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Anyone can grow crops even without a large area dedicated for this activity. Unless you want to grow crops to sell and not just for your own consumption, a garden with space to set pots on is enough. The quality of the crops is not defined by how large the area where they are planted is. A crop will grow healthily with these factors: good soil, proper amount of sunlight, and your commitment to take care of them everyday. With the little space in your yard, you can start growing carrots and radishes. Then as you see yourself improving in growing crops, you can venture into growing tomatoes which tend to be difficult to grow for beginners. But even before deciding to cultivate organic crops, you should first understand what benefits growing these foods can give you. Below are the main reasons why people should start to grow organic food rather than be content with the unsure conventional foods sold in the market. Organic foods are more tasty and nutritious. Unlike those that are often sprayed with chemicals, organically grown foods retain more minerals and vitamins that will help the consumers stay healthy. And although they look less colorful and "perfect," these foods definitely taste far better. Also, because they grew without the presence of any chemical pesticide in their system, they do not post health risks towards the consumers. Growing organic food is less costly. Aside from the possible harm chemical pesticides and fertilizers can bring, they are also expensive. If we are to talk about practicality, the strategies in growing organic foods take you into a less costly way to produce vegetables and fruits. Instead of using chemicals as fertilizers, composts can give your plants the nutrients they need to grow healthily. Organic food can help the depressed. As scary as it seems, a recent study by the Mental Health Foundation shows that many of today's mental diseases (depression, schizophrenia, ADD, and Alzheimer's) are affected by the lack of needed vitamins, minerals, and fats in a person's diet. And with the rising number of processed food and those with chemical additives, more and more people are suffering from the said illnesses. Organic crops respect the value of a healthy environment. Yes, it has not yet proven that a genetically modified plant cause much harm and damage to

nature, but there have been an enormous number of studies that confirm the damages chemicals can bring about not just to the human system but to the environment and biodiversity at large. Everyone knows his or her responsibility does not stop to his own race; one must also have to take care of the place he or she lives in. Although growing organic crops can take more time than just buying from the market, nothing compares to the certainty and assurance that the food you consume is safe. Taking care of your crops is also a refreshing way to start your day and can definitely remind you of the importance of nature. Live life to its fullest by going out the house with a clear mind and healthy body. Start living green.

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