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Getting Underway There are two critical documents due at the onset of the internship:

The Administrative Covenant The Learning Covenant


Both covenants are completed at your internship setting & sent to SMVPO 2

The Administrative Covenant Definition: A document completed by the intern and the supervisor that reflects the structural and practical arrangements for the internship. It is due prior to the start date of the internship t f or e e m we


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The Learning Covenant

The document that asks students to identify 2 learning goals that they want to focus on during the internship.

Learning Covenant Facts • Due within 2 weeks of the internship start-date. • Clarifies how student will work toward goals—identifies tasks and resources. • Identifies the Lay Committee members. 4

A Sample Learning Goal GOAL: By the end of the course, I will be able to develop and utilize strategies for communicating with residents in the retirement home. ACHIEVING THE LEARNING GOAL: Engage residents in Independent and Assisted Living units in conversations about their life stories, historical life styles, and “language” Seniors use today—what subtle differences are there between contemporary “language” and Seniors’ “language?” Share meals with Seniors. Design and lead opportunities for creating legacies. 5

Yet Another Sample! Goal: To develop a better understanding of the administrative and leadership roles of the educator, including how these roles interact with other staff members and with the congregation’s dynamics. Additionally, I seek to identify my own strengths and weaknesses in these areas. Achieving the Goal: Attend a selection of Session, congregational, staff, and some division meetings. Complete related readings and personality inventories and share reflections with supervisor. Connect my January course on Group Process with the practical implications in the church.


Template for Goal-writing 

“At the end of the course, I will be able to (demonstrate, identify, present, discuss, organize, write, participate . . . )”______. To strengthen the goal, end it by identifying a few marks of success.

Is the goal written in a way that you will know when you have achieved it? 7

Brainstorming What are some characteristics of a good supervisor of an adult student? Administrative •? •? •?

Mentoring/Coaching •? •? •?

Behavioral/Affective •? •? •?


Creating the Learning Environment 2. Prepare the congregation or agency for the intern’s arrival.


Creating the Learning Environment 3. Plan for first week introductions and tours


Introduction PowerPoint  

To be viewed prior to orientation

Introduction PowerPoint  

To be viewed prior to orientation