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Newsletter: May 2010

Uniform ‘Advance Notice’

will wear a blazer at all times. Students may of course wear the jumper/sweatshirt as well, but MUST wear a blazer. I would prefer Year 11 to have both a jumper and a blazer, as it looks extremely smart, and I know many of them do already have a blazer. However, they will have chosen a special coloured jumper to distinguish them as senior students and I am mindful of the

From the start of the new academic year I would like all students, bar the current Year 10, who will then be Year 11, to have the blazer as a compulsory part of the uniform. Therefore all students, apart from Year 11,


On the 5th of May, the musicians from the College staged a superb spring concert in the Drama Studio. The evening was designed to allow students to perform in ensembles, so there were a wide variety of styles on show. The Concert Band, Choir, Recorder ensemble, Saxophone Group, Made in China (Rock Group) Vocal ensemble, Enrichment group, and a Jazz Quartet were all performing along with one or two solo items. If you missed out on this concert, then I do suggest you look out for any in the future as they really do show the depth of talent we

have here in the College.


PARKING NOTICE - Move down the car park using all available spaces rather than the first you come to. - Arrive after the buses at the end of the day when the large bus lane then becomes available for the safe pick up of students. - Do not collect students from anywhere other than the car park.

FREE COURSE - SUMMER TERM ‘MAKING CHOICES’ Are you interested in a career Childminder. working with Children and Young This course is being run by People? Rutland Adult Learning Service Maybe you are starting out on and is starting on Tuesday 8th your career, returning to work, or June 2010, 9.30am - 12.30am. looking for a change in career? Venue is Oakham.

If you’re interested in doing your DofE, see Mrs Thomas for more information. 

by Mrs Turner

- Use the ‘drop off’ spaces for drop off only.

16 students took part in their ‘Silver Practise Expedition’.

I am sending the information at this time so you can plan for uniform purchases over the summer.

Congratulations are due to We continue to monitor the car Vanessa White. Not only park at the beginning and end did she gain a place in of the day. There are still serious the Regional Finals of the concerns relating to the cars Rotary Club Young Musician picking up and dropping off Contest, she has also won a students at the time the buses Music Scholarship to Oakham are on site. Some drivers are still School. We will miss her Violin stopping in unsuitable places, thus and Clarinet playing, but well creating hazards for other drivers and for the student’s movement done Vanessa. within the car park. Therefore please do the following: by Mr Moffat


cost of extra purchases for their final year.

This is a FREE 15 hour course over 5 weeks, designed as an introduction for anyone thinking about training as a Nursery Assistant, Play Worker, Social Worker, Home Carer, Youth Worker, Teaching Assistant or

For further information, or to enrol please contact the Rutland Adult Learning Office on 01572 771700.


responsible and organise themselves for school, making sure they bring everything required at the start of the day.

A six week course starting on Thursday 10th June 6.30pm to 8.00pm

The number of items and messages being brought in for students has increased With Australian Places are dramatically over recent months. Professional Chef just Whilst we are always willing to ÂŁ20 for the ‘Paul help, the interruption of lessons Starting on course. Bennett’ Thursday 10th June is causing greater disruption not 6.30pm - 8.30pm only to the student involved but is also affecting the learning of Limited Places. Classes will others. Must Be Booked In Advance. be ÂŁ4 or book Contact Joanne Wade on 01572 823631 all six for ÂŁ20 Students need to be more or email on

With this in mind, we are only able to ‘deliver’ items or messages to students during the course of the day if it is an emergency. If a student is aware that items will be brought in, they will then be able to collect them personally from Students Services at break or lunchtime. Thank you for your co-operation.



Yr 7 Parents’ Evening Theme Day Yr 7 Hums Trip to Warwick 11th Cooperative Enterprise Challenge 16th Yr 10 Parents’ Evening 17th Sports Day 21st-25th College Production Week 23rd Yr 9 G&T Day (UCC, CBEC, CC) 24th-25th The Demon Head 25th Yr 8 Multi-cultural G&T Day 29th Rutland Racing F24 Event 30th Induction Day

JULY 1st


Yr 7 Challenge Day Yr 8 Rockingham Festival Yr 9 Industry Trips 2nd Success Assembly 5th-16th Yr 10 Work Experience 10th Family Activity Day 21st Yr 8 Trip to Black Country Museum Yr 7 Day Trip to Boulogne

All 21 candidates for Bronze Arts Award were successful in gaining the qualification. The visiting moderator was so impressed by the work going on at the College that she took copies of some of the work to use as exemplar material in training Arts Awards Advisors across the region.

The year 9 boys team are through to the Rutland and Melton Competition Semi Final after winning the Rutland League. They beat Catmose College in a fairly close game and then managed to outplay CBEC to win by 10 overs.


Deborah Allen, Helena Bennett, Amy Bettis, Sarah Boyd, Agnes Cameron, Rachel Cawte, Catherine Crook, Michelle Daft, Beth Drysdale, Ellen Gregory, Alice Hinton, Will Hughes, Tom Johnson, Henry Jones, Hannah Maguire, Hannah McCreesh, Rhian Owen, Alysia Perera, Becky Porritt, Katy Ross and Natasha Whearity.

A massive thank-you and well done to all Sports Leaders who have led a session this term. So far we have had year 10 students deliver sports sessions to Uppingham C of E students. The Sports Leaders involved in this have been outstanding and deserve much credit. A very special mention must go to Harry Robertson, George Scott and Tom Roberts, who have also helped to coach and umpire the year 9 Cricket team. These three students have given up a lot of their own personal time to do this and have set a great example in doing so. Well done!

At least 13 students have now registered on the Silver and Gold Awards and I hope many of the current Year 9s will take up this opportunity next year.


We are currently reviewing our homework provision here at UCC and are keen to take on board the views of parents/guardians and students as well as that of staff. If you are interested in joining a working party to help review our homework provision I would like to hear from you. My aim is to have two meetings before the Summer Holidays. Please drop me a note via your son/daughter and Student Services or e-mail me directly on: to let me know your interest and contact details. I look forward to hearing from you,

The Year 10 GCSE Drama students perform their Physical Theatre performances on the BADMINTON theme of Teenage Angst to an invited audience on 25th and 27th May This term has seen the first ever in the Drama Studio at Rutland and Melton Badminton 7-8pm. League take place. This is a team event which involves 4 players I’d like to take this playing a mixture of singles and opportunity to invite all doubles against other teams. those who have opted So far, the boys have won one for Drama GCSE next year to come and watch game and lost one, with more as it will be a great fixtures to come. Well done to introduction to the kind Dom Horton, Jonti Brogan, Harry of work involved in the Robertson and George Scott. qualification. by Mr Logan by Mrs Perkins


by Mr Anderson

HARRY Years 7-10 caught ROBERTSON election fever with their

Year 9 Cricket

Congratulations to all of the following students on their achievement:




Carrick duly returned Harry Robertson for the Green Party as the election winner. The Liberal Democrat (Kyle Macleod) was a fairly distant second. Labour (Selorm Lazare) and Conservative (Dan Worthey) each gained about half the votes of the Lib Dems and the UKIP candidate (Pascal Risi) kept his deposit with a respectable 5th place. Well done everyone involved – we had an 84% turnout.

own election. Five Year 10 Students volunteered to represent five different political parties and to present their own interpretation of the parties manifestos. On the day, every form had it’s own ballot box. 8SLB were first to return their ballot box. The count was carried out by year 10 Citizenship students. The presiding officers, Ben Harford and Olli by Mrs Bradley



back row: Kate Grunwald, Megan Wright, Lucy Steward, Rebecca Glover, Ella Brahmachari. front row: Molly King, Fiona Ginn, Charlotte Gregg, Lucy Ginn.

back row: Hannah Gregg, Amelia Grice, Niamh Piggott, Lilly Hives, Holly Johnstone, Francis Salt. front row; Zoe Mitchell, Rebecca Whittlestone.

Newsletter May2010  

College Newsletter - May 2010

Newsletter May2010  

College Newsletter - May 2010