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07th - 21st April Easter Break 07th - 11th April Don Bosco to UCC 07th April History & Geography Revision Sessions 08th April Political Speaking Competition English Trip 12th - 14th April Extreme Physics Science Trip 14th April English Revision Session 22nd April New Term Begins GCSE Music Creative Task Day 23rd Yr 11 Profiles Home

Yr 10

w/c 28th April French / Spanish / German Writing Music Lessons start this week

30th April 10RM Form Trip to Let’s Play 30th April - 01st May Art Exam 01st May Yr 7/8 Junior Maths Challenge 05th May Bank Holiday 06th - 09th May Yr 10 Exams 06th May Spring Singing Concert (Drama Studio - 7pm)

19th May GCSE German Listening & Reading (am) GCSE Physics Unit 2 & 3 (pm)

20th June GCSE Further Maths Paper 2 (am) Yr 11 Prom (Barnsdale)

20th May GCSE English Literature Unit 1 (am)

23rd June GCSE Statistics (pm) Primary Music Festival

21st May GCSE Business Studies (am) Yr 11 Study Programme Starts (end p4) Yr 8 Extended Profiles Home 22nd May GCSE English Literature Unit 2 (pm) GCSE Geography Unit 3 (am) Yr 10 GCSE Drama Physical Theatre Performance 23rd May GCSE Drama Unit 1 (pm) GCSE History (am)

24th June Sports Day Reserve 25th June New Parents’ 1 Yr 10 Extended Profiles Home 26th June Yr 10 GCSE DT Food Trip (tbc) Yr 10 GCSE DT Trip to Denby

26th - 30th May Summer Half Term

27th June Deadline for Summer Newsletter House Assemblies

02nd - 03rd June Yr 9 East Midlands Big Bang (date tbc)

30th June - 04thJuly Cheatles Uniform sales at UCC

02nd June GCSE Business Studies (am) GCSE Music (am)

02nd June INDUCTION DAY New Parents’ 2 Yr 9 Extended Profiles Home

03rd June GCSE English Unit 1 (am) Yr 9 Maths SATS Paper

04th July Success Assembly

04th June Yr 8 Parents’ Evening Yr 7 Extended Profiles Home College Council (p 4)

05th - 12th July Yr 10 UCC students to Germany for Work Experience

05th June GCSE Child Development (pm)

07th - 11th July Music lessons end this week

06th June GCSE Biology Unit 1 (pm)

07th July Yr 10 Higher Education Trips

08th May

Yr 8 HPV Immunisations (Balance)

09th June GCSE Maths Paper 1 (am) Yr 7 & 8 Maths Paper

08th - 17th July Yr 10 Work Experience

09th May House Assemblies

10th June GCSE Chemistry Unit 1 (pm)

11th - 12th July Yr 9 WW1 Battlefields Trip to France

12th May GCSE French Listening & Reading (pm) GCSE RE (am - Full & Short Course)

11th June GCSE RE (pm - Full Course) Yr 7 Parents’ Evening

13th May GCSE Biology Unit 2 & 3 (am) GCSE Geography Unit 1 (pm)

12th June GCSE Physics Unit 1 (am)

16th July Yr 7 Cross-Curricular Day Yr 8 Trip to Black Country Yr 9 Multi-Cultural Day

14th May Yr 10 CIDA IT Exam Developing Web Products (am) GCSE Spanish Listening & Reading (pm) College Council (p4)

13th June GCSE DT Unit 1 (pm) GCSE Maths Paper 2 (am)

17th July Yr 7 Trip to Boulogne Yr 8 Activities Yr 9 Industry Visits

15th June WW1 Commemoration at Kendrew Barracks

21st July - 27th August Summer Holiday

15th May GCSE Chemistry Unit 2 & 3 (am)

16th June GCSE Further Maths Paper 1 (am)

18th August Uniform Collection at UCC (11am - 3pm)

16th May GCSE History (am) GCSE PE Unit 3 (pm)

18th June THEME DAY Yr 7 Trip to Kenilworth Castle

19th August Uniform Collection at UCC (2pm - 6pm)

17th - 24th May Yr 9 French Exchange - UCC students to France

19th June Sports Day

28th August New Term Begins


Message Dear Parents & Guardians, Another busy and successful Spring Term is over and it has been particularly marked by a series of new and exciting developments, as well as the celebration of some significant achievements. Firstly, the college was delighted to receive its plaque, now proudly displayed in reception, for the status of International School. In the current educational landscape there are very few schools where languages are so popular, so well taught and which also provide the wealth of different experiences that are on offer here at UCC. Quite apart from the cultural exchanges we will have, this term alone has seen German Work Experience, Spanish research projects and preparation for another Belgian sporting exchange. Our congratulations are due to the Modern Foreign Languages department, the teachers and students for this significant achievement and the contribution they all make. Secondly, our extracurricular provision has been fantastic! Music received a significant boost in its workshops with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the drumming experiences. In fact, if you consider the following you will see just how exciting one term at UCC can be! *Ski Trip to Austria *Spanish Exchange *Intermediate Maths Challenge *German Work Experience *Gifted and Talented Events *Big Bang Science Fair *Ice Skating *Sports Relief *British Baseball Cup Final *Lunchtime Showcases *Rotary Music Competition *Spotlight *Theme Day *Twycross Zoo Trip Thirdly, our STEM [Science Technology Engineering and Maths] work is now recognised on a national and international level. Mr Chambers has just returned from presenting our students work at a forum in Barcelona and some of their apps are now in the Microsoft store. Our Year 9 students performed exceptionally well at the national Big Bang Science Fair in Birmingham and had similar success in the UK National Maths Challenge. We are very modest here at UCC but I think you will agree that this is all very impressive! More details in the newsletter itself but well done to everyone who has contributed in some way to the success of these ventures. The Maths block is still on track for completion by Easter with full occupancy in the new academic year. It is all looking good. It comprises 7 classrooms, all with full storage, a staff workroom, a spacious area for small group work, toilets and a catering outlet. A fabulous addition to the college. I was very pleased to see such a huge turnout to hear more details of the Harington School proposal. If you have not yet registered support please do so by logging on to We still need your help to secure this for our young people – now and in the future. Finally – we have received a number of enquiries about entry into Year 9 [current Year 8] for September 2014. Could you please direct any requests to our Admissions Officer, Mrs O’Rourke at Have an enjoyable Easter break. Regards, Jan Turner



young people's achievements in all areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

showcase their work to thousands of people at The Big Bang Fair in March. This year Uppingham Community College were chosen The National Science and to represent the East Midlands and Engineering Competition is The ‘Big Bang’ Competition is open were delighted when Toby Walliams open to all 11-18 year olds for entries from January - October received a Highly Commended living in the UK and in full-time each year, through either Regional prize and £100. education. The Competition Heats or Online Applications. By Dr Major aims to recognise and reward The chosen Finalists are invited to

Toby Walliams came away from the fair having been highly commended (one of the top five projects) in the junior science category. All of the judges were incredibly impressed by the 2014 Finalists and commented that the standard of the projects had been incredibly high. 450 projects were showcased during the event.


The students arrived at the NEC on Wednesday and set up their stands on the show floor. Thursday was the day of judgement! Pairs of judges visited each project throughout the day. I have included some of the - “An interesting project and feedback from the judges on the confident presentation. Have you considered a career as a clinical four projects. microbiologist?” Zelna Weich, Lucy Colllins and Jess Millbank presented their project The students also answered on ‘school tights’ - “Very practical, questions from the many visitors to great scientific approach and good the event and were able to look at the work of other students. ideas for reuse”. Toby Walliams project was on ‘Pyrotechnics’ - “Great use of experiment to reach a desired goal, an impressive number of tests done, showing methodical thinking. You demonstrated a great experimental attitude”. Erin and Alexa Smith ‘Couldn’t you just use water’ - “A relevant, novel idea well executed. Issues brought up by initial experiments were followed up. A good understanding of hypothesis testing, really good presentation of results”. Felix Bluche ‘An investigation into the effectiveness of catheters’

All the students attended his shows and were brave enough to sit on the front row. He lifted the lid on professional fireworks and showed how science, maths and technology are used to create spectacular shows around the world. He created bangs, crackles and whistles on stage. There were even aerial shells. Flame tests will never be the After a hard day the students same again! watched Scientists and comedians campaign for their favourite ugly The Big Bang is about careers animal. Jim Bell, Helen Arney and and futures and highlighting the Ellie Taylor tried to persuade the exciting possibilities that exist audience to vote for the animal for young people with science, they were campaigning for. The technology, engineering and show was hosted by Simon Watt maths backgrounds. I am sure this president of the ugly animal society. experience inspired and motivated the students. During Friday the students got to look round the many exhibits and I would like to take this opportunity watch some of the shows. Matthew to thank again the sponsors who Tosh (presenter and pyrotechnician) made it possible for the students had visited Toby at his stand on to attend this event, Mrs Allen, Thursday and invited him to see Uppingham First, DeMontfort how he set up his show. University and The Rutland Youth council.


SPOTLIGHT REVIEW 16 of our talented dance students have spent the last few months preparing for the annual ‘Spotlight’ dance evening. A record number of groups auditioned, for a chance to take part, at the beginning of February. 5 groups were chosen to take through to the show, highlighting a range of talent from across all Year groups. The groups that were chosen were: 2 Dimension Year 7 Taryn Lee, Lily Parton Unorthodox Year 8 Alex Howes, Terri Sheehan, Nikki Johal LA2 Year 8 Alice Dickens, Lucy Saddington Diversion Year 8/9 Izzie Dunk, Ellie Dunk, Holly Rhodes, Rosie Chattaway, Cat Deely Coyotes Year 10 Nieves Garratt, Anna Sedgwick, Alexa Smith, Lizzie Hulse The show took place on Tuesday 25th March and the girls spent the day at Uppingham Theatre, accompanied by Miss Hodgson, where they took part in a full dress rehearsal and matinee performance, before returning for the evening for the final show. Please enjoy reading Miss Hodgson’s review of the day, and the evening show. By Mr Rhodes

REVIEW “Once again the standard of dancers was very high in this year’s spotlight show. All of the dancers had worked extremely hard since their auditions to correct and perfect their performances ready for the show. The rehearsal went smoothly and allowed the students to have one final practice on stage before the matinee show in front of the primary school children. From the sound and reaction of the crowd it was a complete success and the atmosphere in the dressing room was fun and enjoyable. Lucy and Alice opened the evening show and set the standard for other performers to follow. All performers showed a good energy and passion for their dances and ensured that the audience got value for their money. Well done to all the performers on and off the stage for a fantastic day.” By Miss N Hodgson


GCSE Product Design

The design department have been really excited by the quality and standard of the work this year, fantastic folder work has been supported by some amazing products. We have put together a snap shot of some of the work to showcase the breadth of talent that we have here at UCC. We will be holding an exhibition of a selection of the work produced in Design & Technology and Art in June. Look out for the dates in the next newsletter and on the school website and make sure you come and have a look at the variety of excellent products produced this year.

Year 11’s have finally finished the coursework element of their Product Design GCSE, so well done to them all, now they can sit back and relax! Oh no, hang on a minute that will have to wait as it’s now time to focus on the exams! Revise, Revise, Revise!


learning and teaching across the college. The students have started their very intensive training, and in a couple of weeks will apply their skills and knowledge to a classroom setting.

a ‘To-do list’ of homework tasks that is personal to the student. We hope you will find this a really useful way to support your child with their studies.

If you have any log-in enquiries, The new students will join the current please call, and one of our admin Year 10 students, who were trained team will get you connected. last year, in order to develop the team and work closely with each LEADERSHIP department. ACADEMY STUDENT



We have had a few incidents lately where students have made direct contact home asking to be collected as they do not feel well. All students are aware that the college procedure is for them to report to the medical room in the first instance and a member of the first aid team, if necessary, will telephone home to arrange for them to be collected.

Megan Scott 11 GC is now part of the Rutland School Sport Partnership Leadership Academy and her first role was to go away and plan and deliver a training session for Bronze Young Ambassadors from Primary Schools.

The library has undergone the first stage of a refurbishment which will Megan demonstrated a high level be completed next year. We hope of maturity and professionalism in the new design better reflects the her delivery to the young leaders way students work today, providing and the performance in terms of them with a flexible space with motivating and enthusing young more opportunities to work in SHOW MY HOMEWORK children to get involved in leadership groups, find a corner to revise in, or and volunteering in their individual sit on their own and read. The new All students and parents schools. shelving is attractive and accessible, should now have been and we are already noticing more issued with log-in details As part of her role within the students are making use of books for Show My Homework. This will Leadership Academy, she will also during breaks and lunchtimes. Very allow students and parents to view be responsible for other training soon the library will be replacing a number of the existing PCs with LONDON MARATHON tablets for students to work on and this autumn additional new seating Alison Bradley is running the London Marathon on 13th April in aid in the form of a corner sofa, bean of Help the Hospices. This charity supports their members and other bags and stools will be added. organisations as they strive to grow and improve end of life care We are very pleased that the throughout the UK and across the world. reaction from both students and Any sponsorship and encouragement would staff has been extremely positive. be greatly appreciated at

STUDENT VOICE TEAM UPDATE A new round of Student Voice Team training has begun. Students from across Year 7, 8 and 9 were selected to become the new members of the team which is focused on helping to develop

throughout this year and beyond and will be involved in certain events throughout this academic year, in particular the School Games Finals at Uppingham School and the School Sports Awards in July. She is a credit to the college. Well done.

FIRST AID INTERNATIONAL Well done! The following students have achieved their Community First Aid Certificates: Miles Petherick, Sophia Dendias, Thomas Beach, William Holmes, Matthew Millbank, Elizabeth Hulse, and Ellie Cliff.

SPANISH EXCHANGE On the 12th February 2014, I was one of 21 students departing UCC at the unearthly hour of 5.00am on route to Granada in Southern Spain. We arrived at Malaga airport to the welcoming warmth of the Spanish sun. After an hour’s coach trip to Granada, I finally came face-to-face with my Pen Pal – María. Various trips and activities had been organised for us. On day two, we went to the beach in Almuñecar, followed by a trip to the mountains of Sierra Nevada and the C.A.R training centre, where we saw GB team swimming. There was snow as far as the eye could see! On the Monday we spent the whole day at their school – I.E.S Alba Longa, where we took part in a science lesson, two P.E lessons and two English lessons – it was great to see how lessons in Spain are taught. On the penultimate day we had a final trip to the Alhambra Palace, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Despite the rainy weather, it was still a great day - ¡Lo pasé

bien! The following evening we had the farewell carnival party, where we all had to dress up in fancy dress; everyone had a great time comparing each other’s costumes. Wednesday 19th February was our final day with our exchange partners. When we arrived at the school we had a final presentation and bade farewell to our Pen Pal hosts. Overall I had a great time, ‘mejoré mi español y hice muchos nuevos amigos’.

for the Year 10 and 11 ski-students of UCC, it was the start of an unforgettable trip. Arriving in the Alps as the sun set on snow-capped peaks, we checked into the superbly equipped ‘Jugenhotel,’ and were fed, watered and tooled up with ski-ing accessories (skis, poles, helmets etc) by bed-time.

Each day, following an extensive continental breakfast, we were off up the Graffenburg Express I am looking forward to seeing (a cable car) and up to meet the María in October when we have the instructors, and start the proper other half of the Exchange! business of either learning to ski, By Rachel Cross 10RM or for those already skilled, ski-ing, obviously.


The resort offered a good range of runs to suit all abilities, and we were February Half Term fortunate to have a goodly amount 26 hours on a coach, including a of snow during the week, so the ferry crossing on the windiest night conditions were great. of the year, isn’t most people’s idea of a perfect start to a holiday, but By the end of the week, everyone

had made massive progress in their ski-ing skills, particularly the beginners, thanks to some cracking instructors. Dom Elliot won the slalom competition, and Matt Hudson was awarded ‘wipe-out of the week’ for a slope-style jump of monumental proportions. Highlights of the trip were as follows (according to the students): 1. The ski-ing 2. The Hotel (it had a Sports Hall, chill-out zones, a cinema room, a disco room, unlimited soft drinks on tap…) 3. Curling – the most popular après ski activity (Tom Evans was Grand Champion) 4. Hot chocolates on the slopes 5. Evening sing-songs/’500 miles’ – the UCC version. After 6 days of snow plough turns, parallel stops and 360 trickery, speaking nearly fluent German, keeping impeccably tidy rooms, and 7.00am Mrs Borrows alarm calls, we returned tired but happy, and already looking forward to our next ski-ing opportunity… Many thanks to Mrs Nelson and Mrs Borrows for organising such a memorable experience that we will all remember for many years to come.

TWYCROSS ZOO On the 19th March Year 7 visited Twycross Zoo to study the behaviour of some of the animals and do some further work on animal classification and adaptation. Here are a few comments written by some of the students taking part in the visit. “The trip was good. We saw lots of apes such as baboons and gibbons. We saw a snow leopard, meerkats and elephants. At the end

a man talked to us about chinchillas, that day we spoke to a zoo keeper.” bearded dragons and cockroaches. By Zoe Batty In conclusion it was really good and cool.” “One of the elephants blew mud all By Luc Afleck over his back to keep himself cool. The elephants made a very loud “On Wednesday we went to the noise. The baby gorilla was playing magnificent Twycross Zoo. This zoo around with all the equipment and specialises in caring for primates then it was playing with its dad. and other animals which are After this we saw the kirk’s dik-dik critically endangered. The cutest which looks like a baby bambi and animal I saw was the baby monkey it had really cute eyes. The snow attempting to stand up on its two leopard did not do much it was very weak legs whilst waving its sunbathing on top of a wall. We arms madly up to the sky!” stroked a chinchilla and were told By Tess Davenport facts about it.” By Amy Barnacle

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Twycross. It was a fabulous experience and was my first trip with UCC and I found it very exciting. My favourite animals were the meerkats as they were interesting to watch and observe. We spent 20 minutes watching them. Another animal I liked was the baby elephant. Later

“On the 19th March we went to study animal behaviour. We studied the meerkats, they spent a lot of time standing upright. We also saw all the new baby animals. I really enjoyed the visit.” By James Williamson


WORLD BOOK DAY World Book Day was celebrated on Thursday 6th March. This annual event is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. UCC’s English Department marked this in a variety of ways, such as Year 7 students choosing objects to symbolise their favourite books and Year 10s beginning The Six Book Challenge to encourage reading for pleasure.

make a difference when striving to attain that all important C grade. The presenters covered each of the key questions in the exam, including the use of language, presentational features and how to write to persuade and inform. Students were encouraged to participate and ask questions. All of our students got fully involved and gained a lot from the day, building on their knowledge gained in the classroom. Finally, the group made their way wearily back to the coach and settled down for the long journey home. Students’ minds were racing as they reminded themselves of the importance of planning, paragraphing and the rule of three. Certainly, there were no regrets that everyone had made the effort – everyone was looking forward to getting back to UCC and reaching out to achieve that now achievable C.

8HH were asked to bring in their favourite childhood books. We examined the themes of these books and discussed why they have such lasting appeal, with the class then voting for our overall favourite, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr, which many students By Miss Duffy remembered being read to them by parents. World Book Day tokens were distributed, which we hope will UCC’S POET LAUREATE lead to many students purchasing and enjoying their own books. I am delighted to announce that, By Miss Maxwell following a school wide competition before Christmas, we have appointed our first official UCC Poet YEAR 11 ENGLISH Laureate! CONFERENCE Monday 17th March started slightly blearily for 17 students and 2 teachers who had to leave incredibly early (7:30am!) for a two hour trip to Walsall Town Hall in Birmingham. The destination was an ‘Achieve a C grade in AQA English GCSE’ conference delivered by the Keynote educational company.

Dylan Palmer from 7EB will be bringing his poetic perspective on life at UCC to you through this newsletter and displays around the college. Dylan did fantastically well to beat off competition from other year groups and he really impressed the judges with his use of rhyme and poetic techniques.

And what a full day it was. A panel of 3 experts, including the Chief Examiner, and a drama group helped students to appreciate the intricacies of the English GCSE exam and provided them with the sort of information that can really

Above/Right is Dylan’s take on our current season and what it means to him. I look forward to sharing more of Dylan’s work with you throughout the year. By Miss Duffy

SPRING I spring out of bed like a tightly coiled spring, Spring fresh from my sleep as the birds start to sing. I spring down the stairs, Springing forward like clocks. The clean spring air Punctuated by flocks Of the year’s youngest hatchlings With the earliest worms And thus in the Spring, New life reaffirms. By Dylan Palmer

STUDENTS BECOME PUBLISHED WRITERS George Boon (9WW) and Georgia Immins (7AP) have both had pieces of their creative writing published in a book due for release early this summer. The two students entered the Young Writer’s ‘Poetry Games’ competition which involved them submitting an original poem using a variety of poetic techniques. The two were shortlisted out of hundreds of entries to gain a place in the poetry anthology. The school will receive a copy of the book; “The Poetry Games – Poets From the East Midlands” which will be kept in the library. Well done to both of them!


accurate shots securing a wellearned victory. Director of Academy Sport Tom Bourne commented. “The team performed to a high standard and can be extremely proud of their performance. I’m very proud that we are able to field an Archery team as we continue to provide a wide range of opportunities to our pupils”.

On Thursday the 13th of February the recently formed Uppingham Community College Archery team travelled the short distance to Uppingham School for a friendly fixture. The team was formed from a mixture of pupils from KS3 who have been perfecting their skills at ICE HOCKEY TRIP local Archery clubs as well as taking part in an Archery taster session at UCC. The team led by Robby On Sunday, 9th of March, UCC English (4th from the left) managed pupils visited Nottingham’s Capital to consistently score highly with FM Arena to watch the Nottingham ICE HOCKEY TRIP

Panthers play against the Fife Flyers in the Elite Ice Hockey League. Pupils also had the opportunity to ice skate at the National Ice Centre. Some students were quite successful at remaining on their feet, whilst others spent a lot of time on their bottoms! In the final third the Panthers came out fighting and the crowd was behind them all the way. The last third was the most exciting with four goals scored by the Nottingham Panthers. In the spirit of ice hockey, there were also a few scuffles between players on ice to add to the tension and excitement of the game. Panthers won the game 5-2. Students said their most enjoyable moment of the day was when the Nottingham Panthers scored their third goal and the crowd went wild, cheering and clapping, before the traditional chorus of Chelsea Dagger filled the arena. The trip was a great success and we will look forward to going again next year. By Miss N Hodgson

JUDO Ben Allen is an ex UCC student. Prior to joining Oakham School to do A levels he was and still is, active in Judo with Vale Judo Club in Oakham

round. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and said they had learnt a lot from watching the professionals play. The game was very quick and full of energy. The game was a high scoring one but Celtic Dragons were just that bit better and beat Loughborough Lightening 61-41. A very high scoring game and a great trip all round. JUDO BEN ALLEN FAR LEFT and has been for several years. He has celebrated successes in several different Judo competitions and was also included in the GB Team Cadet Squad. He has also participated in Judo refereeing and is currently working towards his Black Belt.

are grouped with others who are of the same weight group. All his ‘fights’ were won by an Ippon - a full score, normally achieved by a throw of the opponent onto his back. Considering he had not competed for over 2 years this made his win even more remarkable. The Since joining Oakham School, Judo competition had representatives competitions have taken a back from Interdependent Schools over seat but he was encouraged by his the UK. Well done Ben! coach Mick Newton at Vale judo to take part in the Independent School LOUGHBOROUGH Competition at High Wycombe LIGHTENING NETBALL TEAM on 1st March 2014 and thus representing Oakham School (he We took 12 girls to Loughborough was the only representative for University to watch Loughborough the school) where he competed in Lightening play against Celtic the Under 66kg category Seniors. Dragons. It was a very exciting game All competitors ‘weigh’ in so you to watch and a great atmosphere all LOUGHBOROUGH LIGHTENING NETBALL TEAM

SUCCESSFUL TERM FOR UCC SPORTS ACADEMY This has proved to be another busy and successful term for the college’s sports teams with over 80 fixtures played in this period.

BADMINTON SUCCESS We started the term with our Varsity Badminton and Futsal fixtures. Three out of our four Badminton teams qualified for the County Finals after finishing as the top placed Rutland School. Our KS4 teams also managed to win their overall Varsity Leagues so congratulations to: Boys Badminton Varsity Winners: Sam Williams, Joe Bell, Sam Cowling, Harry Clarke, Jacob Gregg and Olly Berridge and KS4 Girls Badminton Varsity Winners: Lydia

Grice, Celia Cunningham, Holly Jackson, Katie Preston and Nadine Corbett. At the County Finals all three teams performed extremely well against some excellent opposition with the KS4 Girls team finishing 4th and the KS4 Boys 5th. This is the first time UCC has reached these finals so congratulations to all the players involved. to beat Catmose 3 v 1 and CBEC 10 v 1. Again congratulations to the winning team which included In the Varsity Futsal tournaments Morgan Severn, Tom McFarlane, the Year 11 Boys were our only Tom Phipps, Tom Beach, Oakley champions this year winning all of Wilkins, Connor Griggs, Theo Jones their matches in the competition and Ben Richards. staged at CBEC. Congratulations to Sven Hart, Joe Bell, Jacob Gregg, U15 NETBALL TEAM Ben Richards, Cameron Sharp, TOURNAMENT SUCCESS Cameron Brown and Sam Williams for this success. The Year 10 Netball team entered the Uppingham School Invitational HANDBALL VICTORY Netball tournament this term. The tournament involved 35 teams from UCC were also successful in the across the country and was split annual Rutland U16 Handball into an A and B tournament. The Tournament winning a three team UCC team of Lottie Thraves, Kara tournament including Catmose Kataiwai, Charlotte Clarke, Maisie and CBEC. The team were Ford, Scarlett Kennedy, Katie particularly fortunate this year as Preston, Catherine Thorpe, Erin Smith England Handball Captain Bobby and Tala Martelli won an incredible White came into the school and seven games in a row to win the B ran a training session before the tournament. Along the way they tournament. The UCC team went on beat Wellingborough, Denstone,


U15 NETBALL TEAM Bromsgrove, Northampton High and Bedford Modern so congratulations to all the girls for winning a very prestigious tournament.

U16 NETBALL TEAM REGIONAL QUALIFICATION Having finished runners up in the Leicestershire & Rutland County Finals the U16 Girls Netball Team travelled over to Derbyshire for the Regional Finals. These were staged at Repton School with schools from across the East Midlands attending to compete for the Regional title. The Uppingham team finished 7th overall which was a fantastic achievement. Team – Kara Kataiwai, Georgia Bebb, Bea Clifford, Tala Martelli, Scarlett Kennedy, Celia Cunningham, Megan Scott, Lydia Grice, Gracie Kirton, Hebe Parsons, Harriet Caskey Jones.



In the annual Varsity KS4 Dodgeball tournament the UCC team came out as the overall winners. The tournament was staged at Catmose College with five teams taking part. The team was Sven Hart, Ben Richards, Harry Clarke, Celia Cunningham, Lydia Grice and Connor Griggs. The team now progress on to the School Games Finals which takes place at Loughborough University on the 3rd April. Good luck to the team at these County Finals.



Benj Brindle, Jonny Oakey, Morgan Severn. KS4 - Zelna Weich, Kara Kataiwai, Scarlett Kennedy, Tala Both the KS3 and KS4 Rowing teams Martelli, Tom Evans, Connor Griggs, have made it to the School Games Ben Taylor, Harry Glover. Finals at Loughborough University INDOOR CRICKET TEAMS having been the highest placed Rutland teams at the recent Varsity MAKE COUNTY FINALS Indoor Rowing competition. Mixed Teams of 8 students from five schools Both the U13 Boys and U15 Boys competed in this competition at both Indoor Cricket teams represented age groups in team and individual Rutland at the County Indoor Cricket sprint events. John Ferneley won Finals this team. These tournaments both age groups with the UCC took place at Crown Hills Indoor teams coming in 2nd place in the Cricket Centre at Leicester with Varsity competition but both schools teams from the 10 regions across now progress to the County Finals the County present. Both teams at Loughborough. Teams: KS3 -Ru weren’t able to make it past the Nyarawa, Emily Booker, Leah Joyce, group stages but the U13 team Megan Hickman, Archie Roberts, did collect the ‘Spirit of the Games Award’ which was presented for their INDOOR CRICKET TEAM

sportsmanship both on and off the pitch during the tournament. Teams: U13 - James Clarke, Harvey Clarke, Nathan Hall, Adam Kilby, Alfie FinchCritchley, Ted Brown, Tom Horton Bell, Joe Banerjee. U15 - Jonti Russell, Tom McFarlane, Matthew Thompson, Morgan Severn, James Cross, Ben Hubbard, Toby Leah, Oakley Wilkins, Olly Berridge

YEAR 10 RUGBY TEAM WINS COUNTY PLATE The Year 10 Rugby team put in their best performance of the season to win the County Plate Final against Lancaster Boys School last week. The matches were played at Aylestone St James Rugby Club in Leicester on a cold and wet afternoon. Having lost to Lancaster in the Cup last year YR10 RUGBY TEAM

the team were very determined to gain revenge. They came out 19 v 5 winners with tries from Connor Griggs, Morgan Severn and Will Underwood ensuring victory. Team: Josh Hibbit, Graham Haywood, Tom Glover, Taras Mandziuk, Connor Griggs, Harry Glover, Ben Taylor, Theo Jones, Will Underwood, Tom Darlington, Sam Stephenson, Tom Beach, Callum Campbell, Felix Bluche, Toby Leah, Morgan Severn and Archie Roberts.

NICAS LEVEL 1 UPDATE Well done to these students who have worked hard this term to achieve their level one NICAS Climbing Award: Sam Thompson, Joshua Griffiths, Tadd Robson, Alisha Glackin, Theo Taylor, George Newcomb- Harvey, Josh Trotman, Jonathan Haley, Oliver Ramsey, Kit Chan and Will Holmes.

NICAS LEVEL 2 UPDATE Well done to these students who have work very hard and have achieved their level two NICAS Climbing Awards: Holly Goldmark, David Dolby, Max Bish, Will Smith, Taryn Lee, Kit Chan and Wll Holmes.



2014 UCC Newsletter APRIL ISSUE  

UCC Uppingham Community College Newsletter APRIL ISSUE 2014