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UNIVERSITY PRESS FAU’s finest news source November 19, 2013 | Vol. 15 # 14

Spring Basketball Special Report

Greg Gantt didn’t let an injury stop him. He took his talents to the NBA minor league By Emily Bloch P.10

Coach mike jarvis talks about the new conference, New players And new season p.18

Before you place your bets, check out our predictions for the spring season By wesley wright p.16 November 19, 2013

Vol. 15 | #14

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After a potential career-ending injury, FAU basketball’s alltime leading scorer Greg Gantt made it to the NBA.


The UP spoke with optimistic men’s basketball Head Coach Mike Jarvis.

Photo Ryan Murphy

COPY EDITORS - Anna Patterson, Lynnette Perez, Cindy

Photo by Max Jackosn

SENIOR EDITORS - Ryan Cortes, Rolando Rosa

Photo by Ryan Murphy

WEB EDITOR - Christopher Massana


Once anti-Israeli and now a Zionist, Kasim Hafeez shares his story at FAU. By Miranda Schumes

By Emily Bloch

By Wesley Wright

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Breaking down FAU men’s basketball’s 2013-14 season schedule.

Student Government’s office of Multicultural Programming is hosting a scavenger hunt. Check this page for your riddle.

Learn how you can possibly meet yourself from a parallel universe.

By Wesley Wright

By Andrew Fraieli

publisher FAU Student Government The opinions expressed by the UP are not necessarily those of the student body, Student Government or FAU.

Nov. 19, 2013


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t a h t m wl tea

e O c r n o f e s Y re E p K t s s i o e p c , r n e e r i o Pat real go-to sc Youth and a lack of scoring punch could mean a frustrating a s k c la season By Wesley Wright Sports Editor


repare for another long season in the Burrow, everyone. The 2013-2014 season will be an arduous one for the FAU’s men’s basketball team. In their seventh year playing for Head Coach Mike Jarvis, the Owls are looking to incorporate six new players, including four freshman (two of which will play early and often). Marquan Botley and D’Andre Johnson, while very promising, are pass-first point guards. While there is nothing wrong with how they approach the game, a viable first scoring option is sorely needed now that all-time leading scorer Greg Gantt and former starting point guard Stefan Moody have left the program. Without a player who can consistently find his own shot off the dribble, this team will find itself struggling to score points night in and night out. The out-of-conference schedule is a daunting one, including contests against DePaul, Boston College and the almighty Duke Blue Devils. These games will provide much needed funding for the Owls’ program, but early losses are always a threat to team morale. Four players from last year’s team have transferred to other programs, and three other players were lost to graduation (including Gantt). The off-season before that, four other players chose to depart in favor of other basketball programs around the country. Two former Owls in particular, Ray Taylor (who is eighth all time on FAU’s career scoring list) and Dennis Mavin, are now enrolled at regional rival Florida International University. Both sat out a year per NCAA transfer rules, and will get two shots at defeating Jarvis this coming season – Jan. 25 and March 6,

respectively. The personnel turnover has left this year’s team with a slew of unproven players on offense. Pablo Bertone and Jackson Trapp are serviceable pieces, and can shoot the ball from the weak side, but will struggle to create their own shots when running half-court offense. Kelvin Penn is a very solid defender and rebounder who gets the bulk of his points from grabbing misses, but will not be a featured scoring option. Dragan Sekelja is an enigma if nothing else – the seven-foot Croatian averaged just four rebounds a game last season, but is a terrific passer for his size. The jury is still out on whether he is consistent enough around the rim to create the inside scoring threat that this team so badly needs. If not, the onus falls to transfer Justin Raffington to provide some punch inside to open up space for Bertone, Trapp and company. Expect around 12 to 14 wins from this squad. There may be brighter days ahead for this program as Johnson and Botley gain game experience. Even so, the youth at the point guard position and the dearth of consistent perimeter scoring means that points will be hard to come by while this group tries to gel. Realize that this year’s team is still a few pieces away from being a legitimate C-USA contender, and that they will take their lumps this season. This team – barring another off-season filled with positional turnover—will return a year more experienced next fall, with most of the same personnel. Brighter days may be on the horizon for this program, but this year will be a testing one.

Photo by Tico Baez


Nov. 19, 2013


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Nov. 19, 2013

FAU basketball’s all-time leading scorer Greg Gantt made it to the NBA — well, the NBA’s minor leagues, that is. But after a potentially career-ending injury, he’ll take it

Photo by Ryan Murphy

By Emily Bloch Features Editor

{ continued on page 12


Two years ago on April Fools’ Day Greg Gantt was leaving a gym in Gainesville near his parents’ house. FAU’s all-time leading scorer called his mom screaming in agony. “I was crying saying ‘Mom, mom, I got in a bad car accident,’” Gantt said. Gantt told his mom that he and his friends had crashed, that his car was totaled, and they were on their way to the hospital. Greg’s mom Robin was hysterical. “I didn’t know she was going to cry,” Gantt says now. “She screamed and I was like ‘Nah, just kidding’. She got so mad, she hung up on me. I just pictured her crying. I rushed home and gave her a hug and started laughing.” And though Robin Gantt would never want to see her son in pain, even she can agree that maybe this time he set himself up for what was coming next. On April 1, 2013, the former guard — who graduated last summer — was working on a routine layup with his teammates. Moments later, he jumped and tore his patella tendon, which connects the knee cap to the shin bone. “It just popped,” he remembers. “This was probably karma for that,” Gantt reflects now.

Nov. 19, 2013




Seven months after his injury, the Austin Toros — the San Antonio Spurs’ Development League squad — would draft Gantt within the third round of an eight round draft. But for an athlete aiming to go pro in a matter of months, surgery, bed rest, rehab and recovery weren’t exactly part of the plan. “Everyone expected me to do NBA or [play] overseas,” Gantt says. Recruiters were calling him, agents begged to represent him and Gantt was ready to graduate in three months. After being rushed to the hospital, though, Gantt was told he would be out for eight to nine months. “I started crying immediately,” he said. “My teammates were there too, and they started crying immediately.” “I was devastated for him,” former teammate and forward Kelvin Penn said. “I know how hard he worked and he’s one of my best friends.” If it weren’t for his injury, Gantt is sure he would be playing overseas, but he’s a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. “I never had to struggle through anything with basketball,” he says. “This was my time to go through a dark time.”

It’s like learning to ride a bike again, except it takes six or seven months. -Greg Gantt

stage. Thankfully, [former] President [Mary Jane] Saunders warned everyone ahead of time about my injury.” The UP met with Gantt in early October in his sixth month of recovery. “Just a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t jump. Now, I can do a layup,” he said then. “It’s like learning to ride a bike again, except it takes six or seven months.” “It’s the toughest thing I’ve been through by far emotionally. This tops it,” Gantt said. “You think, ‘Is this really what I wanna do?’” But Gantt didn’t ponder that long. According to his trainer, Stan Remy, Gantt has been training three hours a day, five days a week since October. “It’s been a long process,” Gantt says. “But I’m happy I’m only 21.” Still, a surgery this late already set Gantt back with a start in the minor league.

Greg Gantt scored 1,972 career points and ended the 2012 season as FAU’s all-time leading scorer. Photo by Ryan Murphy

the injury. “The week after I had surgery, that was the hardest part,” he says. “Going to class on crutches, everyone was staring.” Gantt struggled with not being able to walk on his own or even stand in a shower. “I had strategical tactics just to get up out of bed. Mentally, it was hard.” As the recovery process continued, Gantt was becoming depressed. “It felt like I fell off the face of the earth,” he says. His mom adds: “It was extremely heartbreaking especially because Greg had worked so hard. As a parent your heart just goes out for him. You feel, ‘Is this something for him I can fix?’ You want to fix it for him.” But at this point, all Gantt wanted to do was make his parents proud and graduate. So he did. “I didn’t have to walk across the stage in crutches,” Gantt adds. “I limped across the Greg Gantt started all 32 games for FAU in 2012 and averaged 21.2 points and 4.2 rebounds. Photo by Ryan Murphy 12

Nov. 19, 2013

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continued FROM page 12

his injury was a blessing in disguise. But if you ask an expert, you might get a different answer. Gary Parrish, national college basketball columnist for CBS Sports and a sports radio host in Memphis, is unwavering in his opinion on Gantt’s chances. “I’ll be honest,” Parrish wrote in an email. “There was never a time when the NBA popped into my head while thinking about Greg Gantt. He’s a little scorer, and there just aren’t many little scorers in the NBA. So I’d be surprised, frankly, if he ever makes the NBA.” According to the NBA Development League’s website, as of last season only 30 percent of all NBA players had spent time in the D-League. It’s the minor leagues for a reason. “It’s certainly possible for somebody to bounce from the D-League to the NBA,” Parrish adds. “But it’s also really rare, which speaks to a larger point about how difficult it is to make the NBA. There have been thousands of terrific college players -- former All-Americans even -- who’ve never made it there. The odds are stacked against all but the handful of truly unique talents and/or athletes.” But even still, 6-foot-2 Gantt is optimistic. “I feel like I’m an NBA shooter,” Gantt says. “I have a lot of confidence in my shooting ability and I feel like I can compete with anyone. Of course there are other parts of my game I have to develop, but what got me here [to the Austin Toros] is my shooting ability. I’ve always been one to adjust to the competition no matter how much bigger or better they are. With time, I’ll find my niche and when I do that, it could help this team and earn me a spot on an NBA roster.”

On Nov. 1, Gantt was in the Cisco WebEx Arena parking lot in New York with some friends when he found out he was headed to Texas. “I was nervous so I wasn’t checking my phone anymore,” he says. “So my dad called me and I was about to ignore it, but I answered it. He was yelling and then my


Nov. 19, 2013

Greg Gantt headed to Austin, Texas after making it onto D-League Austen Toros. Photo courtesy of Greg Gantt

agent was calling on the other line and it was just crazy after that.” Exactly seven months after his injury, he’s found a new team and a new Gantt home. flew to Austin a week later where he began working with the team. He even celebrated his 22nd birthday on Media Day with his new teammates, who sang “Happy Birthday” to him between the practices, photoshoots and interviews. “It’s going to be a challenge,” Gantt

admits. “But everything I’ve accomplished and earned in life wasn’t easy. I didn’t start or score right away when I got to FAU. Guys were bigger and stronger and I had to adjust. Same thing when I played varsity basketball in high school. I have to work on my quickness and ball handling and just learning more from my coach and the vets on our team. And, if it’s meant to be, God will bless me with a chance to play in the NBA. “It’s what I wanna do and it’s what I know that I want to do. And that’s all I know.” [Zack Kelberman contributed to this story.]




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SCHEDULE Prediction

Nov. 17 - @ Boston College (2K Sports Classic), 8 p.m. Nov. 22 - @ Detroit (2K Sports Classic), 7 p.m. Nov. 23 - Stony Brook (2K Sports Classic), 3 p.m. Nov. 24 - Toledo (2K Sports Classic), 1:30 p.m. Dec. 3 - UCF, 7 p.m. Dec. 7 - Jacksonville, 3 p.m. Dec. 12 - @ DePaul, 9 p.m. Dec. 14 - @ Maryland, 2 p.m. Dec. 17 - @ Stetson, 7:30 p.m. Dec. 22 - Elon, 1 p.m. Jan. 1 - Warner Southern, 2 p.m. Jan. 9 - @ Louisiana Tech, 7:30 p.m. Jan. 11 - @ Rice, 8 p.m. Jan. 16 - East Carolina, 7 p.m. Jan. 18 - Old Dominion, 7 p.m. Jan. 21 - Harvard, 7 p.m. Jan. 25 - @ FIU, 6 p.m. Jan. 30 - @ Charlotte, 7 p.m. Feb. 1 - @ Marshall, 12 p.m. Feb. 6 - MTSU, 7 p.m. Feb. 8 - UAB, 7 p.m. Feb. 13 - @ UTEP, 9:05 p.m. Feb. 15 - @ UTSA, 4 p.m. Feb. 20 - Tulsa, 7 p.m. Feb. 22 - North Texas, 7 p.m. Feb. 26 - @ Tulane, 9 p.m. March 2 - Southern Mississippi, 2 p.m. March 6 - FIU, 7 p.m. March 11-15 – Conference USA Tournament, El Paso, Texas.


Nov. 19, 2013

Photo by Ryan Murphy

2013 - 14 Season Schedule:


ad Less Traveled FAU men’s basketball faces new challenges in Conference USA, making wins hard to come by Story by Wesley Wright Sports Editor

Season Prediction:

At least one loss during the 2K Sports Classic will provide adversity that may force this team to gel, which will pay off as the season wears on. Camaraderie alone will not result in wins, however, and points could prove difficult to come by, especially if freshmen guards Marquan Botley and D’Andre Johnson are thrown into the fire early. The Owls will need a player who can create his own shot off the dribble, now devoid of the scoring talents of Stefan Moody and FAU all-time leading scorer Greg Gantt, who graduated last spring. This season will be a long one until a go-to scorer develops.

Final Record: 12-20

Five games to watch for: Dec. 3 vs. UCF (Loss)

The Golden Knights have an NBA prospect in 6-foot-6-inch, 220-pound senior Isaiah Sykes, and the Detroit native will wreak havoc on an inexperienced guard group if he gets hot early.

Dec. 17 at Stetson (Win)

The Owls beat Stetson last season, and a triumph in mid-December could propel FAU into a string of wins to begin the coming calendar year. Owls redshirt junior center Justin Raffington, a 6-foot-9 -inch transfer from San Francisco, may be successful in dragging Stetson’s big men out so the FAU guards can attack off of the dribble.

Jan. 21 vs. Harvard (Loss)

Harvard made the NCAA Tournament last year, and are now able to recruit nationally. Freshman power forward and former top 100 recruit Zeno Edosomwan will test the FAU frontcourt, and four of the five starters from last year’s Crimson have returned, which may mean a rout.

Feb. 6 vs. MTSU (Loss)

The most successful member of Conference USA last season, Middle Tennessee State enjoyed a 28-win campaign and earned a large NCAA selection. Even though much of the scoring from the backcourt is now gone, the Blue Raiders will continue to play their brand of stifling defense. This will be a barometer game for FAU, a means of seeing where the team is in relation to one of the better teams in the revamped C-USA.

March 6 vs. FIU (Loss)

Even with a mediocre regular season record, the Panthers were only one game from making the NCAA Tournament this past year, losing in the C-USA championship game. Rivalry games are always important, and this one is no different. It will be interesting to see how the FAU guards attack the hectic, up-tempo brand of full-court defense that FIU now plays under new Coach Anthony Evans. Nov. 19, 2013









s ba sket By Wesley Wright is e ball He nter ad C Sports Editor ing o a ch M new ike terr Jarv itory in 2 is fter an underwhelming 2012 campaign 013 ended with a 14-18 record and first- expressed optimism in this year’s squad

round conference tournament loss to Troy, FAU begins the 2013-14 season with fresh faces and new challenges. Sixth-year Head Coach Mike Jarvis stands just five victories from becoming FAU men’s basketball’s all-time leader in wins. He First game of the season is on Friday. How do you feel about this year’s team heading into your sixth year on the job? “I’m really glad that we are going to get started. I really like these guys. We have so much work to do as a team, but I love the guys that I’m working with. I think they’re great guys, and I do think that we’re going to have a good year. I think it’ll be a fun year, too.” Are there any aspects of this squad that worry you? “Every aspect worries a coach. If I had ten All-American players, I’d be worried. Every coach is worried about every aspect of the game, whether it’s offense, defense, individual…we worry. We worry about everything.” What new challenges come with the move to Conference USA basketball this year? “I really don’t know yet. I won’t know really until we play in it. My initial observation is that in Conference USA there will be teams, like any conference, that are clearly above the rest and then there’s going to be a whole lot of 18

Nov. 19, 2013

despite having to incorporate four freshmen and two transfer players. Because the two leading scorers from last year’s team –– Greg Gantt and Stefan Moody –– are no longer with the program, it is imperative to Jarvis that consistent scoring

the rest of the teams. I don’t know where we fit in that whole thing yet, and I really won’t know until we’ve gone through it once.”

options emerge. The UP spoke with the upbeat Jarvis to get his feelings on where his team stands and where they’re heading. Photo by Max Jackson

This team is relatively young. How much playing time can we expect from the four freshmen in their first year on the team? “This team isn’t as young as people think it is. We’ve got five guys that at one time or another started last year for us. That’s a lot of experience. We’ve got two freshmen who I’m very confident in, and then we’ve got the transfer in Justin Raffington, who I’m also very confident in.” FAU has lost a pair of talented scorers in Greg Gantt and Stefan Moody. Who takes the responsibility for scoring the ball now that those two have left? “By the end of the year, Stefan Moody was one of our top scorers. He was one of the best athletes I’ve ever coached. He just wasn’t that crazy about going to class (laughter). He’ll end up at a big time school. It’s unfortunate for us that he didn’t want to be the student that we wanted him to be, because he could have been one of continued on page 20

Mike Jarvis, FAU men’s basketball head coach, is spending his year rebuilding the program.

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Mike Jarvis speaks to former player Chris Bryant during a game last season.


Photo by Ryan Murphy

the greatest to ever play at FAU. Greg Gantt had an incredible career and if there was any city he wanted to go to, to play in the Developmental League, it would have been Austin, Texas. He’s very fortunate. In fact, Justin Davis, one of our former graduates who is in business with J.P. Morgan, is in Austin, so he’ll be in good hands in Austin.” What skills do Justin Raffington (a transfer from San Fran) and Brian Horstein (a transfer from Army) bring to this year’s squad? “Justin is a big, strong guy who can play both the power forward and center position for us. He’s capable also scoring from the outside. He’s just a good, solid player. Brian really hasn’t found his way yet into what we’re doing. He’s still in the transition stages, and I don’t know how much he’ll play early on. Hopefully he’ll get to a point where he can play a little bit for us.” Taking the new personnel into account, are there aspects of this year’s team that may improve from last year? “I’d like to hope that our overall team defense could improve. We lost eight games by a total of 13 points and we had a chance to win. In fact, in every one of those games we were 20

Nov. 19, 2013

in the lead at some time. If our defense was better, we might’ve won six of them, seven of them, maybe all eight of them, who knows? I’d like to hope our team defense gets better and I’d like to hope if that happens then we might be able to run and get a few more fast break points.” The out-of-conference schedule looks pretty tough this year. What type of benefits will that provide as the team goes into the conference schedule? “Right off the bat, it provides money. Schools like ours are not funded the way that most schools are, so we have to raise to money to just fund our program. So number one, it gives us some necessary income. Number two, what it gives us is tremendous national exposure. Then three, incredible competition. If our kids can go and compete –– and not necessarily win, but compete –– then that helps us later on during the regular season into our own post-season tournament.” What type of c o a c h i n g philosophy changes have you made

between the end of last season and the beginning of this one? “We’ve got four principles that our program is really based on. The first one is faith. The second one is loyalty. Then there’s trust. Faith, trust, loyalty and the last one is wisdom. Not only do I expect the players to get smarter and to know things better, but I also expect myself and my staff to. In other words, I would like to hope that we’re all a year older, a year wiser, so that we’re in a position that we can help each other even more than what we try to do. I think that’ll happen even more this is one of the more unselfish groups of guys I’ve ever coached.”


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Seeking Peace for Israel Students have mixed opinions about Zionist Kasim Hafeez’s beliefs and his pro-Israeli ideology

By Miranda Schumes Multimedia Editor Photos by Max Jackson


as chambers, dead bodies and the tired faces of Holocaust survivors flashed across the screen as 7-year-old Kasim Hafeez watched the Holocaust episode of the 1973 documentary series, “The World at War.” Just moments later Hafeez heard his father say, “If only Hitler had finished the job off.” His parents’ beliefs soon turned into his own. Hafeez, 29, spoke at FAU’s Boca campus in the Live Oak Pavilion room A on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Hafeez discussed how his hatred for Jews and Israel transformed into respect, attracting students with opposing beliefs regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (see sidebar). The event was hosted by groups in support of Israel including Owls for Israel, Stand With Us, Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach, Christians United on Campus and Future Leaders of Israel. Hafeez is currently on the advisory board of Stand With Us. When Hafeez began college at Nottingham Trent University, he joined a group driven by nonviolence and “extreme, radical Islamic ideology,” he told the UP in an exclusive interview. Becoming very active in the anti-Israeli movement, Hafeez’s group handed out leaflets against Israel and started debates in seminars, referring to Israel as a genocidal state. “When I was at university, a big key to what we did was intimidation,” Hafeez said. “When people didn’t speak up [against our group]… we’d see it as a victory.” While Hafeez now sees those actions as wrong, Nadine Aly, the former president of Students for Justice in Palestine—an FAU chapter of a national group supporting Palestine—does not view starting debates, posting mock eviction notices and building a replicated West Bank barrier as an “intimidation factor.” Aly is no longer the president of SJP after being placed on probation for protesting during an Owls for Israel event. “I don’t think it’s intimidation. I think that if we don’t raise awareness about this on campus then the next leaders of the world will be ignorant,” Aly said.


Nov. 19, 2013

Kasim Hafeez talks about the book that changed his perspective from a radical Islamic to a supporter of Israel.

continued on page 24

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Owls for Israel’s Co-president Rayna Exelbierd does not believe that groups like SJP help the conflict between Israel and Palestine. “All they do is promote hate of Israel instead of Palestinian culture or topics,” Exelbierd said. “It doesn’t strengthen their cause.” In 2006, after years of supporting the antiIsraeli group and attending rallies against the state, Hafeez began to ask himself, “What am I actually achieving?” Hafeez thought that violence was the only way to get his anti-Israeli beliefs across and to “bring about the destruction of Israel.” With

a newfound determination, Hafeez decided that it was time to go to Pakistan to join an Islamic terrorist group and fight. While Aly is a supporter of Palestine, she does not believe “in using violence to combat other violence.” “I don’t think that joining any type of terrorist group is ever acceptable,” Aly said. For Hafeez, one trip to the bookstore changed his fate completely. Hafeez came across a book that criticized common accusations and myths about Israel called “The Case for Israel” by Alan Dershowitz.

Conflict in Israel

Feeling that he was already an expert on the conflict in the Middle East, Hafeez bought the book in hope of refuting it. “I thought in the spirit of liberating the world and stroking my own ego, I’ll buy this book,” Hafeez said. “I’ll be able to disprove it as Zionist propaganda and victory for me.” After reading the book, Hafeez continued to research the state of Israel. Finally, Hafeez decided that he needed “closure” and that the only way to form a concrete opinion on Israel was to go there. Hafeez booked a flight to Israel and found a place unlike the one he had

Nadine Aly, the former president of Students for Justice in Palestine, sits quietly at the event.

1948: Israel became an independent state on May 14 —

following the withdrawal of the British army. According to the New York Times, Israel’s first Prime Minister Ben-Gurion stood in the Tel Aviv Art Museum and said, “We hereby proclaim the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine, to be called Israel.”

2004: The International Court of Justice ruled that Israel’s

construction of the West Bank barrier surrounding East Jerusalem deprived Palestinians of self-determination.


Many countries recognize Palestine as a state, but Palestine must be admitted into the United Nations to officially be considered a state. FAU groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine and Owls for Israel continue to debate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Nov. 19, 2013

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imagined in his head. Hafeez spent the next two weeks in Israel speaking to Muslims, Jews and Christians. After his experience in Israel he now identifies as a Zionist—a supporter of the protection of a Jewish nation. Senior dual history and psychology major Mohammed Ahmad does not view Israel as a democratic state and believes that “Zionism is a racist, political ideology that is just a front to support the genocide and theft of land that isn’t theirs.” While in Israel, Hafeez began to think, “I’m in a democracy. I’m in a place where people have the freedom to worship as they choose. People have the freedom to be different.” Senior dual political science and history major Alexander Bambula enjoyed hearing Hafeez’s story, but felt that it didn’t include enough factual information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “I also thought it was mostly for a PR campaign or an image,” Bambula said. “It wasn’t really raising awareness as

opposed to enlightening the audience onto his anecdotal evidence of his own personal beliefs.” In contrast to Bambula, Ahmad did not believe Hafeez’s story and thought that it was fabricated. “It was way too over the top the details were way too memorized,” Ahmad said. “I don’t think that it was to the extreme that it was. At the same time, I don’t believe that he was a radical Muslim before he became a radical pro-Israeli.” Business administration graduate student Eric Dansky thought that Hafeez spread a powerful message. “I think it was good to finally have some truth told about someone that’s experienced both sides of the table,” Dansky said. After the event, Ahmad was approached by David Modlin, a volunteer for Stand With Us, who told him to “learn your facts before you speak.” “Had he come without leading with that statement, it would’ve been a nice debate back and forth, but that’s a really condescending thing to say, especially when you have two people with

conflicting opinions,” Ahmad said. Tahli Hanuka, an East Coast representative of Stand With Israel, saw the debate and said, “You’re never going to convince them. They’re never going to convince you.” Sara Rafeal, the director of Stand With Us Southeast thought that it was important to hear the voice of students that support Palestine. “I heard them. I didn’t agree with them, but I heard them and I’m glad that [the students] were here and behaved appropriately,” Rafeal said. Because of his beliefs, Hafeez no longer has contact with his own mother or father. The relationships have been demolished because of conflicting beliefs—like the beliefs that have divided the pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli groups on campus. But as opinions go back and forth between the students, Hafeez hopes that one message is heard: “Hatred is a poison, and if you don’t tackle hatred it gets stronger.” [Stand With Us is a pro-Israeli group that advertises with the UP.]


Scan QR code for part of the exclusive interview with Kasim Hafeez.


Nov. 19, 2013

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Nov. 19, 2013

when the radioactive substance will set off the geiger counter, therefore you can’t predict when the poison will get released. You can never know whether the cat is alive or dead unless you open the box and check. The conclusion must be that the cat is both alive and dead because you can’t tell unless you observe it. This idea can be stretched further to say that instead of the cat being alive or dead, there are two universes: one in which the cat is alive and another in which it is dead ­­— the many-worlds interpretation. While this theory is unproven, it is cause for some interesting thought. If these parallel worlds do exist, the next question is how to get there. This is a very complicated question, but one idea suggests that entering a black hole could be a doorway to these parallel worlds. Unfortunately, entering a black hole is not exactly easy. Besides overcoming the massive amount of radiation, the intensely crushing gravity would squish you into a string: a process called “spaghettification.” Black holes are these amazing vast holes in space and time — the fabric of reality — and they have the possibility of bringing you to a parallel universe where you could be the ruler of the world. A pleasant idea, but extremely difficult to do. The concept is simplistic enough, but doing it without dying in the process is the hard part. Usually, not dying is a good thing, so that issue would have to be resolved before we start traversing the multiverse.

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magine being able to meet yourself from a parallel universe. It’s tough to think of what you would do in such a peculiar and interesting situation. What if right now, somewhere else in the vastness of reality, there is a version of yourself that may be living on the moon? Or maybe your universal twin died long ago? Quantum mechanics is some very screwy stuff. The famous physicist Richard Feynman once said, “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.” A little threatening if you’re trying to understand it, but we will just be looking at one interpretation of a certain part of quantum theory: the many-worlds interpretation. According to the many-worlds interpretation, for every possibility of anything happening, it already has in some parallel universe. Almost tripped on the stairs? In some universe you did and fell down. Almost didn’t see that car speeding by as you were crossing the street? In some universe you didn’t see it and got hit. There’s an infinite amount of variations of universes according to this idea — in an almost infinite universe, anything can happen. There’s a famous thought experiment in quantum theory called Schrödinger’s cat, in which a cat is put into a box with a radioactive substance, poison and a geiger counter, which is a radiation gauge. When the radioactive substance sets off the geiger counter, it lets in the poison and kills the cat. You can’t predict


Photo illustration by Max Kagno and Breanndolyn Lies


By Andrew Fraieli



Physics major Andrew Fraieli explains scientific concepts in simple terms. This week, Fraieli talks about parallel world theory

November 20-21

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