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psyQuarterly october 2013 · issue 1

PSYQuarterly Newsletter of the Undergraduate Psychology Students’ Association York University

Editor-in-Chief Somayya Saleemi Coordinator Susan Zeman

Welcome psychology students! September. We love this time of year. The fall colours. A coolness in the air. A brand new school year is about to begin. Summer was great, but we’re ready now to get back to class. We’re ready to put forth our best effort. At UPSA, a new team has been assembled and is eager to help all psychology undergraduates reach their goals. To that end, we’ve launched a new website - - where you’ll find up-to-date information on UPSA events and other items of interest. We’ve also launched a new newsletter - psyQuarterly - linked on our website, and published 4x a year. In addition to UPSA information and articles, we welcome your submissions. Whether its poetry, short stories, reviews of any sort, research or reports that you’d like to share, psyQuarterly is your place to express it. This is your newsletter. From all of us at UPSA, we wish you a happy and successful 2013-14 school year!

Your UPSA Executive


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How to Make a Poster

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Social Events

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Awards Night

How to Make a Poster

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Tutoring Services

Awards Night

Leadership Opportunities Lab Volunteer Application Tips

APA Style Guide Help Special Events Résumé Help Psychology Info Meet the Prof Psychology Info

Awards Night


Volunteer Opportunities

How to Make a Poster Book Sale

APA Style Guide Help Psychology Forum UPSA Open House Lab Volunteer Application Tips


Tutoring Services

Publication Opportunities

Mock GRE

Awards Night

Study Groups

Leadership Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Tutoring Services Mock GRE Leadership Opportunities Study Groups APA Style Guide Help Social Events

UPSA? The Undergraduate Psychology Students’ Association (UPSA) aims to provide psychology students with information and support that will help them succeed in their academic endeavors.

UPSA’s most notable academic service is our free undergraduate tutoring program, where students are

Awards Night Resume Help Lab Volunteer Application Tips UPSA Open House Psychology Forum Special Events Volunteer Opportunities Meet the Prof Book Sale

matched with experienced tutors. We offer tutoring in a


variety of courses, including Introduction to Psychology

How to Make a Poster

(PSYC 1010), and Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (PSYC 2020/2021/2022).

UPSA also provides a social outlet, enabling individuals with similar interests and academic goals to meet and interact.



Asma Shahid President

Heather Christie Vice-President

Hello Psych Students, My name is Asma Shahid and this year I am UPSA’s President after being served as the Advertising Director the year before. When I started at York as a Psych Student, I was lost. I was informed about UPSA and all the services it offered through a prof. Being a part of UPSA has not only provided students with the help they need with the curriculum, but also showed them ways they can utilize their degree.One piece of advice I can give to everyone is to get involved! You will never know whats out there until you take a look at it.

Hi there, my name is Heather Christie this is my 2nd year serving the students at York as an Executive with UPSA. Last year I had the privilege of being the fund raising coordinator. This year I get to add value in a much larger way! I get to work with Asma (our president) and the best executive organization on the campus... Together, we’ll create the best year UPSA has ever seen!

Dorraine Mitchell Tutor Director

Sumaya Karimi Tutor Coordinator

Hello everyone, my name is Dorraine and I am a fourth year Psychology student. I am currently the Tutor Director of the Undergraduate Psychology Student Association (UPSA). I am also a member of the Student Health Ambassador at York (SHAY) program. I believe that being involved with Psychology related clubs can give you added information you would otherwise not have gained from simply attended classroom lectures alone. UPSA provides free tutoring services in many Psychology courses to all of its members! This year we are expanding our department, and are currently looking for passionate tutors. If you’d like to apply please visit our website.

Hi everyone! My name is Sumaya and I am a third year BSc Psychology student. As a Tutor Coordinator, I help students get matched with a tutor in one of their psychology classes, so if you are struggling with a psychology class feel free to email me. Through UPSA I have been able to meet many great people and so I encourage all of you to get involved and one of the best ways is by attending our events! I wish you all the best for the academic year and I hope to see you all at our events :)



Nassrin Wahidi Programming Director

Noor Durrani Programming Coordinator

Nikita Ross Programming Coordinator

Hi, my name is Nassrin Wahidi. I am currently doing the double major honours program in psychology and biology. I was interested in Undergraduate Student Psychology Association to enhance my skills within psychology field and become more involved at York. It has been my second year as an executive and now my first year as the Programming Director. I hope to do more and achieve for my future career goals.

Hi everyone! My name is Noor Durrani and I am one of the Programming Coordinators for UPSA. I am currently in my fourth year in the Honors Psychology BA Program and working towards getting into graduate school for a degree in clinical psychology. I hope to help organize exciting events for you in the upcoming year! =)

Hello all undergraduate psychology students! My name is Nikita Ross your new Programming Coordinator for UPSA. I am currently a fourth year student in the Honors psychology BA program. My role this year is to aid in the organization, and execution of all the exciting upcoming events that UPSA has to offer for all of you. I especially want to congratulate all of the first year students that got accepted into York’s undergraduate psychology program. In addition, I hope that everybody has a successful academic year, and grabs all challenges by the horns.

Mujtaba Shah Finance Director

Shaheem Abid Marketing Director

Stella Wenjun Min Marketing Assistant

Mujtaba is UPSA’s Finance Director for the 2013-14 school year.

Hey, I’m Shaheem Abid and I’m the Marketing Director for UPSA for the 2013-2014 year. This is my second year with UPSA and my third year at York. I’m currently completing my Psychology degree. In the future, I hope to further my studies either in graduate school or go to medical school. In my spare time, I love wathcing basketball (go raps go!), watching movies, playing video games. Hope everyone has a great 2013-2014 year!

Hi everyone, my name is Stella and I have finished my Psychology degree currently proceeding a second degree in field of Human Resources. I’m hoping to use my psychology knowledge more practically in order to better manage people. My role here is to update UPSA website. I’d be appreciative for any suggestions/comments regarding to my work!



Nona Khakpour Secretary

Danielle Tremblay Membership Director

Hi everybody! My name is Nona Khakpour and I’m the UPSA Secretary for the 2013/2014 school year. I’m currently a second year Psychology major hoping to get into Clinical Psychology in my graduate studies. My job as a secretary is to ensure that all of the needs of members are met by checking the UPSA email account daily and handling all office duties. Make sure to try and make it out to some of the UPSA events being held this year so you can learn more about the club, and meet members and executives! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at upsa@ Hope everybody has a great year!

My name is Danielle Tremblay, Membership Director, and I have been with UPSA for over two years. I am a 4th year BA Honours Psych major at York and a 1st year Rehab Certificate student at Seneca. I also do a placement at COSTI Immigration Services. I love camping, swimming, horse back riding, and hot yoga. Feel free to come by the UPSA office and say hi :)

Somayya Saleemi Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

Susan Zeman Newsletter Coordinator

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Susan is UPSA’s Newsletter Coordinator for the 2013-14 school year.

--Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (1881-1997)


BECOMEA MEMBER! Join as a general member and get news about upcoming events. As a general member, you can also apply to become a tutor, or get a tutor for one of your psychology courses. Best part of all, it's absolutely free. Just fill out the general membership form online (click here) , or drop by the UPSA office at 126B Calumet.


UPCOMING EVENTS (dates and venues, if not specified, to be determined) UPSA Open House - Friday, October 18

@ The Underground, 7p.m.-12a.m. This is our first event of the school year, held early in Fall semester. The Open House provides an opportunity to learn more about UPSA, and to mingle with students and faculty. All members of the York psychology community are invited to attend.

Meet and Greet - Thursday, October 17

@ Stong College Dining Hall, 5:30p.m.-8:30p.m. This formal gathering will introduce you to at least five faculty members, and will again be held in Fall semester. This is a collaborative event with the Faculty of Health and affiliated student clubs and organizations.

Meet the Graduates

Another formal gathering, in collaboration with the Faculty of Health, its affiliated student clubs and associations, York’s Department of Psychology, and the Canadian Psychological Association’s student representative. This event will introduce you to at least five graduate students.

Mock GRE

A great opportunity to prepare for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) - the required assessment for graduate school admission. Instructors from Kaplan or Princeton Review will administer a mock GRE, and you will have an opportunity to experience the test and its conditions prior to the real thing. Intended for students in the honours psychology program.

Awards Night

We cap off the academic year with this soiree held to show our appreciation for all UPSA volunteers. Awards will be given out to those who contributed above the minimum requirement and excelled in their respective duties and roles.




Study Smart Make the most of your

study sessions with these

possibility if one adopts good study in on the important points, those

tried and true strategies

habits. The UPSA execs have put to- concepts or examples germaine to

chieving good grades is a real notetaking skills means focusing

gether their tried and true study tips, understanding the material. Good which are sure to help to you too.

notes will also include any questions


that arise during the class.

Some tips that will help you get the  Record the Lecture. Many cellmost out of your classes:

phones have recording features or

 Go to Class. Seems obvious. You apps that enable recording. Seperbought the ticket. Now go to the ate digital recorders are affordable show. Yet many students fail to show and a great investment; they can also up. Trust us, you’ll get better grades be used to record your thoughts or if you go to the lectures and pay at- ideas when not in class. Always get tention. That means no napping.

permission to record from your profes-

 Be Prepared. Read the assigned sor, on the first day of class. readings before you go to lecture.  Question Authority. Be sure to Print out - and read - any slides or note any questions that may arise lecture notes provided by your pro- during the course of the lecture, or fessor. Doing so will enable you to your readings, and ask questions follow along, and thus learn, better.

during the break, after class, or dur-

 Take Good Notes. Whether us- ing office hours. Be aware, however, ing a laptop, or pen and paper, good that others may have questions too,


and try not to monopolize your pro- shortly after the class. Again, use this READ YOUR TEXT (BOOK) fessor’s time.

review time to write down any ques- Your course textbook cost a lot

 Study Buddy. Find a classmate tions that arise.

of money because it is a valuable

or two (or more) to study with. Group  Be a Class Act. If you’re going source of information. study can be an effective method for to take notes on a laptop, don’t  Keep Current. It is easier, and learning, but be sure to do your part read email, surf the web, watch vid- facilitates better learning, to keep and study by yourself before meet- eos... Don’t text, and keep your cell- up with the weekly readings than it ing with your study mates. 

phones off or silent. Don’t chat with is to catch up on three-weeks worth

Review the Lecture. Re-read your neighbour during lecture, and in one sitting.

your lecture notes, and/or make please don’t eat smelly food or wear  Make Notes. Some people highnotes from the recorded lecture, strong fragrence. Be considerate. light sections. Some make notes in


 Bring ID, Extra Pencils, Calculator(s). Your York-

 Read the Essay Questions First. You may find

issued student ID card is best.

the answers in the multiple-choice section.

 Be Well-Rested. Being well-rested reduces

 Keep an Eye on Time. Pace yourself.

chance of error and helps you stay focussed.

 Review Your Answers. Time permitting, always

 Make Note of Any Unanswered Questions.

review your answers. Make sure your scantron an-

Return to any unswered questions after you’ve an-

swers are properly marked.

swered the rest of the test.



the margins. Some make notes on can be helpful too. And there are paper or computer. However you go many free online resources that may about it, it’s good to do.

be of use.

 Flash Cards. If you need to learn  Consult Other Textbooks. Otha lot of definitions, consider making er textbooks provide different takes flash cards on online resources (like on the concepts and topics. or on paper. 4x6 index GET TO KNOW YOUR PROF AND T.A. cards work great. 

Professors, like medical doctors, are

Answer the End-of-Chapter professionals we can consult for

Questions or Quizes. Answering their expertise Teaching assistants questions is a helpful and immediate are often responsible for grading asway to ascertain your understand- signments and exams. Get to know ing of the material. Many textbooks them and what they're looking for.


have provided question or quiz sec-  Office Hour Visit. No appointtions, either in the text itself, or on- ment necessary - usually. line. 

Supplemental Study Guides.

Some textbooks offer supplemental study guides, either in print form or online. Independently published study guides, such as Schaum’s Outlines or those offered by Barron’s,






UPSA volunteers are available Monday through Friday, from

10am-5pm, to register new memberships, sell UPSA merchandise, or help you find answers to your psychology-related questions.

UPSA Office 126B Calumet College York University 4700 Keele Street Toronto, ON M3J 1P3 Office Hours: M-F, 10am-5pm


Free tutoring from UPSA is available for PSYC 1010, 2020, 2021, and 2022 (and other courses). Just complete this online tutoring form, and we’ll set you up with an UPSA volunteer tutor.


Did we mention it’s free?

Increasing sample size increases the likelihood of rejecting the null hypothesis but has little or no effect on measures of effect size. Increasing the sample variance reduces the likelihood of rejecting the null hypothesis and reduces measures of effect size. Anxiety disorders include panic attacks, generalized anxiety, and an array of phobias. Punishment is not the opposite of reinforcein terms of its effects, but the contingencies the ratio schedule. Name and explain the eight Explain ment the difference between a variable interval are andexactly variable opposite. A z-score specifies the prcecise location of each X value stages of Erikson’s psychosocial theory. Define superego, ego and id, and explain how they interact. Do experiwithin a distribution. In Erikson’s psychosocial theory, each age ments explain or correlation? What one is the “Flynn or stagecausation involves a life crisis to be resolved way or theEffect?” other What is the advantage of having a mean of μ=0 for over a distribution of period z-scores? Under what circumstances will the distribution of sample means be a noran extended of time, adaptively or maladaptively. Sensory adaptation refers a decrease sensitivity that occurs mal shaped distribution? Whattoare the fourintypes of stress? How are the symptoms of schizophrenia different as sensory receptors are repeatedly exposed to the same stimuli. from the symptoms of dissociative disorder? Describe the diference between a point estimate and an interval

estimate. What kind of therapy would be effective in treating a fear of flying? Compare and contrast REM and NREM sleep. What is a Type I error? What is a Type II error? As the power of a test increases, what happens to the probability of a Type II error? What is meant by perceptual constancy? Compare and contrast the JamesLange and Cannon-Bard theories of emotion. Explain the Yerkes-Dodson relation. Under what circumstances is the normal distribution an accurate approximation to the binomial distribution? Can the magnitude of the standard error ever be larger than the population standard deviation? What are the Big Five? What is Spearman’s g? What does Cohen’s d measure? What is a heuristic? What is the difference between field independence and field dependence? What is ANOVA? What are some post hoc tests with repeated measures? What was important about the cognitive revolution? What are the three basic memory processes? How do psychoactive drugs effect the brain? What is the difference between the UR and the CR? What is shaping? What did the Stanford prison experiment demonstrate? What is the mean, median, and mode? What does high negative correlation indicate? What is groupthink? What is the bystander effect? What brain structure matures during adolescence? How is the Pearson correlation computed? What is stereotype vulnerability? What are mental sets? Who was the subject of Watson’s study? Name five defence mechanisms. What is Tukey’s HSD?


UPSA SWAG FOR SALE (express your inner UPSA)

pins $.50 路 lanyards $3 路 tumblers $4 路 t-shirts $10 路 sweaters $35 Available at the UPSA Office, 126B Calumet College, 10am-5pm M-F. Cash only.


UPSA QUIZ 1. a) b) c) d)

UPSA stands for? United Psychology Students Association University Psychology Students Association Undergraduate Poor and Starving Asylum Undergraduate Psychology Students Association

7. a) b) c) d)

What kind of UPSA merchandise is available? Speedos Lunchboxes Autographed glossies of Freud T-shirts, pens, lanyards, tumblers, sweaters

2. a) b) c) d)

What are the official UPSA colours? Red, White & Blue 50 Shades of Grey Silver & Gold Purple & Gold

8. a) b) c) d)

What service is UPSA best known for? Massage Psychotherapy Travel bookings Tutoring

3. a) b) d) d)

How much does an UPSA membership cost? Your firstborn An arm and a leg How much you got? Nothing

4. a) b) c) d)

Where is UPSA located? Up Down Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry 126B Calumet College

9. a) b) c) d)

What events will UPSA host? The 2016 Olympics Next year’s CPA convention The Academy Awards Open House, Meet and Greet, Mock GRE, Meet the Grads, Awards Ceremony

5. a) b) c) d)

What College is USPA affiliated with? Slytherin Winters George Brown Calumet

10. a) b) c) d)

When are UPSA’s office hours? Office hours? 11:59p.m.-12:00a.m. (Saturdays) 10am-5pm, February 29 10am-5pm, M-F

6. a) b) c) d)

Where can you get UPSA swag? The vending machine Three blocks west of Osgoode Station Psst...over there...see the dude wearing the oversized trenchcoat? At the UPSA office, and various campus events


Answers: 1(d), 2(d), 3(d), 4(d), 5(d), 6(d), 7(d), 8(d), 9(d), 10(d)









Dear Undergraduate Psychology students: Students and the Section for Students are an important part of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). The principal objective of the Student Section is to help students participate within the CPA. The Section provides a forum in which students can learn from each other, more fully experience their postsecondary and postgraduate journeys, and begin to prepare for their careers in psychology. It recognizes the need to have a strong voice in the psychological community and thus sustains communication between students in psychology across the country. Joining the Section for Students in Psychology is free for any Student Affiliate of the CPA. To join the Section, students can check the Section for Students box on the online membership form. You can join as many Sections as you would like, so in addition to joining the Section for Students, we encourage you to join Sections that address your interests. On top of the benefits below, Student Affiliates are plugged into the only national psychology student network in Canada, giving you an opportunity to meet others who share your interests from across the country. There are many benefits of being a CPA Student Affiliate. These include: • Reduced registration fees for the Annual Convention where cutting edge research (perhaps even your own!) is presented and where you can network with people in psychology; • Opportunities to receive financial assistance to attend the convention; • [NEW!] A free Student Price Card that provides discounts on hundreds of goods and services relevant to students; • Reduced subscription costs to CPA journals (i.e., Canadian Psychology, Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science and/or Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology); • Free affiliation in the Section for Students; • Eligibility to apply for CPA student awards, and more! The Canadian Psychological Association was organized in 1939 and incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act, Part II, in May 1950. Key objectives of the CPA include: To improve the health and welfare of all Canadians; To promote excellence and innovation in psychological research, education, and practice; To promote the advancement, development, dissemination, and application of psychological knowledge; and To provide high-quality services to members. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a successful year! Somayya Saleemi Undergraduate Representative CPA Section for Students in Psychology E-mail:


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CALLING ALL WRITERS, SCHOLARS, ARTISTS... UPSA is looking for a few good submissions for its upcoming newsletter editions. Personal reflections, artwork, research, photography, poems, short stories, comics, movie or book reviews, reports on conferences or workshops attended, editorials...if you create it, we want it. Submissions can be thematically based on issue. Or not. Express yourself! » December will be our de-stress issue. How do you r-e-l-a-x? » February is the CPA’s official psychology month. Celebrate psych! » April we focus on all things grad school. Share your experiences. Link here to submit.


psyQuarterly october 2013 路 issue 1

psyQuarterly - October 2013  

Newsletter of the Undergraduate Psychology Students' Association at York University