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Unlocking your Wii in order to be able to play games that are homebrew, imported from other geographic regions or even backed up can be a tremendous challenge, mainly because it's dangerous. Typically ,you need to install a special piece of electronic equipment into your Nintendo Wii, sometimes called a "Mod Chip" to be able to use these kinds of games and such. The bad news here is that opening up your Nintendo Wii console and messing around with its electronics will usually void your warranty. If you're not an expert at this kind of thing, you can wind up destroying your expensive Wii investment. The good news is that you can unlock your Wii without using a Modchip. You can, for example, use the process described in the Wii Homebrew Installer eBook. This process uses a slight flaw in the Nintendo Wii programming to disable certain safeguards in the system software that usually prevent you from using homebrew applications. Do a little bit of looking around the Internet and you'll see what I'm talking about. People all over are making these changes to their console. You'll find, with just a little bit of looking, that it can be done. What you need most of all is a set of instructions that walk you through the process. The best way I've found to do that is with the Wii Homebrew Installer eBook, but there are plenty of other options out there, too. The good thing about using a proven method is that you can usually get some support along the way.

Bob Younce loves his Wii and wouldn't trade it for anything. Visit his blog, where he recounts his experiences with making the Wii the best it can be at The Wii Universe.

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