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This Vertical Jump Project review is about a product for increasing your vertical leap. This product will show you the most effective exercises for you to jump higher and add inches to your vertical leap. Luke Lowery created the Vertical Jump Project, which claims to double your vertical leap. When using this program try to focus on ways to jump higher instead of doubling your leap quickly, for best results. This article will focus on a vertical jump project review. This program contains plyometric training and isometrics plus numerous jumping exercises. All this plus power exercises will help you to get in shape and increase your vertical leap. This program does more than focus on leg exercises, it also shows you how to build your total body strength and endurance. The vertical Jump Project also helps you increase your vertical leap with unique exercises. You have to do more than just exercise your legs to increase vertical leap. Working on the legs has benefits, but you will need more. For instance if you want to obtain "ripped abs," you will need to do more than just exercise your abs with such things as crunches. Your core muscles are the key to a stronger body. The foundation of your strength lies in the core muscles. If your body core is strong it means your performance increases and you can jump higher. The Aussie Rules Footballers for instance have well conditioned bodies, which allow them to take big leaps. The amazing upper and lower body strength of the NBA players is another great example. Their training includes total body strength and they have a great workout when they play their sport. The Vertical Jump Project has specialized training and special exercises. This fifteen-week program will help you jump higher and strengthen your core muscles as well as your total strength. Set your mind to making progress with your vertical leap gradually when using the Vertical Jump Project. Do not expect to suddenly double your leap. If you expect too much you will be disappointed and stop trying before you see any results. You need to give the program time to work. You will improve gradually so just do the exercises and let the Vertical Jump Project work.

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Vertical Jump Fundamentals Explained