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World of Warcraft is full of secrets, easter eggs, hidden areas, and clever ways to make gold that few players know about. Some help you get rare pets, some let you see hidden content or lore, and some just help you make a few extra gold. Here are the Top 9 WoW Secrets. 9. The Chicken Quest Go over to Westfall and find a chicken (any chicken will do) on Saldeans Farm. To unlock this secret you have to do the 'chicken dance' for the chicken a few dozen times. Set up a macro (Options, Macros, choose an icon and enter the command "/chicken") and put the icon for the macro on your action bar. Once you hit the magic number of chicken dances, you'll get this message: "Chicken looks at you quizzically. Maybe you should inspect it." Inspect the chicken, accept the quest, then buy the special chicken feed from Farmer Saldean. Return to the chicken and type "/cheer" before feeding it and the chicken will lay an egg producing a rare WoW secrets pet - the prairie chicken! 8. Newman's Landing Newman's Landing is a small area off the west coast of Dun Morogh at coordinates 10,75. The area holds one dilapidated building (similar to the buildings in Moonbrook in Westfall) and a dock. At the building there's an alcohol still, several open boxes of grain, and many piles of bones. On the dock there's a sign that reads "Newman's Landing", a table, several lanterns, and a sunken boat in the water below. Nothing much to do here - just an out of the way WoW secret. 7. The Infinite Bank Account Mail is a great extra bank account. Create a level 1 alt and mail it everything you want to save. Mail can sit in the mailbox for 29 days at which point you just hit the 'return mail' button to send the items back to your main for another 29 days. I wouldn't recommend this for something you want to save indefinitely, but for stuff you're holding onto waiting for supply to dwindle in the Auction House or for crafting materials you know you'll use within a few weeks, the infinite mail bank account is a great tool. 6. Lesser Bloodstone Ore Not really a World of Warcraft secret but a secret way I used to bank over 200 between level 35 and 40. First, you need to be a miner. If you're not a miner, consider taking up mining (or making a mining alt) because this racket is just that good. Around level 35 you can get a quest from Krazak ("Favor for Krazak") in Booty Bay to go to "a mountain cave in Drywhisker Gorge, far to the north in the Arathi Highlands" and bring back 4 loads of Lesser Bloodstone Ore. The cave (at location

80,40 - go up the fissure in the mountains to get there) is guarded by level 35-38 kobolds but they went down pretty easy to my level 35 Shaman. In addition to the Bloodstone deposits, the cave has four different chest spawn points along with plentiful Mithril and Iron nodes. The WoW secret is that after you complete the quest, you can easily sell your excess Bloodstone Ore in groups of four to other players who need to complete the quest. I would farm this cave and put up three auctions of four ores each night (in the Blackwater Auction House in Booty Bay) and sell out with a buyout of 95s each - not to mention the Mithril (around 30s each) you can sell too! 5. Mount Up on a Boat When you're on the boat after the screen loads when entering Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms, go to the very edge of either the net above the end or the actual end of the boat. Once you're on the very, VERY edge, mount up! Your mount will load and you'll be ready to go before the boat even docks. It saves a bunch of time because you don't have to run off the boat, stop, mount, then go. If it doesn't work at first, just keep inching forward and hitting your mount - eventually you'll feel like you're about to fall off the boat and suddenly your mount will be active while the boat is still sailing toward shore.

Check out part 2 of World of Warcraft secrets where you'll discover how to find rare whelpling pets, the most profitable way to sell large stacks of items, and more WoW Secrets.

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