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Here we will be talking about the SWTOR Quests System. The quest system in Star Wars the Old Republic is one of the many unique ways that players will be able to explore the game and its system. Typically, in other MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and Rift, the missions you undertake have little to do with the storyline as a whole and are mostly self-contained within that mission. On the other hand the questing system in Star Wars the Old Republic is much closer to the quest system in Bioware's other titles such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect and their previous Star Wars title, Knights of the Old Republic. Questing in SWTOR have effects that will ripple across the game's universe and help the player feel more immersed in the game world they are experiencing rather than like a peon doing grunt work. In addition, much like Bioware's previous titles, the SWTOR quests system allows character creation that will enable players to play a character that adheres to either the light side of the force or the dark side of the force, allowing yet another way to make the player's choices in the game feel like they have a greater impact. The system allows for players to play solo if they wish but if you feel like playing a more sociable play style, the game seeks to accommodate you as well. Of course, you couldn't really call it an MMORPG if there weren't other people playing! The system has two types of group quests that seek to cater to the needs of various player types. On one hand you have the short chain world quests that allow players to quickly enter a quest and complete it with strangers and on the other hand you have the long form World Arc quests that allows you to enter a long quest line and bond with your other party members over time. The shorter ones bear great resemblance to the quests found in other MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft but the long form ones are the most important innovations to come to the genre in quite some time. Due to these various dynamics of the SWTOR quests system the game seeks to improve the player's impact on the world and increase immersion. Your individual story is always going to be unique and the worldwide story is always going to constantly being molded into something new and fresh.

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