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Upp-Starts Nursery & Pre-School Prospectus

Contents Welcome to Upp-Starts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-5 Early years foundation stage . . . . . . . . 9-12 Every child matters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Our fantasic groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-14 Learning through play . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-9

Welcome to Upp-Starts A warm welcome to Upp-Starts Nursery and

Our aim is to provide a safe, happy and


stimulating environment for your child where they are able to learn, play and develop

Upp-Starts Nursery are dedicated to the

through the highest quality care. In 2007

needs of our children and parents. We hope

we were proud to be accredited with the

that this is reflected in our high standard of

‘Rutland Quality Assurance Scheme Award’

communication with you.

in recognition of our very high standards of

We want to ensure that you have every


opportunity to contact us whenever you

If you would like to know more

need to via telephone or e-mail, or face-to-

about Upp-Starts Nursery

face at open days, parent evenings and at

call us on

the nursery.

01572 821210 or e-mail Our policy is one of Equality and Diversity for children and staff. This policy is fully set out in our policies booklet and includes children with Special Educational Needs. We are situated in a secluded corner of the Uppingham Community College grounds. 1

While enjoying a quiet and convenient location, children in our care are also able to benefit from some of the wider amenities offered by the College. For example, the safe outdoor playing fields for the more energetic activities and games. All food, including any special dietary needs, is prepared and cooked on site. We are able to accommodate a maximum of 32 children at any one time, including a total of 12 Under 2’s

of the local community and adult learners

who have their own separate room. Upp-Starts




using the College facilities. We aim to making

break-even financially, including limited

organisation which operates for the benefit

funds for the continued development of the setting. We are dedicated to taking the best

Did you know?

care of your child.

We have banned the use of mobile phones with digital equipment within the nursery, but for emergencies and outings we supply our staff with mobiles that have no recording equipment.

Our Team We believe that our highly qualified and experienced team is Upp-Starts’ most

All Upp-Starts personnel have an enchanced CRB. This is currently the highest level of checking available. New staff must have two employment references checked before starting at the nursery and we can ask for additional educational references where applicable.

valuable asset. Every individual within the childcare team has achieved relevant qualifications, with most at level 3 plus. All members of staff are trained in paediatric first aid.

All adults collecting children from the nursery will have to be nominated and identified beforehand and will need to quote an agreed password.

Staffing ratios conform to National Day


by Kathryn Pullan with Jo De-Bar as her

Care Standards and are as follows:


under 2 years - 1 adult to 3 children

Our Facilities

2-3 years - 1 adult to 4 children

Our bright and homely building, which

3-5 years - 1 adult to 8 children

was opened in August 2000, has a warm

The Staff are actively encouraged to

family atmosphere and offers a caring but

pursue personal development programmes. Training is on-going to ensure that everyone is up to date with the latest thinking and practice in childcare. Occasionally, we provide valuable and practical work experience



students from local colleges. Students are not included in our staff ratios and are supervised by qualified staff at all times. They represent welcome additional individual support for your children.

stimulating environment for all children in

The Upp-Starts team is led and managed

our care. Safety is our utmost priority. The facility is self-contained with the building,

Did you know?

external development areas and garden

All of our permanent nursery staff hold a recognised childcare qualification. Currently have Ofsted Outstanding rating. Is a member of the NDNA.

being surrounded by a wooden fence. External doors are secure and locked at all times. 3

Our outdoor area has cushioned flooring,

is able to gain access to the building unless

for added safety. We have a learning

admitted by a member of staff. Outside

environment outside and in. The garden area

activities are fully supervised at all times.

includes a water wall, climb through tunnel,

All members of the Upp-Starts team and

sandpit and pulley system, creative and

anyone else who is authorised to work with

building areas plus a table for digging.

them, in any capacity at any time, have

Fire & Safety

received the necessary police clearance to do so. This is a standard legal requirement.

The safety of your child is our top priority.

If you ask someone other than yourself to

The Upp-Starts building and perimeter

collect your child, we ask for a password

fence are designed to ensure that children

from you. This is recorded in our ‘Collections

are free to move around without being able

Book’ to ensure that we hand them over

to unlock external doors or gates. No one

safely to the authorised person only. The Upp-Starts building complies with all fire regulations, as do others nearby. In the unlikely event of a fire, all staff have been trained to carry out fire procedures including




assembly points. We do regular training, practice drills and risk assessments.

Opening Times Upp-Starts is open 51 weeks of the year from Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 6.00pm. We are closed between Christmas and New Year and on all other Bank Holidays.


Secure perimeters around the nursery and all exits are controlled.

We offer full time day care; morning (8.00am to 1.00pm) or afternoon (1.00pm

Strict entry procedures with secure door entry.

to 6.00pm) sessions and also more flexible hours are available by prior arrangement.

All equipment used is suitable and safe for the children. For instance, chairs with metal legs have been replaced throughout with wooden ones.

Drop-in sessions can be accommodated provided that capacity and staffing levels permit.

All toys and equipment are checked regularly for safety. All portable appliances are subject to stringent rountine safety checks.

Every child matters

Before opening, the nursery is checked every day by management for potential safety issues.

Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare forms a large part of our statutory

A fire risk assessment is completed every year for each setting.

responsibilities and covers most of the requirements of our registrations with

Learning through play

Ofsted. Effective child protection is essential to Upp-

Play-Based Curriculum

Starts. The welfare of every child we look after is paramount and everyone (including

Children learn individually and with others

all staff, students, volunteers and visitors) has

through play. We offer our children a play-

a respoinsibility to ensure that any areas of

based curriculum which supports all aspects

concern involving a child who may be at

of their learning and development. It

risk of harm, are recognised and dealt with

encourages their in-built curiosity and desire


to make sense of the world around them

We ensure the safety and security of the

and helps them to discover that learning is

premises and equipment by the following

interesting and fun. This is vitally important if


children are going to remain keen learners 5

for the rest of their lives.

The Nursery Environment

Play in a secure environment with effective

We believe that children are active learners

adult support allows the children to

from birth and that if we provide them

explore, investigate and enjoy the learning

with the right environment, support and

experience. We help them to practise and

experiences, it will help to encourage their

develop ideas, concepts and skills in a

curiosity, imagination and creativity. We also

unique and non-threatening way, without

need to ensure that we stimulate each child

fear or failure.

emotionally and intellectually by providing

We deliver both the Birth to Three Curriculum

the best circumstances to promote active

and the Curriculum for Excellence in a number


of ways through:

We have designed our nursery environments to be cosy and exciting and they are

construction and small world play treasure baskets that contain a variety of different objects to help stimulate babie’s senses

Did you know? Sand play enables children to create different worlds and act out their own experiences. They learn about weight and volume and can practice mark-making, thereby developing early writing skills. Using chalks, crayons, pencils, paints and other mediums with many different types of paper, envelopes and card, children can learn to mark-make. This can be extended into role-play and they learn the benefits of writing for a purpose by becoming secretaries, postal workers, waiters or police officers. They learn to express their thoughts and record their experiences. By using role play and dressing up, children learn more about the world. They develop new vocabulary and social acceptance and understanding or other backgrounds and cultures and develop life skills for the future. They can experiment in an adult world by exploring familiar scenes and develop relationships with other children.

large and fine motor skills and experiences literacy and numeracy skills role play and imaginative opportunities water, sand and malleable experiences stories, ryhmes and songs mark-making - the marks that children make through a range of media, such as paint, water, sand, pencils and the meanings they give them creative workshops outdoor opportunities exploring and investigating science and nature dance, music and sensory experiences 6

and linked to the Birth to Three Curriculum or Curriculum for Excellence which allows for every child’s individual development to be monitored and their progress recorded in their individual Learning Journal. This is a record of your child’s interests, significant achievements and development throughout their time with us and we encourage you to access your child’s journal at any time. Planning for your child will consist off:

Significant observations

structured in such a way as to promote a child’s independence, decision-making and

These can be significant moments that have

problem solving.

been observed either at nursery or within

Observation, Recording


the home environment. The Key Person, other


team members, parents, grandparents or anyone else in contact with your child can

We believe that careful planning is required

contribute and they are detailed obervations

to ensure that play is of a high quality. A

of the play and experiences your child

Key person (member of staff) is assigned to

engages in.

your child to ensure that they are engaging


in the right kind of activities. This helps to





plan future experiences and opportunities to build you child’s knowledge, skills and

These focus on your child’s particular interests

abilities which will lead to new learning and

based on the observations made by the Key


Person and yourselves. It is this information that helps the Key Person to plan experiences

Observations of each child are evaluated 7

Partnership with Parents

that support the interests and future learning of your child.

We believe that parents are the primary

Key Person

educators of their children and should be

Research has shown that a Key Person

centrally involved in their child’s experiences

approach is the most effective way of

and development.

ensuring that children develop a strong

Effective communication means there is a

relationship with a significant adult in the

two-way flow of information, knowledge

nursery. The Key Person approach gives


every child the reassurance to feel secure

staff. Staff are always available to give

and cared for, helping them to become

feedback about your child’s day and talk

familiar with the nursery environment and to

about significant events with you.

feel confident and safe within it. We recognise every child’s individuality, efforts and achievements and believe that relationships between adults and children are crucial for the child’s happiness and security. The Key Person meets the needs of each child in their care and responds sensitiviely to their feelings, ideas and behaviour.

Did you know? Children can explore and investigate with water play; learning new words such as float, sink, splash, pour, hot, cold and squirt. They discover the transparent properties of water and find out its many uses including drinking, washing, bubbling, floating and sinking. 8






table manners. The Pre-School children help to set the tables beforehand and act

We provide wholesome ‘home cooked’

as table monitors during the meals. Serving

meals and snacks from our kitchen each

the other children and helping to clear away

day for every child. Fees include all food.

afterwards encourages the development of

Daily menus are displayed on the parents’

social skills, numeracy and independence.

noticeboard. We guarantee that, if your child is with us

Early years foundation stage

the whole day, he or she will receive the recommended ‘five-a-day’ portion of fruit and vegetables.

‘Striving for Excellence’

‘Snack Time’ involves a snack bar during morning and afternoon sessions, providing

As with all registered childcare and other

fresh fruit and water. Each child has a snack

educational establishments, Upp-Starts is

photo card which lists any special dietary

subject to regular inspections by Ofsted

needs on the back, as agreed with parents.

(registration no. 260841). This ensures that

Every child chooses when they wish to come

acceptable standards of care and education

over for their snack. We also have a snack


time helper who helps to



that we fully conform with

prepare the snacks, including

childcare regulations.

washing fruit and spreading

We hold the Rutland Quality


Assurance Scheme Award

Lunch and tea times are relaxed



which took over two years


to achieve. The standards

Our staff sit and eat with

required were above and

the children to encourage conversation


beyond those required by


Ofsted. As mentioned earlier, 9

we also hold healthy eating setting status.

an Early Years degree. It also creates the

Thanks to our hardworking and dedicated

opportunity to offer limited training courses

team you, as parents, can therefore be

for parents. In the past we have organised

confident of the very highest quality

free ‘Paediatric First Aid’ courses and

childcare at Upp-Starts.

‘Treasure Baskets’ for the under 2’s. There may be courses available to both our staff

We’ve also qualified to share in what is

and our parents in the future. Approach a

known as the ‘Transformation Fund’. This

member of staff if you are interested.

government fund is set up to support staff

Working Together

development and working with parents. It enables our team to continue their professional



As parents, you are the primary carers and


educators of your child. Working together

For example, a member of the team has

enables us to provide a happy and stable environment for him or her while in our care. Any information that you share with us, which may enhance our understanding of your child, is greatly appreciated and treated with the utmost respect. The information that we request is extremely important. Any changes in health or medical conditions, home and work addresses and telephone numbers are obviously essential. Please update us as soon as any changes occur so that we are able to contact you quickly, especially in case of an emergency. We are happy to continue routines that you follow at home e.g. potty training. This provides consistency and avoids confusion 10

for your child. Communication with parents

wish. Please feel free to share your skills

and involving you on a daily basis through

and knowledge with the children e.g. music,

informal conversations with staff is a priority.

foreign languages, gardening, baking etc.

We also use a range of other communication

Supporting Learning with the Best Staff

media. These include diaries in the ‘Butterfly Room’, white boards in the main room, a

We want our nursery to be the best, which

parents’ noticeboard in the entrance area,

is why attracting and retaining the best

regular newsletters and open days/evenings.

staff is paramount. Our staff are crucial in

Periodically, we distribute questionnaires and

providing a memorable nursery experience

comment slips which ask for your feedback

and our aim is to offer them the best training

and ideas about Upp-Starts.

opportunities to support our childcare and

We greatly appreciate the support which we

education philosophy.

receive from parents, including contributions

Our nursery staff are focused on providing fun and education, and they will work to ensure your child develops as an individual, whilst helping to nurture




through discovery and enjoyment. We expect all our staff to engage in skillful and sensitive interactions to support a child’s learning. This ensures that play opportunities, to your child’s development records. Our

resources and interactions indoors and

door is always open to you. You are welcome

outdoors are appropriate to the level of

to come with us on trips and outings and to

competence and maturity of the child.

join in our daily activities as and when you

Play Equipment 11

These are just some of our carefully chosen

that staff are able to record daily events

play equipment that has been found

for your child, especially developmental

to stimulate a child’s natural curiosity,

progress. Just as importantly, we will record

exploration, play and imagination.

sleeping times, feeding details and other

Treasure Baskets Developing natural curiosity Physical Play Increasing mobility and confidence Role Play Understanding the world Mark-Making Developing early writing skills and creativity activities to share with you. Equally, we welcome feedback about your child’s time

Our fantastic groups

at home. These personal diaries build into a special keepsake for the years to come.


Daily activities for the older children in the

under 2’s

‘Butterfly Room’ are planned around the Early Years Foundation Stage, including

The ‘Butterfly Room’ has capacity for babies

drawing and painting, water/sand play and

at any one time and includes a separate,

exploring the outdoors. Play activities also

fully equipped sleeping room. We have

take place outside in the garden during the

three regular members of staff assigned to

warmer weather.

the ‘Butterfly Room’ to ensure continuity for

Each child has their own developmental

the children.


We ask parents to provide a diary so 12




photographs which chart their progress.

are plenty of outside activities, including


use of the tennis courts for cycling and ‘push

2-3 years

along’ fun, and the playing fields for picnics and nature walks.

The ‘Squirrels’ group occupies part of the

‘Busy Bees’

main room. The children’s daily activities

3-5 years Pre-School Group

are also planned using the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is designed to

The ‘Busy Bees’ Pre-School Group is

ensure that children develop their potential

also located in the main room which can

in six key areas of learning. Focused activity

accommodate up to 20 children at the same

sessions are planned every day to increase


individual capabilities in


The Pre-School Group



areas. Developmental




members of staff who

records are kept for

possess a wealth of

your child and are

Level 6 experience

available for you to

with the Early Years

see at any time.

Foundation Stage. The

The daily routine for


the ‘Squirrels’ involves

are planned around

free playtime, arts

the ‘Six Key Areas of


Learning’, as set out in




outdoor activities and song/rhyme time.

the next section. These are recorded in EYFS

Themed play boxes are changed daily


to encourage imagination and creativity,

Daily observations are recorded in each

cooking activities and also visits to the

child’s Personal Development Book and

College’s Community Lounge. The Lounge is

these are used as the basis for planning the

used for music and movement sessions. There

following week’s programme. This enables 13

vegetable patch.

us to build on the skills that your child acquires

As summer approaches,

as he or she develops,

those who are leaving

or to focus more on

to start Primary School

a particular interest

are able to invite their

which they may have.

Reception teacher to

Each child therefore has





party and in readiness

learning plan to help

for school life, for

them to achieve their development


example, to



getting changed for

Progress is discussed


with you, as parents, on a regular basis.



These activities and others are designed

We have a computer, which is available

to support a smooth transition as your child

everyday to encourage computer skills,

moves on from Upp-Starts.

literacy, numeracy, observation and artistic

We look forward to meeting you and


your child.

Weekly cooking activities are an integral part of our curriculum with all ‘Busy Bees’ joining in. This involves measuring, weighing, mixing, timing and creating pictorial records for personal recipe books. As with the ‘Squirrels’ group, spending time on outdoor activities and making full use of the various facilities is very important. The Pre-School children are in the process of developing our garden and using their ideas to create a 14

call us on

01572 821210 or e-mail

Upp-Star ts Nursery & Pre-sc hool Uppingham Comm unity College London Road Uppingham Rutland LE15 9TJ

UppStarts Nursery Prospectus  
UppStarts Nursery Prospectus  

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