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Uppingham Community College Newsletter: March 2010

Tesco’s & Sainsbury’s Vouchers


t’s that time of year again. The collection boxes are in Student Reception.

Gifted & Talented of Steve Bowkett, a well-liked we writer, gave an interesting kit. and lively talk about his work. Page 3

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NEW PE KIT Due to the success the new uniform, are updating our PE Page 2

‘Wicked’ The Good Witch must have had some dealings with the Apollo Theatre Victoria. Page 7

Lincolnshire and Rutland Work Based Learning


ongratulations!!!! On Thursday March 24th at The Lawns in Lincoln Mrs Wells received, on behalf of UCC, the Award for the School that has Embraced Work Related Learning Most Effectively. And it was presented to her by The Stig no less - (she has the photo to prove it too!) It was a very successful night for UCC as Phoebe Marshall (Year 11) was Highly Recommended in the Individual Finals for the Apprentice of the Year, so well done to her. This is the award that Mark Jefferson won last year and went on to win the National Young Apprentice so we have our fingers crossed for Phoebe.

Science Week Question 1 : What is the shape of our galaxy - the milky way? A) Round Ball B) Doughnut C) Pretzel D) Flat Spiral F eed the C hildren B reakfast 2 L ive A ppeal 2010


hank you to all the Governors, pupils,staff and parents who attended the Feed ‘Culinary Delights’ the Children Breakfast2live event. It was a great success ear 10 Students, Ethan and £100 was raised for the Frisby, Tom Stokes, Jamie charity. We hope to hold a McEwan, display their dishes similar event in the future. cooked during Food Enrichment.

Can you have a friend you don’t like?


Harmony Choir Family Fun The choir sang ‘Bohemian Nearly 50 people took part in Rhapsody’ and ‘California the latest Family Activity Day. Dreaming’ to win the Heat. Page 9 Page 11

Junior Sports Leaders JSLA students have been helping with officiating and planning events so far this year. Page 12



ear parents and guardians, May I begin this newsletter Important Dates by thanking everyone who has April supported the college in its 5th-10th Don Bosco to UCC determination to ensure that all our Term Brgins 19th students, current and future, will be Yr 10 GCSE Drama Frantic Assembly able to access high quality, local 20th Workshops post 16 education. The process has Triangular Athletics KS4 (CC) 22nd not concluded – it is at the stage Yr 10 Exams 29th where representations can still be made to the council – and the college May will continue to press the view that Yr 10 Exams 1st-7th there are better and more viable Yr 11 GCSE French orals 4th-7th options available for consideration 10th-11th Yr 11 GCSE German Orals other than the one being currently Yr 11 GCSE RE (pm) 18th proposed. However we are working Wicked Theatre Trip 19th hard with our Year 11 students to Triangular Athletics KS3 (Corby 20th make sure that each individual is Athletics) able to find the right place for next Yr 11 GCSE Additional Science 21st year, wherever that may be. (Biology) (am) Yr 11 GCSE PE (pm) 21st It has also been a very successful 22nd-30th Yr 9 French Exchange UCC to St term for the college once again. Gildas des Bois We gained the Specialist Schools Family Activity Day (UCC) 22nd and Academies Award for High Yr 10 Physical Theatre Performances Performance for our GCSE results 25th Yr 11 GCSE English Lit (am) 25th and recognition of our commitment Yr 11 GCSE Additional Science 26th to providing vocational courses to the (Chemistry) (am) students who work hard in that area Yr 11 GCSE DT Product Design (pm) has come via our award for ‘The 26th Yr 10 Physical Theatre Performances college in Lincolnshire and Rutland 27th Yr 11 GCSE Additional Science 28th which has embraced work based (Physics) (am) learning’. Thanks go to Mrs Williams and Mrs Wells who organise all the complicated elements of this and New PE KIT I know all the students are very Due to the success of the new uniform, we are grateful to them. Thanks also go taking the opportunity to update our PE kit. In to Mr Duffin who ensured that we order to make it simpler, we have moved to gained a ‘Connecting Classrooms’ items suitable for both boys and girls. The red project with China. This is organised sweatshirt and Rugby top will be discontinued through the British Council and is from September 2010 and a new sports top a very prestigious link which will will be introduced. We have limited stock of the see a number of cultural events discontinued items in the School Shop and will and exchanges with the Chengdu continue to offer them to current students at a province in Szechuan over the next reduced price. All items of PE kit will be available few years, and the teaching of mandarin! from the School Shop when stocks arrive.

once again highlighted an area of great concern. The number of parents’ cars arriving at the end of the day continues to increase and the congestion in the car park and on the Lyddington Road is quite hazardous at times. As students are also trying to walk out of college to find their pick-ups it is a clear Health & Safety issue. The highways department and the police are aware of this and we now have, through the travel plan, a set of actions which will help to alleviate some of the problems. However the problems at the end of the day could be almost completely solved if parents who are collecting by car could arrive 10 minutes after the end of school. The buses will all have gone, students walking home will have gone and the area will be clear for cars to drive round into the bus bay and students waiting for a lift will all be in one place ready. There will therefore be no need to park on the Lyddington Road and entrance to the car park will be swift and easy. The amount of time lost by the 10 minutes will be gained by not getting stuck behind buses or queuing at the junction! I would be grateful if you could follow this advice and help us with the safety of all our students. Finally, a few congratulations! Mrs Duffy has had a baby and we wish her and all her family well. Miss Payne has joined us to take Mrs Duffy’s classes and we hope all goes well for her wedding at Easter. Congratulations to Mrs Wanliss, who has completed her MA, and Mr Knight, his NPQH.

We have also completed our college travel plan which has a two fold effect. Firstly it gives the college £5,000 to spend on resources for the students relating to travel to and from school and around the site. Optional additional items available from school The college council have suggested more water coolers, plastic bottle shop: recycling bins and the provision Tracksuit bottoms - Navy of more shaded areas to sit at I wish you all a happy Easter. Tracksuit top - Navy lunchtime. Secondly the plan looks Skirt - Navy in detail at areas for development JAN TURNER If you would like further information please and this, coupled with our work Principal with the highways department, has contact the College. The NEW KIT will comprise: Polo Top - White/Navy with College logo Sports Top - Navy/light blue with College logo Shorts - Navy Sports Socks - Navy/light blue


Gifted and Talented Workshop


teve Bowkett, a well-liked writer, gave an interesting and lively talk about his work to all of Year 7 on Thursday 25th February. He provided answers to where his ideas are resourced and how he developed his work which inspired the student audience. A number of students stayed behind to ask Steve further questions and were able to purchase copies of his books. A group of Gifted and Talented students attended a workshop with Steve which explored writing techniques. Those students involved expressed a very positive response and felt well equipped to use the skills explored in their English work at UCC. Any student who is interested in further information following this event might wish to look at Steve’s website on: This is the K’Nex Challenge 2010 overall by Jennie Park winner.

Magistrates in the Community


his competition is held each year at Uppingham Community College and is organised jointly by UCC and The Education Business Partnership (EBP) for approx. 160 Primary students. Students work in pairs to solve an engineering challenge. This year they had to design and build a Windmill with revolving sails, a working door and stairs. Judging was based on a strong understanding of engineering principals, functional design, aesthetics and ingenuity.


aydn Snow, a Magistrate from Melton Mowbray, came in to our Citizenship lesson to talk about the work of a Magistrate. He told us the three ways the law is separated, the law, the police and punishment. Our room was transformed into a courtroom and we acted a role-play of a real incident where I was appointed Legal Advisor. I felt as if we were really in a court room. I particularly enjoyed playing my role as I got to give advice to help the students acting as Magistrates to decide if the defendant was guilty or not guilty and then to advise on what action should be taken against him. I enjoyed it very much and appreciated all the additional information Mr Snow gave us.

Students enjoyed spending time at a secondary school and getting high quality advice from professional engineers. Prizes were given to the best design from each primary school. The standard was very high and the judges commented on teamwork, behaviour and how well the students approached the task. by Selorm Lazare This year’s overall winners were James Bromwich and Alex MacDonald from Leighfield and Sam Rossel and Max Taylor from St Mary’s & St John’s Attending schools were Leighfield St Mary’s & St John’s Bringhurst Edith Weston Tugby Uppingham C of E Hallaton


The Magistrates visit was really enjoyable and nice to do something different and a drama piece based on a true story. Before the Magistrate came, I didn’t know much about Courts or what they do. It was an interesting visit and I liked the fact that we didn’t read out of a text book but actually acted out the drama. I played the role of a Magistrate and helped to decide whether the defendant was guilty or not. I learnt what a Magistrate does and I found out that they don’t get paid. I enjoyed this lesson and learned a lot. by Megan Bensen


K’Nex Challenge 2010

The Magistrates in the Community will be visiting all year 8 Citizenship lessons during the spring term.

Round three looming soon, the leaders are named. Egg-citement at UCC A top five position we currently claim. It's head to head next, against other teams. Students in years 7, 8 and 9 were Pressure would burst lesser heads at the The UCC team: Jamie Gregory, challenged to construct an egg lander seams. Katie Wickham, David Coningsby, that would land a raw egg safely from Matthew Cocking. the roof of the sports hall. Uppingham Final round time, and a relay to run. fire service arrived in style to launch Normal Maths lessons are rarely this fun. Individual Maths the eggs and were egged on by a Competition is fierce as time slips on by. C hallenge Certificates crowd of students. It's been a good day, the end now is nigh. Winners of the egg lander competition


Olivia Gerard Georgie Hind

Congratulations to all these students As winners are named, what is our fate? who also achieved certificates in Our best result ever, we end in place eight! the Intermediate Maths Challenge: With thirteen opponents we battled today. Now a year’s wait 'til next Maths Challenge Day. Gold Certificates Can you spot the famous number sequence in the text above?

Year 7

Individual Maths Challenge

Students worked with Helen Pollard (who is currently working for SEP - Science Enhancement Program) to provide them with opportunities to explain a number of scientific phenomenon.

This term has seen students in Year 9, 10 and 11 achieve success in the annual Intermediate Maths Challenge event organised by the United Kingdom Maths Trust. Of the 95 students entered, 29 achieved either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award with Jamie Gregory 9CB not only achieving best in school, but also qualifying for the next round, the European Kangaroo qualifiers. This is only the third time in recent history that we have had a qualifier for this stage of the competition so congratulations to Jamie on his achievements.

The Kangaroo paper is set by the UKMT and the Association Kangourou Sans Frontieres and is sat by around 5000 pupils in the UK. Team Maths Challenge It consists of 25 multiple choice questions and students have one hour to complete the paper. One gloomy Thursday, a venue far Sounds easy? Here is one of the questions from away. the paper Jamie completed: Students meet in battle on Team Maths Challenge day. There are 50 bricks in a box, coloured white, blue or red. The number of white bricks is Our team, elite, the chosen few. eleven times the number of blue bricks. There One in purpose, wearing blue. are fewer red bricks than white bricks, but Face up against the gathered might. more red bricks than blue bricks. How many Ready for the mental fight. more white bricks are there than red bricks? Things start off slow, first round goes A: 2 B: 11 C: 19 D: 22 past. The pressure builds, we can't be last! Answers on a postcard please... Into round two, now work in pairs. Time to show off our mathematical by Mr Dolan wares.


E: 30

Carl Jones (Year 11) Agnes Cameron (Year 10) Jamie Gregory (Year 9)

Silver Certificates Ed Bishop (Year 11) Owen Evan (Year 11) Frances Salt (Year 10) James Rowe (Year 10) Rachel Harries (Year 10) Ed Wright (Year 9) Lee Nichol (Year 9) Bobby Griffiths (Year 9)

Bronze Certificates Callum Harris (Year10) David Booth (Year 11) Kate Macleod (Year 11) Sophie McKinnon Wood (Year 10) Jacob Porter (Year 10) Beth Drysdale (Year 10) Cara Liggins (Year 10) Josh Haynes (Year 10) Kathryn Aylward (Year 10) Cameron Dunn (Year 9) Megan Downing (Year 9) Annee Conway (Year 9) Daniel Norris (Year 9) Joss Sibbering (Year 9) Katie Wickham (Year 9) Benjamin Hickman (Year 9) Bonje Lanur (Year 9)


0 Year 8 students, accompanied by four teachers, took part recently in the annual study visit to France. They were based in the Mayenne region at the Château Beaumont. Excursions included the market in Laval, the fishing port of Saint Malo and the magnificent Mont Saint Michel on the Brittany coast. Students also participated in activities including archery and zip-wire.

The impressive tapestry depicting the Norman conquest of 1066 was the highlight of our time in Bayeux on the outward journey.


The first day we went to the school called IES Alba Longa and we all went to the town hall and the casa de la cultura. It was nice to see what was here in Granada. Everything was getting done up. We went with our hosts as well so we were practicing our Spanish while they were practicing their English. It was a nice calming day to start with. Day Two: We went to the Sierra Nevada and it was a beautiful setting, thick, thick snow. We went sledging, ice skating and one little snow ball fight.

The students worked very hard on their French during the visit and were a credit to the college and themselves. Many thanks are due to the staff team who accompanied the group. (Mrs Smith, Mrs Perkins and Mrs Powell.)

Day Three/ Four: The family were excellent. They were always helpful, and tried to speak as much English as possible. They would also ask us every so often if we were ok and were we enjoying our stay at the house and the school. Over dinner, we would try and speak Spanish and they would give an answer in English, we would talk about England because they were interested about our school lives and our own lives.

by Mr H Smith

Day Five: We went to the

We also visited the 360 degree cinema and museum at Arromanches which overlooks the beaches of the 1944 D-Day landings in Normandy.

Day Six: This had to be the longest day by far. Our first stop was at the Solar Park, where we were given a short presentation on solar panels and other solar energy saving structures. Then we went caving which was AMAZING! Day Seven: On this day, we spent the first two lessons at the school, then we to an olive oil factory. We went around the WHOLE FACTORY which lasted about 40 minutes. At the end of our tour, we all got to try the oil. We then went shopping to the massive shopping centre called ‘Neptuno’, we spent some money there and went to the arcade in the centre.

Year 10 Trip to Cambridge University for Science Master Classes


5 lucky year 10 students were selected to attend this year’s Cambridge University Science Festival and take part in three different master classes. The themes of the classes were ‘Who wants to be a Mathionnaire’, ‘Modelling Climate Change’ and ‘How Cells Divide and Multiply’ and these were presented by lecturers from the University. The students were also taken on a tour of some of the Colleges to get an insight into the life of a student at Cambridge. The students had a great day, learned a lot and now know how hard they need to work to get to the University of their choice!!

Day Eight: We went to the Science Park with our hosts because at IES Alba Longa, it was science week. It was amazing, the animals and how they were displayed was brilliant. We came by Mr Anderson home early for our Carnival. Everyone had the best time at the party and everyone was mixing with others. (Spanish mixing with us and vice versa.)



Year 8 study visit to the Château Beaumont in La Mayenne, France

I will never forget this opportunity I had to go on the Spanish Exchange. I would advise anyone in Years 8 & 9 who does Spanish and if UCC gets the funding again to go on it. It was simply one of the Year 10 Spanish Exchange best experiences of my life. n the February half-term, Alhambra Palace which by Ryan Genner 10EH 35 Spanish students got was a bit different but very the opportunity to take interesting. We went without part in a Spanish Exchange, our hosts but went with a which lasted 10 days. All the History teacher and an students and teachers had English teacher to translate an amazing time and we what was being said. The all made some very good downside of the day was the friendships out there. weather!

My life as a german exchange student by Katherine Ayward


o be totally honest, those nine days were some of the best days of my life, and I don’t care if that makes me sounds really sad. I had such an amazing time over there and hopefully we can go back again.


There are way too many good times to list, but I’ll have a go anyway. First of all, Alina and her family, especially her mum, were some of the nicest people I have ever met. They went out of their way to help me feel at home and honestly could not have been nicer or more welcoming if they’d tried. Secondly, my work experience placement was fantastic and great fun! I know that you will disapprove of me saying that having Beth with me just tripled the enjoyment, but its true so I’m putting it in here. The only bad thing really was the staff’s complete inability to pronouce my name being called ‘Casey’ was really quite annoying! The children were all really sweet and Beth and I made friends with Sina, Christina, Emma and Lea. I even grew fond of Laura, who had the face of a runny nosed angel, but who proved to be the naughtiest child I have encountered; she was even worse than my little sister!

Each day brought amazing new memories playing Twister at every opportunity, watching German MTV, running around the archaeological park in Xantern, shopping in Oberhausern, the scary takeaway with the mental drunk guy, Sam’s belly dancing escapades... the list goes on! The whole exchange was a rollercoaster ride of excitement and adventure. There were very few bad points. that Alina’s dad looked like Sean Bean in Dead Man Walking and the fact that THEIR BATHROOM DIDN’T HAVE ANY CURTAINS!!! were minor points. Obviously the language barrier made communication difficult, but we managed just fine with me speaking in German and Alina speaking in English or slow German! The most difficult thing was speaking to the staff in the kindergarten, but a combination of very slow German and sign language meant that Beth and I got along pretty well with only one or two misundertandings!

In conclusion, I can quite happily say that if you handed me the tickets I would be back on that plane quicker that you can say ‘German Exchange’. This trip brought me nine days of complete joy and has left me with so many The other best thing was memories of all the fun the trips out organised and laughter we shared by the German families. whilst in Germany.

Year 10 Trip to Parliament


he Trip: On 10th March our amazing Citizenship group took a trip to Parliament in London. It took around 3 hours to get there. The Buildings: Some of the buildings were very beautiful and very detailed with many stained glass windows and carved monuments. Although some were not as expected and had wooden plain walls and looked very secretive! The buildings had many plaques on the floor saying who had been there. Inside the buildings, there were very detailed wood carvings and big detailed wooden doors.

any attention and many students thought he was asleep. It did not send us the right message at all. Activities: Our guide, Mark, took us on a tour of the Houses and explained lots of information. The Class: We had a lesson in a classroom on how laws are made. It was very funny and easy to listen to. Alan Duncan: Afterwards we met our local MP Alan Duncan. He told us we could ask whatever questions we liked. Philippa, who is very strong minded, challenged Mr Duncan with some difficult questions and debated MPs salary with him. We learned a lot about the actual use of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The Chamber: During our visit we sat in the visitors gallery in the House of Commons and listened to Members of Parliament debating points of order. While we were there, one of by Megan Benson and Charlie the MPs was sat, slouching, with Pallett his head down and not paying Extended Services in the

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- Swift and Easy Access to Specialist Support Services

GCSE Drama - Physical Theatre The Year 10 GCSE Drama students are currently working on a Physical Theatre project, which is proving to be both challenging and exciting. They will be working with a practitioner from the Theatre Company ‘Frantic Assembly’ on Tuesday 20th April to inspire more ideas for their performances on the theme of Teenage Angst.


ehearsals have now begun for ‘The Demon Head’, this year’s main school production. You’ll have noticed we’ve dropped the ‘Master’ as we have cast Ella Steward in the title role! The cast have shown tremendous focus and commitment so far in rehearsals (see below), which is promising for our audiences. We hope many of you will come and support the production on 24th and 25th June; it promises to be an evening of quality entertainment.

Visiting Theatre Production - Rigged


professional theatre company, Theatre Centre, visited UCC on Tue 23rd Feb to perform ‘Rigged’. It was a gripping drama, which got our students really thinking about how to portray everyday issues on stage in interesting ways.



e took a coach load of students over to The Catmose Theatre on Mon 8th March to see a Dance Theatre Company perform ‘Such is Life’; a playful look at the complexities of life through dance and physical theatre. Though it wasn’t to everyone’s taste, all the students came away full of thoughts about what was being communicated to them on stage and it has provoked many ideas

for the Year 10 GCSE students (and us teachers!) for their current physical theatre project.

Arts Award


he 22 students who registered for Bronze Arts Award in September have now all completed the Award and provided our moderator agrees that they have met all the criteria, they will receive their certificates in 6-8 weeks. Well done to all those involved and good luck as many of them embark on their Silver Award, which is equivalent to a GCSE grade A*-C. Natasha Whearity has already begun working towards her Silver by writing and producing ‘Suns and Stars’, which was performed on Tuesday 20th March at 6.30pm in the Drama Studio with all proceeds going towards the Year 11 prom.



he Good Witch must have had some dealings with the Apollo Theatre Victoria, because we have now been offered an alternative date for our trip to see ‘Wicked’. All those previously on the trip have been informed and will have first refusal on the tickets. We are now looking forward to the visit all over again on 19th May with the added bonus of Lee Mead joining the cast the week before! by Mrs Perkins


Performances will take place for an invited audience on 25th and 27th May in the Drama Studio at 7pm. It may be a valuable experience for Year 9s who are taking Drama GCSE next year to come along to get a taste of what lies ahead, so they should enquire with Mrs Perkins nearer the time if interested.


The Demon Head


Volunteering 1. Give your time on a voluntary basis. 2. One hour per week for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Skill 1. Learn a new skill or develop an existing one further.

Babes in the wood A small group of our students took part in the RATS production in Oakham. Well done to all that took part.

Scrooge Some of our students took part in a production at The Uppingham theatre. Well done to all that took part.



1. Choose a sport or activity or develop an existing one further.

2. One hour per week for 12 2. One hour per week for a or 24 weeks, you decide. minimum of 12 or 24 weeks, 3. Choose who you would like you decide. to help. 3. Agree with DoE leader, parents, carer and skill 3. Agree with your DoE 4. Agree placement with provider. leader, parents, carers, group leader, parents,carer. activity leader. 4. Begin and keep a record 5. Make contact with your of dates and hours. 4. Begin, keep a record of voluntary placement. hours and dates. 6. Begin, keep a record of dates, times etc...

Bronze Award Grace Hodge Rosie Pitts Skye Thomas Charlotte Barnes Emma Burton Charlotte Phipps Jack Evans David Booth

Based on requirements for Bronze


1. Attend training sessions with your unit. 2. Become part of a team with between 4-7 members. 3. Learn Camp Craft Skills, First Aid, Map Skills and Expedition Skills. 4. Take part in a practice Expedition with a ‘purpose’ and a qualifying Expedition with a ‘purpose’. 5. Present your ‘purpose’ to your group leader.

e at Uppingham Community College offer The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as part of an enrichment programme for students over 13 ¾, and a pre Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for those interested but who are under 13 ¾. We welcome everyone on to the Award as the participant will Please contact Mrs Thomas work at their own rate and pace it is accessable Duke of Endinbugh’s Award Leader to all. There is the opportunity to progress to Silver for more information while still at U.C.C. and then to join the Schools Tel: 01572 823631 Open Award Unit to complete Silver and Gold. Email:


Girls Cricket

Young Musician of the Year

“A Chance to Shine”

Judo On the 13th of March, Ben Allen competed in the Oslo Spring Open in Norway. He took Gold, beating ten other competitors to the top spot. More about Ben on Page 10.

‘Rutland Hockey Club’ t is always a pleasure to read in the local press about the sporting success of our students and an article recently caught my eye about Rutland Hockey Club U16 boys team reaching the semi-final of the U16 National Plate competition. They beat a Cheshire side Bowden 4-2 to reach the semi-final which will be played in Beeston on 10th and 11th April. Congratulations both to the coaching staff at the club and also to all the lads concerned, who from UCC include Marcus Parson, Owen Evans, Ben Harford, Harrison Ginn, Oliver Carrick, Johnny Ashwin, David Booth, Hamish Reid and Harry Robertson. Well done to you all and Good luck in April. We wish you well. by Mrs Cartwright



The Rotary Club of Great Britain have once again been holding their Young Musician of the Year contests around the country and a large number of our musicians entered the Uppingham heats. Carrie Trutz was kept busy during the day as many of her singing students took part in the heats.

Harmony Choir The College Harmony Choir sang Bohemian Rhapsody and California Dreaming and won the Uppingham heat and went on to sing at Thrapston. Hollie Denney, singing, and Mary Thornber, harp, won their Uppingham heats and also went on to sing and play at Thrapston. Millie Glover and Hannah Chapman (intermediate singing duet) went one step further and won at Thrapston, before being narrowly beaten in the regional finals at Melton Theatre. They were in good company, as Rachael Cawte (Senior singing solo), Rhian Owen and Rachael Cawte (Senior singing duet) and Vanessa White (Senior instrumental solo violin) were all narrowly beaten in their finals.

Note Worthy Dates! A date for the future is the 5th of May, when our musicians will be staging a concert here at the College in the Drama Studio. The Concert Band, Choir, Sax group and Recorder ensemble will be joined by a number of instrumentalists to show what they have been working on this year, so please keep the date free in your diaries. Another date for the future is June the 26th, when around a dozen of our students will take part in a National Flute/Woodwind Competition in Royal Leamington Spa.

Instrumental Exams Results Many musicians have just taken their instrumental exams here at the College as the Music Room was used as an exam centre on Thursday and Friday the 25th and 26th of March. Some of the musicians got in early, however, by taking their exams at other centres and here are their results. by Mr Moffat Will Yallop


Grade 2

Jazz Saxophone MERIT

Beth Seton


Grade 7


Emily Copperthwaite passed

Grade 7


Carrie Coningsby


Grade 7


Chloe Barrow


Grade 6





As part of the ECB ‘A Chance to Shine’ Programme, 16 girls had the opportunity to be coached by England Ladies cricket team vice captain Nicky Shaw. The aim of the session was to introduce girls to cricket and to encourage them to play outside of school. The College already works in partnership with Uppingham Town Cricket Club and this link enables the girls to play both fun and competitive cricket throughout the summer. For details contact Mr Berridge or visit www.

Tetrathlons & Hockey

competition in Midlands Area Ben narrowly lost his first fight and had to win the next 6 fights to achieve a bronze medal, with two other cadets taking the gold and silver.


are told that we must remember that we are representing the club both on and off the pitch. They have also given us dietary advice so now I try and eat a pasta meal an hour or so before playing, and remember to drink plenty of water. by Tom Drysdale




illy Hives competes in Tetrathlons for the Cottesmore Hunt Pony Club. This includes running 1500m, swimming for 3 minutes, shooting targets at 7 metres and horse riding over a x-country course. This year Lilly is trying to qualify for the Intermediate regional championships. Also Lilly is a regular Hockey player for Rutland Ladies and trains 2-3 times a week, with matches on Saturdays. Rutland Ladies are now 3rd in their league. Judo

I train twice a week with Rothwell Football Academy, our team plays matches all over the country. I have already played at places like Bristol, Worcester, Birmingham and Milton Keynes. When you might be in bed on a Saturday morning I’m up playing football for Rothwell. The worst thing is probably getting up at some ridiculous time just to play a football game against another team that are somewhere up north or down in the south. My mum says the worst thing is the en Allen, At the age amount of washing she of nine years old has to do! Ben Allen joined Vale Judo Club in Oakham Before I got picked and now trains three for the team I had to times a week there go through a series with another session of of trials with six other fitness training. goalkeepers. After 2 months they asked two In the summer of 2009 keepers to play for Ben went to the B.J.A Rothwell First Team, NATIONAL and the me and this other B.J.A Heart of England goalkeeper. Recently judo competitions - a few of our players two of the biggest have been signed to competitions held in play for Northampton, Britain. After finishing Derby Stoke and in the top five in both Peterborough. competitions he was invited by the British They are quite strict and Judo Association to we have to turn up to join the England Cadet matches in our Rothwell squad in the training polo shirt, jacket and sessions at the National black trousers. Food Institute of Sport in is provided after Sheffield once a month. each game and we In his most recent


I play rugby for Simmons Angels, a team based at Aylestone St. James’ in Scraptoft. I train every Tuesday 7pm9pm. I have been playing for them since the end of September -beginning of October. I have played quite a few matches for them, and I also play for Leicestershire in county games.

the year for Under 17s. Recently I have started to concentrate more on middle distance races, mainly 800m and 400m. At the start of this year I ran at the NIA in Birmingham, it was the first time I have ever run indoors and it was an amazing experience. I also managed to get season’s best of 2:29. My greatest achievement in the 800m was getting my P.B. of 2:26 and in 400m 63:37. However, I have also two other achievements. Firstly, I qualified for the English Schools XC and came in the top 100. I also ran a new P.B. for 3000, which was 10:50, this led to me being ranked in the top 20 in the UK for 3000m.

My target for the next track season is qualifying for the English Schools Track and Field. I hope to bring my P.B. to under 2:20. I also hope to keep progressing at training and always run to the best of my My preferred position ability.” is tight-head prop, but by Charlotte Cotter I can also play looseDance head prop, hooker and in the second row. I have recently been picked to go to regional trials and let some of the top coaches in the region have a look at how I play, so they can ands up who decide whether I am watches Strictly?! good enough to go on Does anyone know any further.” by Caitlin Thompson of the dancer’s names?


Athletics & Cross Country

I have been running for Corby Athletics Club for 5 years. I have just become 16 which means that I am top in


Well it seems we have our own... in the form of Year 7 Caitlin Steward. She goes to Brown’s Dance Centre in Peterborough and has been doing so for the last 4 years, practicing every Friday night. Already she has gained awards for Ballroom dancing Bronze, Double Bronze, Silver and Gold. For Latin dancing - Bronze, Double Bronze, and

Silver. For Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Who knows? She may soon be quite literally ‘Dancing with the Stars’!



na Webber, a Year 7 student, does tennis training for 10½ hours each week. In addition she assists with coaching the mini players for 4 hours each week and plays in tournaments at weekends. Ana trains 3 times a week at the International High Performance Centre at Loughborough University. She is currently ranked no.2 in her age group for the county (Leicestershire) and no.158 nationally. Recently she reached the final of a Grade 4 tournament which attracted the top county players from various counties around the UK.



amie Gregory and Harrison Ginn currently play for Rutland under 14’s. Harrison also plays for the under 16’s and men’s 3rds team. “We train twice a week for 4 hours a week. We attend DFV Hockey School which is run by Dave Vincent and Dave Richardson, also Dan Sharpe and Sylvia Bailey attend to help coach. They all do it voluntarily and coach all the other Rutland teams and the juniors. We would like to say thanks to them for their time and effort for the hockey club. We both hope to excel our expectations in hockey in the future.”

Community Activities


parties, cocktail parties, family food, vegetarian and the good old Sunday roast! While Paul has demonstrated his uring the last term there have been some exciting skills there have been plenty of opportunities to practice newly learnt skills followed by plenty of eating! developments at the college

Fitness classes on Wednesday evenings continue to be popular. From 6pm Nicola takes us through our paces in a stretch and tone class to music, followed at 7.00pm with circuit training with Rob. Both classes are £3 or 6 for £15. This term we have introduced an area within the sports hall to allow slightly younger children to play badminton whilst parents exercise. This has proved to be a very popular development with families.

More Spanish and cooking will be on offer during the summer term. Classes will start on Thursday 10th June. The six week Spanish course will cost £20 and run from 6.30pm till 8.00pm each Thursday evening. The cooking classes will offer the opportunity to dip in and out depending on your commitments. Individual classes will be £4 or book all 6 for £20.

Thursdays have been extremely busy. Holiday Spanish has put adults and children through their paces with an opportunity to share the wider Spanish experience during the last session with tapas and sangria! Whilst in the kitchen professional chef - Paul Bennett has shared his expertise. The class has looked at dinner

Family Activity Day


u Johnson has now taken over the Thursday dance classes and is hoping to develop this further - please see below for more information.

Su Johnson

School of Dance N

Latin and Ballroom Classes 6-7pm Adult Beginners £4.00 per person


In the Drama Studio Every Thursday

early 50 people took part in the latest Family Activity Day on Saturday 20th March. Some of the fun things we did included: making cushions and bags using sewing machines and textiles, experimenting with dry ice - making a comet, using magic plastic, rocket challenges and launching rockets into space (well nearly!) and cooking with Tresham lecturer John. The day is completely free, open to everyone and you take home what you make!

The next opportunity to join the fun is Saturday 22nd 7-8pm Beginners Family Night May when a similar range of activities will be on offer. £3.00 per person Places are booking fast so do not delay - Book today by contacting Joanne Wade at college. 8-9pm Private Lessons (by appointment only) 30 minutes lesson £15.00 1 hour lesson £25.00 Contact Su Johnson 07508312194

Joanne Wade Telephone: 01572 823631 Email:


Triangular Cross Country


Boys Results

nce again it is that time of year for the ‘Triangular Cross Country’ competition to take place. This year our hosts Catmose College hired Oakham Rugby Clubs sports fields to run each age groups events. We were able to field a good team and were delighted with the final position with Uppingham regaining the trophy, with a total of 310 points with CBEC 2nd with 486 and CC 3rd with 656.


Year 7 1st 2nd 3rd


1st 2nd 5th 7th

Kieran Bland Sam Williams Robbie McCall Ethan Haywood

Year 8 1st 2nd 3rd 2nd 3rd 4th

- UCC - CBEC - CC Henry Hives Max Collins Josh Lee

Year 9 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 6th

- CBEC - UCC - CC Harrison Ginn Matthew Rhodes

Year 10&11 1st 2nd 3rd


2nd 4th 5th 7th 10th

Ben Collins Sam Furey Patrick Wilson Owen Evans Liam Samson

Girls Results Year 7 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 5th 6th


Hebe Parsons Emma Armitage Lydia Grice

Year 8 1st 2nd 3rd 1st

2nd 3rd 4th Winning Team Photograph 5th Congratulations to all 6th

- UCC - CBEC - CC Natalia SanzDawson Lucy Ginn Molly King Fiona Ginn Sabrina Lucas Molly Tomblin


Year 9 Captains ‘Ben Collins’ and 1st - UCC ‘Charlotte Cotter’ 2nd - CBEC collect the trophy 3rd - CC on behalf of the Uppingham Team. 1st Emma Rata 2nd Lilly Hives 3rd (Yr8) Ella Brahmachari 4th Rebecca Williams 5th Amelia Grice 15th Emily Lloyd 16th Kitty Kirton


Triangular Swimming Competition

his year is the third year that Final Results this competition has run. Last 1st Catmose year after winning we felt quietly 2nd UCC confident about winning again. 3rd Casterton Unfortunately despite messages in registers and assembly we were not able to field a fulll team, so went to the competition with some events having no UCC competitor, which was a real shame. Despite this the swimmers we took swam extremely well and I thank them for their full support and efforts.

Notable Performances Year 7 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st

Boys Girls Girls Boys Girls

Breaststroke Breaststroke Backstroke Front crawl Front crawl

Harry Clarke Charlotte Hill Hollie Marriott Cameron Sharp Hebe Parsons

Year 8 1st Boys 1st Boys 1st Girls

Breaststroke Backstroke Backstroke

Ed Bell Harry Hattaway Gemma Hill

Year 9 1st 1st 1st 1st

Breaststroke Backstroke Backstroke Front crawl

Amelia Grice Matthew Rhodes Melissa Dolby Emma Price-Olsen

Girls Boys Girls Girls

Year 10&11 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 6th 7th

- UCC - CC - CBEC Charlotte Cotter Rebecca Wymant Grace Hodge Carrie Conningsby Brodie Crellin Gabby Pegg


Junior Sports Leaders


SLA students have been helping with officiating and planning events so far this year. Very well done and a massive thank you to all those who have taken part in either the Sportshall Athletics or Primary School Football Leagues. It takes a lot of commitment to keep doing this, which is greatly appreciated by staff. In addition to this, these Sports Leaders have also been praised by members of staff from other schools for their maturity, organisation and skill in what they do. Well Done! by Mr Logan

Newsletter Mar2011  

College Newsletter - March 2011

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