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There are plenty of detoxification diets and plans, but the Master Cleanse Diet tops the list of the most popular ones out there. Also known as the Lemon Detox Diet, the Master Cleanse Diet has converted thousands of people and even several celebrities. Despite its popularity and effectiveness, the question remains - is it safe to follow this diet? How Does The Master Cleanse Diet Work? The Master Cleanse diet is very simple to follow. It only involves four important components lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and herbal tea. The first three ingredients are mixed together to create a lemon mixture, which will be the bulk of the diet. The lemon mixture should be drunk at least six to twelve times daily. The herbal tea, on the other hand is supplementary, for which the serving should be one or two cups daily. The lemon mixture, in itself is the cleansing mixture, since the acidity in the lemon helps thoroughly cleanse the stomach and the intestines. The liquid nature of the diet helps flush out toxins from the system immediately and the cayenne pepper in the drink enhances the metabolism and helps burn fats faster, while the maple syrup counteracts the tartness of the lemon juice and the spice of the cayenne pepper. What about Nutrition? There are also positive responses to the Master Cleanse diet, and this includes criticisms on its lack of nutritional value. The diet involves only four kinds of ingredients, which would limit the person's nutritional intake. Aside from the lack of nutrition, each glass of lemon juice only contains around 100 calories, which would give the drinker around 600 to 1200 calories each day. This amount of calories may effectively reduce the weight of the person following the diet, but it is not necessarily a healthy method as it is somewhat a form of starvation. A diet that is deficient in nutrients and low on calories is not necessarily a healthy one. Which would lead to the next question, "should you follow the Master Cleanse diet?" Should You Follow The Diet? Undoubtedly, the lemon mixture in the Master Cleanse diet is an effective cleansing agent that can help the body detoxify itself. However, its lack of proper nutrients and calories does not make it a good idea for a full-time and long term diet. Still, if you decide to detoxify, you can incorporate the Master Cleanse diet into your daily routine by drinking several glasses along with a proper and healthy diet involving fruits, vegetables and

grains. Some other people also modify their food intake by eating breakfast and dinner, and replacing their lunch meal with two or three glasses of the lemon mixture. A modified detox diet such as this is a better choice, since you still get the benefits of the lemon mixture, but do not have to subject your body to starvation or endanger it due to the lack of nutrients and calories. If you do decide to follow the Master Cleanse diet in its strictest sense, make sure that you contact your doctor beforehand and limit the duration of your diet to three days to make sure that you stay safe and healthy.

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