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Happy New Year everyone! It’s been an awesome month of partying and getting merry, but now it’s back to the bread making. It’s been a patriotic year for the Brits, as we say goodbye to a great year of Olympics, Jubilees and Royal Weddings. But, what does 2013 bring? Who knows? But, we are ready and waiting! It’s been a great journey, with so much support from so many people in Bournemouth, helping define the mag, as an ever expanding community of super cool and talented people. We have extended the UPRAW family even more this year, and it is our pleasure to introduce the new faces that have come on board! Throughout the magazine, you will see introductions to Twinks, our Fashion Editor, Nick Baines, who has recently returned from touring the USA, on his food travels, and Errol and Anna who keep tabs on our ever evolving music scene. We have some rad things lined up for 2013, so make sure you keep tabs on this space. If you want to be part of what we’re making, then get in touch at

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Credits: Publishing – Platinum Media Publishing //: Print - IT Media //: Editor in Chief – Sacha Anastasia Lys //: Design: //: Video & Photography – Toby Lewis Thomas //: Photography - James Bridle // Front Cover //: Photography - Amy Maidment ; Models - Robin Clark, Becca Millington //: Illustration //: Editors Note - Robin Clark - Bird Shoes - Feature pages - Danielle Watt Journalists - Errol Anderson - Anna Jenkins - Twinks Burnett - Nick Baines Nicki Grainger / //: Copywriter - Ben Waugh - Flat 13 Records








Illustration by: Robin Clark


Danielle Watt Illustrations

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Twinks Burnett: student, accessories designer and stylist is currently in her second year, studying fashion at Arts University College Bournemouth. The 22 year old has already, in the last 18 months been taking the world of fashion photography by storm, with her signature styling and flair, for all things theatrical. Upon returning from travelling the world in 2010, Twinks started a fashion course, which gave her a new direction. A passion for creating imagery encapsulating all things glittery, colourful and fun began. She describes her signature ‘Twinks’ style as fun, glamorous, eccentric, elegant, odd and obscure. “I want to create beautiful, different images, and conceptual and fun accessories. I love it because it’s such a huge part of me, I dress up every day as if it’s an event or adventure, I strut around in heels to buy milk. I feel that expressing yourself through the way you dress should be celebrated. Silliness and elegance personified is the look I aim for!” Now Twinks has joined the UPRAW family, she will be sharing her fashion knowledge and style to the masses of Bournemouth. Keeping you up to date with her goings on and her favourite trends every month. Twinks will be guiding us into what to look out for each month, with a touch of eccentricity. Keep tabs on twinks @TwinksBurnett or read more about her at:

W e Love Twinks!

Twinks Intro

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WHAT TWINKS HAS BEEN UPTO AT AUCB... An insight into what Twinks gets up to at the Arts University College Bournemouth.

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IMAGINARY FRIENDS Art Director/stylist: Twinks Burnett Photographer: Eleanor Bryd MUA: Gabriella Saxena and Jake Alexander Armstrong Assistant MUA: Louise Strachen Models: Bronte Ballentine, Alexander Babola, Joe Ensoll, Ruby Goodchild Child Models: Lilo, Isabella, Jeremy, Laurence Assistant: Sophie Melville An extraordinary look at the depths of a child’s imagination, a world with boundless creativity and fun can be found. Inspired by my own odd childhood imaginary friends, and the adventures we took. I created four archetypal characters and let them lose with some little friends of mine, in a house of aesthetic silliness. The biggest adventure is the world a child can create in their mind.

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CANDY POP Photographer: Tory smith Stylist: Twinks Burnett MUA: Giorgio Galliero Models: Karis Eaves Liza Razumova Candy Pop. A shoot inspired by all things fabulous. Think my little ponies, Barbies and Care Bears. All set to pastel shades and just the right amount of bad taste.

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Karactor Clothing

Karactor Clothing is a luxury urban wear line, designed to help individuals represent themselves by displaying ones ‘Karactor’ making them unique in their own way by what they wear, which has the effect of becoming endearing to others and that is what enables them to ‘stand out from the crowd’. With this thesis, ’Karactor’ is a style of fashion with a cutting edge as well as being a product that people can portray themselves and how they want to be seen with the clothing.

Karactor Clothing makes everyone feel unique, and enables you to project your personality and character to the public eye.

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we want to take it back to the 80s era of rolled up t shirts sleeves, combined with the old school 90’s vibe of Aztec

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Karactor, was designed around the fashion of this day and age, and where it is being led to. Stepping back and taking a look at the iconic fashion garments, right down to the fit, colour and the style (e.g. skinny jeans, high wasted trousers and baggy vests) these garments are all part of a 80’s collection. With that in mind, Karactor wanted to concur a design that has not yet taken its full potential. Today we are puting a halt on fashion and giving ‘urban retro’ one last chance to shine in the 21st century. We are taking it back to the 80’s era of rolled up t shirt sleeves, combined with the old school 90s vibe of Aztec and colour contrasted patterned pockets. We also focus the two buttons

on the pocket, these are part of Karactor’s brand recognition as well as the embroidered ’KC’ at the bottom right of the t shirt. To make the t shirt unique in itself, we decided to not only use the pattern for the front pocket, but to also bring a new 21st century vibe to the old school look of rolled up sleeves. We do this by putting patterns on the underneath of the sleeves, so when the folded up of the sleeves is pursued the pattern will also be on show as well as the pocket. Our passion, and commitment to creating a unique, niche clothing line is what will separate us from other brands. It’s all about personality! / @KaractorClothin

BOUR \\\NEMO UTH \\\ STYLE This month we are all about 5 Panels. We hung out with the guys at Consortium and chose these as our favourite picks this month.

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HUF GFE 5 Panel in Silver - £31.99

The Hundreds Bluff 5 Panel in Khaki - £27.50

The Quiet Life OJOS 5 Panel Patterned Side - £37.50

HUF Bedford Box Logo 5 Panel in Cobalt - £31.99

HUF Junction Down Flap Cap in Black or Camel - £47.50


£8.75 per person £15.00 for two OR


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LIFESTYLE Danielle Watt Illustrations

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Beth Coldrick


we caught up with the lovely beth coldrick who showed us her home made range of beauty products, made here in Bournemouth town.

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Beth, has had a passion for natural beauty and skin care since she was 13 years old, in 2007, she finally decided to study a diploma, in Natural Beauty Therapy and Nutrition. She lived in Cape Town for 6 months, in 2004, where her passion for natural skin care grew. Then, after getting the travelling bug she moved to Australia to peruse her other passion - surfing. It was there, in the beautiful surroundings of the North Coast of New South Wales, that her passion for natural beauty began to reemerge. Beth explains “What I loved about where I lived in Australia, was that everyone in my town was so holistic, by this I mean, into growing their own organic vegetables, getting massages and basically living life the most natural and relaxed way.” After her return to Poole, Dorset in 2009, Beth opened up ‘The Wax Room’ the following year which is still going strong. Although Beth is a waxing specialist she also offers beautiful facials, relaxing massages and minx nails too. “The reason for me starting White Lilac Handmade Body Care is that my clients were always asking my advice on skin care, and how can I get my skin looking like yours and asking me what skin care products I would recommend. I decided to stop sending them elsewhere and create my very own natural skin care range. I now had my mission in life - create exquisite skin care, based on super skin food ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Epsom Salt, Avocado Oill, Evening Primrose Oil,

Find White Lilac Handmade Body Care: @ whitelilacbcare

Virgin Coconut Oil, rejuvenating essential oils and Raw, Organic Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter. All of which will beautifully nourish, repair and regenerate the skin , creating a youthful and natural radiance.” Beth produces, bottles up and labels all of her own products individually by hand, from her beautiful home in Canford Cliffs, Dorset. Her White Lilac Handmade Body care products are available to see and try from her gorgeous beauty room at home, or are available to purchase through her website. White Lilac Handmade Body Care only uses the finest organic ingredients, perfect for nourishing the skin and specifically tailored to provide the best beauty results, they are also surprisingly affordable. All of her skin care products are designed around “less is more”, so the products last much longer than regular high street creams and cleansers. She is also proud to announce that White Lilac now has customers in Germany, California and Australia.

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Beth produces, bottles up and labels all of her own products individually by hand from her beautiful home in Canford Cliffs

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Flat 13 Records, is Bournemouth’s new independent record store, and with the state of music retail in turmoil, these 3 scruffy lads are set to fill the musical void in a town where music is the fuel of the masses.

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I guess it started after we finished Uni, in Canterbury. We drove around Europe in a beat up car, 5 of us, with grubby necks and black feet. We were probably gone for about 6 weeks. Pretty much just sardines living on top of each other. When we got back to England we dotted ourselves back around the country. Back to our home towns and families, and all the silliness of getting jobs and wearing sensible clothes. I spent a little time working in Morocco, for a surf hostel. Ross was working for a record shop, up near Guildford and Sam was at a pretty swanky hotel near Milton Keynes. I spoke to the guys earlier this year, about this idea for shop I was putting together, and they both jumped on board. Quit their jobs, left home again, and bombed unceremoniously down the M3 for these sunnier climbs.

Address: 9-11. St Michaels Road, Bournemouth Telephone: 01202 951 538 Twitter: @flat13records

Basically, in the shop we have a bunch of sealed, spanking new vinyl. From The Doors to Prodigy, right through to The Knife, or Explosions In The Sky. If we don’t have it we can get it. As well as that, we have load of second hand vinyl, which is equally as vast an array, and it’s forever on the move. We’re always getting new collections in there. There are over a thousand CDs in the shop, and we threw in some t-shirts and books, too.

Our favourite part is the local artist shelf. The idea is to give all the local guys: artists, singers, bands, photographers, or whoever a commercial platform to sell their work. We don’t take a commission, so it’s just a case of setting a price. We’ve had a load of different levels of quality brought to us, which is fine. Some guys bring in rough 2 track demos, just to give away, and some bands have brought in really well made albums to sell for 8, 9, 10 pounds. It’s all fine by us.

Mobile Nostalgia Retro is cool... again? Christmas jumpers have made a huge comeback... and old-skool mobile phones are doing the same, in a world thats tired of over complicated phones and non-existent battery life, there’s nothing more fashionable than sporting a retro-cell from 12 years ago at next year’s festivals or on the high street.... The 2nd hand trade from these relics from the past is booming (a quick google/ebay search will prove this) so ifyou’ve got some lying around in a forgotten draw somewhere its time you busted them out! Today we’re dominated by the world of iPhones, Androids, iPads and such, which do so many things for us we often forget, they do actually make phones calls It was only 10 years ago we were all using mobile phones that were radically different. Forget angry birds, facetime and Facebook mobile, back then it was just black and white screens, text messaging, not charging your phone for two days at a time and super addictive games like brick and snake...

Here’s what we were all using all those years ago... Nokia 5510 - 1998 The most popular phone of its time, this phone was the 1st to have interchangeable covers, this was one of the first mobiles to feature the classic mobile game - snake!

Nokia 3210 - 1999 Teen mobile culture began with this... with an internal aerial, changing covers and predictive text messaging and picture messaging! (although you had to choose for a selection of pre-defined crap looking pictures) this was the must have mobile phone of the 1999. Something called polyphonic ringtones was also featured on this phone - no-one knew what it meant, but you had to have it!

Nokia 7110 - 1999 Yep this is the one that looked a bit like that phone from the orginal matrix film, so it had that must have slide down keyboard cover - it also something they called the ‘internet’ but really was just text on the screen and was about as fast as teletext.

Ericsson T28 - 1999 In a mobile market back then dominated by Nokia, there were other manufactures making really decent mobiles, including this one the T28 by Ericsson.. it was light, small and had a fashionable flip down keyboard cover - you could even call someone just by saying a name (early Siri?) and would change timezones automatically (essential for the average jetsetter teenager)

Nokia 7650 - 2002 Jump forward a few years and you’ve got the 1st phone with a camera, internet, apps (yes actual apps) and a colour screen! This was the nokia’s iPhone just 5 years too early


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So, we met the Temple brothers, who have recently returned from travelling in the Far East. On their arrival back to the UK, they brought a little piece of their travelling experience with them....

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While gallivanting through the Orient during 2010, they partook in a trek over the hills of Dhulikhel, located on the Eastern rim of Kathmandu Valley, south of the Himalayas. During this trek, they gratefully received the Nepalese Black Tea every night, while gazing up at the stars overhead. This, coupled with a particularly strong, native concoction, know only as ‘Mustang Coffee’, became a custom to the trip. Mustang, is a sort of hot whisky, with burnt rice and a mysterious home brewed alcohol, known as ‘Lakshi’. Since their epic journey, they have decided to import the “Kathmandu Brew” back to the UK. Out of Nepal, Kathmandu is a ‘crush, tear and curl’ cousin of Darjeeling tea, in its appearance, aroma and fruity taste. You can find this authentic Nepalese tea at: Finding out all about this tea and its journey, we decided to try the guys at The Larder House, to see if they could conjure up a tasty cocktail with this exotic tea. Of course they could. Award winning Joel Soloman, barkeep at the Larder House, takes on the challenge. He explains how the tea has a chocolate/ wood smell, with a fresh, light, vanilla flavour. This determines which ingredients would best compliment it. The cocktail has an underlying bitter chocolate flavour, from the milk stout, which mint was perfect in complimenting. The rum and raisin bitters were used to give it a deep, complex, fruity taste, mixed with tequila for that hint of pepper. Lastly, the drink uses a vanilla and chocolate base, to tie all the flavours and garnishes. Finished with with orange peel and mint leaf. Perfect!

The Temple Tea Cocktail:

45ml Don Julio Reposado 40ml Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 10ml Mozart Dry Chocolate Spirit 10ml Kathmandu Brew Tea, Syrup 1:1 ratio (3 minute brew plus sugar) 5 drops rum and raisin bitters 6 Mint Leaves

The Gallery - 2nd issue version

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H E ’ S F R O M G A L L E R Y TAT TO O S T U D I O Koral, had an interest in art from a young age, catching the attention of his parents and, shortly his school. At the age of fourteen, he found his passion in using oils. His talent progressed into art school, but he felt constrained in that environment and left to go on to painting with a renowned artist in a prestigious art studio. He left, to go to Germany and paint in other art galleries, but then began to explore how he could produce his paintings faster as oils were heavy to work with and slow to dry, this is when he began to experiment with airbrushing.

Koral, has the ability replicate a photo image into paint, through his use of airbrush techniques. Here you see his latest airbrushing of a Mitsubishi motor bike, he recently decorated, at his friends garage. With this background of incredible artwork, Koral decided that he wanted a new challenge and found that airbrushing was the best suited. The smoothness and precision flow of airbrushing became a magnet to lots of different people. It didn’t take Koral long to turn from airbrushing, to tattooing and became a tattoo artist within only one month of working at a tattoo parlour. Koral has now been in the tattoo industry for 16 years and specialises in all aspects of tattooing, especially realism and portraits. In 2011, Koral won ‘best in show’, for a portrait at the Bournemouth tattoo convention and now guest judges at the convention from time to time. “I love realism, abstract, grey shade, with the out lines or power lines or no lines at all, comic or quick scratches. But the style I love most, is realism and abstract I think. I have some future plans to bring my tattooing into larger scale of what I’ve done so far. I’ve been tattooing 16 years and airbrushing about 20 years so far. That’s a great feeling when you still love what you do. I have been working at The Gallery for over three years now, and looking forward to some new projects coming up. Its a great feeling being able to transfer imagination into reality, and it’s pretty cool using a person as your canvas.”

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Where is Gallery Tattoo? The Gallery Tattoo Studio 165 Charminster Road Bournemouth BH8 9QG 01202 532 145

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CHILLI CHALLENGE TIM BYHEM (V) & RORY ROBERTSON (BLISS) This month we challenged Rory Robertson, promoter at Bliss and Tim Byhem brand manager at V nightclub. We thought it would be super funny to get them to consume a hideous amount of chilli sauce, including the Mad Dog (the hottest chilli sauce you can physically buy at 6 million scoville units). We started them off easy with the likes of Tabasco (tea spoon full). We set their places, face to face. Each got a pot of yoghurt, a bowl of ice and a 2 litre bottle of water (yes we know the water is no use for chilli, ha!). So off they went, firstly trying a teaspoon of the Tabasco sauce, which went down fine. Next, we moved onto a full spoon of gloopy, scotch bonnet sauce, which again is not so hot, but there was a definite rosy cheeked theme beginning to emerge. For the next sauce, we got in some home-made chilli sauce, with the chilli seeds still whole. This stuff was testing, but the boys prevailed, and with their cooling apparatus intact, we moved onto the big one. They managed three household chillies, but now they were going onto the real hot, health hazard, stuff. Stage four was the Psycho Juice – 70% Ghost pepper which 1,020,000 scoville units (super duper hot). The competitive edge on these two was intense. Faces were stern, and both challengers had retained their composure, up to now. It was time for the defining sip of their young lives. MAD DOG is the hottest sauce you can physically buy, topping the charts with a ridiculous 6,000,000 scoville units. This sauce is hotter than police grade

pepper spray (and that stuff is made to do damage). Just to make sure you understand the gravity of this sauce, the bottle dons a pretty comprehensive safety disclaimer on the back! The boys, a little sheepishly, poured the sauce on to their spoons, and that was that. Within seconds, their faces were violet which, we all know, brings a nice watery shine. Now was time for Rory and Tim to salvage their pots of yoghurt, which Rory wasted no time in slapping all over his face. They held ice cubes to their suffering tongues, which wasn’t going to help, but seemed to have a slight placebo effect. Both did extremely well, if we’re honest, and if they were trying to save face, they certainly did it. However, we did get a phone call from their colleagues, explaining that they ran straight to the pharmacy, as soon as they left the UPRAW office. Tim came in with man flu, which MAD DOG certainly cleared him of. We also heard the boys were in a bad way with extreme toilet trouble – we won’t go into the details. Until next time.

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Danielle Watt Illustrations

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With an inquisitive appetite and an unquenchable thirst for travel, Nick Baines is a food and travel writer, who just can’t sit still. He once went to Beijing, in search of the perfect roast duck - he found it - and whilst living in Mexico, developed an unhealthy addiction to pork tacos. Proud supporter of the areas burgeoning food scene, Nick will be looking after Upraw’s food section. Nick contributes to The Times, The Guardian and The Independent amongst other publications in the UK, Europe and America. He recently got back from a five week road trip through seventeen American states, researching regional barbecue and as this issue of Upraw goes to print, he’ll be slurping noodles somewhere in the backstreets of Tokyo; up to his eyeballs in sake. You can follow him on twitter @nlbaines

Nick Reviews


Italian tapas: Sharing small plates at Bournemouth’s Ciao. We’ve had a long enduring romance with Italian food here in Britain. Ever since Elizabeth David wrote Mediterranean Food back in 1950, we have been mildly neurotic about ripe plum tomatoes, fresh egg pasta and thick, peppery olive oils. It’s telling that the first meal I ever learnt to make was actually a spaghetti bolognaise, underlining the fact that many of us are more familiar with Italian dishes than those from our own fair shores.

44 | upraw

It’s on a dark January evening that I meet restaurateur, Sunny Sharma, at Ciao, his light-hearted Italian, conveniently located by the taxi rank, on Old Christchurch Road. “We’ve been here eight years now,” explains Sunny. “We have a lot of returning customers, and it’s always a pleasure to see familiar faces.” Ciao is a family business, which fits into the idealised Italian restaurant all the more seamlessly. “We introduced the idea of Italian tapas about three years ago, and it’s really taken off,” says Sunny whilst Upraw’s Editor takes command of the menu, she’s eaten here before and knows her way around it a little too well. We fill the table with several small dishes to share, including homemade meatballs and a baked aubergine dish, then attack it all with the ferocity of wild animals.

Ciao, has become well known for their seafood dishes and amongst the plates of Italian tapas, we took on mussels in a spicy tomato sauce and a plate of chilli prawns. It was the seared king scallops, drizzled with a sweet chilli and ginger soy sauce, that stood out in particular. They had the contrasting textures of a firm crust and delicate, tender interior. Continuing with seafood, our table also saw sweet chilli glazed salmon and a risotto of tomatoes, scallops, prawns and mussels. “We source all our produce responsibly,” says Sunny. “It’s important to us to use local, where possible.” A quick look at Ciao’s high ranking and positive reviews on Trip Advisor, rapidly paints a picture of their service and value; making me somewhat

45 | upraw

redundant. “We always have some sort of offer on,” explains Sunny. “Whether it’s in house, or on the bottom of the receipt. We also have a function room downstairs and can accommodate large groups and parties.” It’s also worth noting that Ciao offer gluten free pasta, making them a popular choice for coeliacs and those who just prefer to avoid wheat. Sharing small plates is a far more engaging way to eat ,with friends and family. It’s laid back and ensures that ‘I wish I ordered what she’s having’ thoughts are ruled out completely. Elizabeth David was onto something all those years ago when she wrote Mediterranean Food. Not only did it become one of the most important contributions to British food writing, but it shaped a nations tastes,

cementing them in tomatoes, olive oil and the shadow of a Tuscan vineyard. With foundations like these, it’s no surprise that Ciao is still going strong, after eight years in the game.

Where is Ciao? 144 Old Christchurch Road Bournemouth BH1 1NL 01202 555657 @ciaobournemouth

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Ni c k R e v i e w s


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“The East End Breakfast is sort of our signature dish,” explains Joel Lovett, unashamed coffee geek and owner of Café Boscanova. The heaving plate includes the usual suspects; bacon, beans, sausage, egg, tomatoes and toast, but at its centre is a disc of bubble and squeak. I puncture the yolk with my fork and let its contents run down, over the sausage, wetting the crust on the bubble and squeak below.

50 | upraw

David Bailey from Boscanova

We’re sitting in Joel’s lively café on the edge of Boscombe’s pedestrianized high street, where an eclectic collection of tables and chairs are occupied by a broad range of chattering customers. There are light fittings made from cardboard, coffee cups and an assortment of posters, paintings and mirrors, that cling to the exposed brick walls. It’s hard not to notice the heady aroma of coffee coming from the central serving station, a utilitarian workspace decorated with empty coffee sacks, and an artillery of coffee brewing paraphernalia. “When we opened, we wanted to do the best coffee we possibly could,” says Joel. “Since then, the speciality coffee industry has boomed and we now have access to even better roasters and growers. We are able to rotate our coffee offering through very different tasting coffees.” The coffee, which is served both espresso-based and filter, is also available to buy and take away to brew at home. “We have quite a lot of people now who come and buy their coffee from us, we also sell all the home brewing equipment you can see behind me too,” continues Joel. “We give coffee brewing lessons as well, so people know how to use them properly.” Upraw’s photographer and I, sit down to share the East End Breakfast and a sandwich of portobello mushroom, with haloumi. It comes in a bread roll that has a satisfying crust that cracks on my first bite, leaving a shattered pattern across its top. We flit back and forth, between this vegetarian sandwich and the East End Breakfast, discussing the excellent choice of music that’s providing the soundtrack to our meal.

Prevalent to Boscanova are the options for vegetarians, vegans and those who are gluten intolerant. However, it’s the barbecue pulled pork that catches my eye, with a sauce that incorporates mango. This addition to the menu comes from newly appointed Chef David Bailey, a transplanted Texan hailing from San Antonio, a city synonymous with American barbecue. “Boscanova already had a lot of its menu grounded in American dishes like the buttermilk pancakes, and it’s been the perfect foundation for me to build on,” says Bailey. “It’s been so nice to be surrounded by the flavours of home, of the American southwest, like chipotle and roasted peppers. I’ve been reconnecting with the burrito a lot lately, in that respect.” Taking David’s advice, we order a plate of the buttermilk and blueberry pancakes. They come thick, cakey and

51 | upraw

riddled with warm, gently exploding blueberries. A shot of Vermont maple syrup accompanies them, which partners with the subtle sourness of the buttermilk in the pancake mix, seamlessly. “The milk is soured with cider vinegar,” tells Bailey. “We also use a little bit of bicarb, to help fluff the pancakes up just right. They remind me of the ones I used to eat back home in the states.” Before we leave, we take a smoothie of yogurt, lime, apple and peach. Smoothies are constantly being rotated and reinvented on the Boscanova menu. This one has been dusted with cinnamon and as the last drops are sucked up the straw, I’m provided with a handsome hit of the spice-laced smoothie. It’s a vibrant slap around the face. Just what we need, before heading out into the drizzled, winter morning.

Where is Boscanova? 650 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, BH1 4BP 01202 395596 @cafeboascanova

New takeaway opening Thursday 17th January

01202 736555

What is Pan Asian Cuisine? Pan Asian spans all over southern Asia & combines a mixture of all three cuisines. Here at Aleyah’s kitchen we are bringing you the very best of Thai, Indian and Chinese cooking. Using only the freshest ingredients, your meal is freshly prepared in our open kitchen by our oriental and Indian chefs including Mr Poon with a very good reputation from the Rising sun in Christchurch.




House Specials | £7.90

Main dishes

Naga Chilli Masala tender pieces of fresh chicken

Yellow Bean Sauce with ginger and fresh spring onions.

cooked in a hot and fiery sauce with chef’s own naga paste, garnished with fresh coriander.

Garlic Chilli Masala tender chicken or lamb pieces

Thai Specials

Stir-Fried Cashew Nuts with pineapple, peppers and fresh spring onions.

cooked in a hot spicy thick sauce cooked with fresh chillies, garlic, onions, peppers and coriander.

Black Bean Sauce with green pepper and garlic.

Chicken Shatkora tender pieces of chicken cooked in a

and spring onions.

thick authentic sauce with Bangladeshi citrus fruit known as Shatkora and other fresh herbs and spices with a tangy flavour.

Chicken Staff Curry tender pieces of fresh chicken cooked with chef’s own special authentic sauce with fresh herbs, served slightly hot. Must have!

Crispy Pork Belly with seasonal greens and pickled

vegetables. £6.90

Mixed Seafood with fresh vegetables in a wonderful Thai herb sauce. £7.50

Satay Sauce with tomatoes, cucumber, pineapple

Crispy Red Snapper cooked in hot and sweet chilli sauce. £7.50

Kung Po Sauce with bamboo shoots and cashew nuts.

Katsu Curry chicken deep-fried in panko breadcrumbs cooked in a curry sauce. £6.50

A Chicken


C King Prawns £6.50

B Beef


D Roast Pork


Grilled Coconut Chicken cooked in a lemon and basil sauce. £6.50 King Prawn Udon Noodles cooked with mixed peppers and spring onions. £7.00

Mustard Chicken spring chicken cooked on the griddle with mustard seeds, mustard oil, onions and peppers with fresh herbs and special dry sauce.

Thai House Special noodles cooked with beef, chicken, king prawn and mixed peppers cooked in garlic and black bean sauce to create a mouth watering mix.. £7.50

Tamarind chicken or lamb cooked in a sweet, sour and tangy sauce, with fresh herbs and spice. Chef’s Special Korai pieces of onions and peppers cooked in a truly unique authentic flavoured sauce lightly spiced with cucumber and fresh herbs, tempered with garlic.

Crispy Hong Kong Style cooked in a sweet and sour sauce with tomatoes, cucumber and pineapple. A Chicken


D Roast Pork


C King Prawns £6.50

Char-Sui Roast Pork cooked with chef’s special BBQ sauce. £5.50

Char-Sui Roast Duck cooked with chef’s special BBQ

Fish dishes King Prawn Zinger Special mouth watering succulent jumbo prawns cooked in their shells in a spicy sauce of onions, peppers, fresh herbs and garlic. £11.95

Pan-Fried Sea Bass fillet of sea bass cooked on the griddle with mustard seeds, onions and peppers and special sauce. Dry finish. £11.95

Fish Bhuna white fish cooked with ground masala in a

thick flavoursome juicy sauce and garnished with fresh herbs. £7.95

Fish Begun succulent pieces of white fish cooked with

sauce. £5.50

Crispy Aromatic Duck with hoisin sauce, cucumber, fresh spring onions and pancakes. A Quarter C Half


D Whole



Appetisers Sesame Prawn Toast (6) with plum sauce. £4.90 Salt & Pepper Ribs (6-8) in garlic and chilli sauce. £4.90 Crispy Fried Prawn Wonton (8). £4.90

Fish Staff Curry white fish cooked with fresh garlic, chillies

tempura batter. Served with sweet chilli dip. £4.20

Plus all your old favourites

Green Curry bamboo shoots, courgette, green beans, chillies and Thai basil in coconut milk. Red Curry pineapple, asparagus, aubergine, bamboo shoots in coconut milk.

chef’s special sauce with fresh aubergine and spices. Served slightly hot. £7.95 and herbs. A traditional home cooked fish curry. £7.95

Thai Curries

Ying Yang Squid with peppers, chilli, garlic in a light Yau Yee Rings pan Asian style calamari in a light tempura batter, tossed in Parmesan. £4.20

Massaman Curry mixed potatoes, peanuts, peppers in a coconut milk in a thick sauce. Penang Curry kaffir lime leaves, green beans, chillies (dry). Jungle Curry very hot curry with Thai aubergine, green beans, fresh peppercorn, sweetcorn and Thai basil. A Chicken £5.90

E Green Lip Mussels £6.50

B Beef £6.20

F Fish Fillet £6.90

C King Prawns £6.50

G Mixed Vegetable £5.50

D Pork £5.50

with Tofu

402-404 Ashley Rd Poole BH14 0AA | Open 5pm-11pm 6 days-a-week, Closed Tues | 10% discount for collection CHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR THE FULL MENU & TO ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.ALEYAHSKITCHEN.CO.UK

Situated in a stunning first floor location, overlooking Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island and Sandbanks, Italian Gossip offers you a truly unique dining experience. Diners have the option of dining inside our modern contemporary open plan restaurant, or for a truly romantic experience during those warm summer evenings to dine "al fresco" on our terrace restaurant with breathtaking views overlooking Poole Harbour, Brownsea Island and Sandbanks. We are truly proud of our reputation that has been built on the exceptional quality of true Italian cuisine, and the high level of friendly service. All meals are freshly prepared (in our open plan kitchen) using nothing but the finest ingredients, many of which are locally sourced. To celebrate Gossip’s 6TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we are offering you a very special deal throughout December to March. Receive a FREE bottle of house wine with every £25 spent whilst dining in the evenings. FREE PARKING EVENINGS ONLY. PHONE US FOR FURTHER INFO.


FREE BOTTLE OF HOUSE WINE WHEN YOU SPEND £25 OR MORE Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tel: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Terms: One voucher per 2 people dining, offer applies to evenings only. not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Offer valid until 31.03.13. Once completed bring this voucher with you when you dine and receive a free bottle of house wine when you spend over £25.

Telephone : 01202 681234

Email :



LIVE MUSIC, THURSDAYS 7PM - 11PM 17 t h J A N U A R Y 2 013

DARREN HODSON 2 4 t h J A N U A R Y 2 013

CRAIG ALEXANDER 31 s t J A N U A R Y 2 013


MUSIC & NIGHTLIFE Danielle Watt Illustrations

56 | upraw



Errol Anderson H E ’ S U P R AW S N E W M U S I C E D I T O R

57 | upraw




Anna Jenkins

S H E ’ S A L S O U P R AW S N E W M U S I C E D I T O R

58 | upraw

M eet T h e


Errol Anderson, has had quite a rollercoaster ride, in his first two years in writing. Co-creator of music website, Decibel Soup, and new editor of EDM purveyors and Ego Thieves, Errol has also spent the last year blogging for one of the UK’s leading published newspapers, The Independent. Expect conversations with charismatic cultural figures, cool features and in-depth reviews. Website- Twitter-

59 | upraw

Anna, has been writing content since she started her own online blog, Eyebelle ( in 2009. It stemmed after she worked at London Fashion Week a couple of times and wanted to freestyle and document all the activity from her own vision. “I was lucky enough to be part of Vice Magazines Blogging Network, and also won a competition to blog for More! In 2010. I then started freelance writing for more publications, in Music and Culture areas which then lead to me to get involved with Upraw, where I’ll be contributing fresh music and bringing sound to your ears! Few random facts? - I’m 23, I live just outside of London, My favourite artist is French Hip Hop producer, Onra, I love street wear (though I need to start dressing more like a girl!) and I’ve been a strong vegetarian since I was 5, after my best friend told me I was eating Babe haha” Blog- Twitter-

Gnarwolves New Music

Throw some bands like Bouncing Souls, Against Me!, NOFX and why not, maybe some ‘Dammit’ by Blink 182 and it’s a nostalgic hub of Skate Punk that’s creeping back into our playlists right now.

62 | upraw

We caught up with Brighton based punk band Gnarwolves who are crashing through the European Pop Punk Hardcore Scene at a fast pace, pleasing crowds of thousands and sending new punk waves to our ears. The group, made up of Thom Weeks on Guitar and Vocals, Charlie Piper on Bass and Vocals and Max Weeks on drums have catapulted into the scene, embracing the warm response from fans globally and they are set to go even higher for this year. We had a catch up with Thom Weeks, vocalist and guitarist of the group to talk Brighton, Bad Religion and Beards. So we’ve just been discussing the Southern, Coastal seaside hub Brighton, what would you say your overall thoughts are on the city? Any recommendations? We love Brighton! There’s always loads going on, a really good music scene (PVHC, This one’s for the crew and Dog Knights all put on really good shows). Pom Poko is the king for food in Brighton, but Max works at Yo Sushi so maybe I should say there! So what were your influences growing up? When I listened to your material it kind of reminded me a little of Bouncing Souls (though in your own unique way of course!) Can you describe your sound a little? -I guess the best way to describe our band is ‘pop punk’ but I like to think there’s a little more to it than that! We all grew up playing in hard-core bands and listening to punk tunes which you can definitely hear in our tunes, but there’s also a pop element there which comes from a love of big choruses!

Gnarwolves is a pretty sweet name. Who thought of it? We have no idea who thought of the name. It came to us one night at home watching the frozen planet documentary about narwhals. Someone made a joke about narwhals sounding like GNARWOLVES and we hastily chose it as a name. Loving the artwork for CRU too. Can you explain a little about it? Who designed it? Our friend Danny Crombie made it. He is also doing the artwork for the re-release of fun club. Not sure if there’s too much to explain. It’s a wolf wearing a SnapBack, eating pizza! Stylistically we’re all into skate culture and like to take visual ideas from that. You were also voted best new band by Punktastic, What’s it like to receive such great recognition? Especially after a short while. (Gnarwolves formed in 2011) Weird, humbling and occasionally difficult to believe. We’re just a stupid punk band, and that’s what we’ll always be but it’s lovely that people can connect with what we do! Cheers Punktastic!

63 | upraw

What are your plans for 2013? We can see your touring with The Story So Far in the UK,do you have any plans for fresh material and more shows? We’re announcing another pretty massive tour in the next couple of days, got a whole bunch of festivals, putting out a new EP in the next couple of months and then hopefully an album towards the end of the year. I think it’s important not to overplay things though! Our initial plan as a band was to play some gigs and I still think that’s a good plan.

ginger beard, wearing a camp jacket and begging for change on the streets of Weymouth just for fun. That night we ordered pizza to a car park. Ha, the humble town of Weymouth. Thanks Thom. These boys are set.

What other bands are you most looking forward to seeing this year? Anyone up & coming our readers should know about? Moose Blood and Otto are two bands to keep your eyes on this year. Really nice dudes and really great tunes. Playing wise, really looking to get play with iron chic and title fight. Two bands that have influenced us pretty heavily.

For Facebook check - For Twitter check

And lastly, we have to know..Can you tell us the most ridiculous thing that’s happened on tour so far? A lot of ridiculous things happen to us on tour, but the most recent ridiculous one is Max growing a big

To download their Digital Album ‘CRU’ and track up & coming tour dates check out their site


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Ste V Something

When not alluring mass crowds, with two of Bournemouth’s largest electronic music treasures, WAYF and Block Party creator, Ste V Something can be found yielding his own floor fillers, as part of deep house duo, Ten Story, amongst other envious pastimes. Heavy work indeed, yet with more endeavours planned for 2013 it was only right for Upraw to catch up with him just after warming up the stage for Annie Mac and co.

68 | upraw

So how was your set out there tonight? Yeah it was really good, it got nice and busy real early and supposedly the queues outside are pretty long so it was a good way to warm up.

You most definitely did, it’s pretty nippy outside but you brought the vibe in. What kind of vibe do you usually go for? I was doing it with Dan, who is my production partner in Ten Story. It’s deep house but we’re trying to bring a funky and hip-hoppy element to it with vocals and that kind of thing so we’re trying to bring that to our sets now. I really want to push it because Ste V Something is really associated with We Are Your Friends (WAYF) and I want to push the production side of things.

How’d you get yourself started with WAYF in the first place? It was just over a pint in Dylans (Bournemouth University’s Student Bar) when I was at university with Tim [Brandwood] & Stuart [Farwell]. We just did a few things together and then decided to come up with a new night and it literally came together on a piece of paper. I did the artwork and DJ’d the first one and I think the timing was perfect because we just took what everyone liked and what was bubbling up in the underground at the time and as soon as you took it to a club atmosphere it just worked. It’s always been about new dance music.

And the WAYF project has most certainly flourished... You never know what’s gonna happen after you have the idea but after the first events we were thrown back by the reception and then there was also Block Party. We had the idea for that before WAYF and basically, we wanted to do something like Dave Chapelle’s ‘Block Party’. When we knew we had the demand for a multi venue event, we did it. That’s the big one and the monthly stuff obviously gets a lot of effort but most of our time is spent on Block Party. That’s our little baby.

What’s your biggest pet peeve when playing out? That has to be people pestering you when you’re playing and shouting out ‘mate, mate’ constantly and you can’t even hear them. When I was last playing there was a guy doing that exact thing which was quite annoying. The other thing is not enough rider!

On the flip side, what are your favourite bits? It’s just making people enjoying themselves. A lot of the stuff I do is warming up for other acts so the best thing is having an empty room or a room where people aren’t doing anything and getting them dancing. The feeling of getting the atmosphere going in a place is pretty cool.

Who would you chart as your main influences? Well, I started off as a hip-hop DJ back when I was in Wolverhampton so all my mates will know that I’m a massive 2Pac fan. In terms of dance music, I think 2manydjs changed things for me with the whole mash up style and how any genres could go together as long as their BPMs were the same. Also, DJ Yoda and his whole scratching thing as well. On a production level, I think Bonobo is my favourite producer of all time in terms of a single person in dance music.

69 | upraw

a massive shout out to ‘Big In Japan’ because it was a real good vibe there and those nights out in Bournemouth in the early years could go on for days.

Now, we are here with Upraw magazine so what are the rawest parties you’ve ever been to? There’ve been a lot. Parties in Bournemouth are always really good and when I was at uni, I have to say that a lot of the house parties when I first started were good. Also, a massive shout out to ‘Big In Japan’ because it was a real good vibe there and those nights out in Bournemouth in the early years could go on for days.

Finally, what does 2013 and beyond have in store for you? WAYF are gonna keep on doing more; that’s always been the main thing and what I’ve put most of my energy into. I’m also producing with Ten Story and I have a few productions and remixes on the way. There’s also Ibiza Rocks next season, some new projects and even more music.

What are your top ten tunes at the moment ? 1. One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix): Asaf Avidan 2. What I Might Do (Harry Wolfman Remix): Ben Pearce 3. Your Love (Waze & Odyssey Remix): TEED 4. Pushin On (Darius Syrossian Mix): Jem Atkins 5. My Own Business (Original Mix): Kolombo 6. Point Of View: HNQO 7. Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix): ArtfulDodger 8. Your Drums, Your Love (Duke Dumont Remix): AlunaGeorge 9. The Giver: Duke Dumont 10. Don’t Go (Dusky Remix): Justin Martin

from 6pm ‘til close

Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Choose from a selection of delicious dishes from our daily changing Brasserie menu for a pre-show dinner, after work meal or if you just can’t face cooking! 1812, The Royal Exeter Hotel, Exeter Rd, Bournemouth. T:01202 438000.

Danny Francis + Special Guest DJs @ Bar So. Free Entry. Open til late. To reserve a private booth area call: 01202 20 30 50

Bar So, Exeter Road, Bournemouth. design by

72 | upraw

THE JOHN NEWMAN INTERVIEW From humble beginnings as a bohemian misfit up in the Yorkshire Dales, 21-year-old John Newman has moved on to perform sell out recitals alongside Rudimental, providing vocals on both ‘Feel The Love’ and ‘Not Giving In’. After a heartfelt last show on the Annie Mac tour, we caught up with the now London-based, powerhouse singer.

73 | upraw

74 | upraw

How’s Bournemouth been treating you? It’s been crazy man. We stepped off the bus after sound check and there were some girls in these short skirts and guys that looked like they’re from Essex. It’s meant to be Christmas. Merry Christmas, then. But in terms of the acts you’ve been working alongside, how’s the touring experience been? It’s been really good and it’s like there’s no supporting act. If anything, myself and Rudimental are the supporting act. Playing alongside people like Skream, Benga, Artwork and Annie [Mac]has been brilliant. It’s really hard when you’re on the road because everyone is in each other’s faces all the time but it’s cool to hang out. We all get on really well though and Piers played in my band before so we know each other pretty well. It’s been a good experience to just see the progression from some guys rolling around in London to being number one in the charts. It tests your relationship with people but everyone is having a good time. We don’t travel as a tour with the other acts and we have our

own bus but as you can expect, the Rudimental bus is a little bit crazy so it’s gonna be hard to leave. So taking it all the way back, how did you first get into singing? I honestly don’t know but my brother was a massive inspiration and I was always the creative kid who came from a small town and no-one really got me until I turned into a chav. Singing was a way of speaking to people and they actually listened to you when you’re on stage. You get to stand there and sing your heart out. How does it feel to be writing lyrics and then taking it to a stage in front of so many people? It’s mental. ‘Feel The Love’ was crazy and that was the first thing. I was playing gigs before with 500 people and there was a little bit of a buzz around my music. I got signed before that track, but to see things rise to that level is mad. We did a headline gig in Brighton the other night and i had that odd feeling where you think nobody’s going

75 | upraw

to turn up only for all these people to come. I’m so used to inviting people on Facebook and now it’s happening for real where people are just into the music. I imagine you’re pretty much engulfed in music all the time but when you do get some free time, how do you wind down? We really don’t get that much time and my manager is always tapping me on the shoulder to listen to more music to try and find hook ideas. I’m writing an album at the moment and I want to be prepared for it. I do love a bit of FIFA though; it has to be with Real Madrid and Christiano Ronaldo of course. You mentioned that an album is in the works so what are you working with on that? I got signed with Island about a year ago now and I put a lot of time into the Rudimental project which had to run its cause before concentrating on the album in the last few months. I was struggling to find this gap before and now there’s

pianos from ages ago, crazy 90s hooks and soul hooks; so I’m just playing around with the genre and mixing bits from my influences into one. I don’t want to sit anywhere with anyone else and follow trends. I want to be classy with it and actually have some longevity. I do a lot of songwriting and I’ve done some things with a few artists like Dionne Bromfield and others, but it’s a lot of concentration on my own stuff as well. Finally, as we’re here with Upraw. What’s the rawest gig you’ve ever been to? It’s got to be Hackney Weekender because we’d just got back from the Isle of Wight and this small, Strongbow tent and after two hours on the bus we woke up in Hackney. It was so mental and we were obviously really tired but a really big crowd of 8000 people singing ‘Feel The Love’ was surreal. ERROL ANDERSON


Remember when you were a kid? Tamagotchis Furbies Scalextric Yo Yos Game boys Pogs Slinkies Pokemon Walkman Playstation Bum bags Dungarees Space invaders

Fundraise for Barnardo’s this Christmas. Check out our website for some big ideas email:

Barnardo’s adheres to the Fundraising Promise and Fundraising Standards Board guidelines. Barnardo’s Registered Charity Nos. 216250 and SC037605 15107 xmas advert3.indd 1

26/10/2012 1


Sat 2nd Feb • £20 adv 10pm • over 18s only

Knife Party + Zedd

Fri 8th Feb • £17.50 adv

Rita Ora + Iggy Azalea

Sat 16th Mar • £11.50 adv

Halestorm + Turbowolf

Fri 22nd Mar • £5 adv

Jagermeister Music Tour

Fri 15th Feb • £16.50 adv

ft. Ghost + Gojira + The Defiled

Slinky presents

Sat 23rd Mar • £23.50 adv

Fri 22nd Feb • £11 adv

Whole Lotta Led Sun 24th Feb • £15 adv

10pm • over 18s only

The Valentines Ball ft. Paul Van Dyke


(3 Hour Set) + Orjan Nilsen + Lee Haslam + Dav Gomrass

Mon 24th Mar • £24 adv

Weds 20th Feb • £19.10 adv

Mon 15th Apr • £37.50 adv

Ticket includes 50p + vat donation to Teenage Cancer Trust

NME Awards Tour 2013

ft. Django Django + Miles Kane + Palma Violets + Peace


+ Nathan Fake

Simple Minds Mon 22nd Apr • £36 adv


+ Echo & The Bunnymen Thurs 25th Apr • £18.50 adv

The Feeling


Fri 10th May • £20 adv


Thurs 28th Feb • £15 adv

The Alarm

Thurs 7th Mar • £14 adv


Sun 7th Apr • £8.50 adv

Janet Devlin

Skunk Anansie

Fri 22nd Feb • £20 adv 7.30pm

The Enemy

Mon 15th Apr • £11 adv

Little Comets Fri 25th Oct • £10 adv • 6.30pm

The Smyths

(Singles Night, Celebrating 30 Years Of The Smiths Singles And B-Sides)

Facebook: Twitter: The Old Fire Station, Students’ Union at Bournemouth University 36 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth BH8 8AD NUS tickets available from Talbot Campus SU Shop

Colin Hay

Mon 10th June • £14 adv

Scott Ian of Anthrax Spoken Word Tour

Chapman Square Tour Fri 8th Mar • £16.50 adv 10pm • over 18s only

Ram Jam

ft. David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan, Shy FX, Toddla T, Melé, Dismantle, Laxx, Lunice + more

570 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH1 4BH • Doors 7pm unless stated Venue box office opening hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-4pm. No booking fee on cash transactions from venue box office. Bournemouth ticket outlet: Bournemouth International Centre • • •

78 | upraw



Cabaret VOLTAIRE ELECTROSWING @ THE WINCHESTER - 17th JAN Live performance and DJ sets from: DUTTY MOONSHINE / SAXON / LEO WOOD / DONJOHNSTON / DILL MASTER FRESH / HARLOW / SPARKLES GALORE / RU ROBINSON – Including live juggling shows, vintage visuals, burlesque and most importantly a strict 1920 fancy dress theme. Prices start at £3 on the door before 10.30 / £4 after.

WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS THE OLD FIRESTATION - 19th JAN Kicking off the new year at the The Old Fire Station on Saturday 19th January with special guests Mak & Pasteman in the main room plus a TrapDoor takeover upstairs. Expect the dance floor to be kept moving across the three rooms, plus we’ll be throwing in some new visual surprises alongside all the WAYF party business. We can’t wait to see you down the front.

79 | upraw

A NIGHT OF GAME & ISLAND MALT WHISKY @ The Larder House - 23rd & 24th JAN A five course paired game and malt whiskey menu. The night includes a live butchery demonstration by Lee Morton of the Dorset Charcuterie Company as well a guide through the Whiskeys of the Scottish Islands by Whisky expert Andrew Fisher. ADVANCED BOOKING REQUIRED. For more info check: – 01202 424 687

Rita Ora O2 Academy Bournemouth - 8th FEB 2012 has seen Rita Ora become one of the most exciting new artists to break through and following the release of her debut album, Rita Ora is setting her sights on 2013 with the announcement of her ‘Radioactive Tour’ of the UK. For more info check the O2 Bournemouth website: or call the box office: 0844 477 2000 (24 Hr)

GET SATISFIED GET SATISFIED 5 ft Eats Everything @ The Old Fire Station - 2nd FEB The South Coasts Largest Underground House Club Night Returns In 2013 With The UK’s Breakthrough DJ & Producer EATS EVERYTHING. Few producers in the history of dance music have made such a rapid and far-reaching impact on the electronic music scene as Eats Everything (Daniel Pearce), and now he comes to Bournemouth for one night only to our favourite house night.

80 | upraw


Journalists and Photographers come forward! We are looking for some hot talent to contribute to the next copy of UPRAW Magazine. Send in your articles and photos to our editor for the chance to have your work published in the next issue. Were looking for funny, cool and controversial stuff to put in and if you have any idea’s or want us to arrange some rad people for you to meet, then get in touch. You could have the opportunity to interview some great new music artists, photograph the hottest fashion to hit Bournemouth or even just find something that you think everyone needs to know about. Send your stuff to: Call: 01202 762 674

82 | upraw




Recruitment Partner – SOS recruitment ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’, says Julie Cook-Hughes, Managing Director of one of the south’s leading recruitment agencies, SOS recruitment. Julie opens her doors for the first time to Upraw Magazine to reveal some secrets to success when looking for work in today’s climate. Julie is a true expert in the recruitment field having set up SOS in 2000 and she has been at the forefront of the recruitment industry for nearly 20 years. Julie is a pioneer for innovation and bridging the gaps between candidate and client. As she often says, you really do never get a second chance to make a first impression, so we talk to her about how to create an award-winning CV. Something that is the first point of call when looking to climb the career ladder...

Keeping your Curriculum Vitae up to date, easy to digest and to the point can be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when looking for a new role, but one that is vital to the process. Your Curriculum Vitae must be sharp, concise and kept simple at all times. If you only remember one thing, let this be it. Imagine it is a document marketing yourself to the employer and why YOU are perfect for the job in question. Therefore this is the time to emphasise your characteristics, skills and positive traits; everything from achievements to examples of being both a leader and a team player. See your Curriculum Vitae as a form of advertising so focus on the role at hand and why you embody every part of it. Ask yourself, ‘why should I have the job?’, then write a list of the reasons and apply these to your Curriculum Vitae. Then during the interview refer back to these and sell in how you are the perfect match above anybody else.

There are certain do’s and dont’s when it comes to the actual presentation of your Curriculum Vitae too; 1. The number one essential ‘must’ is to keep it honest and factual at all times. The employer will find out if you have been dishonest at some point; whether this be through references or asking you a question further down the line that you fail you answer. Ie. Your CV and your story do not match up! So don’t bother lying; be true to yourself. 2. Next on the list is grammar and spelling. If there are ANY misspellings and errors these will immediately put off any employer. If you can’t take the time to check what you have written, let alone run a spell-check, then this will speak volumes to the employer. They may take errors in the document as lack of care or concern, or pure laziness which you do not want.

3. A strong CV should always be well-written and ideally no longer than two pages. This should be accompanied with a covering letter with no more than two paragraphs. Keeping things to the point is of the utmost important so cut the waffle, try to avoid long sentences, leave out irrelevant information and stay focused on the specific role you are going for. You do not want to lose the reader’s attention.

So remember these 7 steps to success and use them to create a truly award-winning CV. Your job is not safe so it’s crucial to keep a strong, up to date CV on file ready for whether you want to take the next step in your career or make the change in both temporary and permanent positions.

4. Crucial to the point above is remembering to keep your CV well presented and set out. White space is easy on the eye and keeps it clean. Very important else the employer will not know where to look first! Avoid coloured paper, complex fonts, shading or fancy wording or boxes; these will only act as distractions after all. In addition to this, good quality white paper is really respected and it can often be the small things that get you noticed. 5. Never include salary expectations as you may well fall at the first hurdle if you do. The economic climate has changed over the last few years and so stating your salary desires, holiday or any other benefits will put an employer off. This may result in you never even getting into the interview room. See your CV as your chance to shine and showcase yourself regardless of monetary benefits to prove how good you really are! 6. Similarly, marital status, nationality, religion, has no bearing on your ability to do the job so leave these off. 7.  Lastly, this might seem simple but so many candidates fail to head up their CVs correctly. An obvious, smart title including your name and contact details is essential because if the employer likes you and wants to invite you to the interview, why make them struggle to contact you? Your name should be loud and proud as you are the asset after all! One thing to note, if you currently have an inappropriate or comedy email address change it immediately – it will only mark you out as unprofessional.




call now 01202 292888 SALES & ADVERTISING VACANCIES

IT & Telecoms Vacancies

Account Mgr B’mouth £22-25K FleetSenior Personnel been established since 1972 and arePoole atInsurance the forefront of recruitment in Dorset. CRMhave Consultant Up to B’mouth £45K Sales Comm Consultant £17.5-22K Strategically located to provide a broad area of cover, we currently have offices in Bournemouth, Software Developer Bournemouth Up to £25K Dorchester Ins Sales/ Cust.Service X4 P’stone £15-20K Service Assurance Advisor Eastleigh Confederation Up towe £19K and Ringwood. As a Corporate Member of the Recruitment& Employment operate£13-15K strict Telemarketing Assistant P’stone Trainee CRM Consultant Poole Up to £18K guidelines and take extremely seriously our commitment to promoting recruitment industry. Continuing our Newthe Business-Ins Sales X6 B’mouth £13K+C Technical Support Technician Up to £16K success in 2010, we are currently the right candidates forPoole theAppt following permanent opportunities: Setters- Advertising C’church £12K+B

recruitment call now 01202 292888

If you only make one New Year’s resolution for 2013 make sure it’s a goal that will last call now 01202 292888

With Italian or Danish or Norwegian or Swedish or Dutch

IT SALES VACANCIES SALES &Industrial ADVERTISING VACANCIES Temp Vacancies Telecoms Field Sales Wilts Marketing executive £20-25k Bournemouth Insurance Account Mgr B’mouth £22-25K Wire Person Poole £10.00B’mouth PH SALES &CSS ADVERTISING Channel Mgr-D/Base VACANCIES S/W Photoshop, Flash, HTML, Purchasing AssistantB’mouth Poole £10.00 PH Sales Comm Consultant £17.5-22K

OTE £80K+C £35K+C Insurance Account ITMgr B’mouth New Business Sales- SME Poole £22-25K £35K+C Welders Poole Up to B’mouth £10 PH Ins Sales/ Cust.Service X4 P’stone £15-20K SalesTech Comm Consultant B’mouth £17.5-22K Telemarketer-D/base £25K/ DOE Electronic Inspectors Poole Up to £10 PH Inspector Wareham Ins Sales/ Cust.Service X4 P’stone £15-20K Software Solution area Sales B’mouth £15-18K+C Telemarketing Assistant Patrol P’stone £13-15K £16 – 18K Electronic technicians Bournemouth £9.50 PH Electronics experience preferred not Account essential Telemarketing AssistantManager P’stone Trainee Poole £13-15K £DOE New Business-Ins Sales X6 B’mouth £13K+C Warehouse Operatives Gillingham £6.50 PH New Business-Ins Sales X6 B’mouth £13K+C Appt SettersAdvertising C’church £12K+B Warehouse Operatives Wimborne £6.00 PH BANKING & FINANCIAL IND.VACANCIES Christchurch Appt Setters- Advertising area C’church Assemblers Financial Controller £20-23K Poole £6.00 PH £12K+B Invest & Derivatives Mgr Dorking £50-80K Experience to trial balance level IT SALESPaint VACANCIES Sprayers D.O.E Hants IT Wimborne SALES VACANCIES Compliance Mgr £40-45K Poole D.O.E TelecomsCNC FieldTurners Sales Wilts OTE £80K+C Telecoms Sales Wilts S’bury OTE £80K+C SalesField Manager-Pensions £20-35K+B Millers Poole Chef -20K Wool Piddletrenthide Channel Mgr-D/Base S/W D.O.E B’mouth ChannelCNC Mgr-D/Base S/W £18 B’mouth £35K+C Chef\ £18-21K Team Manager-Pensions S’bury £35K+C £20-25K Break Press Operatives Ferndown D.O.E accommodation essential New Business IT Sales£35K+C Administrators X2SME PooleB’mouth £12-13.5K New Business IT Sales- SMELivePoole £35K+C available\Transport Tech Telemarketer-D/base B’mouth £25K/ DOE Tech Telemarketer-D/base B’mouth £25K/ DOE TECHNICAL VACANCIES Commercial Temp Vacancies SoftwareWeymouth Solution Sales B’mouth £15-18K+C Sales area – Temp Office to Perm Supervisor Bournemouth £10.40 PH SoftwareUnderwriter Solution Sales B’mouth £15-18K+C £30 -35K Project Controller Lym’ton £28K Trainee Account Manager Poole £DOE Previous experience essential PA All Areas Up to All £10 PH Upto £11.75ph CNC Millers or Turners Areas Trainee Account Manager Poole £DOE Derivatives Bournemouth to C’church £10 PH £25K BANKING & FINANCIAL IND.VACANCIES Estimator (MechanicalUp Eng) Reconciliations ClerkIND.VACANCIES Bournemouth Up to Lym’ton £10 PH Vehicle Mechanic £20 -25K Dorchester BANKING & FINANCIAL Invest & Derivatives Mgrarea Dorking £50-80K Foundry Technician Upto £22K Secretary All PC Areas £10 PH accreditation Compliance required Mgr Hants Technician V’wood£40-45K £12K Invest & Legal Derivatives Mgr Dorking Full £50-80K Pensions Administrator Poole Sales Manager-Pensions £8.00 S’buryPH £20-35K+B Compliance Mgr Hants £40-45K TEMPORARY VACANCIES Customer Service Advisors Bournemouth £7.50 Team Manager-Pensionsarea S’buryPH £20-25K Production Supervisor £21K Weymouth Sales Manager-Pensions S’bury Statistical Analyst B’mouth £12.72ph Telemarketers - German £20-35K+B Bournemouth £7.20 PH £12-13.5K Administrators X2 B’mouth Food environment Assistant Accountant £12.60ph Telemarketers - Dutch Bournemouth £7.20 B’mouth PH Team Manager-Pensions S’bury £20-25K TECHNICAL VACANCIES£7.20 All Legal Secretary Telemarketers - Danish £12-13.5K Bournemouth PHAreas Upto £9.50ph Administrators X2 B’mouth Project Controller Lym’ton £28K Upto £9.50ph PA/ Secretary All Telemarketers - Flemish Bournemouth £7.20 PHAreas Food & Beverage Manager £20 22K Bournemouth Telemarketers Bournemouth £7.20 PH Upto Upto Millers or Turners All Areas £11.75ph Accounts Assistant C’church £8.50ph Hotel experience CNC essential TECHNICAL VACANCIES - Norwegian Telemarketers - Finnish £28K Bournemouth PH £25K £7.20ph Estimator (Mechanical Eng)£7.20 C’church European Telemarketer B’mouth Project Controller Lym’ton Telemarketers - UK Bournemouth £7.20 PH Upto £22K Foundry Technician Lym’ton Upholsterer £19k+ Bridport area CNC Millers or Turners Senior Administrator All Areas Upto £11.75ph £7.00 PH £12K PCPoole Technician V’wood

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Contact an experienced member of the SOS team: Click: Call: 01202 292888 Come in: 181-183 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 1JU Experience essential EstimatorSwitchboard (MechanicalOperator C’church £25K £7.00 PH Ferndown OrEng) email TEMPORARY VACANCIES Bournemouth £6.85 PH Foundry Accounts TechnicianAdministrator Lym’tonus: Upto £22K

findAnalyst success Statistical B’mouth £12.72ph Buyer£12K £23-25k Axminster area with Administrator Christchurch £6.50 PHrecruitment PC Technician V’wood Assistant Accountant B’mouth Receptionist All Areas £6.50 PH £12.60ph 12 month contract Legal Secretary All Areas Hotel Receptionist Bournemouth £6.20 PH Upto £9.50ph TEMPORARY VACANCIES

SOSDespatch specialise in Accounts, Banking, Sales, PA/ Secretary All Areas £9.50ph Rd Bournemouth: 212 OldUpto Christchurch B’mouth (Forklift) £12.72ph Lates £15k Ferndown Poole: 253-257 High Street Accounts Assistant C’church Upto North £8.50ph Counterbalance 01:30pm-09:30pm £12.60ph Marketing,B’mouth Pensions, Customer Services, Insurance, European Telemarketer B’mouth £7.20ph call now 01202 292888 All Areas Upto £9.50ph Management, IT, Finance, HR & High-Level Entry to name Actuarial Support £32K Bournemouth All Areas Upto £9.50ph Professional qualification and experience essential C’church Upto £8.50ph a few, B’mouth covering both temporary contracts & find success with £7.20ph recruitment CNC (Programming/setting/operating) Protrack £25k Poole permanent positions in XYZ all careers. Operator& programmer with toolroom experience

Statistical Analyst Assistant Accountant Legal Secretary PA/ Secretary Accounts Assistant European Telemarketer

Bournemouth: 212 Old Christchurch Rd

Hard Chrome Plater (Aerospace) £25K Bournemouth Poole: 253-257 High Street North find success Understand with Aerospace specification and drawing requirements recruitment

Bournemouth: 212 Old Christchurch Rd Poole: 253-257 High Street North


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IT & Telecoms Vacancies


Account Mgr B’mouth £22-25K FleetSenior Personnel been established since 1972 and arePoole atInsurance the forefront of recruitment in Dorset. CRMhave Consultant Up to B’mouth £45K Sales Comm Consultant £17.5-22K Temporary Positions starting immediately: Strategically located to provide a broad area of cover, we currently have offices in Bournemouth, Software Developer Bournemouth Up to £25K Dorchester Ins Sales/ Cust.Service X4 P’stone £15-20K Service Assurance Advisor Eastleigh Up towe £19K and Ringwood. As a Corporate Member of the Recruitment& Employment Confederation operate£13-15K strict Customer Services Central Bournemouth £7.50 ph Telemarketing Assistant P’stone nowguidelines 01202 292888 Trainee CRM Consultant Poolethe recruitment industry. Up to £18K and take extremely seriously our commitment to promoting Continuing our New Business-Ins Sales X6Vacancies B’mouth £13K+C IT & Telecoms Technical Support Technician Poole Fleet Personnel Up to £16K Sales Advisors to £30K Bournemouth £7.50 phbeen plus commission Ringwood Upcurrently nce 1972 andsuccess are at the forefront of recruitment in Dorset. have established since 1972 and areP in 2010, we are the right candidates for the following permanent opportunities: DOE Appt SettersAdvertising C’church £12K+B Senior CRM Consultant ADVERTISING VACANCIES

call now 01202 292888

call now 01202 292888

With Italian or Danish or Norwegian or Swedish or Dutch Bournemouth located toph provide a broad area of cover, we curreB Developer Customer Services £DOE+C Verwood temp-permStrategically Software £7.39 IT SALES VACANCIES Service Assurance Advisor SALES & ADVERTISING VACANCIES and Ringwood. As a Corporate Member of the Recruitment& EE Telecoms Field Sales Wilts OTEcommitment £80K+C Trainee CRM Consultant P Marketing executive £20-25k Bournemouth guidelines and take extremely seriously our to promo Poole £10.00 PH SALES & ADVERTISING VACANCIES Technical Support Channel Mgr-D/Base S/W Technician B’mouth £35K+C Photoshop, Flash, HTML, CSS success in 2010,£10.00 we arePH currently the right candidates forP Poole With Italian Danish or Norwegian or Swedish or Dut Insurance Account B’mouth £22-25K New Business ITMgr Sales-orSME Poole £35K+C Poole Up to B’mouth £10 PH SalesSALES Comm Consultant B’mouth £17.5-22K Tech Telemarketer-D/base £25K/ DOE & ADVERTISING VACANCIES Permanent Vacancies: Poole Up to £24K+C Electronic Inspectors Poole Up to £10 PH Industrial Vacancies Inspector £16 – 18K Wareham area Ins Sales/ Cust.Service X4Temp P’stone £15-20K Software Solution Sales B’mouth £15-18K+C Telemarketing Assistant Patrol P’stone VACANCIES Marketing executive £20-2P £10-12.50 PH Weymouth Bournemouth Up to £21K £13-15K Insurance Account B’mouth £22-25K Wire PersonMgr Electronic technicians Bournemouth £9.50 PH Electronics experience preferred not Account essential SA Field Sales Wilts OTESales £80K+CX6 Service Insurance Customer Central Bournemouth £20,000 £25,000 Telemarketing Assistant P’stone £13-15K Trainee Manager Poole £DOE Bournemouth Up to £20K+C Photoshop, Flash, HT oing, Night shifts, £DOE New Business-Ins B’mouth £13K+C Purchasing Assistant Sales Comm Consultant B’mouth £17.5-22K Warehouse Operatives Gillingham £6.50 PH InsP Mgr-D/Base S/W B’mouth £35K+C Winton Up to £18K+C£12K+B New Business-Ins Sales X6 B’mouth £13K+C Welders P Appt SettersAdvertising C’church Warehouse Operatives Wimborne £6.00 PH Ins Sales/ Cust.Service X4 P’stone £15-20K Letting Negotiators Poole £DOE ess IT SalesSME Poole / Sales £35K+C BANKING & FINANCIAL IND.VACANCIES Sa Poole Up to £18K+C Financial Christchurch area Appt Setters- Advertising C’church £12K+B Electronic Inspectors P Patrol Inspector ayers £10 B’mouth –12 PH£25K/ Dorset sites Controller £20-23K Assemblers Poole £6.00 PH marketer-D/base DOE Ins Telemarketing Assistant P’stone £13-15K £16 – 18K Invest & Derivatives Mgr Dorking £50-80K Poole Up to £18K+C Electronic technicians B Experience level Executives Poole to trial balance £20,000 plus commission Electronics experience prefer CS card required ITSales SALES VACANCIES olution Sales B’mouth £15-18K+C Paint Sprayers Wimborne D.O.E Tel IT SALES VACANCIES Compliance Mgr Hants £40-45K Bournemouth Up to £17K+C New Business-Ins Sales X6 B’mouth £13K+C Warehouse Operatives G count Manager Poole £DOE CNC Turners Poole D.O.E Ne Telecoms Field Sales Wilts OTE £80K+C Poole Telecoms Sales Wilts OTE £80K+C SalesField Manager-Pensions S’bury £20-35K+B Appt SettersAdvertising C’church £12K+B Marketing Manager Up to £17K+C Poole £25,000 - £35,000 Warehouse Operatives W Financial Controller £20-23K 8.50 PH Shaftesbury\Blandford area Ap CNC Millers Poole D.O.E Chef Piddletrenthide Poole Up to-20K £16K+CWool G & FINANCIAL IND.VACANCIES Channel Mgr-D/Base S/W B’mouth Channel Mgr-D/Base S/W £18 B’mouth £35K+C Chef\ £18-21K Team Manager-Pensions S’bury £35K+C £20-25K Assemblers P Verwood Up accommodation to £16K+C Poole available\Transport erivatives Mgr Dorking £50-80K Break Press Operatives Ferndown Experience Tachograph required Account manager Sprayers £17,000 plus commission ITBusiness SALESPaint essential New ITVACANCIES SalesPoole £35K+C Administrators X2SME D.O.E B’mouth £12-13.5K to trial bala IT W New Business IT£40-45K Sales- SMELive Poole ce Mgr Wareham Hants Up to £15K+C£35K+C CNC Telecoms FieldTurners Sales B’mouth Wilts £25K/ DOE OTE £80K+C Tech Telemarketer-D/base TelP ager-Pensions S’bury £20-35K+BTemp Up Recruitment/Compliance Bournemouth CNC £16,000 - £18 £18,000 Tech Telemarketer-D/base B’mouth DOE All Areas toAdmin £12K PR£25K/ TECHNICAL VACANCIES Commercial Vacancies Millers Chef -20K Wool Chef\ £18 -£6.00 PH Wareham\Purbeck area ChP Channel Mgr-D/Base S/W B’mouth £35K+C Software Solution Sales B’mouth £15-18K+C Sales Office Supervisor £30 -35K Weymouth area ager-Pensions £20-25K All AreasS’bury to £12K £15-18K+C Break Press Operatives Underwriter – Temp Up to Perm Bournemouth £10.40 PH Software Solution Sales B’mouth Project Controller Lym’ton £28K Live accommodation available\ sitions, transport essential NeF Account Manager Poole Poole£DOE £35K+C New Business IT Sales- SME tors X2 B’mouth £12-13.5K Previous experienceTrainee essential PA All Areas £10 PH Upto £11.75ph CNC Millers or Turners Up to All Areas Trainee Account Manager Poole £DOE Tec Technical) Vacancies Tech Telemarketer-D/base B’mouth £25K/ DOE Temp Vacancies AL VACANCIES Bournemouth Up to C’church £10 PH Supervisor We areDerivatives currently recruiting for 100s of vacancies across Dorset in all industry sectors... BANKING &Commercial FINANCIAL IND.VACANCIES Estimator (Mechanical Eng) £25K So Sales Office £30 -3 waiting staff £6.00-6.50 PH Poole Up to £45K Underwriter –Up Temp to Perm B Software Solution Sales B’mouth £15-18K+C ntroller Lym’ton £28K Reconciliations Clerk Bournemouth to Lym’ton £10 PH Vehicle Mechanic £20 -25K Dorchester BANKING & FINANCIAL IND.VACANCIES Invest & Derivatives Mgrarea Dorking £50-80K Foundry Technician Upto £22K experienceTra Bournemouth Up to £30K Previous Weymouth area s or Turners All Areas Upto £11.75ph PA A Account Manager Poole£40-45K £DOE Legal Secretary AllTrainee Areas £10 PH Full accreditation required Compliance Mgr Hants PC Technician V’wood £12K Southampton Up to £18.5K Invest & Derivatives Mgr Dorking £50-80K Mechanical Eng) C’church £25K Derivatives BAB Pensions Administrator Poole £8.00 PH £20-35K+B Bournemouth Up to £18K Sales Manager-Pensions S’bury chnician Lym’ton Upto £22K Reconciliations ClerkIND.VACANCIES Vehicle Mechanic £20 -25K nt £7.50 8.00 PHMgr Dorchester BANKING & FINANCIAL InvB Compliance Hants £40-45K TEMPORARY VACANCIES Customer Service Advisors Bournemouth £7.50 PH SalisburyV’wood Up to £17.5K cian £12K TeamWeymouth Manager-Pensions S’bury £20-25K Secretary Supervisor Full accreditation Co reA mporary ongoing Invest & Legal Derivatives Mgr Dorking £50-80K Sales Manager-Pensions S’bury £20-35K+B £21KBournemouth The numberProduction of people Statistical Analyst area B’mouth £12.72ph Ringwood Up to £16Kclaiming Telemarketers - German £7.20 PH Administrator AdministratorsPensions X2 B’mouth £12-13.5K SaP ARY VACANCIES Food environment Compliance Mgr Hants £40-45K Assistant Accountant B’mouth £12.60ph Telemarketers Dutch Bournemouth £7.20 PH Team Manager-Pensions S’bury £20-25K Customer Service Advisors B recruitment Tea Jobseeker’s Allowance was Analyst B’mouth £12.72ph Production Supervisor ales £9.36 PH Weymouth n & Secretarial Vacancies Sales S’bury £20-35K+B TECHNICAL VACANCIES£7.20 LegalManager-Pensions Secretary All £9.50ph £21KB Telemarketers - Danish £12-13.5K Bournemouth PH Telemarketers - Areas GermanUpto X2 B’mouth ccountantAdministrators B’mouth £12.60ph Ad Food environme orary to Permanent Southampton Up to £20K Project Controller Lym’ton £28K Upto PA/ Secretary £9.50ph Telemarketers - Flemish Bournemouth £7.20 PH Food & Beverage Manager £20 22K Bournemouth Telemarketers - Areas Dutch B recently at 1.58 million Team Manager-Pensions S’bury £20-25K etary Areas Uptomeasured £9.50ph Unemployment inAll the UK £11.75ph now SalisburyAll Telemarketers Up to £18K TEB - Danish - Norwegian Bournemouth £7.20 PH CNC Millers orTelemarketers Turners All Areas Upto Upto Accounts Assistant C’church £8.50ph ary All Areas VACANCIES Upto £9.50ph Hotel experience essential Administrators X2 B’mouth £12-13.5K TECHNICAL Ringwood Up to £18K (BBC) yet£8.50ph there are jobs out there ProB Telemarketers -million. Flemish Food &B’mouth Beverage Manager £20 £6.25 PH C’church Bournemouth\Poole Assistant Upto Telemarketers - Finnish Bournemouth PH stands at£7.20 2.51 Estimator (Mechanical Eng) C’church £25K £7.20ph European Telemarketer Project Controller Lym’ton Salisbury Up to £17.5K £28K Telemarketers - Norwegian CN Telemarketer B’mouth £7.20ph Hotel experience esB CS Card essential TECHNICAL VACANCIES Telemarketers UK Bournemouth £7.20 PH Foundry Technician Lym’ton Upto £22K as SOS recruitment sees every day. Romsey Up toAreas £16.5K Upto £11.75ph £19k+ Bridport area Telemarketers - Finnish £28K CNC Millers or Turners AllUpholsterer EstB Senior Administrator Poole £7.00 PH Project Controller Lym’ton PC Technician V’wood £12K Salisbury Up to £16K Telemarketers - UK Experience essential FoB It’sSwitchboard time to be proactive and invest Estimator (Mechanical Eng) C’church £25K £19k+ Br s £8.50 Bournemouth Operator Ferndown £7.00 PH CNC Millers Turners AllUpholsterer Areasto Upto Shaftsbury Up to £12.5K Make aorchange and talk SOS£11.75ph Senior Administrator PCP TEMPORARY VACANCIES Administrator Bournemouth £6.85 Experience essen hroughPoole summerAccounts seasonal £Negotiable Foundry Technician Lym’ton Upto £22K Estimator (Mechanical Eng) PH C’church £25K Switchboard Operator F in your future now! find success with ccess with Statistical Analyst B’mouth £12.72ph about your options. Buyer£12K £23-25k Axminster Administrator Christchurch £6.50 PH TEB Accounts recruitment PC Technician V’wood Foundryarea TechnicianAdministrator Lym’ton Upto £22K recruitment Assistant Accountant B’mouth £12.60ph£23-25k Axmi Receptionist All Areas PH Buyer StaC 12 month contract visors £7.00-8.50 PH Bournemouth Administrator£6.50 PC Technician V’wood £12K Poole Up to £25K Legal Secretary All Areas AsA Hotel Receptionist Bournemouth PH Upto £9.50ph Receptionist £6.20 12 month contr after qualifying £20-22K OTE TEMPORARY VACANCIES Bournemouth: 212 Old Christchurch Rd Poole Up to £22K LeB PA/ Secretary All Areas £9.50ph Rd Bournemouth: 212 OldUpto Christchurch Hotel Receptionist TEMPORARY VACANCIES Poole: 253-257 High Street North Despatch Statistical Analyst B’mouth £12.72ph Lates £15k Ferndown Poole Up to £20K (Forklift) PA Poole: 253-257 High Street North Accounts Assistant C’church Upto £8.50ph Despatch mouth, Poole,Accountant Christchurch, Up Weymouth Statistical Analyst B’mouth (Forklift) £12.72ph Lates £ le to £20K Counterbalance Assistant B’mouth £12.60ph 01:30pm-09:30pm Ac European Telemarketer B’mouth Counterbalance £7.20ph assistants. Poole Training provided. £6.25 Up to +£20K+B Assistant Accountant B’mouth £12.60ph 01:30p Eu Legal Secretary AlltoAreas Poole Up £18K Upto £9.50ph Legal Secretary All Areas Upto £9.50ph Actuarial Support £32K Bournemouth PA/ Secretary All Areas Upto £9.50ph Bournemouth Up to £18K Actuarial Support tion Operatives Dorset area PA/ Secretary All Areas Upto £9.50ph£32K Professional essential Professional Bournemouth Up to Accounts C’church Upto £8.50ph and experience cts across Dorset,Assistant days\nights £5.80 + £15K qualification Accounts Assistant C’church qualification Upto £8.50ph and e findEuropean success with European Telemarketer B’mouth £7.20ph fin Telemarketer B’mouth £7.20ph recruitment

of cover, offices in Bournemouth, Dorchester Account Mgrwe currently B’mouth have £22-25K Christchurch Up towe £27.5K+C the Recruitment& Employment Confederation operate strict m Consultant B’mouth £17.5-22K Industrial Temp Vacancies Wimborne Up to £27K+C Cust.Service X4 promoting P’stone £15-20K mmitment to the recruitment industry. Continuing our Insurance Account Mgr B’mouth £22-25K Wire Person Christchurch Up to £25K+C ing Assistant P’stone £13-15K ght candidates forPurchasing the following temporary opportunities: Eastleigh Up to £25K+C Assistant Sales Comm Consultant B’mouth £17.5-22K ess-Ins Sales X6 B’mouth £13K+C Eastleigh to £25K+C£15-20K Welders rs- Advertising C’church £12K+B Ins Sales/ Cust.Service X4 Up P’stone


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ph ph .50ph .50ph .50ph h



call now 01202 292888 call now 01202 www.sosrecruitm

CNC (Programming/setting/operating) XYZ Protrack £25k Poole CNC (Programming/setting/operating £6.00 PH Weymouth Industrial estate duties, experience preferred Operator& programmer with toolroom experience Operator& programmer with to Bournemouth: 212 Old Christchurch Rd

Hard Plater (Aerospace dner £6.50 PH North Dorset Hard Chrome Plater (Aerospace) £25K Bournemouth Poole: 253-257 HighChrome Street North find success with Understand Aerospace specification a rience find preferred, contactUnderstand with livestock. success with Aerospace specification and drawing requirements recruitment ment Bournemouth: 212 Old Christchurch Rd


CIDER FROM ÖSTERLEN Discover Sweden’s Craft Cider in Bournemouth’s best bars •

briska is a 4.5% Premium Imported Swedish Cider

Available in draught Pear and packaged Apple, Pear and Pomegranate.



Pomegranate @briskacider Please contact Proof Drinks on [020 7737 7995] or at for more information on stocking briska Swedish Cider


87 | upraw



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