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DoubleTake Technology Engage Businesses Using Flick-It Technology

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Section One 04. Coldwell Banker Commercial

Looking Beyond the Rate of Commercial Leasing


06. Beyond Business Coaching Show

Up Social Network online magazine is a platform for chapter members to present to its readers; information detailing services, concepts or resources core to growth and success through collaboration. Leaders from vast professional, service and creative sectors provide the most current and innovative business practices to its audience. The forum of Up Social Network magazine is structured to assist or complement a company’s footprint within their industry by networking,therefore also creating collaborative opportunities. Consistently seeking out and demonstrating current or forward best practices, marketing strategies and increased exposure is pivotal to ensure stability and consumer loyalty. Here you will find engaging articles from members of Up Social Network chapters throughout greater Houston with stories from many perspectives; personal, being “what drove me to entrepreneurship or small business ownership,” to a more entry level consultative “why the way things used to work are now weakening and what can be done to rebuild” which is extremely relative to technology. Community involvement and support are also components strong within the membership of Up Social Network. Chapter meetings and events held regularly, businesses benefit from knowledge of needs and changes to meet and exceed local consumer expectations. We invite you to enjoy this quarterly issue of Up Social Network magazine.


2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

Finding Your Personal Niche is Vital for Today’s Competitive Market

08. Edna Sangel

Helping Good People Grow Business the Right Way

10. Texas Gulf Coast

Medical Services That Offer Expertise, Convenience, and Security

12. Ron Carter

Entertainment and Safety: A Great Combination for Families When Choosing a New Vehicle

14. Tulane University Houston

Freeman school of Business – Earning an MBA the Right Way

Section Two 15. E-MailWire

Mass Electronic Distribution Helps Businesses Share Their Stories

16. DoubleTake Technology

Engage Businesses Using Flick-It Technology

18. Texas Gulf Coast

Attention to Modifiable Risk Factors May Prevent Heart Disease

20. Bay Area Regional Medical

Bariatric Surgery can Offer Long Term Relief in Mindset, Health and Budget



Friday December 16th noon through Saturday December 17th noon was the twenty-four hour competition timeframe, and Bay Area Regional Medical Center, a location where monthly Up Social Network meetings are held, committed as the hosting venue for the Guinness challenge.

UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017


Coldwell Banker Commercial


Prospective commercial tenants should balance cost, length of lease, incentives and renewal options before investing in a new location...

Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC) advisors help business owners find the perfect lease, including office, industrial, medical, retail properties and even land. In June of this year, CBC advisors moved into Houston with over 20 Houston-based commercial real estate professionals advising prospective clients. Leasing a building for commercial business is a very important decision and should not be based on cost alone. Finding top-rate commercial leasing is more than just comparing financial rates. Prospective business leasers not only want the best value for their money but also the best location for their business. Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisor, Patrick Buckhoff, compares the necessity of balancing a leaser’s conditions to the four legs of a table. “Just as four steady legs of


a table is necessary to keep items it holds steady, four factors are necessary to keep the balance when deciding a location to commercially lease,” Buckhoff explains. The commercial advisor recommends that looking at the cost is important but stresses “to be sure to ask if that is the flat rate or are there other fees in addition to the base fee.” Sometimes there are hidden fees in the small print, so the tenant unwillingly ends up paying more. Next, the tenant needs to consider the length of the lease and compare it to what he is trying to accomplish, including enough square footage to accommodate growth in the business and whether or not he plans to stay in the area. It is also important to look for any

2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

incentives that are offered when you sign a longer lease. This option will lock in a steady rate for the length of the lease with built-in renewals. Even though landlords may prefer to raise the monthly rate after a year or two, they may decide that having stable tenants rectifies the extra monthly amount by avoiding vacancy issues later. The tenant must also ask if he is able to terminate the lease if necessary and what costs may be involved. To keep both tenants and landlords happy, it is necessary to balance your leasing desires and put all of your options on the table. To learn more about Coldwell Banker Commercial properties in Houston, visit

About Coldwell Banker Commercial CBC Advisors employs a thorough commercial real estate research strategy to more accurately obtain the highest level of market information throughout service regions. Market research teams track leases, sales and ownership criteria for a diverse class of commercial property types, analyzing sales and lease rates to precisely forecast market trends. Timely, relevant commercial real estate data allows our skilled professionals access to the essential tools needed in advising clients on local market conditions, statistics and trends impacting their distinct industry and circumstances. Advanced analytics allows our clientele the premiere information needed to make sound commercial real estate decisions.

UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017



Finding Your Personal Niche is Vital for Today’s Competitive Market Beyond Business Coaching offers growth solutions customized for small businesses. These solutions will help generate more leads, increase conversion rates, compel more frequent transactions and command higher prices to generate greater profits.

About Beyond Business Coaching: There are two things every business owner wants: to generate more leads and reach one million dollars in annual revenue. Beyond Business Coaching experts will teach business owners how to attract more clients and make more money to eliminate any current financial distress they find themselves in. Obtaining a large annual revenue can lend to living a life every business owner has always wanted and deserved. The E-Learning Marketing System was specifically created to provide all small business owners with the tools, resources, and support they need to accomplish their goals. The coaching experts will help you target your ideal clients by helping you understand what exactly triggers the clients to buy. Once the specific market is identified, your coach will help you create compelling marketing messages to enable you to out-market and out-sell your competition.


2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

Finding your personal niche and differentiating your business from countless others is vital to compete in today’s competitive market. Most business coaches focus on processes and help you build your business, while business coaches at Beyond Better Coaching emphasize developing leads and helping you market your business based on future clients’ needs. The coaches specialize in helping owners find different forms of passive income and looking beyond ways that require trading your time for money. Catharine Pearce, a personal business coach, stresses the importance of standing out from all the other businesses. She suggests to owners to pay attention to what the competitors are doing. Recently, one of her clients was a proprietor of a family-owned business. She asked the owner to accumulate all their ads, including the phone book and advertisements from social media. She then pulled several other ads that were like the owner’s. They included catch phrases like, “family-owned” and “in business since 1948.” She then asked her client if she took his name and placed it on the other ads, would it make a difference? Sadly, the family owner realized that all his ads were like so many others and didn’t really stand out.

Pearce explains, “Inside perspective isn’t always enough to sell a product or service. The owner realized that the outside reality did not match what he thought was important to potential customers. Honestly, most people don’t care if the business is family-owned or that they have been in business for more than a half of a century.” Truly, if owners want new clientele, they must answer the questions that buyers have. These questions are referred to the business coaches as “The Buyer’s Journey.” What is really going on in the buyer’s head? Most people intensively research something before they buy. “For instance, 63% of people looking for a new car will go to the car lot when it is closed, just so they are not hassled by the car dealers. They don’t want to be bothered while they are doing their research”, states Pearce. Research is important because very few people are ready to make an important decision on the spot. In fact, only 4% of people are “now” buyers and want the product that you are selling right now. So, how do you, as a business owner, cater to the other 96%? “Create a niche in a market that is over-saturated,” Pearce recommends. Another recent client was a novice realtor. She hired Catharine Pearce to help her find her niche and differentiate herself from a real estate market that is oversaturated with competitors. Since it is currently a seller’s market, Pearce recommended that the new realtor offer a promotion promising to sell a client’s house

in 28 days or less or the else the commission fee would be waived. This strategy enabled the realtor to sell 16 houses her first year since her marketing strategy stood out from the rest of her competitors. Instead of looking at what your competitors are doing, Pearce recommends to research their strategies and look at what they are not doing by using this simple four step formula. Pearce confidently talks of a formula to help owners gain leads and prospective clients for their business. First, interrupt the clients by getting their attention. Second, engage them. Discuss the problems they are having so you can help them solve the issues. Third, educate the clients and explain to them how you solve their problems. Fourth, offer the advice on how to market their solution on social media and their business website.

Pearce offers free consultations which include a 45-minute session where she will help you discover $10,000 hidden in your business. For more information and the opportunity to view free videos, visit www.BeyondBetterCoaching. com or contact Catharine Pearce at 832-865-7898. UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017



2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

Edna Sangel HELPING GOOD PEOPLE GROW BUSINESS THE RIGHT WAY Edna Sangel, an author, business strategist and coach explains how to develop your business through sales without stepping on people along the way. The inspiration that sparked writing her book was because she was laid off only because she outperformed and sold more than was expected of her. Sangel’s book reveals what happens behind closed doors as she exposed the darkness in the marketplace, She encourages her readers to conduct business the right way, without being unfair or ugly, and still getting the results you want. Sangel explains “I sold over 500 million dollars worth of business for her employers and details the 7 secrets to her success.” Her biggest tip is to be strategic and spend the time and money to invest in marketing your brand. She also dispels the biggest myth that having a strong sales force is enough without marketing. Sales is revenue, but marketing is about position. You need to understand both aspects. Marketing is about positioning your brand. She stress that your brand is business and personal. She explains, “that it is all about the perception of your business and the perception

of yourself.” People sometimes focus too much on the branding of business that they forget to develop the personal branding. There are three ways to grow your business marketingposition yourself to do thing 3 things to stand apart. Identify your target market to produce sales. First, work on create your customers, and work on large purchases and then focus on frequent buyers Growth strategist-certified John Maxwell speaker and coach- focuses on business and personal growth. She recommends that everyone should get a coach. Develop a plan, implement the plan, train and develop the team and monitor ongoing results. Beginning to end… either start your business, identify problems or just train sales rep or help you hire them. For more information about Tulane University-Houston Campus and its programming, visit

About Edna Sangel My passion is to share what I have learned with those who are truly trying to make a positive impact in the marketplace, looking to grow their business the right way and to be able to compete with the big boys. You see what I have found is businesses forget the importance of integrity, working with excellence, being fair when it comes to business transactions, valuing your people, and staying relevant. They take their employees and customers for granted, and end up losing them to their competitors who can add greater value to their business or team. I want to expose the darkness in the marketplace and bring light by teaching Kingdom principles and enabling business owners, management, and professionals to identify their God given gifts and abilities in order to be effective leaders, accelerate their business, and grow their market share.

UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017


STELLAR PREVENTION AND INTERVENTION SERVICES AT TEXAS GULF COAST Medical Services That Offer Expertise, Convenience, and Security

Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems offers comprehensive medical services including evaluation and management of conditions and diagnostic testing. There’s something comforting about having all of your medical needs met at one location. For that reason, Texas Gulf Coast makes maintaining and improving one’s health more convenient. This medical facility offers expert physicians, immediate care, an on-site pharmacy and a secure patient portal log in.

Physician specialties include family medicine, pediatrics, endocrinology, internal medicine, podiatry, sleep medicine, and sports medicine. Intervention of any ailment is important. An internist who specializes in sleep disorders argues the importance of seeing a specialist once symptoms arise. “Sleep disorders like sleep apnea are extremely dangerous; tens of millions of people in America suffer from sleep apnea but haven’t been diagnosed yet,” argues sleep specialist, Dr. John Turner. In fact, any symptoms affecting one’s health should be taken seriously. In addition to experienced and caring doctors, Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems offers walk-in treatment and is open on Saturdays because the team realizes how difficult it is for their patients to be available during the work week. An on-site pharmacy also assists in making patients’ lives easier. A full-service pharmacy on the premises allows patients to pick up prescriptions on the way out of their appointment with no need to make an additional stop. OnePoint, TGC’s prescription management system, manages all of your prescriptions in a convenient and cost-effective medication synchronization program. Extra security also helps patients feel safe by providing

10 2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

a secure patient portal accessible for viewing personal health records. Protection in this day and age from identity theft is extremely vital. For more information about Gulf Coast Medical’s stellar service, view

About Texas Gulf Coast Medical: Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems is a multi-specialty group located in Webster, Texas just south of Houston. The many communities and neighborhoods surrounding Webster are collectively referred to as the Clear Lake area. The group was formed in 1996 when three groups of physicians joined together with a goal of providing quality healthcare to the area. Many of our physicians have practiced in the Clear Lake area for more than thirty years. In January 2007 we merged three locations and our main clinic is conveniently located in a state-of-the-art Medical Office Building in the Clear Lake area medical campus. It is adjacent to a brand new hospital facility, Bay Area Regional Medical, which opened in July 2014 and is our preferred location for all of your inpatient and outpatient service needs. TGC currently consists of thirty-six physicians including Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Neurology, Podiatry, Sports Medicine, Sleep Medicine and Mental Health. Additional physicians are scheduled to join us during the next two years. In-house services include mammography, bone density, general radiology, laboratory, echocardiograms, infusion therapy and a cardiovascular wellness program. Our vision is to deliver individualized health management and collaborative care with other area physicians to improve the wellness of the communities we serve.

UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017 11

SMART PHONES, SMARTER CARS Entertainment and Safety: A Great Combination for Families When Choosing a New Vehicle The Original Ron Carter in Alvin, Texas is known for its stability and solid reputation of selling vehicles to multi-generational families. This Alvin location offers preowned vehicles, as well as brand new highly innovative and technologically advanced cars. “Most new cars offer blue tooth technology, but some of the brand new 2017 GMC models offer socalled charging stations without

12 2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

even having to plug something in. Any phone that is smaller than a Samsung Note may be laid on the console and will automatically start the charging process for you,� stated Don L. Wolfe, a Ron Carter representative. Indeed, 80% of GM vehicles are now integrated with smart phones. Pandora play lists can easily connect to renowned Bose speakers so you can listen to your favorite music with a clear,

crisp sound. Different apps like car play enable games or music to be displayed on the 8-inch screen on the front end of your dashboard. Blu-ray theaters are also adaptable to these new vehicles, which can entertain the children on long road trips. More importantly, parents want to protect their offspring. Safety adapted cruise control automatically slows the vehicle and adjusts to the speed if someone is driving slowly in front of you. Distractions are common when driving, so any form of alerts help the driver avoid accidents. Wolfe explains, “Red and green color alerts on your dashboard indicate whether the vehicle in front of you is slowing down or comfortably moving with traffic.” In effect, front collision alerts slow down the vehicle if it suddenly detects a car in front of you. Additionally, if the driver veers

out of the lane, the steering wheel will correct itself and center the car back into the lane. The seat can also be set to vibrate to alert the driver if he is dozing off. Additional safety features include warning lights on the dashboard that inform the driver of something in his blind spot. You would think that all of the technology included would take weeks of acclimation, but in reality, it will take even the least knowledgeable person to become used to all of the technological advances in a matter of hours. For more information, view

Ron Carter Auto Land

has a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying customers’ needs. Feel free to browse our inventory online, request more information about vehicles, set up a test drive or inquire about financing! If you don’t see what you are looking for, click on CarFinder, fill out the form, and we will let you know when vehicles arrive that match your search! Or if you would rather discuss your options with our friendly sales staff, click on Directions for interactive driving directions and other contact information. We look forward to serving you!

UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017 13


Close-Knit Alumni Create a Welcoming Atmosphere for Continuing Students

About Tulane University Tulane’s Houston campus offers a sophisticated and convenient learning venue for managers and professions. Located on the West Loop near the Galleria, the campus offers several state-of-theart classrooms, smaller study and meeting rooms, administrative and faculty offices and dining facilities, which enrolled students can access 24/7.

Tulane University Freeman School of Business has been in Houston since 2002 as an extension of the business school in New Orleans and offers Master’s Degrees in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Management, and Management Energy. The Freeman faculty at the Houston Campus are comprised of accomplished and qualified professionals ready to introduce graduate students to a broad outlook of contemporary management skills. Tulane University Freeman School of Business gives working professionals the choice of taking live or online classes, or both. This small campus environment delivers professional support entering the program and continues support once you graduate with a prestigious Masters in Business Administration Degree. The professors teach hands-on experiential information that can be applied immediately to your current job. The most prized benefit of this smaller Houston Campus is close-knit alumni that will continue to support your career endeavors long after you graduated. The Freeman Campus Alumni is always doing something to stay connected with the community. The beauty of the large response rate of the network is that the alumni spans over several generations. Misty White, a representative of the campus, proudly boasts, “Regardless if you graduated 10 or 20 years ago, you will always have that connection

14 2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

when you come back to Freeman.” White also stresses the importance making sure to enroll in a properly accredited school. Recently, several alumni from a nursing program at Everett University protested the school claiming that they had extreme difficulty finding careers due to the University’s improper accreditation. Sadly, they lost hundreds of hours of valuable time and thousands of dollars toward a useless degree. “The Freeman School of Business is a founding member of AACSB-standardized accreditation for business schools,” states Misty White. Choosing this program with an esteemed accreditation will be a foundation for any endeavors in the future. With any big investment, research is the key. Take a step back, look at coveted positions and ask yourself what steps those professional took to land their dream job. You can learn more about Tulane’s programming, scheduling and/or reach out to recruiters at

www.houston.tulane.eduu Contact: Misty White 713) 586-6400


Mass Electronic Distribution Helps Businesses Share Their Stories EmailWire is a commercial wire service that provides press release distribution to online media outlets. With the advent of the internet, technological communication spreads news more quickly than ever before. This form of technological communication benefits even the smallest businesses by sharing something newsworthy. Before the computer age, marketing and advertising a small business was a long and tedious process, which included writing the press release and sending it directly to newspapers and/or other businesses. This would entail making hundreds of physical copies and addressing, stuffing and sending individual envelopes. EmailWire’s electronic distribution saves you time by publishing your press release on our websites. Since 2006, EmailWire has been publishing news releases and sending them through RSS feeds. RSS is just a technical term for a really simple syndication. Since our RSS feeds include distribution to subscription networks, relaying news about your small business spreads quickly. Wellwritten press releases are worth sharing, so it merits the extra time that you spend writing something really newsworthy. Even our company finds it beneficial to work with UpSocial Network to share the news about your business.

releases. “Our mission is to publish and distribute your press releases to your target audience, journalists and bloggers; increase your online visibility to produce guaranteed results,” stated a proud EmailWire Representative.

To learn more about what EmailWire can do to help your company, visit

EmailWire has different package levels available that are accessible with even the slightest budget. The smallest package is called the list package which is $99 per press release. Your written press release can include a video clip and up to two images, and it will be distributed to online news websites, television stations, and radio stations and, the RSS feed. The next package for $99 per month or $1,000 per year gives the business owner unlimited posts over four categories per release. The $299 package per release can be distributed by industry and the $199 package can be distributed by region to journalists and includes email circulation. The package levels all depends on how much circulation you need, and of course, how much you are willing to spend

About EmailWire is a service of GroupWeb Media LLC, aba GroupWeb.Com. We are an online media company and specialize in press release distribution, newswire services, news aggregation and dissemination.Our proprietary distribution channels with major newswire services and GroupWeb Media Network enable your releases to reach or appear on thousands of websites of global, national and local newspapers, television and radio stations, online news sites, databases, intranets and extranets, blogs, social news networks, news aggregators and syndication services. Some of these syndicators include Moreover, Inform, Financial Content, Google News, News Knowledge, Topix, Lexis-Nexis, Europa Media Monitor (EU News Service), Factiva and many more.

All of EmailWire’s press release distribution plans come with the capability of optimizing press

UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017 15

Engage Businesses Using Flick-It Technology

Using Interactive Technology and Enterprising Experiences to Connect Businesses DoubleTake Technology assists businesses who are frustrated with their technologies or want to do something new and innovative but lack the resources. Ron Kerr explained that he formerly created high-tech projects for NASA, but he was interested in the concept of creating solutions for non-profit and commercial businesses. He knew that for commercial businesses to compete in an oversaturated market, it

was necessary for them to technologically step up their game. Ron Kerr explained, “episodes of Hawaii 5-0 and CSI sparked the idea of true Flick-It technology. In several episodes, the investigators of these shows would click their phones or tablets, and the appropriate evidence or mugshots of the wanted criminals would flash across their colleagues’ screens.” In the shows, the new

16 2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

investigative reports would appear at the click of the button. Kerr was lucky enough to speak to someone involved in the shooting of the Hawaii 5-0 episodes, and they revealed that the technology didn’t exist, but that someone oversaw pulling the information up on the other screens when the time came to make it look like they used “click-it” technology.

Ron Kerr demonstrated this technology by holding his Samsung tablet containing all the slides he needed for his presentation. As soon as he flicked his phone to change the slides, he could flick his slide on the TV screen and onto Mr. Davis’s phone. This technology enables one to flick it to a small environment of just a few screens or up to thousands in an online teaching environment. FlickIt technology enables presenters to face their audience and even make changes while they are presenting. Conversely, using a clicker keeps the presenter’s back to the audience and is less engaging. Ron Kerr created this technology for two different approaches for his business. First, he created unique and innovative interactive experiences to get people’s attention. Interactive technology would be a great asset to trade shows, sale apps, “Edu-tainment” and virtual reality apps. Kerr is also very willing to create any new technology if it doesn’t already exist. Recently, he helped create 2-sided touch screens for the Houston Zoo. Eventually, zoo patrons will be able to interact with the chimps by using a complex projection screen. This screen will incorporate African bongos and will be quite a spectacle for the public once the chimps are trained and ready

to work with the public. The innovator teased and said that “the software was so easy to use, that even a chimp could use it.”

accumulate all the data they need and present it to the employees by using Executive dashboards, cloud integration, mobile apps and process automation.

The technological expert also offers enterprise experiences for businesses. He realized that people become frustrated with complicated software and needed easy access to accumulative data in one coffee dashboard. Additionally, Kerr was able to make the data as part of an interactive experience. Specifically, Oil and Gas Systems

Custom app development is the perfect way to educate clients, partners, vendors and shareholders about your business in an entertaining and memorable way.

DoubleTake Consulting provides custom software and app development that is designed to impress. We specialize in creating unique, innovative experiences that make people do a DoubleTake!”

For more information on a free one hour app development presentation, view or call 281-335-3605.

About Double Take Tech: DoubleTake pioneers new technologies or leverages emerging technologies to create innovative experiences that help our clients save time, save money and make people do a DoubleTake. DoubleTake is all about innovative technology, compassion and bringing jobs and life transformation to people in developing countries round the world.

UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017 17

Heart Health


Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems offers comprehensive medical services including evaluation and management of conditions and diagnostic testing. Specifically, TGC offers trained physicians and physiologists to assist individuals in making necessary lifestyle changes to prevent the onset of heart disease.

Heart disease affects almost half of adult men and women, and although many risk factors can be heredity, many other circumstances leading to heart disease are modifiable. There can never be a shortage of necessary education about heart disease prevention.

A Longer Lifespan Will Result in Life Style Changes”

Adam Lotts, a Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems stresses the importance of modifying six vital risk factors to reduce the risk of heart disease. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a clear warning sign of heart disease. The physiol-

18 2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

ogist urges the importance of complying to a doctor’s lifestyle recommendations and/ or medication prescriptions. He compares the stress on the heart caused by high blood pressure to lifting weights in the gym. “When you lift weights, your muscles get bigger. If your heart must work harder due to hypertension by pushing against heavy pressure, your heart will become bigger because it increases the blood flow demand. Doctors’ suggestions will help decrease the stress on the heart,” stresses Lotts. Commonly, high cholesterol is seen concurrently with hypertension, but suggested medications for each ailment are different. Both can be treated in the same way with diet and exercise. High blood sugar is another common risk factor to heart disease because it is primarily caused by a poor diet. Diabetes is one that is most profoundly affected by a lifestyle interven-

tion. Daily activity and a balanced diet will help patients maintain their blood sugar at a manageable level. Another risk factor is smoking or the use of tobacco. Smoking damages the cardiovascular system. Even if the patient is eating properly and exercising regularly, smoking can reverse any progress the individual has made. Finally, little to no exercise can greatly affect the heart’s function. The American Heart Association recommends an accumulation of at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. Increasing one’s heartrate through cardiovascular exercise will greatly improve heart function. Lotts argues, “Changing one’s diet in addition to an increased exercise regimen will help avoid the onset of heart disease. Avoid processed foods containing saturated fats. High caloric foods in addition to inactivity can lead to obesity.” A combination of these suggestions can assist in strengthening the heart. Recognizing these modifiable risk factors and making the life style changes necessary can help prevent the onset of heart disease. For more information about Gulf Coast Medical’s stellar service, view

About Texas Gulf Coast Medical: Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems is a multi-specialty group located in Webster, Texas just south of Houston. The many communities and neighborhoods surrounding Webster are collectively referred to as the Clear Lake area. The group was formed in 1996 when three groups of physicians joined together with a goal of providing quality healthcare to the area. Many of our physicians have practiced in the Clear Lake area for more than thirty years. In January 2007 we merged three locations and our main clinic is conveniently located in a state-of-the-art Medical Office Building in the Clear Lake area medical campus. It is adjacent to a brand-new hospital facility, Bay Area Regional Medical, which opened in July 2014 and is our preferred location for all of your inpatient and outpatient service needs. TGC currently consists of thirty-six physicians including Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Endocrinology, Neurology, Podiatry, Sports Medicine, Sleep Medicine and Mental Health. Additional physicians are scheduled to join us during the next two years. Inhouse services include mammography, bone density, general radiology, laboratory, echocardiograms, infusion therapy and a cardiovascular wellness program. Our vision is to deliver individualized health management and collaborative care with other area physicians to improve the wellness of the communities we serve.

UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017 19

Lose Weight, Gain Self-Esteem Bariatric Surgery Can Offer Long-Term Relief in Mindset, Health and Budget Bay Area Regional Medical Center offers a Metabolic and Weight Loss Institute. Bariatric Surgeons have the education and experience to care for each patient’s specific needs and will support each patient through every step of the process. Sleep apnea, diabetes, high-blood pressure, lack of mobility, cardiovascular disease, gastrooesophageal reflux disease and gout. Even though these ailments may exist on their own, these are often symptoms associated with morbid obesity. There is nothing worse than spending hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars on weight-loss programs, when coveted results of maintaining a healthy weight and diet are only temporary. Research has shown that bariatric surgery is the most successful treatment for morbid obesity and its related diseases. Bay Area Regional Medical Center (BARMC) will not only help clients lose the weight, but will also support each individual through the entire process of making a lifestyle change. Since obesity is the leading cause to so many other diseases, most insurance companies will approve the procedure of any patient with a mass body index of 35-40 and at least one of the previous diseases listed. Abbey Lee, the marketing director of the renowned hospital, states, “In addition to a positive self-image and increased physical functions, many of the ailments listed above may go into remission or disappear altogether. As the symptoms of obesity wane, bariatric clients will begin to see a noticeable difference in monthly bills.” Along with the stomach, grocery bills and medication fees associated with previous disorders will shrink.

20 2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

Bay Area Regional’s goal is to promote an entire lifestyle change and their support network is the key to your success. The support groups will help you cope with the new changes in your life and teach you how to choose and cook healthy alternatives to fit your new lifestyle. BARMC will also teaches you how to shop for clothes to complement your new body and that you deserve to treat yourself with respect and love. BARMC’s results have been so dramatic, that they proudly share their success stories with the public through their annual fashion show held in October so that others can be inspired by the patients’ positive life altering commitment. For more information on how to start your life a new, view the website at services/bariatric-surgery/

About Bay Area Regional Medical Center Bay Area Regional Medical Center is committed to providing the highest quality medical care while making a difference in people’s lives. A beautiful and modern healing environment, Bay Area Regional provides exceptional care, delivered with the latest and safest medical technologies. The hospital first opened its doors in July 2014 with 104 beds and is currently under construction to double the capacity, including expansion of the emergency room, operating room and cardiac catheterization lab, as well as a Women’s Center and NICU. With over 400 physicians on the medical staff, Bay Area Regional offers services such as heart and vascular care, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, bariatrics, radiology, general surgery, physical and occupational therapy, sports medicine, pain management and more.

UP! Social Network Magazine | 2017 21

World Record UP Social Network Breaking Records In Houston THE VISION Nolen Davis, Founder and CEO of UP Social Network, has a mindset that is always in innovative mode. But, one morning in October this mode went into overdrive when he decided to contemplate the challenge of setting or breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for the most interviews in a 24 hours period. After determining the possibilities and the challenges for this quest, Nolen started the process and assembled his team. Now armed with the necessary perspectives and requirements needed to complete the mission Nolen and Up Social Network went into action. Breaking a Guinness Book World Record is a hefty goal in its self. But of course, increasing marketing visibility for UP Social Network’s members, entrepreneurs and business owners would drive the focus of the strategy. When meeting Nolen Davis, and attending an UP Social Network monthly meeting hosted by various chapters around the Greater Houston area, one is confident that what Nolen sets out to do, he does. What some would consider a far-reaching project, Nolen takes on in a relentless energy to pursue and develop his vision. Setting a target date of six weeks to officially attempt to break a Guinness Book World Record, excitement and intrigue was building.

22 2017 | UP! Social Network Magazine

FEATURED ACTIVITIES • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony League City Chamber of Commerce • Christmas Story written by Tiffany Rachmann, • Imaginarian, narrated by Ms. Pearl Hewitt, TV Voiceover & Narrator • Art Walk • Wine Tasting • Birthday Celebration DoubleTake, Ron & Don Kerr • Toy Drive St. Vincent’s House, • Premier SEO Rapper, Charles Lewis • Musical Streaming Premier Red, White and Blue

BEHIND THE SCENES Friday December 16th noon through Saturday December 17th noon was the twenty-four hour competition timeframe, and Bay Area Regional Medical Center, a location where monthly Up Social Network meetings are held, committed as the hosting venue for the Guinness challenge. The team was in place, including Cassidy Clark, the Community Development Specialist for Microsoft who set up technology for expedited registration, an IT monitor specialist to ensure the necessary connect ability, professional videographer to record the television style interviews and to transmit, for the first time ever, a Facebook twenty-four hour record breaking live feed! The still photographer, timekeepers, sponsorship recognition, event planner and swag bags were all in place.

THE DAY Late on a chilly, overcast morning, interviewees begin to arrive. They are not quite sure what to expect, but could definitely feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. Up Social Network enhanced this as an opportunity to benefit families and children of the community, so participants arrived with toys for St. Vincent’s House for distribution during the upcoming holiday season! As Nolen often says, “BOOM.” All systems are a go! Bay Area Regional Medical Center has provided a window walled conference room with a highly visible location directly off the second floor elevator... on the way to the cafeteria. In the room, there are gourmet style sandwiches and other lite refreshments for attendees. Host Nolen Davis and Co-Host Chris Burres do sound and visual checks and adjustments, attendees are cruising the room, making introductions and networking. There is a WOW factor in the atmosphere as business owners and entrepreneurs realize that they are part of an historical event. Passersby curiously peek in as there are posted signs announcing and providing directions to the “UP Social Network Guinness World Record Attempt” location throughout Bay Area Regional Medical Center. There is truly energy of curious expectation and excitement as the audience filled the chairs

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THE CLOCK STARTS TICKING The first registered guests, Kim and Tony Huval of CarePatrol of Greater Houston begin the interview countdown by providing information about the benefits of their Senior Healthcare business. Committing to be a part of a world record attempt and realizing the opportunity of an unprecedented marketing reach, CarePatrol opted to present their services prior to jetting off to Phoenix, Arizona for a presentation. One after the other, Nolen Davis not only asked the required (by the Guinness World Record Book standards ) five questions but used his honed interviewing style and skills to assist sometimes nervous participants by building upon the information about services and products offered by their companies. Although some of the inter-

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views were shorter than others, with relaxed demeanor and professional interview skills, key questions are asked, allowing the conversation flow to provide viewers with information about that businesses market, services and any other pertinent information including contact phone numbers and website addresses. With multiple industries and services represented there was a wealth of information and inspiration in the room. Oftentimes, audience members and participants cheered each other on as information and some insightful business concepts were shared, while awaiting their turn to go UP Social Live! Many of those interviewed were obviously

comfortable in front of the camera creating engaging moments and additional content for Nolen, sometimes prompting audience participation too. Not long into the countdown it became apparent that not only would the long standing record of seventy interviews be broken, but it would not take long for it to happen! Garland Bradshaw, sponsor and owner of Third Coast Imagery panned the room capturing reactions and many “ah ha” moments from the audience as the diversity of business owners presented information about their area of expertise and services offered; finance, IT, real estate, web design, financial investment and on and on. Many lifestyle perspectives were represented too, as health and wellness, wine

and coffee distributors, golf centers, personal storage facilities, dog trainers, caterers and promotional goods to name a few spoke about what their business offered. The creative dimension of business was present as multiple artists were interviewed and spoke with pride about their beautifully displayed art pieces around the naturally lit conference room. Another entrepreneur, DJ Generation came in with lively music bringing an additional spark of energy to the room throughout the evening. A most memorable moment was the premier of “True Believers Red, White & Blue,” a musical tribute to our military by guitarist Arthur Ray Valenzuela. Later into the evening, there was “story time” with Mrs. Pearl Hewitt, as she engaged the children present with an original Christmas story penned specifically for

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the challenge by Tiffany Rachann. A feeling of charity and the holiday season filled the room as the bounty from the toy drive increased. St. Vincent’s House, Executive Director, Reverend Freda Brown takes a moment to express gratitude, reminding everyone the importance of caring for others and to joyfully haul away the contributions from attendees.

Fully confident that Nolen Davis and UP Social Network would hit the bull’s-eye, excited family members arrived from various cities around the country to witness and celebrate not just the breaking but as initially predicted, the “smashing” of the standing record. Nolen’s wife, Aisha was present for the majority of the 24-hour challenge. She was most supportive Although a twenty-four hour timeframe could to Nolen, the team, those in attendance and have been an endurance challenge for sure, keenly focused on the varying components of Nolen Davis and the UP Social Live team kept the challenge. Knowing her husband’s deterthe mission moving as smooth as clockwork. mination, she was confident of the ultimate Coordination of flow was organized and success of the endeavor. Mrs. Davis and other maintained by Natalie Poole of Exceptional family members joined in the countdown and Occasions, LLC., ensuring everything went celebration as the Guinness World Record was as planned, making sure the swag bags were indeed shattered! prepared, food and beverage plentiful, venue Nolen Davis continues to produce creative comfortable and moving effectively allowing ideas, projects and avenues that assist entreprebusiness owners to get in and go if necessary, neurs and small business owners in promoting however many chose to stay and be a part of the their companies. Up Social Network believes audience. The commitment of the team behind that networking and knowledge of industry the cameras and technology was for the entire changes promotes business growth and are 24 hours too and they managed to keep up their powerful in implementing the “work smarter stamina as the clock ticked on. Only the time- not harder” mindset. The strategic planning, keepers had a bit of a reprieve, as The Guinness team building and strong relationships that UP Book has specific perimeters for their rotation. Social Network owner Nolen Davis has established had everything moving like a well-oiled machine... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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UP Social Network Houston Issue #2  
UP Social Network Houston Issue #2