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0-4: Preaching to the choir!

*) VV {}}}}}} (+ (*)(*) VV {}}}}}} > (*)(*) VV :> ((: (> (*)(*) +)<::> ((: (> (* (+)(+)<::> ((: (> }} (+)(+)<::> ((: Your campus is great at getting people talking about consent! Problem is, it’s always the same people. How do you reach people who don’t already know or, even worse, don’t seem to care about consent? Go to page 8 and read about how the Playboy Consent hoax got bros tweeting and blogging, “Thou shalt ask first.”

4-8: Consent is nice in theory, but gets lost in practice.

Students at your school have attended the workshop, read the handbook, and seen the informational poster. They know what consent is. But when it comes to asking first with their Saturday night smooch, they’re a little lost. Time to share some everyday examples of consent in motion. Go to page 10 and check out the “This is Consent” photo campaign.

8-12: Consent is… wuh???

It’s true. A lot of people don’t know what consent is. And with sex education and pop culture failing to promote consent in this country, who could blame them? Sounds like your campus needs a little consent 101. Go to page 12 for a step-by-step guide on hosting a consent workshop.

12-15: My school is a nightmare.

Unfortunately many college campuses fail their students by failing to administer information about sexual assault, support survivors or hold rapists accountable. These colleges are so bad they are often in violation of federal laws designed to protect college students from rape. Time to Know Your IX! Go to page 14 to read about what students at USC are doing to hold their school accountable.

CONSENT: The College Issue  
CONSENT: The College Issue  

A guide to bringing consent to your campus, by FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. Co-designed by Whitney Frazier.