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Oct. 23, 2012


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October 23, 2012

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10. Special Issue Editors: Emily Bloch and Lore Khazem Special Issue Designer: Elena Medina

An inside look at how one student trained for the annual 5k Run/Walk for Autism. By Emily Bloch



Ska bands Pepper and The Supervillains perform at the second annual Homecoming Concert.

BUSINESS MANAGER - James Shackelford

By Emily Bloch



ART DIRECTOR - Phaedra Blaize

Why Owls will disappoint fans this week against Troy and drop their seventh straight game. By Rolando Rosa


The 14th annual Timucua Pageant features 10 contestants competing for a $500 scholarship and more. By Emily Bloch

WEB EDITOR - Andrew Alvino COPY DESK CHIEF - Michael Chandeck NEWS EDITOR - Dylan Bouscher


SPORTS EDITOR - Rolando Rosa PHOTO EDITOR - Michelle Friswell CRIME EDITOR - Monica Ruiz

Our photo spread of this year’s tailgating food getting fancy.


By Emily Bloch and Lore Khazem


Check out who makes up your 2012 Homecoming court: their majors, hobbies and other facts. By Emily Bloch

Christine Capozziello, Ryan Murphy SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER - Chase Kennedy COPY EDITORS Jessica Cohn-Kleinberg, Amanda Rubio STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS Melissa Landolfa, Lamise Mansur


CONTRIBUTORS Emily Mitchell-Cetti, Maddy Mesa

Ralphie May is set to perform at this year’s Homecoming show after dropping out last year.


For a daily breakdown of all this week’s events, here’s a pullout guide that will help you.

By Lore Khazem

ADVISERS Dan Sweeney Michael Koretzky COVER Photo by Ryan Murphy

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PUBLISHER FAU Student Government The opinions expressed by the UP are not necessarily those of the student body, Student Government or FAU.

Oct. 23, 2012


Homecoming Everything you need to know about this year’s Homecoming

By Emily Bloch and Lore Khazem


We’ve all been there — confused, frustrated and distraught — without any help. Sometimes it’s for midterms not studied for, sometimes it’s for Friday night’s plans. This time, it’s Homecoming 2012. There’s enough going on that we’ve decided to help you, to make it easier. Behold — your study guide, your Homecoming Handbook. Because you’re reading this handbook, you don’t have to be worried when it comes to Homecoming. Everything you need to know is right here. Check out the stats on your 2012 court members — one of them told us he’s never done his own laundry, but he can breakdance — and even how our football team might do (cross your fingers!) at the annual Homecoming game. We’ve got your backs. Writing this issue, there were three events that really stood out to us. Pepper, the infamous three piece band from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and their friends, The Supervillains, will be here to play at the annual Homecoming Concert. The two groups are “the closest two bands can get without physically engaging in coitus,” according to Supervillains vocalist, guitarist and funnyman Scott “Skart” Suldo. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Suldo. As for Pepper, the ska band from the big island are ready to unite students over good hangouts, good music and no politics, according to their vocalist and guitarist Kaleo Wassman. FAU is also bringing the well-known comedian Ralphie May to this year’s annual Homecoming comedy show — most recognized for his controversial ethnic jokes and his Comedy Central series, Prime Cut. He was supposed to perform at last year’s Homecoming but suffered from a near death experience with pneumonia. Looks like the second time’s the charm for the 450-pound funnyman. And, once you get hungry, be sure to look into our food page. We like to call it food porn. Tailgating food is a big deal at the new football stadium — and it’s not just the ol’ burgers and ‘dogs anymore. See for yourself with our photo spread featuring the grub we saw at the FAU vs. North Texas game on Sept. 29. Your Homecoming Handbook brings you the who, what, where, when, and why to everything going on around you this week. Don’t lose it.


Oct. 23, 2012

Emily Bloch (left) Lore Khazem (right) Photo by Ryan Murphy

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Oct. 23, 2012


This week on the web

Our exclusive photo gallery following this year’s annual Midnight Madness basketball event. By Melissa Landolfa

To read these stories and more, visit


Oct. 23, 2012

The UP’s column following FAU’s 37 - 34 double overtime loss to South Alabama. By Rolando Rosa

Student organizations make art out of cans for this year’s Homecoming. By Lulu Ramadan

FAU professor Imad Mahgoub received a $330,000 grant to make roads safer on campus. By Lore Khazem

What to expect during the ninth annual Fall Family Fest, featuring new activities and a new theme. By Cyrus Smith

FAU’s board of trustees approved a $15.6 million parking garage to be built by September 2013. By Dylan Bouscher

The Office for Students with Disabilities hosted their second annual Taste of Disability Dinner where students chose a disability for a meal. By Lore Khazem

Oct. 23, 2012


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Oct. 23, 2012


FAU student who:

what: Annual 5k Run/Walk for Autism

Erin Connolly

when: Sunday, Oct. 21

where: Track and Field complex

time: 5:15 p.m.


A day in the By Emily Bloch

Sporting a T-shirt that reads “DOn’t QuIT” and Wayfarer sunglasses as she walks down the Breezeway, Erin Connolly, a senior exercise science and health promotion major, hosts FAU Campus Recreation’s Get Rec’d TV. Get Rec’d is a new weekly YouTube training series that gives Rec Center updates along with interactive fitness challenges for student viewers. But when she’s not training the student body, she’s training herself. “She’s quite honestly a beast,” Ava Kwasnieski, a senior business major and co-worker, said. “She’s a really hardcore worker. Really hardcore with what she does.” Cross training, tempo runs, garage runs and 400 meter runs are only a few of 5-foot-9 Connolly’s daily stunts these past few weeks. In training for the Homecoming 5K Run/Walk this past Sunday, Oct. 21, Connolly set aside a five week training regimen. The run was held at the Track and Field Complex, located directly behind the FAU Arena and east of the FAU Softball Stadium. The annual event, also known as the “fun run,” continued the school’s partnership with the FAU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities. All event proceeds benefitted the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) Office, which provides assistance to people with autism and related disabilities,

FAU’s annual 5K Run/Walk was this weekend. Here’s a look at the training one student put into getting ready for it.

according to the Homecoming schedule. “We help them by providing expert support, training and consultation,” Ali Cunningham, assistant director of CARD, said. This was the fifth annual 5K Run/Walk. Last year, over 600 FAU students participated. This year, Cunningham was hoping for even more. “This 5K Run/Walk is the kick-off event to Homecoming week,” she said. “So I believe its a pretty big part [of Homecoming].” According to Cunningham, the 5K Run/Walk has raised approximately $11,000 to $18,000 in previous years for CARD. Our goal this year is to reach and exceed $20,000” she said. A kilometer equals 0.62 of a mile, so a 5K race is 3.1 miles long. Despite her intense training for the event, Connolly is not a runner. “I am not, nor have ever been, a competitive runner. I was a competitive swimmer all of my life and running is something I have recently gotten into over the last two years,” Connolly said. “I run consistently, and I like to have fun with it. I run around campus and along the beach all the time.” If you’re ever trying to track Connolly down, bets are on the Rec Center’s StairMaster, according to her co-workers. “When we think of Erin Connolly, we think of fitness,” Facility Supervisor and Membership Specialist Ali Levine, a junior secondary education for social science major, said. “You always know if you want to find her, you’ll find her on the StairMaster most likely.”

Here’s a look at Connolly’s training schedule: week

1 2 3 4 5



CT CT CT CT CT Oct. 23, 2012


Garage Garage 4x400 4x500 4x400


F Sa Su


Temp Run 30 min


Easy 3 mile


Temp Run 30 min


Easy 4 mile


Temp Run 35 min


Easy 4 mile


Temp Run 40 min


Easy 4 mile

Temp Run 20 min


Easy 2 mile


Connolly is a certified personal trainer as well as a group fitness trainer at the FAU Rec Center.

Photo courtesy of FAU. Another run under Connolly’s belt doesn’t come as a shock to her co-workers at the Rec Center. They see her running around campus in the mornings. Helping CARD’s event in the process only serves as an added perk. “Just for fun,” Connolly said. “I like to do events and races periodically to keep me motivated to train.” “Erin’s awesome. She really exudes a love for fitness,” said Levine. “She knows what she’s doing.”

CT: Cross Train: this consists of exercises such as Pilates, strength training and circuit training Temp Run: Warm up (10 minutes), run easy (15 minutes) and run hard- close to VO2max [maximum oxygen uptake] for the remaining time Garage: Run inclines up the parking garage ramps and run up and down the stairs 4x400: Run around the track once at a very maximal effort, then once at a low effort and repeat for four hard laps

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Oct. 23, 2012


Pepper & who:

The Supervillains

when: Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012

what: FAU’s annual Homecoming Concert

time: 9:00 p.m.

where: Outdoor Stage

Get stoked! Hawaii native ska/reggae band Pepper to play annual Homecoming Concert By Emily Bloch Surf’s up — Pepper is coming to town. For those who don’t know, Pepper is a three piece band originally from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, or as they claim on their website, “the big island.” The group’s been going strong since 1997 and has been featured numerous times on Billboard charts and the Vans Warped Tour. They’re looking forward to playing at FAU, according to vocalist and guitarist Kaleo Wassman. “Every show we’ve done at a college always ends up with us meeting the future drinkers of tomorrow,” Wassman said. “And actually, we were always told our grades were too low to ever get into college. Well teachers, suck it.” The band’s appearance is costing $40,000, according to Alicia Keating, Student Involvement and Leadership director. The big name is hailing a lot of excitement with their scheduled performance, Thursday, Oct. 25. “I’m excited to see them, I started listening to them when they played the California Warped Tour,” Andy Pazo, a junior exercise science major, said. “They’re very diverse in their music, there’s not one set genre to them.” Pazo has never seen Pepper live but has watched web streamings of their performances before. When it came to deciding who was going to play this year, Homecoming Director Eric Marmer said they turned to the student body. “We went through a list of performers that were available on the date the concert was


Oct. 23, 2012

scheduled for, and who were in our price range,” he said. “We then took the performers who fit into that criteria and created a poll on Facebook in which students voted for the performers they wanted to see.” The vote was offered as a Survey Monkey poll for students online. The choices were Mike Posner, Slightly Stoopid, Lifehouse, Matisyahu, SOJA, Fuel, G. Love & Special Sauce, and, of course, Pepper. “I think it’s awesome. I haven’t really heard about them since high school and I graduated in

‘06.” Jennifer Gallagher, a junior social work major, said. Pepper’s appearance reminds her of the big surf scene she comes from in Monmouth County, N.J. She’s happy to not see a cheesy act on the bill. “It’s more current than trying to push someone to be famous. [They’re] already popular, it promotes more of the community school environment because of their popularity.” Opening for Pepper is Orlando based punk/ska band The Supervillains (see sidebar for an exclusive Q&A). Leon Legot, a junior

Pepper’s looking forward to playing at FAU this Thursday, Oct. 25. “We were always told our grades were too low to ever get into college. Well teachers, suck it,” their vocalist/guitarist Kaleo Wassman (right) said. Photo courtesy of Pepper

continued on page 14

The Supervillains interview Describing themselves as Florida-bred swamp rockers, punk/ska band The Supervillains are scheduled to open up for Pepper at this year’s Homecoming concert. Vocalist, guitarist and funnyman Scott “Skart” Suldo talked over email about their performance-to-come. Here’s what to look forward to:

UP: So you guys are playing at a college campus, bring back any memories? Skart: We have played colleges all over the country, and are very fond of them. Pretty girls, sport drinking and general foolishness are right up our alley! Oh, and EDUCATION of course! We are all PROUD native Floridians so getting a chance to party with our home-state schools is very special to us. You couldn't ask for a better college atmosphere than South FLA. UP: It seems like you have a bromance going on with Pepper. Care to comment? Skart: Pepper and The Supervillains are the closest two bands can get without physically engaging in coitus. We met in 1999 when we were both in our potty training phases and have been extremely tight ever since. In '06, when Pepper opened LAW Records, we were the first band they signed and we started touring together on long national tours. They came to bat for us when we needed it most and delivered in only the way good friends do, and provided us with the push and confidence to get over the hump and find success. Pepper really brings the "Aloha" spirit and we hope it brings them dozens of virgins in the afterlife. UP: Tell me about the touring experience. Skart: We are constantly either on tour or waiting for deployment. We just released a 6-song concept record "ROBOTS” which we have been supporting on the road (spoiler alert: it’s AMAZING). One time we bought a locking gas cap and affixed it to the opening band’s tour van. They ran out of gas on the Chesapeake Tunnel and when AAA finally got there is when they figured it out. Awesome. UP: What do you want your fans to know for when you play this show? What should people expect? Skart: We plan on at the very least having a good-ass time as always, pushing the limits of human decency. I encourage every Owl down south to check it out. It’s gonna be a hoot.


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Have you heard? Here’s what students had to say about Pepper coming to FAU. Photos by Christine Capozziello

continued from page 12 ocean engineering major, is looking forward to the whole event. “I love Pepper. They’re a great band.” Legot thought it was fitting to have a band like Pepper playing because it fits into the South Florida surf lifestyle. He was also happy to see The Supervillains on the bill. “Making the local connection is better,” Legot continued. “I like that [FAU] is going kind of off the radar and out of the norm than either just a rapper or just

a rock artist ... they’re getting more in touch with the local scene and the local culture.” Charles Rocha, a junior English major, added, “They’re both great bands. The Supervillains are awesome — that’s cool.” As for Pepper’s message to everyone before the show, Kaleo Wassman sums it up. “Politics and religion have their place, but not at a Pepper show. Leave your

differences at the door, have fun.” The concert is set for Thursday, Oct. 25, at 9 p.m., on the outdoor Stage and is free to FAU students. The FAU Homecoming website advises that students get tickets early through the Student Involvement & Leadership Office. This is the second annual Homecoming Concert held at FAU. Country artist James Otto performed last year.

Photo courtesy of FAU Media Relations

Readers, be sure to check out these students’ favorite tunes on your smartphones: “I’ve seen both of them live countless times; The Supervillains like seven or eight, Pepper about four or five. My favorite songs by The Supervillains are Careless Whisper, 20 Excuses, and their Billy Joel cover of Anthony’s Song. My favorite song by Pepper is Ashes, 100 percent.” -Leon Legot, junior ocean engineering major

“This is my genre of music. I love the whole ‘Kona Town’ album in general.” -Andy Pazo, junior exercise science major

“They’re really big in the surf crowd, it’s a fun band to go watch. I’m excited, but I can understand the discontent [others might have].” -Peter Amirato, senior ocean engineering major

“My favorite song is Give It Up because of the humorous dialogue that’s in the middle. I look forward to seeing them live.” -Jennifer Gallagher, junior social work major “I think it’s great [that Pepper is coming]. Reggae music and ska music is very uplifting. Music is a powerful force for social change, it brings about awareness.” -Charles Rocha, senior English major

The Supervillains - 20 Excuses


Oct. 23, 2012

Pepper - Ashes

Pepper- Give it Up

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Oct. 23, 2012


More than

burgers and ‘dogs Tailgating at FAU goes gourmet

By Emily Bloch and Lore Khazem When it comes to tailgating, it seems like burgers and hot dogs aren’t going to cut it anymore — at least not at FAU. Fancy spreads, wine and even seafood are showing their stuff. Check out the photos from the FAU vs. North Texas game on Sept. 29. From kabobs to lobster and everything in between, tailgating

food has gotten serious. Students are going big with their dishes. From a group of alumni making a seafood stew, to sororities organizing themed cookouts, and even faculty bringing fancy dips for their corn chips. As for location, this year, the Rat’s Mouth moved directly in front of the stadium. “I think it is a great time

for students on the FAU campus,” said Student Involvement and Leadership Director Alicia Keating. “[It] is a wonderful spirit builder.” The Rat’s Mouth move can be credited to student body president, Robert Huffman (see sidebar).

Nowadays, it’s go big or go home, according to Eric Finn, class of 2008 alumnus. At the game, Finn, along with his family and friends, had a huge pot of shrimp, potatoes and lobster cooking up. “Going all out on tailgate food sets the mood for the rest of the day and into the game,” Finn said. “It brings family and friends together to have a good time before the game. Since there are only five home games, you have to make each tailgate count.” Finn and his friends plan on more shrimp and lobster for the Homecoming game and maybe even oysters.

Photo by Michelle Friswell

Robert Huffman, student body president: “My favorite tailgating experience would have to be the very first football game in our new stadium on Oct. 15 last year because it was the first time we were ever playing football on campus and been able to tailgate on campus. Throughout the whole year, I worked really hard along with Ayden [Maher] to get a tailgating section for students that’s not just a parking lot. It was a great experience because all the students were together in one place on game day. I like good southern food for tailgating. [Foods] that I like are bratwurst, brisket and cornbread. My fraternity made that this past game. I think the game day experience is just a really fun time for students. Celebrating traditions — in our case,

Finn’s stew included shrimp, potatoes, lobster, corn and oysters.

building traditions — can really make a difference on if a student enjoys their college experience or if they don’t. It’s just really fun because it’s a huge event with all the fraternities, and you invite all your friends, parents, alumni. It’s about being with all the FAU fans.” Eric Finn’s finished concoction.


Oct. 23, 2012

Program Board set up an elaborate spread of chicken for students to enjoy.

L-R: Wesley Hebel, junior business management major, Jordan TenBrook, junior geology major, Ethan Aparicio, senior marketing and international business major. Wesley Hebel loves cooking food with his fraternity, Sigma Chi, when he tailgates. “My favorite [tailgating] experience was the first time we did low country broil because it was something that hadn’t ever been done before and it gained a lot of attention at last year’s Homecoming game,” Hebel said. He enjoys the new tailgating location in front of the football stadium compared to its old location in front of the administration building. “Moving the Rat’s Mouth out towards the stadium I think will help it a lot. Kind of show the community that we’re out there, not secluded in campus.” Maddy Mesa contributed reporting. Photos by Ryan Murphy

The older crowds tended to get a little fancier with their spreads, bringing along spinach dip and wine to kick off their night.

Oct. 23, 2012


Comedian who:

Ralphie May

what: Homecoming Comedy Show

when: Wednesday, Oct. 24 time: 8:00 p.m.

where: Kaye Auditorium

Bigonman campus Ralphie May comes to FAU to perform at the Homecoming Comedy Show By Lore Khazem Norlhey Simon, a freshman computer engineering major, burst out laughing just at the thought of Ralphie May. “I don’t know if you guys are clapping for me or you guys are saying ‘Oh yeah, fatty made it all the way to the stage!’” he remembered as his favorite joke from the hefty comic. The 450-pound comedian, May, was scheduled to perform at last year’s Homecoming Comedy Show, but nearly died from pneumonia. Lexi Rosario, this year’s Program Board director, remembered the moment she found out May wasn’t coming. “I volunteered last year for this event, and then I didn’t even know the whole switch until like two hours before,” she said. “I was offset, and I was like ‘Oh, the students are going to be so mad.’” Student Government Coordinator Mike Burdman knew students were upset when it happened. “When he got sick last year, people were sad,” Burdman said. “They want to see him. He has a huge following, he’s hilarious. He’s on TV all the time.” During his fight with pneumonia, May tweeted, “Hey kids I have two types of pneumonia and it caused a blood clot to go into my lungs I was close to death.” After he battled back from his neardeath bout, Rosario and her board went after him once more. “This year, when we were talking about it,” she said, “I was like ‘We have to [get Ralphie May back to


Oct. 23, 2012

perform].’ Then the rest of my board was like ‘Well, are the students going to trust us?’ I was like ‘Just do it! You know how excited everyone was last year and the fact that we get to bring him back this year, it’s going to be renewed excitement.’ I can’t wait.” Last November, May planned to share the stage with comedians Tony Roberts and Josh Blue, performing as a trio, but he was replaced with Brandon T. Jackson. This year, however, comedians Malik Sanon and Juan Villareal will open for him, and May will take over the stage solo. “Me and Ralphie [May], we’re both from Houston, so I’ve known Ralphie for 20 years,” Villareal said. “My material is mostly stories about everyday life. I don’t do jokes. I just talk about my life, I do it for the laughs. I don’t really like to touch current events because every comic does that. I like to be a little bit original, a little bit different.” The Program Board is paying May $20,000 out of their $430,000 budget this year, according to the student government accounting and budget office. “He wrote a personal email to send to FAU to say like, ‘Hey, this was unexpected. I’m so sorry, this doesn’t represent me.’” Alicia Keating, director of Student Involvement & Leadership, said. “We just cared that he was better, and now he’s coming back.” Tickets are available at the Student Union Box Office free of charge for students.

On Jan. 15, Ralphie May tweeted: “Im for legalizing all drugs ... you want cocaine go to Walgreens.” While May’s opener, Juan Villareal, does not comment on current events, a large portion of May’s comedy relates to current events such as the new Arizona immigration policy and gay marriage. Photo courtesy of Program Board.

continued on page 20

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Oct. 23, 2012


“I laughed at a couple of his jokes. I didn’t know he was coming, that’s kind of good news for me. I’ll check it out.” James Slabe, freshman computer science major.

continued from page 18

Ralphie who? Photos by Ryan Murphy. Here’s what students thought about Ralphie May:

“I don’t appreciate his humor. I have a dry humor.” Renata Glebocki, sophomore political science major.

“He’s just a really funny fat guy.” Christian Steuf, junior pre-med and biology major.

“He be on Comedy Central! Yeah I would come to see him. I am looking him up [on YouTube] right now!” Paulony Saint-Hilaire, sophomore exercise science and health promotion major.

“[My favorite Ralphie joke is] swimming in the ocean with sharks around. I forgot what the punchline was but I remember that was funny, I saw it on YouTube. I like the way he presents his jokes, that’s what’s funny. Not the punchline.” Neil Hoffman, junior political science major. “He’s a fat white guy! We have Homecoming week? I’m down.” Alex Hugues Alexis, freshman biological sciences major.

“I found out about him from Last Comic Standing. I’ve watched one of his specials. He had me dying from laughing. I’m a sophomore and he was supposed to come here last year and I was really hoping he did, but I knew he was sick. So, I was kind of disappointed. [When I found out he was coming back], I kind of jumped up and down actually!” Chris O’Neil, sophomore pre-health major.

“I already have my tickets, and a friend’s ticket! [I saw him on] YouTube, that’s the main place. [My favorite Ralphie joke] is the scuba diving one. It’s awesome that he’s making it this year!” Serge L. Russo, sophomore business and marketing major.


Oct. 23, 2012

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Oct. 23, 2012



FAU vs. Troy when: Saturday, Oct. 27

prediction: Troy 42-28

time: 5:00 p.m.

where: FAU Football Stadium

Homecoming Our look at why Troy will send the Owls to their seventh straight loss By Rolando Rosa


Both FAU and Troy were involved in comebacks last week — just on opposite sides of them. The Owls blew a 14-point lead in their 37-34 double

overtime loss to South Alabama in their Homecoming game. Meanwhile, the Trojans marched back from a 16-point third quarter deficit to defeat FIU 38-37. “It’s terrible, it hurt a lot. It hurt real bad,” senior linebacker David Hinds said to the Sun Sentinel after the blown lead. “We didn’t finish. We been so much better, so much harder, in the fourth quarter. ... We’re hungry for a win. I’m starving for a win. I want one real bad. It hurts.” Led by a trio of career-high performances (QB Graham Wilbert 303 passing yards, running back Jonathan Wallace 101 rushing yards, and wide receiver William Dukes 119 receiving yards), the Owls offense got off to a quick start, racking up 31 points before sputtering in the fourth quarter. South Alabama scored the final 14 points of regulation before finishing off the Owls on a 35-yard FG by Michel Chapuseaux in double overtime. “We were trying to keep executing and we weren’t able to do it,” FAU head coach Carl Pelini said to the Sun Sentinel. “We only executed in the third quarter.” Homecoming alumni should already be familiar with the inconsistent nature of FAU football, the major reason they’ll go home unhappy once again. However, this time it won’t be because of the offense. Offensive coordinator Brian Wright’s system is finally starting to show dividends, as Wilbert has racked up high career passing yards in his last two games. Dukes (28 catches, 15.7 yards per reception) has also been a standout offensive player for FAU, with multiple catches for over 48 yards so far this season. The Wilbert-to-Dukes tandem should be able to exploit the Trojan secondary. To beat Troy, the Owls will have to put together 60 minutes of consistent football against a D-1 opponent, something they haven’t done since their Nov. 26 victory against the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Defensively, the Owls will have their struggles. Even though quarterback Corey Robinson has as many interceptions as touchdowns (7), the Trojans offense (averaging 28 points per game) will be too high powered for the Owls defense to overcome. The Owls will keep the game close for a half and tease the Homecoming crowd, only to revert to its losing ways in the second half to extend its Sun Belt losing streak to 15. The loss will be FAU’s seventh straight loss and officially drop the Owls out of bowl contention.


Oct. 23, 2012

After FAU’s second home game of the season (above), a 20-14 loss to North Texas, head coach Carl Pelini expressed his frustration in the post-game. “It’s the same old thing: We don’t know how to win. We have to learn how to win as a football team, as a football program. When the game is on the line, we couldn’t get over the hump.” The Owls now sit at 1-6 going into the Homecoming game against Troy. Photos by Michelle Friswell


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Oct. 23, 2012


Students who:


when: Tuesday, Oct. 23

time: 8:00 p.m.

what: The 14th annual Timucua Pageant

where: Live Oak Pavillion

Get your pageant

FAU’s 14th annual Timucua Pageant takes the stage By Maddy Mesa

Showcasing students’ talents and their school spirit, the 14th annual Timucua Pageant brings school tradition and fun to Homecoming week. “Timucua is not your typical beauty pageant; it’s not your typical fashion show,” Trent Dunn, a second year grad student and educational leadership major, said. “It’s more so all those things wrapped up into a big owl bundle.” Ten FAU students will compete in this year’s pageant, Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 8:00 p.m. in the Live Oak Pavillion for a chance to be crowned Mr. and Ms. Timucua. Winners will be in the Homecoming Parade, receive VIP tickets to the Ralphie May comedy show, and be eligible for a $500 scholarship from the office of Housing and Residential Life. The event originally started for Timucua Hall residents in 1998. “Its one of the big traditions,” Dunn said. “It’s one of the few staples we have in our university community. I think that’s why it’s so popular.” The six females and four males chosen as the pageant finalists will be competing in events like spirit wear, talent competition, evening wear and answer on-stage questions. “I’ve never done pageants before, and it’s a lot harder than it looks,” contestant Rodney Hogan Jr., sophomore communications major, said. “A lot of technical things that you have to learn.” Walking, posing, answering questions for the judges, are just a few things contestants had to practice when pageant rehearsals started in October. “I’m so happy,” pageant contestant Katia Vallecillo, a freshman anthropology major, said. “I’ve never done something like a pageant. So, I really doubted I would get in. I’m really happy and proud that I got here.” One of the new events this year is the judges’ interview, which requires students to be interviewed prior to the pageant. There’s also Owl star, in which students will dress up like

Schwarz, assistant housing director and committee chair of the Timucua Pageant, said. “Historically, it’s been out on the Housing Quad Lawn area, and we’ve always had that worry of inclement weather.” “We didn’t want to lose that traditional outdoor piece,” Schwarz said. “So for intermission we plan on using the pavilion space in front of Live Oak, and we’re going to have intermission acts perform.” Mark Patton, winner of Mr. Timucua last year, is rumored to be one of the acts to perform during intermission. This year, for the first time in recent history, the

I wanted to experience things while I was in college,” Katia Vallecillo said. “This seemed like a fun thing to do.” Another pageant contestant, Kentavious Peterkin, a junior and communications major, does gospel rap as his talent and is excited to be a part of the Timucua Pageant. “It feels pretty good,” Peterkin said. “I feel good sharing my gift with everybody.” A veteran to the Timucua Pageant, Emma Coleman, a sophomore and communications major, decided to give the pageant another chance.

a celebrity, do a quick impersonation, and explain why they selected that celebrity. Celebrity impersonations may fit in with this year’s theme of “A Starry Night.” And even though the pageant is being held indoors this year, students will still have a chance to see those stars during intermission. “In the past, it’s always been an outdoor event,” Adam

Timucua Pageant has award categories available for contestants to win. These new award categories include most spirited, fans’ favorite and Mr. and Ms. congeniality, which fellow will contests vote for. Even though they auditioned for different reasons, students seem excited to be a part of FAU tradition. “It was a combination of the scholarship, and also

“You meet people through it, and your friends come out and support you,” Coleman said. Students get more than just prizes and a fancy sash. Schwarz said the Timucua Pageant “represents someone that is a member of our community who represents everything that Housing stands for: involvement, leadership, growth and academics.”


Oct. 23, 2012

List of pageant contestants: (back row from left to right) Katia Vallecillo, Brittany Lugo, Emma Briggs Coleman, Kaley VanZile, Jasmine Johnson (front row from left to right) Rodney Hogan, Jr., Michael Precourt, Kentavious Peterkin (not pictured) Loni Shamble Alejandro Roman Photo by Christine Capozziello

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Oct. 23, 2012



what: Everything you want to know about this year’s candidates.

Homecoming court when: Saturday Oct. 27 time: 5:00 p.m.

where: Crowning at Homecoming game


A look at this year’s official Homecoming court

U asked for it and now U have it... A SITE FOR U Campus events, resources, discounts and anything else U need.


Oct. 23, 2012

By Emily Bloch The FAU Homecoming registration packet is a hefty 10 pages. In it are the do’s and don’ts all court hopefuls need to abide by, rules for campaigning, a list of dates candidates must be able to attend, and a blank page to attach their essay to, along with more. Every year, five men and five women duke it out in a fight to become the school’s Homecoming king or queen. This year’s court was selected by a committee who held interviews Oct. 4. The committee was made up of one student from each campus, two alumni, two faculty members and two staff members, according to the registration packet. From there, the court members campaign to get the big title of king/queen. The determining vote is split 60:40 — 60 percent is attributed to a student body online vote, the other 40 percent is via a second selection committee. Upon claiming the title of Homecoming king or queen, the winners receive some perks. Besides riding in the Homecoming Parade and getting some glory at the football game Oct. 27, the king and queen also receive $500 stipends and some serious street cred — being able to call themselves the Homecoming king or queen of 2012 for the rest of their lives.



Alexander Smith Senior, multimedia- film video and new media major Hobbies: Self proclaimed sports and movie buff. Fun facts: Visited Tuscaloosa, Ala. with other members of FAU fraternity/ sorority life to help with tornado relief. Bobby Peterson Senior, international business and hospitality management major Hobbies: Reading and programming. Fun facts: From Weston, Fla. and was almost born on a plane. John Smith Senior, public communication major Hobbies: Sports, concerts, anything that involves being social. Fun facts: Born and raised in New York, All-State football player, worked for the Boston Bruins Michael Chase Junior, criminal justice major Hobbies: Sports, going to the gym, and being a youth sports coach. Fun facts: Favorite place on Earth is Keystone Heights where he’s been a part of a camp for 11 years. Dean Hasan Senior, neuroscience major Hobbies: Going to the beach, studying, working out, helping people, hanging out and getting involved Fun facts: Can break dance; has never grocery shopped before and doesn’t know how to do laundry.


Katie Smart Senior, exercise science Hobbies: Running and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. Fun facts: Both mom and brother are FAU students. Kristie Gusow Junior, criminal justice/pre-law major Hobbies: Jet skiing, golf, watching football and hanging out with friends. Fun facts: Born and raised in Florida, first person in her family to go to college. Mia Hansen Senior, elementary education major Hobbies: Crafting, adventures, baking, attending FAU sporting events, and concerts. Fun facts: Never leaves home without her Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Natalie Nowicki Senior, biology major Hobbies: Crocheting hats and scarves for the homeless, painting, and collecting antiques. Fun facts: Has two box turtles as pets, one of which is 20+ years old. Her favorite sport is table tennis. Crystal Jozwicki Senior, exercise science and health promotion major Hobbies: Loves sports, beach volleyball, football and soccer. Teaches cycling and zumba at campus Rec Center. Fun facts: Has a passion for fishing, plans on running in a half marathon in spring, has dirtbiking on her bucket list.

Oct. 23, 2012


Homecoming week 2012 calendar

OWL PROWL: Oct. 20 to 27, 2012 Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012

ExtravaCANza: canned food sculpture contest 10:00 a.m. SO Building, Boca campus For the fourth year in a row, student clubs race against the clock, competing to build the best sculpture out of canned food items. The canned food used consists of non-perishable items that will be donated to Boca Helping Hands. Last year’s event donated over 2,000 canned foods to Boca Helping Hands. Christopher White, graduate assistant at the Weppner Center for Civic Engagement and Service, is leading the event this year. This year’s theme is Owl pride, and sculptures will reflect each organization’s school spirit. Find out more at Timucua Pageant 8:00 p.m. Live Oak Pavilion, Boca campus One of FAU’s oldest traditions, the 14th annual Timucua Pageant’s winners will get VIP seats to the Homecoming comedy show, the chance to ride in the Spirit Car in the parade, and be eligible for a $500 Housing Scholarship. The contestants will compete in several categories including formal wear, talent, school spirit, interview and other themed events. Planning’s been going on for almost a year. More info on page 24.

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 Ice Cream Social and Finish the Float party 2:00 p.m. The Burrow, Jupiter campus This Ice Cream Social will give students a chance to eat free dessert and make a surprise craft. The craft will end up being featured on Northern Campus’ Float in the Homecoming Parade. Homecoming Comedy Show featuring Ralphie May, Malik Sanon and Juan Villareal 8:00 p.m. Kaye Auditorium, Boca campus The 450-pound comedian Ralphie May — most recognized for his controversial ethnic jokes and his Comedy Central series Prime Cut — is performing at the Student Union auditorium. His show scheduled last November was cancelled due to his near-death bout with pneumonia. This year the hefty comic performs with opening acts Malik Sannon and Juan Villareal. The show is free to FAU students and tickets can be picked up at the Student Union Box Office. More info on page 18.

Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012

Talon Awards Ceremony 6:30 p.m. Marleen and Harold Forkas Alumni Center, Boca campus The Talon Awards Ceremony honors leaders from the community, alumni, faculty and the student body. The event usually awards four separate winners for their service to FAU. This is FAU’s 17th Annual Talon Awards Ceremony. Homecoming Concert featuring Pepper with The Supervillains 9:00 p.m. Outdoor Stage, Boca campus Students wanted it, and they got it. Thanks to a survey conducted by the Homecoming staff, ska/reggae band Pepper is playing FAU’s second annual Homecoming Concert. Last year, country artist James Otto performed and this year, Orlando based punk/ska band, The Supervillains, will be opening up for Pepper. The two appearances are costing FAU $45,000 total. Pepper’s guitarist Kaleo Wassman tells students, "Politics and religion have their place, but not at a Pepper show. Leave your differences at the door. Have fun." It’s free for FAU students. Be sure to get your tickets early through the Student Involvement and Leadership office on your campus. More info on page 12.

Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 Homecoming Parade and Fall Family Fest 5:00 p.m. Housing Lawn, Boca campus This is the sixth annual FAU Homecoming Parade. The parade will feature over 60 anticipated entries. They will include several marching bands, specialty cars, parade floats, golf carts and motorcycles. Afterward, President Mary Jane Saunders is hosting the Fall Family Fest. Students can expect games, balloon art, caricatures and more carnival themed activities. The fest will feature a seasonal Halloween theme this year. There will be a cookout sponsored by Business Services and Chartwells. The event is open to all students, alumni and parents. Find out more at Homecoming Shabbat celebration 8:00 p.m. FAU Stadium, Premier Level, Boca campus Friday night, FAU Alumni, students and parents are invited to celebrate the Jewish day of rest, Shabbat. The first Homecoming Shabbat celebration will feature a festive meal of chicken and vegetables with a traditional song. Anyone is welcome to join the tradition. Find out more at

Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 Homecoming football game vs. Troy 5:00 p.m. FAU Stadium, Boca campus The Owls are on a six game losing streak heading into their Homecoming game against Troy. Don’t let that ruin your fun, though. Enjoy a close first couple quarters of football, followed by a halftime show crowning the king and queen. Game preview on page 22. Take a look at this year’s Homecoming Court on page 26. Source:


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Oct. 23, 2012



Oct. 23, 2012

Oct. 23, 2012



Oct. 23, 2012


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