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In this article we will discuss World of Warcraft Add-ons. We will discuss what an add on actually does and get a definition. We will talk about acquiring a add on. And finally we will go over troubleshooting an add on if it does not function properly. As you might assume there are many ways to do everything in the technology world. This is just one road map you may have your own.   An add on which is sometimes known as a mod, is a term given to a program that adds functionality to another program. This change can be cosmetic or it can enhance what the programmer may perceive to be a short coming. Normally this ability for modification is done on purpose. Mods can change buttons, menus and enhance functionality to the point of people doing things the original programmer had not intended. Some mods function on their own while others require additional mods or libraries to be present.  An example of some libraries are Sea and Ace. These libraries allow the programmer have access to certain interfaces that aid in the quick development of mods.   The best place to find World of Warcraft add-ons would be sites where the developers have the opportunity to show their work to the world. This may come in the form of FTP sites, blogs, single website or a site where a collection of plug ins are collected. is one such site where a variety of plug ins are made available to Warcraft players. Sites like Curse are popular because not only to they offer a one stop shop for World of Warcraft Add ons. They also provide an application you can download and install on your computer that will automatically check to see if you have the latest version of a mod and download it to the correction location if you do not.   There are several different way to troubleshoot from advance to beginner. The first thing you should do in the event you get an error is undo what you just did before the error. You can disable all add-ons from inside the game itself and start turning the add-ons back on one by one until you find the offending add on. You could run "/console taintLog 1" without the quotes. This turns on Warcraft logging. Go back into the game and reproduce the error. Then check out the log file in log staint.log. Be sure to turn the logging off with the command "/console taintlog 0" If all else fails email the mods developer for help.   In this article we discussed how add-ons also know as mods are used to add functionality to other sometimes larger programs. We talked about the best places to find these mods. Finally, we talked about some basic troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of errors. I hope you found this brief introduction to World of Warcraft Add-ons helpful.

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