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We deliver an upclose look at the countryʼs largest auto show.

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The 2013 Chicago Auto show




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The petrolsexual Opinion

Beau delivers his opinion on the ins and outs of a journey using the public transport system.


The golden coast

A look at some of the rarest supercars at Chicagoʼs Bentley Gold Coast

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Shop talk

A closer look at the awe-inspiring numbers produced by one of the worldʼs all-time greatest supercars.




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Text: Beau Van Sickle

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arlier this month I was scheduled to cover an auto show in Chicago and being that the city is only a mere five hours away it seemed all but logical to me that I should take the car, but there was a problem. As it turns out the city of Chicago is not only very difficult to drive your car into it is nearly impossible to find a place to park it once your there that doesn’t require that you saw off your left arm and feed it into the meter for a mere fifteen minutes of parking. You might think that this is a bit of an exaggeration on my part, but sadly it isn’t. While I was planning our trip I rang the hotel I’d be staying at to inquire as to their parking accommodations, because for what I’d was shelling out to stay in that overpriced broom cupboard I was certain that they should have at least a handful of parking spots available. Indeed they did, but there was a problem. In order to park my car over night it was going to cost me –and I wish I was making this up- over fifty dollars per night. So with much dismay I began to look into alternative transportation methods. Flying was far too expensive for such a short distance, so that left me with just two choices: the train or the bus. Just the thought of being packed into one of these germ ridden roach cans on wheels just about made my skin crawl. If given the choice I think I would have rather let someone named Bernie give me Lasik surgery in the back of a windowless van. Eventually, I just decided to opt for the train, because while I had never taken a train before, I had taken a bus. I was therefore confident that there was absolutely no way a train could possibly be any worse. Those that have traveled by bus know exactly what I’m on about when I say that the only thing possibly more hateful and uncomfortable than a bus ride is to be drug behind one. In a bus your limbs will be tested in the art of human Origami as you sit trapped between a lethargic fat man, who insists on coughing directly onto your right shoulder, and a plate of glass covered in a previous passenger’s nasal nuggets. The scheduled movie will be broken, trash will litter the floor, a baby will attempt to rupture your eardrums for at least two hours, and by the time the second nonstop hour rolls round, you’ll wish they had. I’m not even sure the devil himself could create such a perfect blend of purgatory and hell by merely by wrapping glass, rubber, aluminum, and Communism around a Cummins diesel. So this leads me to the train, which was already disappointing me before I’d even set foot on it. En route, I received a text telling me the train was running an hour behind schedule, and seeing as I was already halfway there, I had no choice but to wait out the delay at the station. This turned out to be a very large mistake on my part. I soon learned that rural train depots do not receive many passengers on a daily basis, and as a result the workers there are completely oblivious to the term “customer service”. As you sit in what can only be described as God’s waiting room being cooked to death by a heating system -which I am now positive is the sole

cause of global warming- you are welcomed only by a broken payphone, a vending machine filled with candy dating back to the Clinton administration, a million half dead house plants, and two sets of dimwitted eyes that feel the need to monitor your every movement within Satan’s summerhouse. Mercifully, the train did at last arrive. I was so relieved to finally be free of that hotbox, I wouldn’t have cared if I had made into that train or underneath it. I was then directed by a man in a funny cap, up a stairwell so narrow it could have only been designed with the goal of deterring fat Americans from upsetting the balance on the upper decks. Apparently this preventative measure had worked, because in a carriage capable of carrying well over a hundred passengers I counted only seventeen. So even if there had been a screaming youth on board I was well out of earshot. Satisfied with the lack of noise I turned my attention to the seats. They were surprisingly comfortable, supportive, with an adjustable footrest, the ability to recline to a horizontal-ish angle, and to top it off there was even legroom for a full-scale adult. In fact, legroom was so vast I reckon Southwest Airlines could have easily squeezed another row of seats in the gap. But, even if the seats had been complete rubbish it wouldn’t have mattered, because on a train there are alternatives to sitting. Unlike a bus, you can move about on trains. They even include different types of carriages to encourage you to do so. In fact, I spent little time in my seat, because I was too busy exploring the remainder of the train or relaxing in the observation car, which has even roomier seating accommodations. The ride was good as well. Even on shared freight lines, the Superliner ironed out the jolts so well even a discarded glass of water failed to overturn during the five-hour journey. To my surprise I was even starting to enjoy my trip. And I was equally surprised when I learned that our train had not only managed to make up all the time it had been delayed, but had even managed to arrive early! When was the last time you could say that on a flight? Now I wish at this point I could say that this is my recommendation for all public transit needs, but sadly I can’t. For starters there are far too few rail lines in this country for rail travel to even be considered remotely plausible for cross-country transit. The stations are all awful, you can’t fit fat people -which in America is a big problem-, and even though it did turn up early, it is still pathetically slow. All is not lost however, because just look at how trains have got on in other parts of the civilized world. Clearly all that American trains need are a few minor improvements. For starters with new lines and devoted track, we could have those wonderful supertrains in Europe and Asia that are capable of 200mph. Couple that with a handful of nicer train depots, and you could really have a pleasant way of embarking on vacation. There is however, one key thing that must remain unattended to; they mustn’t accommodate the fat people. If they do the trains will quickly become just as overcrowded and unbearable as the buses and the planes, which I’m afraid would ruin all the things that made them good in the first place.

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$2.5 MILLION 6 # UpShift Magazine

BUGAT TI vey r



Unless you spend your days living under a rock you know that the Veyron is one seriously impressive machine, and the Super Sport is the most impressive of them all. And while the Veyron has become synonymous with speed and performance it also produces a list of figures that are just as -if not moreimpressive than the car itself. Hold onto your socks, this is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport by the numbers!


ber s


the sticker price is just the beginning...... delivery fee: $40,000 insurance premium per month: $3,000+ monthly payment at 10% apr: $42,000 Wheel and tire replacement (set of 4): $111,000 Average annual fuel costs: $7,000 Annual Maintainence (including oil changes and detailing): $30,000 ...............................................................................................................

For the sticker price of 1 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

PRice: $2.5 million horsepower: 1200 0-60 MPH: 2.4 seconds Top Speed: 267 mph weight: 4162 lbs torque: 1106 lb-ft Avg. Mpg: 10.2 Braking 248-0: 10 sec total production: 30

You Could Buy.....

12,562 696,378 x box 360 4g 32oz cans of consoles


monster Lamborghini Aventadors

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The Venue: 2013 CAS Location: Chicago, IL Web:


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THE 2013


AUTO SHOW Words: Beau Van Sickle

Photos: Beau Van Sickle

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Get to know the Chicago Auto Show

First show took place in 1901 2013 marks the 105th Anniversaryr h s 1,000,000 sq/ft of eexhibits e a Largest Show in North America e Over 1,000 unique vehicles tion on in US US Longest running exposition

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SHOW STANDOUTS Ford Focus TrackSTer Chevy Malibu Turbo Chevy C7 Corvette Hyundai C3 Rolltop VW Super Beetle Dodge Viper GTS BMW M4 Volvo S60 Polestar

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Text: Beau Van Sickle Photos: Beau Van Sickle


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Uncovering treasure at Chicago’s Bentley Gold Coast.


ON a

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Chicago’s Bentley Gold Coast is one of the premier exotic car dealers in the Midwest, and with just one look around you’ll understand why.

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Check us out Online!

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POSTERCHILD 36 # UpShift Magazine

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POSTERCHILD 38 # UpShift Magazine

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Until Next Issue....

UpShift Magazine March/April Issue  

Full coverage of the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, plus a look inside of Chicago's Bentley Gold Coast.

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