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Proposal of Articles of Agreement

§ 1 Aims and objectives The aim is to make the dance trade and dance field bigger, stronger and better by being an interactive democratic platform for Swedish dance. The Dance trade is all who create, distribute, present, finance, research, study and educate within dance. The Dance field is the dance trade plus all who practice, write about, watch, criticise, publicise, document, archive, manage, are interested in and develop dance in Sweden. Interactive means that the initiative, commitment and activities of the members are the foundation of the organisation’s work, The organisation shall work for equality, equal opportunities, participation and co-determination rights for all members. The organisation shall: 1. Through its members identify the most important political, social and artistic issues to strengthen and develop Swedish dance. 2. Strengthen the knowledge and capacity of the members and work to give them power to affect their own situation. 3. Work for increased mobility and participation in a national and global perspective. 4. Work for increased contact, communication, solidarity and community between members. 5. Counter any excluding, separating and homogenising mechanisms. I e internally and externally acknowledge and support new, smaller, not acknowledged tendencies, activities, groups, networks and minorities. 6. Further the competence of the members and their surrounding partners. 7. Work for increased contacts with other areas and art fields. 8. Work for articulation and critical reflection through developing many different languages for dance, e g ways of speaking, writing and expressing oneself amongst other things. 9. Support members to participate and be heard in public talks and debates. 10. Assess and develop the organisation by welcoming internal and external criticism, to attain the biggest possible fairness, participation, commitment and development.

§ 2 Purpose The organisation shall work as a collective voice for the Swedish professional dance community. The organisation shall create and own the Swedish Dance Information Office. The organisation shall create open arenas for discussions, contacts, mobilisation and joint actions for Swedish dance.

Proposal for Articles of agreement  

This document shows part of the proposal for Articles of agreement for the new organisation. Please feedback here: http://uppstart.etherpad....

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