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European colonizers


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Emiliano Zapata por Octavio Arriaga

Nacio: el 8 de agosto de 1879 Murio: el 10 de abril de 1919

¿Quien era Emiliano Zapata?

Emiliano zapata fue un revolucionario mexicano y defensor del agrarismo que luchó en acciones guerrilleras durante la revolución mexicana.Y también fue una figura destacada en la revolución mexicana para la gente que lucha por la tierra y por la libertad.El era un hombre de la gente

¿Qué hizo la persona o qué pasó? Después de que la revolución comenzara en 1910, levantó un ejército de campesinos en el sureño estado de Morelos bajo el lema "Tierra y Libertad". Exigiendo simples reformas agrarias, Zapata y sus guerrilleros se opusieron al gobierno central mexicano bajo Francisco Madero, más tarde bajo Victoriano. Huerta, y finalmente bajo Venustiano Carranza. Zapata y sus seguidores nunca obtuvieron el control del gobierno central de México, pero redistribuyeron la tierra y ayudaron a los agricultores pobres dentro del territorio bajo su control.

¿Dónde vivía esta persona o en dónde tomo lugar el evento? él vivía en anenecuilco.Ananacuilco es un pueblo y esto tomo lugar en México

Emiliano Zapata By: Octavio Arriaga

Born: August 8, 1879 Died: April 10, 1919

Who was Emiliano Zapata? Emiliano Zapata was a Mexican revolutionary and defender of Agrarianism who fought in guerrilla actions during the Mexican revolution. And he was also a leading figure in the Mexican revolution for people fighting for land and for freedom. He was a man of the people

What did the person do or what happened? After the revolution began in 1910, he raised an army of peasants in the southern state of Morelos under the slogan "Land and Freedom." Demanding simple agrarian reforms, Zapata, and his guerrillas opposed the Mexican central government under Francisco Madero, later under Victoriano. Huerta, and finally under Venustiano Carranza. Zapata and his followers never gained control of the central government of Mexico, but redistributed the land and helped poor farmers within the territory under their control.

Where did this person live or where did the event take place? he lived in anenecuilco.Ananacuilco is a town and this took place in Mexico

Tran Hung Dao

Thao Nguyen

Tran Hung Dao (originally named Tran Quoc Tuan) was one of the best military commanders in Vietnam history. He was born in 1228 as a prince of Dai Viet in the Tran Dynasty and had a natural death at 1300. He commanded the Dai Viet armies that repelled three major Mongol invasions in the 13 century, especially the third time.

Before the war started, the Mongol empire sent its people to demand the Dai Viet (Vietnam in the past) to be ruled.

In order to defeat the Mongol, he used a brilliant military strategy that inspired from the previous Vietnamese general that ended 100o-year Chinese domination, Ngo Quyen.

In 1287, Kublai Khan sent his favorite sons, Prince Toghan to lead another invasion of Dai Viet to occupy and redeem the previous defeat. They created larger armies, about 500,000 men to join the war.

During the first stage of the invasion, the Mongols defeated most of Dai Viet troops. The Dai Viet side,was led by Tran Hung Dao used Fabian strategy. They withdrew from inhabited areas, leaving the Mongols with nothing to conquer. The Mongols was ambushed by Tran Hung Dao. He prepared an attack on Bach Dang river because he knew that Mongols would go back by that way.

He used the same strategy that Ngo Quyen had used against the Chinese in 938. He studied the tidal lore, so he ordered beds of stakes to be planted under the water and arrange ambushes in a unified plan of campaign. By doing this way, he could block the enemy from escaping.

The Trung Sisters

Names: Trung Trac & Trung Nhi

Born in: Me Linh rural district of Hanoi, Vietnam ( no exact date of birth)


Died: 43 AD in the Hat River

They were born in a military family, and were well off with studying the art of warfare under her father’s knowledge and they both grew up in line to inherit their father’s lands and titles. The Cause For Batttle: The sisters wanted to rebel against the Chinese to revenge for Trung Trac 's husband, protect their people and bring back justice to their country. They gathered 80,000 people mostly were women's who were ready to take part for the battle

Death: The Chinese Emperor Ma Yuan determined to seek revenge, lead a massive arm and outnumbered the sisters, they got defeated and the city fell back into the Chinese ruling under the Han Dynasty in 43 AD. Today:

The sisters are viewed as heroins of Vietnam who lead the first Vietnamese Independence Movement, they were freedom fighters, and for defending for their people.

Interesting Facts

The Vietnamese have a ceremony for the sisters at the Hanoi Temple. Trung Trac became queen and Trung Nhi became her advisor assessment.

Trung Trac was married to the son of the neighboring district named Thi Sach from Chu Dien. Didn't surrender and drowned themselves in the Hat River.

" All the male heroes bowed their head in submission. Only the two proudly stood up to avenge the country."                                  - 15th Century Poem

May 9th 1921-February 22nd 1943

Who was Sophie Scholl?

Sophie Scholl was a student who did not agree with Nazi views. Sophie barely graduated high school because she didn't want to participate in the classes where the teachers taught students to accept Nazi beliefs. Sophie then started teaching kindergarten before she was accepted to a University in Munich Germany. In the University, where Sophie's brother had already been going to, Sophie was introduced to her brother's friends. Sophie's group of friends shared the same hobbies, and views.

How did Sophie Scholl make history? While at the university, Sophie found a pamphlet named "White Rose" that resists the Nazi government. Sophie learned that her brother was one of the authors who wrote the pamphlet. When Sophie found that out she then joined the White Rose group with about 20 other people. Sophie worked to copy, and distribute the pamphlets secretly to cities around Germany. As a girl, Sophie had a smaller chance of being stopped by Hitler's workers for random checks. But on February 18th 1943, Sophie and other members of the White Rose group were caught setting leftover anti-Nazi pamphlets around school during class time. When she was arrested she was found guilty on February 22nd 1943 and was sentenced to death that same day. The guards who killed Sophie by cutting her head off said how brave she was while going to her death. The white rose pamphlets were a nonviolent way to say their opinions about Hitler.

"Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't express themselves as we did." -Sophie Scholl

What is colonialism? Colonialism is when people or a person takes over countries, and tries to make money from the land. Colonizers also control the people who live on the land that they took over. Colonizers try to make their actions seem better, and helpful, by saying things about trying to make land, and the people more modern. Colonizers also made the peoples health, religion, and business with other places more modern. Sophie fought against colonialism by peacefully speaking up, and saying that Hitler was a bad man, even when her other classmates liked him. Hitler took control of many countries, and by Sophie being in the White Rose group, she may have changed peoples opinions on him. Also by spreading the pamphlets, she made people feel more united and like they aren't the only people against Nazi's.


Who is Socrates?Â

Socrates also known as"the doctor" , was a Brazilian soccer idol for many, he was also an admirable human being for many thanks to the democracy movement he was part of. Socrates was a brilliant player, an intelligent revolutionary and a hero who stood up for what was right. In 1980 during military dictatorship in Brazil ,Socrates co-founded the Corinthians democracy.

Dictatorship in Brazil

From 1965 to 1985 Brazil was pretty much ran by its own military ,however many people were not okay with that especially soccer players who were uncomfortable by the way there clubs were being controlled.Finally in 1980 Socrates, together with teammate Vladimir, organised the players to discuss and then vote with a simple show of hands on all matters which affected them, from simple things like what time they would eat lunch to challenging the dreaded concentration, a common practice in Brazil where players are practically locked up in a hotel for one or two days before a game. One of the most notable decisions they made was, in 1982, having "Vote on 15th" printed on the back of their shirts to motivate fans to vote in the first Brazilian multiparty election since the 1964 military coup

"Ganhar ou perder, mas sempre com democracia" ("Win or lose, but always with democracy")

N I C A R A G U A ' S



Melvin Ramirez

Augusto Cesar Sandino was a Rebel and  fought the U.S military occupying Nicaragua from 1912 until 1933. When Sandino finally succeeded, he was murdered in 1934. But his political legacy lived on when they used his name as a national liberation font to overthrow the Somoza dynasty.

The U.S intervened and sent American Marines to hold a post in Managua in 1912 (the capital of Nicaragua) during the banana wars and later to stop the revolution to protect american land and people from being harmed. They had full consent to do this by nicaragua's government.

Anastasio Somoza was a president of Nicaragua that had full control of Nicaragua and was mostly known for his 43 years of presidency. The Sandinistas however rebelled against him and eventually overthrew him 43 years later after his election. It was not easy since the U.S marines sent marines to defend Anastasio’s dictatorship.

Born Died September August 3, 11, 1877 1948 Budapest, New York AustriaCity, NY Hungary Journalist Politician Activist

Where She Came From

Later Life

In 1921, she decided to move to Rosika Schwimmer was an AustroChicago, in America. But, some Hungarian born woman, who fought for the rights of women and children. people weren't very happy about She was originally supposed to live off of this. They accused her, and put her family's money working as a her on trial for being a German bookkeeper, but that didn't satisfy Rosika. spy, a Russian spy, or a member She wanted more, she wanted to help people. So Instead, Rosika became a of a Jewish conspiracy. The women's rights leader in Hungary. government would not let her live What She Did there. She stayed here anyway, She founded many women's illegally. She was nominated for organizations, including the Hungarian the Nobel Peace prize of 1948 by Feminists Association. multiple countries, but died in She became famous throughout Europe for her feminist lectures.She was a Jewish New York before the winner was woman, who lived through the beginning chosen. Although she died, the of the holocaust, which had started in the effects of her actions still benefit 1930's. Through her attempt at peace Hungary today by showing between the nations, she met many women that they can be leaders people, including President Woodrow Wilson. too.

I have no sense of nationalism, Only a cosmic conciousness of belonging to the human family. -Rosika

COLONIALISM? The earliest known record of exploration of the Americas, is of the Vikings, captained by Lief Erikson in the 1000's. Ever since, people from Europe and Asia have been building colonies all over the U.S. The act of coming to a new area, and taking over, claiming its resources as your own is called colonialism.

While it may sound innocent, building new towns and houses wasn't all that great for the people already living there. Europeans would often destroy already built towns and homes where Native Americans lived, just so they could have it for themselves.

Important Terms Jamestown

Jamestown,Virginia was the first city established by England in the US. In 1607, 104 men and boys arrived.

Hernán Cortés

Hernán Cortés was a Spanish conquistador, responsible for the millions of Aztecs killed under Moctezuma's reign.

Leopold II of Belgium

Leopold II was King of Belgium in 1934, and took over the African Congo, killing more than 10 million African people.

Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was a political protest by the Sons of Liberty, in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1773.

Policarpa salavarrieta 1/26/1795-11/14/1817 Crista Gabirel

Policarpa Salavarrieta The Hero Policarpa Salavarrieta was born January 26, 1795, in Columbia. She was about 7 years when her parents died of smallpox which took almost the whole city that they lived in. For a long period no one knew about her life it was like she went missing When she moved back to Guaduas she would get into political issues she was known there but in Bogota she was not, she would move freely and organize stuff and go undercover into royal homes. The reason she would do that is to hear conversations on what they would do against the soldiers. She would fight against the royals, and then they tried to find her, they ended up capturing her when a friend went to her after he got out of jail they followed him, and they got her a tortured her and ended up killing her in a church in 1817 in the city of Bogota in Columbia. They loved her for what she fought for they even made money in honor and also a sculpture for her the reason why she's important is because she fought for the independence of Colombia and showed that not only men can fight for rights.

Policarpa Salavarrieta 1/26/1795-11/14/1817 Crista Gabriel

Policarpa Salavarrieta la Héroe Policarpa Salavarrieta nació el 26 de enero de 1795 en Columbia. Ella era cerca de 7 años cuando sus padres murieron de la viruela que tomó casi la ciudad entera que vivieron. Durante un largo período nadie supo de su vida fue como si desapareciera cuando alguien la vio ella regresó a Guaduas se pondría en problemas políticos ella era conocida allí, pero en Bogotá no lo era, se movía libremente y organizar cosas y ir de encubierto a las casas reales. La razón por la que lo haría es escuchar conversaciones sobre lo que harían contra los soldados. Ella luchaba contra los reales, y luego trató de encontrarla, que terminó la captura de ella cuando un amigo fue a ella después de salir de la cárcel lo siguieron, y le ellos la torturaron ellos terminaron matando la en una iglesia en 1817 en Bogota Columbia . Les encantaron lo que hizo por eso ellos hicieron dinero en honora y también una escultura para ella la razón por la que es importante es porque luchó por la independencia de Colombia y demostró que no sólo los hombres pueden luchar por los derechos.

Jose Maria Morelos

-jonathan rios

Early Life José Maria Morelos was classified as a Spaniard his dad worked as a carpenter.As José was growing up he worked as a muleteer he studied at san Nicolas school where his teacher was Miguel Hidalgo who he fought next to.

Why he wanted to fight and the flag José Maria wanted to fight the Spaniard because they went to Mexico and wanted to take everything land ,gold ,livestock .And they wanted to spread christionanity but the main reason was because they wanted to be free and end slavery. The flag they used was of the virgin mary because they thought she would take care of them and would always be with them.

"Dying is nothing when fighting for your homeland" -José Maria Morelos

Who was Jose Maria Morelos? Jose Maria Morelos was a Mexican Catholic priest and revolutionary rebel leader who lead Mexico's war of independence after Miguel Hidalgo's death. Morelos is considered a national hero of Mexico. He was a very successful military leader even though he did not take a military career.

The war with Spain Jose Maria was one of the greatest revolutionary military commanders of the war. In his first nine months, he won 22 victories, annihilating the armies of the Spanish. He took two lands back that the Spanish had, which were Michoacan and Guerrero. On September 14, 1813, Mexico declared Mexican independence from Spain. In November 1815, he was defeated in Tezmalaca by Spain forces. Jose and his men were surrounded rather than taken as prisoners. He told his men to leave and was taken alone. For his bravery Morelos a state in Mexico was named after him.

Born and Death Jose was born on September 30, 1765, in Morelia and died on December 22, 1815, Ecatepec de Morelos by firing squad for treason, disloyalty to the crown

Jose maria morelos

-jonathan rios

Vida temprana José María Morelos fue clasificado como español y su padre trabajó como carpintero. Cuando José crecía trabajaba como arriero en la escuela de san Nicolás, donde su maestro era Miguel Hidalgo, con quien luchaba

Por qué quería luchar y la bandera

José María quería pelear con el español porque se fueron a México y querían llevarse todo, tierra, oro, ganado. Y querían difundir la cristiandad, pero la razón principal era porque querían ser libres y acabar con la esclavitud. La bandera que usaron era de la Virgen María porque pensaban que ella los cuidaría y que siempre estaría con

Morir no es nada cuando luchamos por la patria -José Maria Morelos

? ¿Quién fue José María Morelos?

José María Morelos fue un sacerdote católico mexicano y un líder rebelde revolucionario que lideró la guerra de independencia de México después de la muerte de Miguel Hidalgo. Morelos es considerado un héroe nacional de México. fue un líder militar muy exitoso, incluso aunque no tomó una carrera militar y era sacerdote. nació en ascendencia española

La guerra con España

José María fue el mayor comandante militar revolucionario de la guerra. En sus primeros nueve meses, ganó 22 victorias, aniquilando a los ejércitos de los españoles. recuperó dos tierras que tenían los españoles, que son michoacán y Guerrero. El 14 de septiembre de 1813, México declaró la independencia mexicana de España. en noviembre de 1815, fue derrotado en Tezmalaca por las fuerzas de España José y sus hombres rodeados en lugar de todos los prisioneros tomados, les dijo a sus hombres que se fueran y se lo llevaron solo y por su valentía un estado en México se llama morelos

Nacido y Muerte

José nació el 30 de septiembre de 1765, Morelia y murió el 22 de diciembre de 1815, Ecatepec de Morelos por un pelotón de fusilamiento por traición, deslealtad a la corona

Marie Denti'ere


Who was Marie Denti'ere?

What did she do?

"If God has given graces to some good women, revealing to them something holy and good through His Holy Scriptures, should they, for the sake of the defamers of the truth, refrain from writing down, speaking, or declaring it to each other? Ah! It would be too impudent to hide the talent which God has given us, we who ought to have the grace to persevere to the end. Amen!" -Marie Dentiere

European colonizers


African slaves



5 W's

WHAT MALCOLM X DID FOR AMERICA? Malcolm x showed the white America how crucial and cold hearted it was for a young black man with a dream in the mid 1940s New york city


Malcolm x fought like the water because he didnt ever go against people aggressively and he did things very passively


Las Soldaderas 1910-1920 by: Teresa Ruelas

WHAT WAS THE CAUSE OF THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION ? President Porfirio Díaz ruled Mexico for more than 30 years. The people from Mexico were tired and unhappy with how Díaz ran the country. They had enough and decided to stand up against the government for their own rights, this was the start of the Mexican Revolution that lasted from 1910-1920.

HOW IS THE REVOLUTION TALK ABOUT TODAY? When people discuss about the Mexican revolution they mostly talk about male figures like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. But, what they don't mention is the role of women. Brave women all over Mexico helped revolutionary soldiers and even lead their own army, they were called Las Soldaderas or Las Adelitas. 

WHO WERE LAS SOLDADERS? They were mostly indigenous woman that would traveled on foot. Las Soldaderas would provide men with weapons by sneaking them under their skirt.  They would also take them food. Some Soldaderas would dress like men and change their name to fight with soldiers. They had to do this because most men didn’t want to fight with women. Some women like Margarita Neri even led their own army. Neri led more than 2,000 soldiers in less than two months.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? These women fought for their country against Porfirio Díaz ,but they also fought for women's rights. Without the role of these brave Soldaderas, revolutionary leaders and soldiers wouldn’t have been as successful. Las Soldaderas remind us, women, that we are powerful.

Ida B WellsÂ

Miracle Howard

Ida B Wells was born July 16, 1862 in Mississippi. At the age of 16 her parents died due to yellow fever, so she ended up taking care of her three younger siblings. She started saying she was an older age so she could get a job as a teacher. When she was 18 she started teaching full-time. She then became a journalist, wrote about the injustices of the African-American men and women race. Tom Mass, Calvin McDowell, and Will Stewart were one of the topics/people she wrote about. The three men lost their lives due to an event which the men were innocent, Wells wrote about this which caused controversy. When she wrote in articles she went by a fake name, as Lola anything wouldn't be tracked. In 1883 she rode on a train, the conductor took her ticket and said he could not accept it. Wells was told to move to the front of the train because that is where African-American women and men sat, she declined and said that she wasn't going to move and she intended to keep it. Once the train stopped, the conductor and took her, carried her to the front car, she resisted. The conductor asked her not to get off even after she was forced to move, she didn't listen and left. After that. She wrote about it and it soon every AfricanAmerican was buzzing about it. She married and had four children, in 1931 of March 25 she passed away to a kidney disease.

"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them."

Juana BelĂŠn GutiĂŠrrez de Mendoza

Who is Juana Belén? Juana Belén Gutiérrez de Mendoza, Hija de Santiago Gutiérrez Lomeli was born January 27, 1857 in San Juan del Rio (Durango Mexico) and died in July 1942, in Mexico city. Provenia de una familia muy pobre, so her family Immigrated to get better opportunity. At age 12, se casó con un minero analfabeto named Cirilo Mendoza en Sierra Mojada, Chihuahua. Gutiérrez, wrote radical feminist literature against catholicism, political corruption, and social injustices during the Porfiriato. She was anarchist, feminist activist, typographer, and journalist. Diaz was the president of Mexico, he did somethings that made people unhappy. Around 1904-1920, she wrote against the Diaz regime and criticized Diaz for not carrying out the request. Después de eso, su periódico fue confiscado and she was put in jail by Diaz so many times. This is important because she continued on believing democracy y criticó a los mexicanos por no insistir en sus derechos. She fought for workers and peasants to vote for “not to integrate power, but to disintegrate it, as a means of forming, not as new oligarchy but of transformation the oligarchies into truly public administrations. ” Unas de muchos intelectuales, who contributed her writings to the Mexican Revolution.

What is colonialism?

Colonialism is when a country takes control over another one. This occurs when a country or a nation takes control over other land, regions, or territories outside its borders. Usually richer countries are the ones who take over a smaller, less power region. Most of the times the group of people who try to take over a country say its for a good cause since it benefits them, but for the country it affects them.

John Brown Born: May 9, 1800 Died: December 2, 1859

By: Liam Carter

John Brown was an American who wanted to end slavery in the United States. He was born and raised in Torrington, Connecticut. He is best known for The raid on Harper's Ferry, where he tried to take over the United States' arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. His plan was to steal weapons and give them to slaves to help free them. John Brown's group of 22 men was defeated by the U.S. Marines.

Ida B WellsÂ

Miracle Howard

Ida B Wells was born July 16, 1862 in Mississippi. At the age of 16 her parents died due to yellow fever, so she ended up taking care of her three younger siblings. She started saying she was an older age so she could get a job as a teacher. When she was 18 she started teaching full-time. She then became a journalist, wrote about the injustices of the African-American men and women race. Tom Mass, Calvin McDowell, and Will Stewart were one of the topics/people she wrote about. The three men lost their lives due to an event which the men were innocent, Wells wrote about this which caused controversy. When she wrote in articles she went by a fake name, as Lola anything wouldn't be tracked. In 1883 she rode on a train, the conductor took her ticket and said he could not accept it. Wells was told to move to the front of the train because that is where African-American women and men sat, she declined and said that she wasn't going to move and she intended to keep it. Once the train stopped, the conductor and took her, carried her to the front car, she resisted. The conductor asked her not to get off even after she was forced to move, she didn't listen and left. After that. She wrote about it and it soon every AfricanAmerican was buzzing about it. She married and had four children, in 1931 of March 25 she passed away to a kidney disease.

"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them."


chris standley

WHO IS BOUDICA? Boudica was a celtic queen who led a revolt against roman rule in A.D. 60 or 61. she was married at 18 years of age, she slaughtered roman armys, she torched londinium and her death is thought that she killed her self, in A.D. 61. She live in camulodununm. { now cotchester} the romans raped bouicas two daughters in public, and she said "nothing is safe from roman pride and arrosance battle or perish that is what i will do, a woman,will do"

Why is Boudica important? she is important because because she lead a rebellion of 30,000 men to fight the romans. boudica fought like the tree and the romans were the sword. The reasons she was the tree is because she tried to fight the romans but only to pairish she is thought to have killed her self by taking poison to not be captured by the romans. And thats why i think she fought like the sword.

colonalism The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.

Benito Juarez

¿Quién fue Benito Juárez? Benito Juárez fue el presidente de México desde 1858 hasta 1872. Durante su tiempo como presidente, el hizo cambios para el país de manera estupenda y ahora se le considera el líder más querido de México.

La lucha para terminar con la guerra con comandante Maximilian I Juárez defendió con éxito  ' su gobierno contra los opositores conservativos en la guerra contra Maximilian l, y defendió a su nación contra los seguidores de respaldo francés bajo el control de comandante Maximiliano I (un loco que pensó que gobernaba México). Benito Juarez nacio en el 21 de marzo de 1806, lamentablemente murio el 18 de julio de 1872 ¿Adivina qué? Cinco de mayo tuvo una gran parte en la vida de Benito Juárez, pero sobre todo a su buen amigo, Ignacio Zaragoza, y en Puebla, celebran el 5 de mayo por su valentía. Autor: Diego camacho

Who was Benito Juรกrez?

Benito Juรกrez was the president of Mexico from 1858 to 1872. During his time as president, he did some changes to the country great and is now considered the most beloved leader in Mexico.

The struggle to end the war with commander Maximilian I Juarez successfully defended his government against traditional opponents in the war versus Maximiliano l army, and defended his nation against royalists backed by French under Commander Maximiliano I (a madman who thought he ruled Mexico). The day he was born: March 21, 1806 The day he died: July 18, 1872 Guess what? Cinco de mayo had a big part in Benito Juarez life but mostly to his good friend, Ignacio Zaragoza, and in Puebla, they celebrate on may 5 towards his bravery. Author:Diego Camacho

Arminius the Uniter of Germainia By Tyler Thorndike

His Designation

Who is Arminius? Arminius was born in Germania around 18/17 BC. His father was the chieftain of the Germanic Cherusci Tribe. He grew up training as a Roman military commander, for he was a hostage of Rome. He lived up until 21 AD where he was murdered by people of his own tribe out of the fear he was becoming too powerful.

What did he do, and why is it important?

Arminius fights like that of the sword, using violence to fight back against the colonization by the Romans. Colonialism is when a country takes over another countries political power and exploiting it for its resources.

Arminius led an allied force of Germanic tribes against three Roman legions in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest which ended in a victory around 9 AD for the Germanic tribes. Arminius is important because he stands as a symbol of German unity and freedom.

Hieu Doan

Ngo Quyen was a Vietnamese king of the Ngo dynasty. He was born in 897 in Duong Lam (Ba Vi district, Ha Noi nowadays) and died in 944. He ruled the country from the year 939 to 944. Before the reign, which is the period that one rules as a king or a queen, Ngo Quyen was a general. In his early life, Ngo Quyen was a talented man. Due to Ngo Quyen’s talents and faithfulness, he was arranged to marry the daughter of the administrator, Duong Dinh Nghe, and given to be the head of Ai Chau with his high rank in the military. In 938, there was an internal conflict which Duong Dinh Nghe was killed by a rebeller for military control, but later on got his avenge by Ngo Quyen . This conflict caused the Southern Han to prepare taking over An Nam (Viet Nam nowadays) as an excuse of “helping to rule the country.” However, little did they know, Ngo Quyen already predicted that, and then made his army preparing for the war perfectly before the Chinese came over. In the same year, Ngo Quyen successfully defeated the Southern Han invasion with his army, ended the 1000 years of Chinese domination. He used a smart strategy which he ordered his people to set up a trap full of wooden pikes underwater of Bach Dang river. Then they lured the Chinese boats to the trap, right when the tide was over to destroy the boats, and suddenly made a powerful attack.

The victory brought peace to An Nam for the first time in Viet Nam history. Ngo Quyen made a significant move in the history of fighting against colonialism. Interestingly, his battle strategy was so clever that it was later on used by one of the greatest military commander of Vietnam, Tran Hung Dao, for defending the invasion of Mongols in 1287. The fighting style of Ngo Quyen is like a sword bravely fighting against its opponents, not accepting to give up and surrender in front of powerful enemies.

Colonialism is the practice of a nation or an empire invading other nations/empires to make them become part of the invading country. This practice was made to expand one country's land, to get wealthy from stealing the resources of the invaded countries, and to force the people of those countries getting used to the knowledge and ideas of the invaders, while erasing their own culture, history and knowledge. The effects of colonialism can erase a native country and its existence out of the world map. It can divide the world, based on the economy. It can change the way people live differently from how their ancestors were used to be before the colonial period. Colonialism was so negative that it created a lot of problems all over the world nowadays, including the problems in our country.

"I will tell you something about stories…They aren’t just entertainment. Don’t be fooled.  They are all we have, you see, all we have to fight off illness and death." —Leslie Marmon Silko

A Brief History of Our Ancestors: Volume 1  

A history of counter-stories created by 10th grade students from Burien, Wa.

A Brief History of Our Ancestors: Volume 1  

A history of counter-stories created by 10th grade students from Burien, Wa.