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Greenfields Primary School NEWSLETTER NO. 16 3 November 2010

Together We Grow PRINCIPAL'S PEN Dear Parents, Carers and Friends, The term is progressing along quickly and there are still quite a few events coming up (P & C Quiz Night, Interschool Dance Sport competition, Super 8s Cricket competition, School Fete, End of Year Book Award Assembly and the Year 7 Graduation Ceremony and Dinner). Teachers and students have been working hard in preparation for the Parent Open Afternoon which was held today. We thank all those parents who spent time having a look at their child’s classroom and the various work they have been doing. CLASS ORGANISATION FOR 2011 Planning for next year’s classes will begin soon. Sometimes parents have requests for the placement of their child or children. Where requests are made, they should be based on educational factors and put in writing to Mr Clarke. They will be considered in conjunction with other factors necessary in forming classes. We cannot guarantee that requests will be met as there are many factors to consider when forming classes. Requests should be submitted no later than 1pm Friday 26 November. Late requests will not be considered. Once class lists are formed there is little likelihood of change, unless the school needs to re-structure during the year due to increased enrolments. Classes are difficult to organize and fluctuation in numbers often means that changes have to be made at the last minute. Multi-level classes are nearly always necessary and next year will be no exception. Multi-level classes offer no educational disadvantage to children. In fact, modern research indicates that there are significant social and educational benefits to be derived from this type of arrangement. This Saturday one of our teachers, Ms Deb Nichols is getting married to Paul Hulme. On behalf of the school community we wish Deb and Paul a wonderful day and life together. Cheers

Kevin Clarke Principal

IMPORTANT DATES TERM 4 WEEK 4 Wednesday 3 November Wednesday 3 November Friday 5 November Saturday 6 November

Make Tracks 2 School Yrs 5 to 7 Parent Open Afternoon 1 to 4pm Assembly Room 7 P & C Quiz Night

WEEK 5 Tuesday 9 November School Banking 8:30 - 8:50am Tuesday 9 November Interschool Dance Sport Comp. Wednesday 10 November Make Tracks 2 School Yrs 5 to 7 WEEK 6 Tuesday 16 November Tuesday 16 November Wednesday 17 November Friday 19 November Friday 19 November

School Banking 8:30 - 8:50am Year 7 Vaccinations Make Tracks 2 School Yrs 5 to 7 Assembly Room 9 Super 8 Crickets Competition

ABSENT FROM SCHOOL A reminder to all parents/guardians that a written or verbal explanation must be provided for all absences. The school has a reminder process and will issue an “Absentee From School” letter for any unexplained absence. These are sent home with students every Monday. Please complete and return the form on Tuesday. To reduce the issue of reminders, it would be greatly appreciated if parents provide a written explanation or phone the school office on 9581 1976. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. John Wiggers Deputy Principal

TERM DATES 2010 Term 4 Tuesday 12 October Thursday 16 December

WEEKS 1 TO 4 LIVING VALUE IS “ H U M I L I T Y ” Humility is staying easy and light inside Humility goes together with self respect Humility is when I know why I’m wonderful but I don’t brag or show off A humble person can stay happy inside while listening to others Humility means I behave well while I wait my turn

P & C QUIZ NIGHT To purchase tickets please contact Helen Myers in the School Canteen on 9535 1898 or 0439031867 Date: Saturday 6 November 2010 Tables: Maximum 10 people per table Cost: $10.00 per person Time: Doors open 6pm, questions start 7pm Venue: Mandurah Bowling Club, Allnut Street Mandurah Bowling Club is a Licensed Venue NO BYO

$5 CANTEEN VOUCHER BREAKFAST CLUB NEWS Congratulations to the following students who received “Best Helper” Certificates for their behaviour at Breakfast Club. Sammi Bradfield - Room 2 Peta Bennell - Room 6 Peta Jones - Room 4 Mel Wozencroft - Room 2 Leigh Radis - Room 7 Jordan Barnes - Room 5 Bella Radis - Room 13 Nicholas DeJong - Room 14

Congratulations to Sabastian McKay from Room 9 for winning the $5 Canteen Voucher by returning the slip from the 20 October edition of our school newsletter. You too can win - just complete the slip in this Newsletter and get mum or dad to sign it for you. Then put the slip in the box provided in the School Office. Good Luck !!!!

CANTEEN NEWS We really need a Volunteer for Wednesdays to help in the Canteen, so if you can help out please see Helen Myers. Thank you.

AUSSIE OF THE MONTH AWARD This award recognises personal endeavour, achievement and contributions to the school community. Each student receives a Certificate and an ice-cream voucher from the Canteen. Congratulations to the September winner -

Alice Galloway - Year 4 Room 7

Congratulations to the following students who received Honour Certificates at our last Assembly. Our next Assembly will be held on Friday 5 November and will be hosted by Mrs Cooper’s Room 7 class. Room 1

Lorissa Gutjahr (GOLD)

Room 6

Room 2

Sophie Holway Dana Peel (GOLD)

Room 7

Room 3

Jaspreet Singh (GOLD)

Room 4

Damien Martin

Room 5

Room 11

Seth Collyer Sebastian Spozetta

Owen Leworthy Ethan White

Room 12

Sonique Challen Jonathan Radis Arizona Forbes (GOLD)

Room 8

Kyle Hodges Taylor Chilcott

Room 13

Blake Enniss Riley Miles

Room 9

Shannon Chirgwin Ayla Hayes

Room 14

Hunter Walsh (GOLD) Corey Acton Hayley Pegg

Room 10 Tia Raymond Ziannay Morgan

Greenfields Primary School has registered for “MAKE TRACKS 2 SCHOOL”, an exciting walking and cycling program for students in Years 5 to 7. The program aims to encourage children and their families to walk and cycle to school more often in Term 4. Teachers will be using classroom and at-home activities before and during MAKE TRACKS 2 SCHOOL to promote the wide range of benefits that can be gained from walking and cycling. All students participating in this fun activity should have returned their completed parent/guardian consent form to their Class Teacher.

TERM DATES FOR 2011 Term 1

Wednesday 2 February to Tuesday 19 April

Term 2

Thursday 5 May to Friday 8 July

Term 3

Tuesday 26 July to Friday 30 September

Term 4

Tuesday 18 October to Wednesday 14 December

COMMUNITY NOTICES CLAN PARENTING WORKSHOPS FOR TERM 4 PHONE 9581 5595 TO MAKE A BOOKING “How to Talk so Kids Will Listen” - A 2 session course designed to help improve your communication with your children, offering supportive, friendly & effective ways to solve issues. Wed 10 & 17 November. 9:30am - 12noon. Pinjarra. “Happy Parents, Happy Kids” - All parents want their children to be happy & this workshop will help find out how to get a lot more of out of life & as a result, help your children flourish. Tues 23 & 30 November. 9:30am - 12noon. Halls Head. SURFING EVENT DAYS - “BOYS HAVE A GO SURF DAY” Surfing Australia & the Department of Sport & Recreation are encouraging children to try new & innovative sports to help children to develop healthier life style choices. This even is specially designed for boys to try surfing, all equipment is supplied & fully accredited surf coaches.

Included is a 1.5 hour surfing lesson with professional surf coaches. Event is held on 27 November, places are limited so book early - Phone 9524 7671. Cost $30 “RIP CURL GIRLS GO SURFING DAY” - Girls Go Surfing Day is a fantastic opportunity for girls to try surfing in an all girl environment. Included is a 1.5 hour surfing lesson with professional surf coaches & a free Rip Curl showbag. All equipment supplied. Event is held 11, 12 & 18 December. Places limited so book early - Phone 9524 7671. Cost $40 SOCCER - Grasshopper Soccer Program will be conducting an After School program at Greenfields Primary that includes 6 weeks of a non-competitive, skills based soccer program for $60 per child. The program will be on Mondays on the school oval from 3:15pm to 4:15pm starting on 8 November & finishing on 13 December. Please phone 1300 984 587 or email

The topic of this newsletter is: The Power of Positive Parenting Part 2 Adapted from the Positive Parenting Program Creating a safe, interesting environment All children need to feel safe both at home and at school, and know that they have a safe place to go after school. Children require adult supervision – this means knowing where our children are, who they are with and what they are doing at all times. It is important that our children have an interesting environment that provides plenty of opportunities to explore, discover, experiment and develop their skills. Having lots of interesting things to do will stimulate our children’s curiosity as well as their language and intellectual development. It will also keep them busy and active. If they have interesting things to do they are less likely to become bored or to misbehave. When children live in a safe, interesting environment it means that we can be more relaxed as parents, and our child can keep busy and develop their skills without the risk of being hurt. Below are some tips for teaching our children about safety: Teaching road safety rules – children up to about 9 years old do not have the skills to be safe in traffic. Many children have difficulty judging speed and distance and concentrate for only short periods of time. It is important to work out the safest way to school and to make sure that they are supervised when they go to and from school.

Provide safety equipment – provide appropriate clothing and safety equipment for all their activities. For example, make sure they wear a safety helmet when they ride their bike, skateboard or horse and that they know safe places where they can ride. Be safety conscious near schools – It is often very busy around schools when we drop or pick up our children. Remember the Stop – Drop – Go Motto. It is important that they get out of the car on the footpath side, not be let out in an unsafe place and we should try not to stay too long. If we confirm pick up arrangements before we leave for school it will save time when we drop them off. Teaching them about personal safety – It is vital that we teach our children about the danger of talking to strangers. Teach hem never to go with, or accept anything from, someone they do not know. We ought to talk about what to do if they feel unsafe at any time, such as when someone wants them to do something they are not comfortable with. Discuss with them about how to find a dependable person to talk to, such as a trusted relative, neighbour, teacher, chaplain or friend. If you would like to discuss this, or require any information, please contact me. I am readily available at school on Mondays, until the end of this term. Alternatively you may like to contact the school office on 9581 1976 to make an appointment.

Teaching our children road safety rules is vitally important. Encourage them to look, listen and think about traffic.

Get Mum or Dad to complete the slip below for a chance to win a $5 canteen voucher. Place slips in the box provided in the School Office. Greenfields Primary School Newsletter 3 November 2010 Name ………………………………………… Rm


Parent/Guardian Signature ………………………...

Sue Talbert School Chaplain

QUIZ NIGHT DONATIONS We are collecting prizes for the Quiz Night & are asking each family in our school community to donate an item or service, to be used as prizes. Donations can be put in the baskets which are in each classroom or taken to the School Canteen between 8:30am & 1pm. Thank you.

SCHOOL ENROLMENT 2011 PARENTS: If your children are leaving Greenfields Primary School at the end of the school year, could you please complete the form below and return it to the office as soon as possible. THANK YOU Child's Name: __________________________ Yr _____ Rm ____ New School ______________________ Child's Name: __________________________ Yr _____ Rm ____ New School ______________________ Child's Name: __________________________ Yr _____ Rm ____ New School ______________________ This does not include Year 7 students entering high school next year.


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