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 poisoning Sources, Symptoms, Testing & Treatment

poisoning Sources, Symptoms, Testing & Treatment / Introduction


Chapter 1: Have you been exposed to mercury? Sources & Symptoms


Are You Exposed to Mercury poisoning... from dental amalgams, eating fish and/or vaccinations? 1. What about other Heavy Metal Exposure? 2. Common Symptoms of Toxic exposure. 3. What is mercury and methylmercury? 4. How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration - Video Exposure from Air 1. What about the Quality of our Air? 2. Where Our Power Comes From 3. Coal-Fired Power Plants Creating Pollution Exposure from Food 1. What about our Food? 2. To learn more about Fish & Mercury Exposure from Vaccinations - Have you ever been vaccinated? 1. Vaccines Containing Thimerosal  2. Does Thimerosal in Vaccinations cause Autism 3. The government cover-up! 4. How much Mercury has your child received from vaccines? 5. Read the final chapter to find out how you can start getting toxic Mercury out of the cells of your body and the cells of your children's bodies.

Chapter 2: It’s Not Just Mercury… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

What about other Heavy Metals? Canada’s Chemical Reaction Body Burden Study finds "Unborn babies soaked in chemicals" Canada’s Toxic Kids: Pollutants Contaminate Children’s Bodies Lead, Cadmium, and now Arsenic in Seattle School Water Find the symptom… and the associated toxin! An average of 91 heavy metals, toxins, and carcinogenic compounds exist in each person throughout the world.


poisoning Sources, Symptoms, Testing & Treatment / Chapter 3: The Solution


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This is all pretty depressing, what can I do? Make healthy choices: 1-12 Cellular cleanse Zeolite Testing “The results of research on zeolite are very impressive” By Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., 7. Nanotechnology patches

Chapter 4: Have you ever been vaccinated?


Chapter 5: What about other Heavy Metals?


Chapter 6: This is all pretty depressing, what can I do?


1. Make healthy choices 2. Breath clean air, drink purified water, eat organic food, and think positive thoughts. Laugh a lot….. it cleanses the body and soul! 3. Do a cleanse, whole body cleanses and cellular cleanses. 4. Exercise….get aerobic ….stimulate your Lymphatic System

Chapter 7: Questions and Answers


Have you been Exposed to Mercury poisoning?... from dental amalgam fillings, eating fish and/or vaccinations?

chapter one

If you answer yes to any one of these areas, you have already had significant exposure. Mercury from Dental Amalgams Your Dentist backed by the American Dental Association (ADA) may be telling you that under no circumstances will Mercury leak from the Amalgam Fillings that are in your mouth. See for yourself, a picture is worth a thousand words. Click on the link below:

Watch this revealing video on mercury vapor release: By The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology Do what ever you can do to view this presentation! This may be the single most important information you ever receive.  If for some reason you can not view this video, know that the picture above is an extracted tooth with a 25 year old Amalgam Filling as seen against a phosphorescent screen.   The picture shows the Mercury vapor that is released under different conditions, such as drinking warm drinks, chewing crunchy foods etc.  If the vapor can be seen, it is 100,000 times more than the allowable levels for Mercury by the EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency) to be present in the air we breathe.  That’s right! Nestled right there in your mouth, a time bomb. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) have called for a moratorium on the use of mercury-leaking fillings. They also caution patients about the careless removal of old mercury/silver fillings. If the proper patient protection protocols are not followed, everyone present, including the patient, the assistant and the dentist, will be exposed to high levels of poisonous mercury vapor gas.

Mercury and Heavy Metals Poisoning | Page 4

What about other Heavy Metal Exposure? • What is your air quality? • What is your water quality? • What is your food quality? ”The World Health Organization reports that the amount of mercury absorbed daily by the average human body is 0.3 micrograms (mcg) from water and air, 2.61 mcg from fish, and 17 mcg from dental amalgams (silver fillings). Uptake of up to 100 mcg daily has been observed in extreme cases. Research points out that mercury vapor are 80% absorbed into the blood, and that in animal studies; mercury vapor goes directly from the nose to the brain, following nasal nerve pathways. Amalgam fillings release mercury for as long as 70 years. Someone with 8 amalgams could release 120 mcg into the saliva per day.

The maximum allowable by the EPA is less than 0.1 mcg per kilogram of body weight per day, to be absorbed into the human body.”

Did You Know?

167 toxic compounds have been found in the blood and urine of adult Americans. •76 cause cancer •82 affect the lungs •86 affect hormones •94 are toxic to the nervous system

Common Symptoms of Toxic exposure. • Feeling tired, overweight, PMS & menopausal hormones run amok? • Challenges with memory retention, digestive disorders? • Pre-cancerous indications or suffering with a disease? • This is not just aging!  This is toxic Overload - accelerating the aging process! Mercury and Heavy Metals Poisoning | Page 5

What about the Quality of our Air?

chapter two

Another huge source of Mercury exposure comes from the burning of Coal for generating electricity. There are thousands of coal burning power plants in the USA and around the world. A significant by-product of burning coal is the production of Mercury. This Mercury is exhausted into the air and contaminates not only the air we breathe, but the water we drink and the food we eat. This same Mercury that is produced as a by-product of coal burning concentrates up the food chain and becomes highly concentrated in certain fish.

“Approximately 75 tons of mercury is found in the coal delivered to power plants each year and about two thirds of this mercury is emitted to the air, resulting in about 50 tons being emitted annually. This 25ton reduction is achieved in the power plant boilers and through existing pollution controls such as fabric filters (for particulate matter), scrubbers (for SO 2) and SCRs (for NOx). As more scrubbers and SCRs are installed to comply with the Clean Air Interstate Rule and other regulations, mercury emissions are expected to decrease.This multi-pollutant approach is central to the Agency's plan to reduce mercury from power plants.� (As quoted on the EPA Website): Get more facts about Coal Power Plants: See what the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency says:

Mercury and Heavy Metals Poisoning | Page 6

Dirty Coal Power “We all use electricity in our daily lives, almost without thinking about it -- turning on the lights, listening to the radio, and using computers. If we stopped and learned about the energy we use, we would encounter some shocking realities about the impacts of the energy production process on the environment and our health. Where Our Power Comes From With all the amazing technological advancements over the last century, one thing that has not changed very much is our reliance on fossil fuels, in particular, dirty coal to generate electricity. More than half of the electricity generated in the United States comes from coal.  As the producer of the largest share of our nation's energy, coalfired plants are also some of the dirtiest. Coal-Fired Power Plants Creating Pollution Many older coal-fired power plants have enjoyed a loophole in the Clean Air Act, allowing them to avoid modernizing with pollution controls. As a result, as many as 600 existing power plants are between 30-50 years old and are up to 10 times dirtier than new power plants built today.  When the Clean Air Act was proposed, this loophole was included to get it passed because Congress assumed that newer plants would come into compliance with the Clean Air Act standards and soon replace the older more polluting plants. For a variety of reasons, including efforts to heavily subsidize coal, this has not happened. Therefore, we are now faced with a disproportionate amount of pollution coming from these old, dirty, under-controlled plants. It concentrates up the food chain and is found in extremely high levels in certain commonly eaten fish.”

Mercury and Heavy Metals Poisoning | Page 7

 The information from this fish guide comes from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration websites. Do No (Highest Mercury) Grouper Mackerel King Shark Swordfish Tilefish (Gulf of Mexico)

Avoid (Less than three 6 oz. servings a month) Bass (Saltwater, Sea/ Striped/Rockfish) Bluefish Croaker White (Pacific) Halibut Lobster (Northern/ American) Mackerel Spanish (Gulf of Mexico) Marlin Orange Roughy Scorpionfish Tuna (Canned, Albacore) Tuna (Fresh/Frozen)

Eat Sparingly (less than six 6 oz. servings a month)

Low in Mercury (eat in moderation)

Buffalofish Carp Mackerel Spanish (S. Atlantic) Monkfish Perch (freshwater) Sablefish Sheepshead Skate Snapper Tilefish (Atlantic) Tuna (Canned, Light) Weakfish (Sea Trout)

Anchovies Butterfish Catfish Clams Cod Crab (Blue/King/ Snow) Crawfish Croaker (Atlantic) Flounder Haddock Hake Herring Jacksmelt Lobster (Spiny) Mackerel Atlantic (N. Atlantic) Mackerel Chub (Pacific) Mullet Oysters Perch Ocean Pickerel Plaice Pollock Salmon (Canned) Salmon (Fresh/ Frozen) Sardine Scallops Shad (American) Shrimp Sole Squid Tilapia Trout (Freshwater) Whitefish Whiting

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The categories in this guide are determined according to the mercury levels found in tested fish: • • • •

Do Not Eat: More than .55 parts per million Avoid: 0.26 to 0.54 parts per million Eat Sparingly: 0.12 to 0.25 parts per million Low in Mercury: Less than 0.12 parts per million

To find out specific fish advisories in your state, visit: To learn more about Fish & Mercury:

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Have you ever been vaccinated?

chapter four

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn MD, pediatrician..."immunization against relatively harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases"

Mercury In Baby Vaccines Is Linked To Autism The Scotsman 3/01/03… “MERCURY, one of the most dangerous substances known to man, is being used in a series of infant vaccines in spite of a warning from NHS advisers that its use as a cheap preservative "may be toxic" to babies aged less than six months.” “A report from NHS scientists has indicated that Thimerosal is not only dangerous to infants, but also to the unborn child if contained in products used by pregnant women.” If you're worried your child could have autism, specific behaviors that should be discussed with a GP include: • Babies who aren't babbling by 12 months • Babies who aren't gesturing (pointing, waving etc) by 12 months • Babies who aren't saying any single words by the age of 16 months

Mercury and Heavy Metals Poisoning | Page 10

Does Thimerosal in Vaccinations cause Autism? A compelling investigation by Action News in Michigan…For mercury/autism links see this video:

You decide from the evidence put forth. A must see for any pregnant mother deciding on vaccinating her child. Watch this movie:

“The incidence of autism has increased from 1 in 10,000 in the 1970’s to 1 in 150 today, an increase of over 6,000%. Many more children have been diagnosed with other neurodevelopment disorders all considered to be on the same spectrum i n c l u d i n g Asperser’s, ADHD/ ADD, speech delay, and many other developmental delays and learning

“…research indicated a direct exposure of k n o w n i n c re a s i n g autism.”

studies that link between the mercury, a widely neurotoxin, and the incidences of

Mercury and Heavy Metals Poisoning | Page 11

 DEADLY IMMUNITY Published on Thursday, June 16, 2005 by “When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed to conceal the data and to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic.” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Vaccines or immunizations are recommended for every child born in the United States. Vaccinations shouldn't hurt a child but sometimes they do.  Before your child takes the risk, find out what it is. Find out how you can start getting toxic Mercury out of the cells of your body and the cells of your children's bodies - Read the final chapter of this eBook... Mercury and Heavy Metals Poisoning | Page 12


mercury and heavy metals poisoning. Sources, Symptoms, Testing & Treatment