00: YMCA Family Pilates 1:00: Meet the Rochester Museum and Science Center H2O Hero 2:00: Dazzle Children’s Theater presents: “Cosmic Greenies” 3:00: Good Bug Puppet Show 4:00: Watershed Demo with Kimie Romeo 360|365 GREEN FILM SERIES / The R.O.A.R. Club SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 2011 11:00: The Greenhorns (Rochester Premiere), 50 min. + Q&A 12:45: Urbannissimo, 6 min. 1:00: Everything’s Cool, 89 min. + Filmaker & Media Activist Judith Helfand via Skype, 3:00: Anima Mundi, 4 min. 3:15: Comfort Zone, 30 min. + 40 min. Discussion with filmmakers and local experts 4:30: Corner Plot, 10 min. 4:45: Trans Andes Challenge, 9 min. + Q&A 5:30: Dark Side of the Lens, 6 min. SUNDAY, SEPT. 18, 2011 10:30: The Pipe (Rochester Premiere), 83 min. [This Film contains Adult Language.] 12:15: EGGS, 9 min. 12:30: Everything’s Cool, 89 min. 2:15: Heliotropes, 3 min. 2:30: Summer Pasture, 85 min.

GREENTOPIA SPEAKER SERIES SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 2011 ECO QUICK-TALKS , ATRIUM in MAX AT HIGH FALLS 11:00-12:00: Waste Reduction Eco QuickTalks 12:30-1:30: Local Environmental Initiatives Eco Quick-Talks 1:30-2:30: Gardening & Landscape Eco Quick-Talks 3:30-4:30: Alternative Energy Eco QuickTalks 4:30-5:00: Alternative Energy (Bonus Session) ECO QUICK-TALKS , SENECA ROOM (2nd FLOOR) in MAX AT HIGH FALLS 12:30-1:30: Urban Living Eco Quick-Talks 2:30-3:30: Health & Wellness Eco Quick-Talks presented by University of Rochester Medical Center SUNDAY, SEPT. 18, 2011 FEATURED SPEAKER SERIES, WXXI STUDIOS 11:00: Paul Watson – Speaker via Skype: 12:30: Patrick Cullina, Michael Cooper, and Michael Philipson 2:00: Ed Begley, Jr., Speaker via Skype 3:30: Bill McKibben, Speaker via Skype WORKSHOPS & DEMOS SENECA ROOM in MAX HIGH FALLS 11:00-11:30: Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens Workshop/Demonstration 12:00-12:30: Backyard Composting Demonstration 2:00-2:30: Creative Re-use Centers

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Schedule of events THE ATRIUM in MAX HIGH FALLS 11:30-12:00: Sustainable Design and Professional-Quality Fertilizer Workshop/Demonstration 2:30-3:00: NYSERDA Incentive Programs for Business Energy Efficiency Improvement GREEN ENVIRON-MENTOR SESSIONS THE ATRIUM in MAX HIGH FALLS 12:30-1:30: Green Homes Environ-Mentor Session 4:00-5:00: Green Business EnvironMentor Session

THE FOODLINK CULINARY SERIES/ WXXI STUDIOS SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 2011 11:00: Samantha Buyskes, Simply Red Bistro 1:00: Alexandra Jamieson, Author and Chef 2:30: Ryan Jennings, Max Rochester 4:30: Rafael Guevara, Rio Tamatlan

Don’t miss FUNKNUT! On the Main Stage, Saturday, September 17th at 4:45pm Funknut is a funk soul quartet from Upstate New York featuring Tony Gallicchio (vocals, keys), Tristan Greene (drums), Joe McNinch (bass), and Joe Dellaria (guitar). Funknut has been contributing to the funk scene playing clubs, colleges and festivals all over the Northeast. They have played with acts such as Soulive, KRS One, Skerik and recently Tony G opened up for the Temptations and Four Tops. The buzz keeps growing. Check out their debut album HIT IT! released on TinyAce Records now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Greentopia 2011

Greentopia Festival. In the palm of your hand! QR (Quick Response) Codes

A new way of getting around the Greentopia Festival Quick Response (QR) codes are 2-dimensional barcodes which can open up a whole new world of information and entertainment to the user. You will see this QR code (found below) on signage and in this program guide. If you have a smartphone, here's all you have to do: • Download a QR Reader application from your phone's app store. (most apps are free or require a small fee) • Once you have the App on your phone, scan the QR code • Enjoy special and expanded festival info delivered DIRECT to your smartphone! That's all there is to it!

Greentopia Mobile Web Site

You can now go direct to to take advantage of our new MOBILE web site! This site contains the entire festival schedule, information, and even an interactive map for burning questions such as, “Where are the bathrooms?” You can also keep in touch with us all year long by bookmarking our mobile site on your smartphone.


donorganic! be the miracle of organ donation.

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Greentopia Festival

Featured speakers ED BEGLEY JR. Actor and Activist, WXXI Studios, Sunday, Sept. 18th, 2:00pm, via Skype As environmental issues become more pressing, there are two possible responses: forget it and hope that government and corporations will figure it out, or take action yourself. In the ‘take action yourself’ camp, a few individuals are leading the way. One such person in California is Ed Begley, Jr. Environmental lawyer and long-time friend, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. has said, “Ed has a greater sense of social obligation than anyone I know. He’s like a West Coast cadet who gets up every morning and says ‘reporting for duty’.” BILL McKIBBEN Author. Educator. Environmentalist, WXXI Studios, Sunday, Sept. 18th, 3:30pm, via Skype Bill McKibben is the author of a dozen books about the environment, beginning with The End of Nature in 1989, which is regarded as the first book for a general audience on climate change. He is a founder of the grassroots climate campaign, which has coordinated 15,000 rallies in 189 countries since 2009. Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College, he holds honorary degrees from a dozen colleges, including the Universities of Massachusetts and Maine, the State University of New York, and Whittier and Colgate Colleges. In 2011 he was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences PAUL WATSON Animal Rights Activist, Conservationist, WXXI Studios, Sunday, Sept. 18th, 11:00am, via Skype Born in Toronto, Canada, Paul Watson’s path to becoming an activist began at the age of 10 and hasn’t stopped since. As a co-founder of Greenpeace, Watson was responsible for their best known campaign: Save The Whales. Watson has spent everyday since to help protect whales and all marine life. Watson went on to found the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and continues to this day with this organization. Continuing to focus on marine life, his efforts and direct agressive tactics attracted a lot of attention. Watson currently stars in “Whale Wars” on Animal Planet. Photo courtesy Barbara Veiga Greentopia 2011

PATRICK CULLINA V.P. of Horticulture and Park Operations - High Line New York City, WXXI Studios, Sunday, Sept. 18th, 12:30pm Patrick Cullina is a horticulturist, designer, and photographer who has served as Vice President of Horticulture and Park Operations for Friends of the High Line and Vice President of Horticulture, Operations and Science Research at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. He has served as horticultural adviser to a wide range of municipal, commercial and private projects and his work in public horticulture has been recognized by a number of organizations. He received the Garden Club of New Jersey/National Garden Clubs Inc.’s Gold Medal in 2005 and the Garden Club of America’s Zone Horticulture Commendation in 2010. MICHAEL COOPER Civil Engineer at Bergmann Associates - Rochester NY, WXXI Studios, Sunday, Sept. 18th, 12:30pm Michael Cooper, P.E. is a seasoned Civil Engineer at Bergmann Associates and has been providing bridge and transportation engineering services to a wide variety of clients including state and local transportation departments, municipal agencies, private organizations, and industrial facilities for over 13 years. His goal on every project is to connect with his clients, understand their needs, and to help them address the unique challenges of their project. The restoration and design of the historic Poughkeepsie-Highland railroad bridge was one of Mr. Cooper’s signature projects, now called the Walkway Over the Hudson – the world’s longest pedestrian bridge and New York State Park. MICHAEL PHILIPSON President and Co-principal, Philipson Group - Rochester NY, WXXI Studios, Sunday, Sept. 18th, 12:30pm The Philipson Group, is an innovative communications, marketing, and new arts firm bent on getting clients noticed and helping them solve their often complex communication and positioning challenges. With over 20 years experience in traditional graphic design, production management and marketing, Michael and his team are helping shape the future vision of Rochester. Page 19

Featured chefs Alexandra Jamieson Alexandra Jamieson has been seen on Oprah, The Final Word, 30 Days and The National Health Test with Bryant Gumble. She was also featured in the award-winning documentary Super Size Me. Her knowledge of nutrition has been artfully developed through years of both professional and self-study. Alex offers remarkably sane – and tasty – advice on how to detox, live healthfully and feel fantastic. Samantha Buyskes, Simply Red Bistro Samantha Buyskes is the executive chef, owner and creator of Simply Red Bistro. Before venturing into her own restaurant in 2002, she spent a few years working at Cheesecake Factory Corporation. In 2008, she became a published author and has previously received many press write-ups in prominent food magazines. Buyskes focuses on using products that are seasonal and local to New York State and the surrounding region. Rafael Guevara, Rio Tamatlan For several years now, Rafael Guevara, chef and owner of Rio Tomatlan, in Canandaigua, New York, has been setting regional standards for his Pacific west coast Mexican cuisine. Mr. Guevera resources local and organic ingredients, ignoring canned and processed foods. He also faithfully respects traditional “home cooked from scratch” cuisine, and has been lovingly stealing his grandmother’s recipes since 1991. Ryan Jennings - Max Market Ryan Jennings is the Executive Chef of Max Rochester and General Manager of Max Market in Brighton. He attended the acclaimed French Culinary Institute of New York City before leading such notable area kitchens as the Rio Bamba and Coppergrass Bistro. Known for his unique flavor combinations and devotion to local purveyors, Ryan has become a leading member of the local food movement.

Greentopia 2011

Water, power, waste by JENNIFER BELL


he Greentopia Festival organizers are conscious of the effects that plastic water bottles have on our environment; as a sustainable festival, it was important to make drinking water a priority. We would have liked to have provided reusable water bottles to all visitors, but as a first year festival this proved to be too ambitious. Still we have taken steps to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by Greentopia. Most importantly, we strongly encouraged attendees to bring their own refillable water bottles; a water buffalo on site allows those water bottles to be refilled. And, of course, the proper recycling receptacles will be placed around the High Falls area to make sure any plastic water bottles that do make an appearance at the festival are recycled. Alternative energy The Greentopia festival is completely run by alternative energy! The term alternative energy is used to define energy sources that have little to no undesired consequences. Greentopia harnesses the energy of solar power, wind power, biodiesel, etc. For example, the Honest Tea music stage is being completely powered by solar energy

and several vendors will be showcasing ways their individual companies use alternative energy sources. In addition, the festival has purchased wind energy credits to off set the power usages in the Center at High Falls. Almost zero waste From the start of planning for the festival, Greentopia organizers strove to make the event as trash-free as possible.  Reducing what vendors hand out and then composting and recycling what items need to be discarded.  Food Scraps and paper is being handled by Empire Recycling, the City of Rochester is taking care of what little trash is generated, and Cascades Recovery will be recycling all plastics.  Monroe County kindly provided the recycling racks.  Please make sure all fiber food packaging and scrap food goes into the proper containers and please empty  all plastic bottles and cups before properly discarding them. It took help from lots of people and organizations to get Greentopia green; but in the end, it takes your help to make it happen.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost at the Fest.

Greentopia essay contest Area students aged 8-13 were recently invited to submit essays that answered the following question: What do you see as the biggest environmental or health problem facing New York and what is your solution? Problems and solutions can include anything from active, healthy lifestyles, to pollutants in our environment, sustainable food supplies or even alternative transportation. Join co-sponsors Sen. Joseph E. Robach and Sen. George D. Maziarz as they announce the winners on Saturday, September 17, at 1:30, Center at High Falls. Page 21


landscapers & nursery professionals for over 30 years. We are the

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• Non-Profit Trade Association • Continuing Education Programs • Green Industry Networking Opportunities • Certification Programs • Educational Scholarships • Community Reforestation • Actively seeking professional members • Producers of GardenScape

Visit our Professionals at Greentopia and register to win 2 tickets to GardenScape, the Rochester Flower Show, March 15-18 2012!


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Greentopia 2011

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    

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Greentopia 2011

The City of Rochester congratulates GREENTOPIA for bringing Rochester its first totally green event. Visit the City’s booth at GREENTOPIA and learn about Rochester’s green strategies and initiatives.

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Approximately 65 percent of American homes are under-insulated* Insulate and save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs** JM home insulation contains 25 percent recycled glass † Improves indoor air quality by reducing exposure to formaldehyde *Source: “The Public Benefi ts of Insulation Retrofi t in Existing Housing in the U.S.,” Harvard University School of Public Health. **By fully insulating and air sealing your home to EPA suggested levels. Source: “Guide to Air Sealing and Insulating” by Energy Star EPA. † Certified by an independent standards organization (Scientific Certification Systems) to contain a North American average of 25 percent total recycled glass (including 20 percent post-consumer glass).

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we’re on facebook 387-0070 Join us for a special Fair Trade Oriental Rug Event October 6 - 9

Vendors 360 | 365 Film Fest Live. Breathe. Film Abundance Cooperative Market (585) 454-2667 Offering healthy and delicious foods since 1969 Alpco Recycling, Inc. (315) 986-8900 ext.201 Full service recycling facility for over 40 years Alternative Carbon Energy Systems (A.C.E.S.) (585) 737-4126 Renewable energy specialists: Geothermal, Solar, and Wind Alternatives for Battered Women (585) 473-5343 We are recycling used bras to provide for the needs of our residents Amanda’s Garden (585) 750-6288 Native perennial nursery propagated plants for pollinator gardens American Diabetes Association 5854583040 ext.3473 We promote less driving more bicycling! American Institute of Architects, Rochester Chapter (585) 232-7650 Sustainable architectural Greentopia 2011

design services Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY (585) 234-1306 The prevention and abolition of all forms of animal abuse and exploitation Arista Power, Inc. (585) 243-4040 Wind, solar Dv, demand management/power storage and distribution products Art By Day (585) 544-8060 Sculptures created from various found objects. ARTECO Studios (724) 846-4465 Artfully recycled for the eco minded Baby Green Bottom (585) 455-6050 Supporting natural and sustainable products for our current and future generations Geothermal HVAC and green energy solutions Berkshire Solar Wind Geothermal (585) 330-1738 Green Energy Systems Beyond Green Distributor (585) 503-8363 Distributors of nontoxic, bio-based cleaning products Bona Fide Coffee Coffee Roasted for Rochesterians that’s flavorful and enjoyable Brighton Pathways to Health (585) 242-9518 We are a patient centered integrative health center Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care Inc. (585) 424-4476 20 Years of Being Green

Batavia Turf (800) 333-1472 Instant Lawns

Canadice Construction Corp (585) 669-2520 Home of cost-effective green energy

Bath Fitter (585) 349-9940 Custom made seamless acrylic one day bath remodeling

Caribbean Liquid Sugar Global Services, LLC (585) 355-7182 All natural/organic cane sugar and stevia syrups

Berkeley Heating and Cooling, Inc. (585) 943-2589

Cascades Recovery (585) 202-9289

We provide complete commercial recycling services in WNY Center for Environmental Information (585) 262-2870 Environmental protection through education, collaboration and facilitation City of Rochester (585) 428-7600 Coler Natural Insulation (585) 624-2499 Insulation products made from renewable and recycled content Community Energy (518) 527-7671 We promote the existing wind industry in NYS

together to create lawn art Culture Shock/Airchair (561) 478-9140 We are as eco friendly as you can get!!! Cummings Maple (315) 926-7021 Producers of pure maple syrup and maple products D.A. Spencer Sculptures Inc. (585) 738-3548 naturalstonewatersculptures. com Professional landscape services specializing in natural stonework Damiani Wine Cellars (607) 546-5557 Dasani Water Designed to make a difference

Cool Rochester (585) 230-0026 Save money, energy, the planet

David Vail (585) 749-1500 A straw bale and alternative energy design/build consulting company

Cornell Cooperative Extension A key outreach system of Cornell University

Democrat & Chronicle (585) 232-7100 Your source for local news

Cornell Cooperative Extension, Monroe County (585) 461-1000 CCE-MC provides community based education to help individuals, organizations, and communities improve their lives and world Creative Creatures (585) 334-2069 Recycled metal items welded

Did You See That? (585) 473-2629 Creatively handcrafted upcycled treasures Doan Chevrolet (585) 352-6600 ext.1700 Doan Delivers Chevy Volt -- In Stock Now! The Dorschel Group (585) 321-2538 We’ll give you more than you expect for less than you’d expect to pay Eagle Ray Traders, LLC (413) 528-9718 Batik clothing and accessories from Bali EcoVillage of Ithaca New neighborhood of 40 small, energy-ethical, green homes in a co-housing neighborhood for people of all ages Edible Finger Lakes (607) 272-2510 The Story on Local Food Enerpath (585) 545-1752 Making it easy for businesses and communities to become energy efficient EvenOdd Creative (585) 506-6547 Handmade fashion accessories made from upcycled materials Federation of Monroe County Environmentalists (585) 507-2112 Working together to protect our environment Finger Lakes Museum (315) 595-2200 Proposed Natural and Cultural History Museum Flippin’ Birds (585) 705-8193 Dry rubbed, charcoal grilled Cornish Game Hens, topped Page 33

Vendors with rice! Foodlink (585) 328-3380 Abundance Shared Friends of the GardenAerial (585) 287-5555 Promoting the innovative design that is GardenAerial Ganondagan State Historic Site (585) 742-1690 Gardenscape Professionals Association (GPA) (585) 265-9018 Landscape & Nursery Pros of the Rochester Region Genesee Land Trust (585) 256-2130 Preserves, protects lands and waterways in Greater Rochester Genesee Region Clean Communities (585) 301-2433 Encouraging cleaner air and imported petroleum reduction. General Motors Components Holdings (585) 647-4767 Genesee Valley Organic Community Supported Agriculture (GVOCSA) (585) 329-9723 A Community Supported Agriculture partnership with Peacework Farm. Halco (800) 533-3367 Greentopia 2011

Renewable energy and energy efficiency design and installation Harris Seeds (585) 935-7035 Quality seeds and Worm Power for organic gardeners Healthy Sisters’ Soup & Bean Works (585) 546-2784 Lovingly hand-packaged soups from women in recovery Helmer Nature Center (585) 336-3035 htm Promoting an understanding of the natural world Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard (607) 243 -7971 Heron Hill Winery (800) 441-4241 Our winery is in the midst of a green revolution High Falls Business Association (585) 263-9454 Business Improvement, District Management High Peaks Solar (518) 209-6727 High Peaks Solar installs solar and wind systems Hip Green Pet (585) 290-7282 USA made Green Pet Products— Join the Movement! Honest Beverage/Odwalla (262) 510-5199 Delicious, truly healthy, organic

beverages Imagine It... (585) 872-5802 Fundraising Through Recycling Intergrow Greenhouses, Inc. (585) 682-0052 Commitment to Quality, Sustainability, Safety, and Service Invictus Electrical (585) 738-4614 High quality, custom electrical work and installation of solar panels Isaac Home Energy Performance (585) 546-1400 Isaac Identifies, Educates, Prioritizes and Improves Home Energy Efficiency Jackie Richardson (607) 273-5308 100% Organic, fresh-pressed, juice and smoothie blends Jag Construction Inc (585) 621-7040 Learn how to save green, by going green Johns Manville (585) 201-6505 Better Living from the Inside Out KidWind (877) 917-0079 Supporting all teachers and students to be part of the clean energy future

Kingdom Ventures, Inc. (585) 739-5088 Offering you Products with Purpose from around the globe Label Popper (585) 975-9445 Unlock the hidden recycling opportunity in your home The Landmark Society (585) 546-7029 Revitalizing yesterday, Protecting today, and Planning for tomorrow Little Granolas (585) 305-6058 Cloth diapers -- The best butt covers that you can put your baby in! Lollypop Farm (585) 223-1330 Re-home, Re-love! -Information on adoptions and pet services Lori’s Natural Foods Center (585) 424-2323 Providing the community with wholesome, minimally processed food MCC Sodexo (585) 292-2513 MCC Food Truck Midtown Athletic Club (585) 943-5701 Health club. Tennis club. Sports club. Social club. Monroe Community College (585) 292-2065 State University of New York Monroe County Parks (585) 753-7275 Department effectively and efficiently providing an array of park services Monroe County (585) 509-2883 Monroe Litho (585) 454-3290 Sustainable commercial printing Mooseberry Soap Co. (315) 719-2535 We provide organic handmade SOAP, candles, chocolates & pastries/skin care Moving Planet (585) 703-1189 Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels: No Fracking, Yes Renewables Muesli Fusion (716) 984-0855 Manufacturer of all-natural and organic breakfast cereals NeighborWorks Rochester 5853254170 ext.327 A nonprofit, full-service housing agency serving the City of Rochester New York Wine & Culinary Center (585) 394-7070 Information Center

North American Breweries/ Magic Hat Northeast Organic Farming Association of NY, Inc. (NOFANY) 5852711979 ext.503 Educational workshops for farmers, gardeners, and consumers Noto Fruit Farm & Cider Mill (315) 589-8703 Quality select fruit and premium apple cider One World Goods (585) 377-1534 Not for profit gift shop that sells fair trade handicrafts produced in developing countries. Pace Energy Solutions & Services 5859248350 ext.204 Making homes safe, comfortable and more energy efficient Pioneer Millworks 924-9970 Reclaimed and sustainable wood products: flooring, paneling, cabinetry and more Prairie Organic Vodka Purple Turtle Designs (607) 437-7734 One-of-a-kind handcrafted purses and jewelry R Community Bikes Inc. 865-9872 Page 35

Vendors We repair and distribute bikes to the needy Radiant Complete (607) 280-8773 Providers of integrated radiant heating and alternative energy systems Ray Sands Glass (585) 889-2876 We will have our green products on display: window films and moisture removal. Reconnect Rochester (585) 354-6232 Advocates for a multimodal transit network in Rochester Renewable Rochester (585) 576-8092 The power of the sun and technology RG&E (607) 351-6612 RG&E provides electricity and natural gas to Rochester-area customers Riddle Chiropractic (585) 670-0020 Whole Family Natural Healthcare Chiropractic practice RJH Recycling (585) 329-9410 Complete solutions for green waste recycling Rochester Area Vegetarian Society (585) 533-1368 Helping to save the planet Greentopia 2011

through plant-based eating Rochester Cycling Alliance 753-2034 Advocates for cycling and all forms of active transportation Rochester Greenovation (585) 755-8921 Creating educational and cultural opportunities through waste diversion Rochester Institute of Technology (585) 475-2411 Rochester Museum and Science Center the Water Education Collaborative (585) 271-4552 Demonstrations and hands-on activities for the public relating to environmental science, water quality, and conservation Rochester Regional Community Design Center RRCDC (585) 271-0520 Non-profit organization promoting healthy, sustainable communities Rochester Walks! 224-3059 City-based walking initiative to get Rochester moving! Rochester Solar Technologies (585) 924-2176 Installer of solar electric systems for your house or business Rolling Thunder, FIRST Robotics Team

(585) 647-7254 We will be introducing an energy efficient light bulb to the community Sammich! (585) 542-9866 Food truck specializing in sandwiches, we source all of our produce locally School Edge-Hanging Herb Garden Kitchen Hanging Herb Garden in 3 recycled milk gallons Seeking Common Ground, Inc. (585) 506-6505 A 501Š3 educational organization dedicated to restorative living Seneca Park Zoo (585) 336-7214 Exhibition of animals in naturalistic settings providing educational experiences Sierra Club Rochester Regional Group (585) 203-1189 rochester Premier environmental group: Explore, enjoy, protect the planet Small World Food Collective (585) 563-9018 Ingredients fresh from local organic farms, transformed into amazing foods

Smart Center Buffalo (716) 817-6555 Smart cars— environmentally-compatible individual mobility Snow Daze (585) 248-2974 RocCitySnowDaze All-natural, gourmet shaved ice made from real fruit Solar LED Innovation, LLC (484) 639-4833 Small start up that designs, manufactures and markets solar LED devices Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park (585) 394-4922 Estate featuring nine formal gardens and 1887 mansion Summit Tree and Landscape, Inc. (585) 402-4061 Sustainable and traditional landscapes, permeable pavement, EAB treatment Sunnking Electronics Recycling (585) 391-1010 Environmentally Responsible Electronics Recycling and Secure Data Destruction Sustainable Energy Developments (585) 265-2384 Wind power specific experience SWBR Architects (585) 232-8300 SWBR is committed to the practice of Sustainable Design Sweet Pea Diapers (585) 340-6422 Cloth Diaper Service—”The best change you will ever make.” Ted Collins Tree & Landscape (585) 381-9000 “One Call For All That Is Green” Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers (607) 277-7100 A full service architecture, engineering, science, and conservation services firm True Energy Solutions, Inc. (585) 248-8783 BPI accredited energy efficiency auditing and retrofit contractor Unique Flower Gardens (585) 256-1124 Locally and sustainably grown, rare perennials University of Rochester Admissions (585) 275-3221 admissions University of Rochester Medical Center University of Rochester Transplant (585) 705-6703 Transplant Organ Donation Awareness

USA Bird Supply (716) 407-3118 Wild Bird and eclectic Gift Store in Clarence, NY Van Bortel Ford (585) 586-4415 New fuel efficient Ford vehicles on display Vermi-Green LLC (585) 289-7267 Specializing in soil amendments and composting Waterford Tilling (585) 388-6318 Using innovation and creativity to accomplish each project We Add Up (440) 289-9245 A Green America approved business for people and the planet WXXI (585) 258-0200 Go Public. Xpedex Paper supplier and singlesource provider of graphic supplies, printing press machines, and bindery and finishing equipment Xtreme Green Products (413) 283-2935

Page 37

Cascades Recovery U.S., Inc.

We care so much about paper and packaging; when you’re done with it we want it back‌ Cascades Recovery Inc. manages the diversion of discarded materials. Unlike waste companies whose primary business is waste to landfill - our buiness is to divert material from landfill working towards zero waste. Cascades Recovery As an integral part of Cascades Inc., we are responsible manufacturers of paper and packaging, we produce it, and after it has been used we want it back.

Cascades Recovery U.S., Inc. Call us Toll Free at 1-866-839-0800 or Email us at Serving the Rochester, Albany and Buffalo areas. Cascades Recovery is the 2011 Greentopia Waste Diversion Partner

An Integrative Health and Wellness Center Through a group of licensed, highly skilled and compassionate practitioners, we recognize that the body, the mind and the spirit must be in harmony in order for the whole person to become and stay well. We are dedicated to serving your health and wellness needs.

3200 Brighton Henrietta Road (near S Winton) ~ (585) 242-9518

see more at Tel: (585) 545-6300, Email:

Crew and committees Festival Crew Michael Philipson, Co-Founder Lewis Stess, Co-Founder & Director Joel Helfrich, Festival Coordinator Jenna Knauf, Logistics & Volunteer Coordinator Kristin Bell, Intern Jennifer Bell, Media Organizer Mike Morisco, Website Designer Felecia Wolff, Print Collateral Designer Maryanne Nisson, Volunteer & Art Expo Organizer Donna DeLuca, Volunteer Sara Wowkowych, Intern Steve Seidman and Julie Oldfield, Photographers Steering Committee Laurie Broccolo John Cake Margie Campaigne Sharon Coates Jim Farr Greg Frank Andrew Goldstein Rachel Goldstein Jon Haliniak Heather Halstead Joel Helfrich Tom Johnston Jenna Knauf Laura Kroening Susan Lindsay Lee Loomis

Ryan Loysen Kate McArdle Michael Marchand Jenna Meyers Jane Milliman Ken Morgan Linda Moroney Sean Phelan Michael Philipson Vince Press Kimie Romeo Haley Rotter Jon Schull Liesel Schwarz Erin Shannon Andrew Sloane Meredith Smith Michelle Sommerman Lewis Stess George Thomas Michael Warren Thomas Rodregus Tripp Jason Wadsworth Kevin West Bill E. Wynne Entertainment Committee Erin Shannon, Chair Exhibitor & Vendor Committee Laurie Broccolo, Co-Chair Sharon Coates, Co-Chair Tom Johnston, Co-Chair Kristin Bell Joel Helfrich Margie Campaigne Lee Loomis Ryan Loysen

Kid Zone Committee Laura Kroening, Co-Chair Nicole Gardner, Co-Chair Kate McArdle, Co-Chair Public Relations Committee Vince Press, Co-Chair Jane Milliman, Co-Chair Anitra Anderson Greg Frank Jon Haliniak Heather Halstead Joel Helfrich Sally Parker Michael Philipson Erin Shannon Frank Regan Lewis Stess Michelle Sommerman Speakers & Education Committee Ryan Loysen, Co-Chair Meredith Smith, Co-Chair Haley Rotter Jon Schull

Michelle Sommerman Michael Warren Thomas Volunteer Committee Jenna Knauf, Chair James Farr Ken Morgan Jenna Meyers Waste Diversion Committee Andrew Goldstein, Chair Frank Regan Kimie Romeo Jay Rowe George Thomas Jason Wadsworth GardenAerial Board Michael Philipson Lewis Stess Jane Milliman Tom Johnston Kevin West Gar Lowenguth

RG&E ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLE EXHIBITION: EXPLORING LOW-EMISSIONS VEHICLES In a world of rising gas prices and increasing carbon emissions, the push for an alternative fuel vehicle grows every minute. From alternative fuel to high efficiency combustions engines, we have put together a number of vehicles that are pushing the envelope and inciting a movement to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions. THIS EXHIBIT WILL FEATURE OVER 21 CARS AND OTHER VEHICLES FOR YOU TO SEE AND FEEL! A FIRST IN WESTERN NEW YORK! Among other vehicles, the Greentopia Festival will showcase the all-electric ZENN (Zero Emission No Noise) car, as well as a racecar powered by wind and solar. We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together.

Page 41

Acheive greater home comfort while lowering your energy bills.

Get A FREE Home Energy Audit*

*Based on GJGNY reservation number to qualify.

Call 585-546-1400 Today!



Our partners Presenting partner Monroe Community College/ Grow Monroe high falls partners Foodlink RG&E music stage partner Honest Tea healthy lifestyle partner University of Rochester Medical Center Beer Garden Partner Magic Hat Brewing Company Educational Series Partners New York State Senator Joseph E. Robach New York State Senator George D. Maziarz Alternative Fuel Exhibition Partner RG&E Green Film Series Partner Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks Waste Diversion Partner Cascades Recovery, Inc. Extreme Fashion Show Partner Goodwill Tote Bag Partners Sunnking Sustainable Energy Developments Recycled Art Exhibition & Competition Partner Wegmans Greentopia 2011

Kid Zone Partner Child Care Council Exhibitor Partners Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care RIT Wegmans Brown’s Race Partners Abundance Cooperative Market Brown’s Race Historic District GM Hunt Engineers Architects Surveyors NYSERDA New York State Assemblyman Joe Morelle Odwalla Stantec Wilmorite In-Kind Sponsors Anthropologie Batavia Turf Bergmann Associates Carlson MetroCenter YMCA CGI Communications City Blue Imaging Child Care Council City of Rochester Club ROAR Dasani General Motors Harris Seeds Honest Tea Manitoba Harvest Michael Marchand Monroe County Monroe County Parks & Recreation Monroe Litho Norry Management

Northern Biodiesel Odwalla Philipson Group Rochester Community Regional Design Center Rochester Downtown Development Corporation smart center Buffalo Southern Wine & Spirits of Upstate New York Strathallan Hotel Summit Tree and Landscape SWBR Architects Ted Collins Tree and Landscape Zaretsky and Associates

Grants/Contributions Canandaigua National Bank City of Rochester The Rochester Area Community Foundation Waste Management Media Sponsors The BUZZ Democrat and Chronicle Fresh Dirt Magazine Edible Finger Lakes Magazine Upstate Gardeners’ Journal WPKY WXXI YNN

Learn more  about  our  commitment  to   sustainability  at   Page 45

Your favorite gardening magazine is now online. Visit to sign up for our web version, free.

RE A R ND A D L O T O O , H NEW ART, P E FINE VINTAG AND ERS Y T AND WE BU ELL POS Park t.) S ner Sum ford One oe at Ox 460 1 nr (Mo ster, NY e m7 0 Roch 71-311 -2 @ y e 585 ll mer


Proud to support The Greentopia festival Senator george d. maziarz

ALPCO Recycling is excited to be a part of the first annual Greentopia Festival. Stop by our booth today!

We are a full service recycling facility! DMV#7106889

846 Macedon Center Road Macedon NY, 14502 315-986-8900

Assemblyman Joseph D. Morelle is proud to support the 2011 Greentopia Festival “Best wishes for your inaugural event and its efforts to make our community and our world a better and greener place to live.� - Joe


Joe is working to make western NY a leader in H2 technology.

Senator Joe Robach

56th Senate District Serving Rochester, Brighton, Greece, and Parma

District Office: 2300 West Ridge Road (585) 225-360

“Best wishes for a successful 2011 Greentopia Festival and congratulations to this year’s scholarship award winners.”

Adventure Weekends: Sponsored by

Healthy Choices Interactive Science Fun for the Whole Family! Check out our new program line-up at

657 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14607 (585)271-4320

Working in Rochester and globally for a better world

Community Open House Wed, Oct. 5th, 10 am-8 pm

Recycling Collection Day Wed, Oct 5th, 10 am-6 pm

* Clothing (Goodwill) * * Electronics (SunnKing) * * Cell Phones (Imagine It) * * Eyeglasses (Lions Club) * * Bikes and Bike Parts (R Community Bikes) * * Musical Instruments (REF) *

GM Components Holdings 1000 Lexington Avenue Rochester, NY 14606

Eco-Friendly Painting

Save Green

Contact us by phone or email 585. 705. 0899

May 2–7, 2012

Powering Your Future With Wind

w w

Eat Your Lawn. Don’t Mow It! A R E. EC RE







made in the



Green Pet Products



on all Floating hard dog toys!



Lifetime guarantee

Square Feet or Square Miles . . . easy-care edible plants, instead of grass


Reduce your pets carbon pawprint Make your pet a Hip Green Pet today!




Classes, meetups & site visits

Patty Love, MALS, PDC

Permaculture Edible forest gardening Homesteading Ecological gardening Edible landscaping

Permaculture is a system of ecological design that shows us how we can meet human needs while regenerating the natural environment around us.


“Together, we can make the right move toward a more sustainable community” Contact me for all your Real Estate needs! 65 South Main Street Fairport, NY 14450 Cell: (585) 261-1422 Office: (585) 421- 5199 Email:

Rnet Recycling Bin Covers Keep recyclables from becoming windblown litter! Currently available in 4 colors Great for laundry baskets too! Order online at or Call 585-334-2961

Be a Visionary. Help create an innovative, new landmark for the City of Rochester. The GardenAerial, a system of gardens, trails and structures floating high above the Genesee River Gorge at High Falls, is now being planned and designed. Join us today...and be a visionary!

Find out more by visiting Friends of the GardenAerial is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization





8:51 AM



Creators and Producers of Utterly Unique Special Events & Communications

Greentopia Festival • Le BARC (Lollypop Farm) Blue Grand Opening (Goodwill) • Safer Sex Party (Planned Parenthood) Psychedelic | Extreme Materials 2 (Memorial Art Gallery) East Avenue Character Banners • 585.287.5555

Sponsored by

Monday, September 19, 2011, 6-9pm Rochester Public Market Join us at the largest local food & wine tasting event, all to benefit

Sample from over 100 local restaurants, wineries, breweries, bakeries and more!

Tickets on sale now! Join Festival of Food on:

Tickets are $40 in advance or $50 at the door. Available at , the Rochester Public Market, Foodlink and

Sponsored by CANFIELD &TACK Commercial Printing and Fulfillment

925 Exchange Street

Greentopia Festival 2011 Program Guide  

Greentopia Festival 2011 Program Guide

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