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Losing hair is often times hereditary and when it is you can be assured you will experience balding spots. Hormonal changes as we age also increase the risk of thinning or loss of hair. This is more pronounced in females during menopause. Another cause of hair loss can be due to poor blood circulation but there is no reason to panic about this problem since hair re-growth is possible by increasing blood circulation and treating the symptoms with medications. Be assured, hair loss prevention is possible by treating any underlying medical condition that causes it. One not very common cause of thinning hair is attributed to fungal infections. In this case, the hair loss treatment consists of oral medications combined with medicated applications on the scalp. Once the infection clears hair begins to grow again. Sometimes clogged pores cause hair to fall out. By applying zinc as a topical solution the problems associated with clogged pores can be inhibited. Products containing a good amount of folic acid and biotin are also a natural way to maintain healthy hair and are good for hair loss prevention. Another treatment, Retin A, is found to incidentally support hair growth. This cream given for acne produces sebum on the scalp which promotes hair restoration. The hair contains living protein and if this protein is maintained los of hair can be prevented. Some natural and herbal supplements prevent hair loss and also help regrow lost hair. Ayurvedic remedies for hair loss prevention advocate that patients should eat a diet rich in iron and vitamins and high in protein. Eating green leafy vegetables regularly can give you many of the nutrients you need for good hair growth besides the protein which usually comes from meat or dairy products. Natural herbs like Aloe Vera and Rosemary are also said to help with hair growth. Overuse of hair growth products may itself contribute to hair loss. Women tend to go for hair treatments to the salon often and this contributes to using too many chemicals on the hair too often, especially when using hair color. These chemicals can actually cause the hair to fall out because of the stress put on the hair follicles. If you are suffering from thinning hair the first thing to do is to stop applying coloring and other treatments to your scalp. Lastly, avoiding stress and working on relaxation therapy can help improve hair loss. Stress can cause hormonal changes in the body and can cause one to literally pull his or her out. Along with relaxing, be sure to consume plenty of water and to exercise regularly. Exercise is known to help increase blood flow to the scalp. Hair loss prevention is possible. But, you need to start early as soon as you begin to experience thinning. Follow the steps above and you can often times reverse the negative effects before they

get too overwhelming. Hair restoration costs money but it is well worth if for your peace of mind and self image.

If you think you are a candidate hair loss prevention then you need to know there are many things you can do to keep your full head of hair. Visit the Hair Loss Help blog for more great facts and tips.

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