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Players new to World of Warcraft are likely to be a little confused, or even overwhelmed, by the new experience. What follows should make those first few quests a bit easier for anyone new to the game. Upon arriving in a new area or a new town, get all the quests available and try to complete as many as possible at the same time. This will give a bigger and faster accumulation of experience points, which will in turn result in getting to a higher level more quickly. World of Warcraft veterans call this power leveling. If there is one quest that requires the player to kill 10 monsters and another that requires the player to kill 15, doing them both at once will save a great deal of time. World of Warcraft is a multiplayer game, and it works best when played in a group. Making friends and forming groups will be very helpful to anyone trying to learn the ropes. It also just makes the game even more fun. Having friends in the game will likely result in more desire to play, so be careful to set some limits. No game should ever have a negative impact on real life priorities such as family, school, real world friends or work. Start two gathering professions as soon as possible. The items gathered can be sold to bring in gold that can be used for better equipment as the character levels up. Gold is also used to purchase new spells or abilities, which are essential for higher leveled play. Any player should learn how to play their character's class. A thorough knowledge of the talents and abilities available are very important for anyone who wants to have a powerful World of Warcraft character. Most players do not take the time to research the character classes and so do not play them to their fullest. Those who want to get to level 70 would do well to learn all they could, especially if they intend to play on player versus player servers. Players who know all about their character class will have a significant advantage over those who are just making guesses. Every gray-colored item should be looted, even if they look like they aren't worth the trouble of looting. They could very well end up being useful - or they could just be sold for gold. To quicken the process, go into the World of Warcraft settings and check the "turn on auto-loot" box. After this, a simple right-click will auto-loot for the player. World of Warcraft add-ons and macros can be an important part of the experience, so be sure to do some research into those. Not only do they help with some of the more tedious tasks, they enhance the game as a whole. Knowing how to use macros is of absolute importance once a character gets to level 70. Raids are much more difficult without them. Before that point comes, it is best to learn how to use macros early in the World of Warcraft experience. Finding a group to play with, learning at least two gathering professions, learning about the

character classes and learning to auto-look are all important aspects to making World of Warcraft even more fun, more easy and more satisfying.

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