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FRIDAY, February 18, 2011

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$13,000,000 vision for new Heretaunga College under way By MARY-ANNE THOMSON A $13 million dollar re-build of Heretaunga College - the most major refurbishment of a school which can be done without demolishing it totally – is underway. The first stage will be open for students in July, all teaching spaces will be ready for use by term 1 2012 and the final stage which includes new administration and staff areas, will be finished by July 2012. The rebuild sees Heretaunga College reborn to “perfectly support current educational trends and the school’s new curriculum vision as well as be able to cater to future educational needs”. The new school will be built around a central spine, which is a light airy atrium, with teaching wings including classrooms and shared learning spaces coming off to each side. Included are new state of the

art science labs, which will be among the best in the region, new computer rooms, a new art suite, a commercial kitchen for canteen and catering courses, new special needs and learning support areas, new ESOL, transition and Gateway areas and new teaching classrooms for English, Maths, Social Studies, Commerce and Languages. There will also be an enlarged and refurbished admin block. Corridors which were once cold, dark, narrow and had low ceilings will be replaced by a central “spine” which is three times as wide, has high ceilings, and is an open light atrium where students can move around the school quickly and easily. “The great thing about the original 1950’s wings is they were well built and allow themselves to be remodelled,” Mr Hart says. “We are doing things like peeling back the current lino flooring and exposing the original matai floor. The wet areas in the new science labs will have polished matai floors. Once completed the staff and students will have flexible teaching spaces which are IT rich and open onto shared learning areas where groups of students, doing different things, at the same time can operate. During the consultation phase students said they would like more flexible inside areas during wet weather. The atrium area is planned to address this need. “We have planned well and designed well and we are delighted with what the architects have come up with and the way the project is progressing.” Mr Hart says.

Principal Bruce Hart in front of the old F Block. The block is being peeled back with new classes built in the foreground. Classes will be clustered around a shared learning space. At top of page is an architect’s vision of the new Heretaunga College shows the central ‘spine’ and the new improved teaching areas.

Site work started in January - what can be seen from the road is just a small portion of work currently underway. Most is behind a wing as yet untouched. Out front the work sheds have been installed, a new entranceway is being built and all the services are being replaced – the electrical, drainage, sewerage etc. Mr Hart says that is a huge job in itself as it will extend the life of the school immensely as well as cut down on the current maintenance bill for regular fixing of ailing services. The major work in the heart of the school involves the stripping back

of the old narrow corridor and the old F wing. The first thing people will notice is the new “spine” going in. Then F wing will be rebuilt ready for students to use in July. “At that time I expect people will walk into the school and go WOW. Because it is going to be seriously amazing,” Mr Hart says. Once the students are in F wing, then another wing will be worked on between July and Christmas and that wing will be ready for students in 2012. The final wing is a current teaching block which will be remodelled into a new admin block - that will

be completed in 2012. “One of the features, is that the footprint will be smaller when the rebuild is finished,” Mr Hart says. “The good thing is we have been able to use surplus space to manage the transition so teaching will not be disrupted. “Moving around the site will be a bit different while the work is being done – staff and students will have to go round building areas to get to classes. “For students, teaching won’t be affected, other than some students will move rooms Upper Continued on Page 8

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011

Why I love Upper Hutt Rochelle Harrison aka Rocky New Zealand Aerobics Representative, local aerobics and dance coach, Youthtown team member and uni student - 18 year old, Rochelle Harrison has a busy life and is fiercely proud of her city. Rochelle has lived in Upper Hutt all her life and attended Totara Park Playcentre, Kindergarten, School and then Maidstone Intermediate and Upper Hutt College. This year she is studying at Victoria University. Rochelle’s love of performing arts came from a young age starting Rimutaka Gymnastics, dancing at Variety Dance from the age of three, then Danzworx and Cheerleading Extreme. In Year 7 at Maidstone Intermediate she took an option of Aerobics and loved it. Her first competition was the Hutt Intermediate interschool competition and she hasn’t looked back.

Rochelle has competed for the past seven years regionally, at nationals all over New Zealand in NZCAF competitions and FISAF competitions in Melbourne and New Zealand. She has been placed in all competitions. Rochelle has always wanted to be a teacher and although she left there many years ago, returns weekly to coach aerobics at Maidstone Intermediate. She also coaches at Heretaunga and Upper Hutt colleges.   “Watching the girls and boys develop over the years when they participate,” is so rewarding,” she says.  Rochelle also runs a Dance Club at Youthtown for pre and afterschool care and holiday programmes. Youthtown has given her the opportunity to gain friendships and enjoy being a volunteer for the Urban Unity youth focussed programme, “Thanks to Youthtown I have participated in some awesome events,” she says. “I will always remember paint party, and the Grind at Ascot Cinema cafe every Wednesday showcasing Upper

Hutt musicians is awesome.”


Why I Love Upper Hutt:

Rochelle says-   I love the walk from the Duck pond to Harcourt Park it’s so picturesque all seasons of the year and Kaitoke Waterworks Park for overnight camping - it is a great place to do bush walks and hang out with your friends.

Rochelle says- Upper Hutt’s healthy lifestyle of fresh clean air, trees and parks is amazing. I also enjoy its close proximity to Wellington – just 45 mins on the train means I can now visit the night life since I am legal, and go to the stadium for events. I think it’s the best of both worlds living in Upper Hutt but easily being able to get to town.

Favourite Place To Shop: Rochelle says- Mayhem was amazing! I miss it already. It’s great to have an Amazon in the Mall they stock a great range of current surf labels. I would love a Glassons or Dotti to come out to The Mall too!

Favourite Place To Eat: Rochelle says: There are too many to mention them all . . . Mayfair’s wedges are the best wedges anywhere and Buttercup Bakery make the best custard squares.

Favourite Place To Take Visitors To The

Favourite Thing To Do With Family/Friends: Rochelle says - There is so much to do depending on the season. I take the dog up to Cannons Point Dam as it has a great view over the city and it’s a really good walk whatever the time of year. Nightlight 7’s bar is great to show the older clientele how to boogie. At Christmas time I love to walk up Sunnyview Drive to view all

the Xmas lights. On a summer’s day there’s no better place than the rock at Brown Owl/Totara Park Hutt River to jump into the river!  

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011


Medieval fare on Main Street tonight

A medieval banquet will be held outdoors in Main Street tonight (Friday February 18). This is the first time a banquet has been held to mark the start of the International Jousting Festival being held this weekend. A three course meal will be served to table of eight. As well there will be period entertainment and national and international jousters and jesters will be joining guests for dinner at the table. Tickets are $65 for this R18 event, which kicks off at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. For more information phone 527 2141 or visit at 90 Main Street. The roadway begins to form for truck access carrying the river stones ujsed for the seismic strenthening for ther Twin Lakes.

Seismic strengthening project begins before ‘big one’ strikes A project to upgrade Greater Wellington’s two Stuart Macaskill water storage lakes in Te Marua is underway with contractors beginning seismic strengthening work. Greater Wellington Regional Council is upgrading the lakes to better protect them in an earthquake on the Wellington Fault. This work forms part of a larger project to increase the capacity of the lakes by 13 percent and ensure that they can continue to be used after a large earthquake.

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Upgrading the seismic strength of the Stuart Macaskill Lakes involves laying a flexible membrane lining on the inside of the embankment walls, and placing rock buttresses (protective walls) at several points to reinforce the outer face of the embankments. Buttressing between the lakes and on the western and southern sides of the Lake 2 (the southern lake) should be finished by the end of 2011.

         

   

Work on the lakes’ internal lining and increasing the water storage capacity is due to start in September. This will mean that lake 2 will be empty next summer and lake 1 will be empty in summer 2012/13. There’s also a possibility of a lake being out of service in summer 2013/14 if construction is delayed. Greater Wellington recently awarded John Ray Ltd the contract for the construction of the buttresses for both lakes. The contractor has just installed access roads and work is underway stockpiling rock for use in construction. The upgrade work will involve raising the earth embankments of the lakes by about 600mm, installing membrane linings and modifying the spillways. Lake 2 will be worked on during the summer of 2012 and Lake 1 during summer

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2013. Cr Nigel Wilson, chair of the council’s Social and Cultural Wellbeing Committee, says that as well as being needed for the lakes to meet national dam safety guidelines, the work is an important step towards building community resilience in the event of a large earthquake. (The Stuart Macaskill lakes are classified as dams.) “By improving the seismic performance of the lakes, we will have greater certainty of continuing to provide water after an earthquake – this in turn will help the community recover faster,” says Cr Wilson.

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011


WWW.ILOVEUPPERHUTT.CO.NZ Put your club, school, business info FREE on the newest portal website with ongoing construction including UHCC links and Events calendar!

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011

Time for a touch of re-branding

Every student of Fraser Crescent School helped ‘visualise’ the new school logo last week. It required help and organisation from the fire service, the weather and not least the staff and children as the new colours were reflected in each child’s clothing. And it was a nice way to spend sunny day.

       DEVELOPMENT FINANCE  

New logo reflects curriculum and values of Fraser Crescent

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 

By MARY-ANNE THOMSON Both the weather and the fire engine came to the party last week….

 

fraser – with a lower case f - is Fraser Crescent School’s new logo and every student helped create it by laying on the school field for an aerial photo. And principal, John Channer, photographer for the day, bravely climbed into very high bucket of a rescue fire engine brought out from Wellington Central Fire station. The aerial photo shoot had been dependant on two things – good weather and the fire engine not being needed for a job. Luck was on their side with not a cloud in the sky and no fires or high rescues needing attention. The school has just launched a re-positioning in which fraser underpins everything they do. fraser as an acronym is:

 We clean, repair & replace parts on most wood fires

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F: Future Focused R: Respectful Red A: Active Adventurer S: Striving for Success E: Enthusiastic R: Resourceful These are the qualities that all staff are expected to have, students strive for and all values taught in the school emulate. The new NZ Curriculum standards meant a real change in terms of the way schools deliver education. As part of looking at how they would deliver the curriculum in a way that would suit their school community, Fraser Crescent School went through a process of creating a meaningful vision. “It was important for us that the vision had real meaning,” says Mr

Channer. “We wanted it to be something living and breathing through the whole school. “We asked the students and wider school community and in the end came up with Fraser. “Those values are woven into everything we do,” he says. The next step was to develop visuals. Two new visuals – Fraser – a silhouette of a little character who has all the qualities of the vision was created as well as the word fraser – with a small f. “We know educationally that a upper case F is what you would expect, but as a visual – the small f was better, so the Board of Trustees decided to go with that,” Mr Channer says. The students had great fun last week creating the human fraser image. f was created in light blue by Pioneers Room10, r in red by Voyagers Room 9, a in purple by Pathfinders Room 11, s in orange by Trailblazers Room 8, e in Yellow by Explorers Room 2 and Travellers Room 4 and r in green Trekkers Room 1 and Adventurers Room12. Mr Channer had a few nervous moments as the bucket when higher and higher, but enjoyed the experience and is very proud of the school’s wonderful new vision that embraces all current students. “Our Fraser Curriculum underpins everything that we do at our school. It ensures that our students receive an education that is challenging, exciting and meaningful for today, while preparing our students for the future,” Mr Channer says. “We believe Fraser Crescent School promotes a learning lifestyle among our students and staff and that learning occurs not just at school,

but in all environments, including the home and the community,” he says. “Fraser really means something to the students. They have been involved in creating the vision and they know the meaning behind the word. “We have run things like a Fraser photo competition where all the students were invited to take a photo over the holidays which best captured the spirit of Fraser. They have submitted their entries, which are about to be judged. “We have had similar Fraser essay writing competitions and many other activities. “We believe the way we structure our curriculum allows the students to live Fraser - we strive to provide a programme that allows our students to maximise learning in all aspects of their lives, anywhere and anytime – not just at school. They spend more time out of school than in it and they are learning then too. “For our students this may mean participating in an organised school activity before the start of the school day, getting involved in the many lunchtime programmes on offer, or participating in some of the activities, which we offer students after school. “Our students can continue their learning journey at home by getting involved in our Fraser Quest challenge, or enhancing their learning through their own e-learning portfolio accessed via the internet. “fraser is an outward symbol of what is happening in the school.” 027 386 4386

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011







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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011

Mum teaching pre-schoolers to cook, safely and well By MARY-ANNE THOMSON Mya and Ben Cobbum (pictured) are only 6 and 4 years old, but they can cook the family a meal….and its not one that their parents have to pretend to enjoy, it’s a tasty, healthy meal. Their Mum, Sarah, a trained primary school teacher, has taught them how to cook, both well and – importantly - safely. Now she is teaching other preschoolers to cook at her “We Can Cook” weekly classes. The classes for up to eight preschoolers at a time, are held at Sarah’s Blue Mountains home where she has a herb garden and chickens, so not only do the children learn to cook, they are allowed to pick the herbs from the garden and collect the eggs from the chickens, so they learn where food comes from. Sarah had been teaching for 15 years when she had our Mya, then two years later, Ben. She decided to stay home full time with them. During this time, she loved cooking with the kids. She says one was a ‘fussy eater’ and they discovered that the more she was encouraged to cook her own food, the braver she became at trying new foods and flavours. “I don’t claim to be a gourmet chef, but my teaching experience allows me to make cooking manageable and fun for young children,” Sarah says.

“I take recipes and craft them so they are manageable and safe for young pre-schoolers,” she says. “My aim is to use carefully selected seasonal food and organic (if possible.) We keep chickens so the children will get the opportunity to collect the eggs that they use in their cooking. I take recipes from a variety of sources and aim to alternate one savoury, then one sweet throughout the eight-week course. “The skills that I work on with the children include; rolling with a rolling pin, grating with a grater, cutting with cooking scissors and knives, rubbing, greasing, mixing, whisking, breaking their own eggs, whisking, mashing and bashing. The sessions are taught in a positive, encouraging way and the children are praised for ‘having a go.’ “Each child will be provided with the necessary tools and all the ingredients to complete the job. “The cooking session is divided in to three parts. Preparation will take from 20-30 minutes, cooking 2030 minutes. After the children have prepared their food they stick the weekly recipe in their personalised scrapbook and decorate it with stickers. Parents/caregivers then retire to the conservatory for tea/ coffee and that week’s home baking. The kids can have some free time to play with the toys, until they are called back to the kitchen

to taste their cooking and pack it up to take home,” Sarah says. This term Sarah is running four different class slots. Each class runs for eight weeks and she welcomes pre-schoolers of any age. Classes started yesterday (February 17) but Sarah says its not too late for anyone interested to enrol and pick up the lessons from today or next week. Classes will run on Thursdays from 10-11am or 1-2pm and Fridays from 10-11am or 1-2pm. This week’s food is Baked Spagetti casserole, which will teach skills of topping and tailing, cutting and tearing. Next week is Honey Tea Loaf. The skills pre-schoolers will learn making that include breaking and beating an egg, wet and dry bowls and mixing. Other items will include pizza, muffins, savoury parcels, cookies, scones and for Easter, Easter Egg nests. At the end of the course children will not only be able to cook, but they will also have their own personalised recipe book with the eight recipes in it. Anyone interested in finding out more about the classes or registering their child for a class can call Sarah on 9381552.

Sit and be Fit classes for those with mobility issues An exercise programme set to music for people who have mobility issues, has proved so popular that Trentham’s Connections Community Centre has put on an extra class for 2011. ‘Sit and be Fit’ – is an award winning exercise programme offered at various locations world wide. The concept was created by a registered nurse, and involves a variety of exercises set to music, for people who have mobility issues, or who would feel safer if they were sitting down to exercise. The session is a 45 minute

DVD presentation of music and movement, and yes, the work is done sitting on a chair. The exercise session works all parts of the body while sitting on a chair and helps improve stamina, strength and suppleness. Those who want more of a workout, can do the exercises while standing. No special shoes or other gear is required, men and women of all ages and fitness abilities are welcome. Previously Connections have run one weekly session at 1.30pm each Friday. However this has become so popular with both young people with mobility issues and older people alike, that the organisation has added a Tuesday morning class. After the Friday afternoon session participants are invited to stay for a social time and “cuppa”. Entry is by gold coin donation. Both the Tuesday 10am and Friday 1.30pm sessions are held at Connections, 541 Fergusson Drive, Trentham (next to the Fire Station). Anyone wanting more information can phone 528 0980.

College rebuild finally under way Continued from Page 1

throughout the year. “Staff have been really cooperative. They will need to be moving and carrying things between classes at times, but they can see the overall result will be worth it and have been very supportive and positive and I thank them for that,” Mr Hart says. It all started in 2003 when the then Minister of Education, Trevor Mallard announced a network review of schooling in Upper Hutt. Heretaunga and Upper Hutt colleges and the two intermediates were told change was expected and the community had design that change. Meanwhile, maintenance or new building work at the four schools was blocked.. Mr Hart was a part of a working group charged with researching and designing the schools of the future that recommended two new schools on the CIT site. It was a plan born from hours and hours of research into best practice and hours and hours of discussion and anguish,” he says. “A political decision was made and it didn’t happen.” “The schools were told to stay

the way they were and a small amount of additional funding to improve each of the schools was allocated,” he says. Then in 2009 – an election year – the National party promised additional money to help the four Upper Hutt schools. The total pool was $44 million. Heretaunga’s slice was $13 million. What would the new and improved Heretaunga College look like? “We wanted to marry the new curriculum which had to be introduced and created different thinking of how the curriculum would be delivered in each school, with the flexible NCEA system we have and the new facilities,” Mr Hart says. “We also didn’t want to hook into current fads in education but to make sure our school would deliver the current educational trends as well as being ready to cater to educational needs of the future,” he says. Once Heretaunga had the green light, Mr Hart decided that the rebuild would be a team effort. He consulted with staff, students and the school community. “This wasn’t about me, its about the team,” he says.

“One of the best things we did was a visit by the 13 staff who make up the curriculum team, along with the architects from Opus Architects, to some different schools in Auckland. We were able to look at innovative ideas and develop a new curriculum vision together. The architects could then design facilities that would support the vision. “The vision is perfect – it couldn’t be better. I am so pleased with it. “And the resulting Opus architects plans are also perfect for enabling us to be able to deliver that vision. It has worked so well,” Mr Hart says. Project managers OCTA Associates have a real understanding of the school’s needs, while builders, Holmes Construction, have huge experience with educational work and we are very pleased with their awareness of the needs of a school workplace, Mr Hart says. It is very much a team project, and he is hugely privileged to be a part of it. “We have one opportunity. We have got to do it right. This project is an amazing opportunity to impact on the shape of a school and the shape of the education so many students will receive.”

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011




Blue Mountains

Views, Peace And Tranquillity!

If peace and tranquillity with stunning views is for you then look no further. The property has over 11000m2 of native and exotic trees with secret paths and walkways to explore, garden sheds and plenty of parking. Located only 7 minutes drive to Silverstream shops, Decile 10 primary school and railway station, this home is a must to view!

* 5 Bedroom two storey 200m2 modern home * Master with ensuite and walk-in wardrobe * Designer bathroom with views to countryside * Two living areas, heat pump and open fire * Separate dining, modern kitchen * Fabulous private decking with million dollar views BEO $620,000 63C Sierra Way, Blue Mountains Open: Sunday 11.00 - 11.30 am ID#UPP12263 Brian Childs d 04 527 2495 m 027 659 4922

5 2

Sharon Voller d 527 2979 m 021 240 5783 04 528 0010 5 Gibbons Street

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011 027 386 4386


Oops! Bit of training required for this one By MARY-ANNE THOMSON When Upper Hutt’s Toni Coleman agreed to participate in the Oxfam Trailwalker she thought it was a team relay with each person walking 25km to raise funds to help others and agreed to join in…. So it was a bit of ahock when she discovered all team members must walk 100 kms and do it in 36 hours. But she decided “what the heck” and decided to join the team anyway. Toni, along with two other Upper Hutt friends and team mates Stephanie Stevens and Kirsty Leckie and Toni’s Wellington based neice Leigh Coleman say 100 kilomentres is a small price to pay. Kirsty and Leigh are the runners in the group. Stephanie and Toni have been biking in events over the past few years – they have the Lake Taupo challenge, Karapoti Mountain bike challenge, Tour de Whitemans under their belts. None however are experienced with walking distances of 100k. “We are just a bunch of amateurs


hourS FriDay anD SaturDay

McDonald’s Silverstream ®


paul swain

who like to enter events as motivation to get out there and try and gain/maintain some semblance of health and fitness,” Toni says. “We’ve individually entered things like the women’s triathlons, xterra trail runs, SUB biking and running events - raising funds for a worthy cause is an added motivation to inspire us to get off our backsides and exercise more,” she says. The women have roped in Toni’s husband, Barry and sister Bernie as the support crew and the focus at the moment is to get out walking as much as possible. “Thank goodness there are so many trails around the valley as it makes for perfect training ground,” she says. On March 12 and 13 team have their official Oxfram Trailwalker pre event event in the Rimutakas. It’s a weekend practice which they hope will give them a good idea of what to expect on the day and how they are doing in terms of fitness and endurance. “None of us has ever done anything as big as this before,” Toni says. “Everyone has the right to the essentials of life – clean water, food, shelter, sanitation, healthcare, education and a livelihood to support themselves, their children and their community,” the women say. “As citizens of Upper Hutt, we have enjoyed these essentials throughout our lives. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for many in the Asian and Pacific countries that share out part of the world. “We see the Oxfam Trailwalker as one way. Funds raised will support Oxfam New Zealand’s work in long term development and campaigning for economic and political change to address the unjust systems that maintain poverty,” they say. Oxfam Trailwalker New Zealand is part of an international series, with more than 12 events being held around the world (and

Upper Hutt’s Toni Coleman: About to walk 100km in 36 hours to raise funds for others.

counting), including Hong Kong, the UK, Japan, New Zealand, France and Australia. The event has raised millions internationally. The all women team (‘Team Rabbitt ‘) have begun training in earnest and have committed to a $4000 fundraising goal. Toni says “This money can change lives in many ways. $2500 in the Pacific can provide emergency supplies for communities who are experiencing increased disasters, more severe cyclones, loss of food stocks and gardens, salt water contamination of land and water

sources by storm surges. “$3000 in Tanzania can bring safe water to villages through bore holes and tap stands so younger children no longer suffer and die from typhoid malaria, dysentery and diarrhoea caused by dirty water “$3500 in East Timor will support training focused on improving rice yields and quality, and dramatically improve the incomes of impoverished faming families. trailwalker/ (type ‘Rabbitt’ in the team search area).

February is Bike Wise Month and we're making it easy for you to ride safely...

uppER HuTT REGiOnal COunCillOR

Buy one helmet and choose... • another helmet ½ price or • a child's high viz vest ½ price or or • one free puncture repair

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conditions apply

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011


Forty-eight axemen gather at the Upper Hut Axemen’s Club tomorrow as part of the city’s Summer Festival. They will also celebrate 100 years of woodchopping in Upper Hutt. Local axeman and historian Peter O’Flaherty continues his tales from last week.

‘Every kind of tradesmen and expert scroungers’

1953 saw the revival of organised wood-chopping in Upper Hutt, the 8th annual A&P Show at Maidstone Park. This carnival was conducted by the Wellington and Hutt Valley A and P Association, and was to be the fore-runner of greater things to come. There were 25 entries which was considered excellent and the chopping events proved very popular with the public, many never left the ring all day, while the trees around the ring were filled with small boys, much to the caretaker’s dismay. Among the committee were brothers Don and Bill Fraser were destined to become New Zealands leading jigger choppers. 1954 A few days before the carnival trouble ‘t mill, the blocks that had been ordered from Rotorua did not arrive and they were in real trouble. They then had to find some property owners in Pinehaven, who wanted their trees cut. Time was desperately short, on the Friday before the show, Bill Mitchell, Robbie Mitchell, Murray Nilsson, Fred Jones, Buzz Vare, Eddie Mitchell and Frank

Southee set to work. At 10pm the night before the chop they were wheeling the blocks down a gully in a wheel barrow and loading them on to a truck to be carted to Maidstone Park. They trimmed some by the headlights of the truck, and the remainder at daybreak next morning. The entries increased from 25 to 61, and the meeting was a huge success. 1955 The entries increased from 61 to 86. The death of Jim Miller, the chief-steward of the previous years was a great blow, Jims congenial manner and great knowledge was sadly missed, Campbells Sawmills who Jim had worked for many years, donated a beautiful cup The Jim Miller Memorial in his memory. Mrs Elsie Johnston a daughter of Dave Pretty also donated a cup The Dave Pretty Memorial. 1956 A new age whenr they shifted to Trentham Memorial Park. They had to make a complete new setup, so they decided to cater for the growth of the sport. An area of

The Picnic Chop of 1958 with over 150 competing, including this stellar group: Gordon Whiteman,, Noel Dickenson, J B Stewart, Colin McDonald, Eddie Mitchell, Eric Whiteman, Terry Whiteman and sitting, Tom Bailey.

ground near the creek, and handy to the road was selected, there they fenced off a ring 80 yds long and 30 yds wide and set up thirty dummies in two rows of fifteen. It looked huge, several commented that they would never require a ring so big, but it was just a matter of a year or two before it proved an excellent foresight. The Army have a reputation for acquiring things, but they would be second raters compared with the Axemens Committee. There was 200 yds of fence to be erected around the ring, and strange to say posts, battens, wire and even staples all seemed to be donated free, at least no-one was caught. Again the entries increased from 86 to 91, then to 108 in 1957. So popular were the chopping events that it was decided to build an embankment around the ring. They were loaned a truck, grader and front end loader by Mr J. Hamilton as well as arranging for a supply

for all the spoil they required to form the bank. The topsoil was first dug out and stockpiled, then 12 truck owners their trucks plus themselves. The trucks kept up a constant supply of fill up to the bulldozers and loaders. Although the ground was very wet the bulldozers often having to pull the trucks out. The cost of the job was less than £9. The spoil was supplied by Mr Bill Kells from his quarry on the Western Hutt Road. They also erected a new fence around the ring with concrete posts and cyclone wire. 1958 First year of new embankment The entries jumped from 108 to 154 – it was now recognized as one of the best meetings of New Zealand and all the top axemen were competing. The second class chop was renamed “The Redwood Memorial” in memory of giant redwood tree in Pine Avenue, Upper Hutt which was

felled to make room for a footpath. Mr Arthur Clouston who milled the logs into timber donated a cup in memory of the tree. The A & P Assoc grant of £600 for the erection of a building. This was completed by December by a Committee consisting of every kind of tradesman required for this kind of work as well as some of the best scroungers in the district. By 1960, With record entries of 180, it was by far the most successful meeting they had yet held and all praise went to the stewards for their efficiency and hard work. The programme of 22 events including heats was timed to start at 10 am and finish at 5pm, the last event was completed at 5.03pm. The ring looked a picture with the dummies and underhand cradles painted white, the grass mown like a lawn. And that was the first 50 of Upper Hutt’s 100 Years of Woodchopping being celebrated this weekend.


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• 12 Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011


Places still available for PRIMARY & INTERMEDIATE AGE STUDENTS for GROUP TUITION for SAX, CLARINET, RECORDER & DRUM Lessons begin on Saturday 19 Feb at FERGUSSON INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL Registration costs ONLY $30 per student INCREDIBLE VALUE! contact Mrs. Virginia Philip Supervisor

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Clarinets available for hire


Learning to Learn: Year 9 Induction at Heretaunga College.

Learning all about the Heretaunga College way; days of fun and information By ZOE TAYLOR Heretaunga College’s new Year 9 students have been learning how to learn, and how the school operates, during a two-day induction programme. In their form groups, they have spent a day at the Heretaunga Christian Centre focussing on tips and techniques that will make them successful learners in a high school environment. They then spent a day with their Year 13 Peer Supporters understanding the Heretaunga College way. Lisa Aaltonen, Teacher in Charge of Peer Support said the school does this so that the younger students get into good habits at the very first moment they get into the school. “We do the Learning to Learn days so that the Year 9 students get into good learning habits for studying and learning in class straight away. It’s important that they hit the ground running,” Miss Aaltonen said.

The Year 13 Peer Supporters spend time with their Year 9 classes teaching them about respect, bullying, peer pressure and working out what learning style suits them the best. Year 9 student Emma Davison said that the days were very useful. “The days were fun and full of information. I also learnt a lot more about the people in my class, and feel really set up to have a good year at school.” For the Peer Supporters, running the two days it not only helped the Year 9 students but also helped them to learn how to manage and engage with different sorts of people, of different ages and from different cultures. Peer Supporter Ben Rota said that the days went well and as they went on the students seemed to communicate with each other a lot better. “At the beginning as we started our first

activity they started to get into it but when we asked questions, they were a bit quiet. But as the day proceeded they started to open up and communicate with each other. It was really tiring for us though!” Ben said. “The day ran well, and I was very impressed with the Peer Supporters,” Miss Aaltonen said. “If they can make one student feel good about coming to our school, they have done something that is really positive.” The Peers Supporters will stay close to their junior form class for the rest of the year, providing friendship, support and guidance. 027 386 4386

Unit 23 23 Unit 15 Railway Ave 15 Railway Ave South Pacific Ind Park Park South Pacific Ind Upper Hutt Upper Hutt Ph 0800 0800 394784 394784 Ph WWW.ILOVEUPPERHUTT.CO.NZ Put your club, school, business info FREE on the newest portal website with ongoing construction including UHCC links and Events calendar!


13 13

Upper , 2011 UpperHutt HuttStar, Star,Friday, FridayFebruary February418, 2011


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Support and information is available from my electorate offices.  Tel: 04 817 6584 | Email:  Upper Hutt Electorate Office  216 Main Street, Upper Hutt 5018 | Tel: 04 528 5715 Taita Electorate Office 1195 High Street, Lower Hutt 5011 | Tel: 04 567 0156 |

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Upper Hutt Star, Friday February • 14 18, 2011 Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011

What’s on What’s in UpperonHutt in Upper Hutt

Continued from Page 16

ph 5280900

Continued from for Page 16 info. the Salvation Army Citadel, Fergusson Drive.the Salvation Arm 830 4041 more 830 4041 for more info. 10.30am. 10.30am. All welc March 4 Chill – Youth Town event for youngMarch 4 ChillAll–welcome. Youth Town event for young March 9 Trentham 5K Series for runners, March 9 Trent people with DJ, graffiti art, pool, table tennis andpeople with DJ, graffiti art, pool, table tennis and Soon Soon joggers and walkers. 6-7pm TrenthamPark. Memorialjoggers and walke rockband. 6-10pm. Youth Town, Maidstone Park.rockband. 6-10pm. Youth Town, Maidstone Feb 26 Zumba Master Class. Wickedly WildFeb 26 Free. Zumba Master Class. Wickedly Wild Free. Parrk, Barton Road, outside United HarriersParrk, Barton Ro Zumba Wahine On Tour. Riverstone RecreationZumba Wahine On Tour. Riverstone Recreation Clubrooms. Charge applies. Contact Shona March 5 Karopoti Classic mountain bike March 5 Karopoti Classic mountain bike onClubrooms. Charg 6.30pm-8pm. Charge applies. More info www.6.30pm-8pm. Charge applies. More info www. 9776190. 9776190. race. From 10am. Entry fees apply. More info race. From 10am. Entry fees apply. More info March 12 Sixties and Seventy’s themed public March 12 Sixtie Feb 26 2011 Sport and Recreation Expo.Feb 26 2011 Sport and Recreation Expo. Night Roller Disco. Fundraiser for the UHRSCNight Roller Disc March 5 Salvation Army National Youth Band March 5 Salvation Army National Youth Band Trentham Memorial Park. To arrange a displayTrentham Memorial Park. To arrange a display skaters representing NZ at Free Oceania Champsskaters represen at Timberlea Park 11.30am. sausage phone Dave on 5272113. phoneplays DaveatonTimberlea 5272113.Park 11.30am. Free sausageplays2011. 7-9pm. UHRSC Rink, 34B Goodshed Road.2011. 7-9pm. UHR sizzle to follow. All welcome. sizzle to follow. All welcome. More info call Chris on 5297551. More info call Chr Feb 26 Skate Workshop for 13 to 18 yearFeb 26 Skate Workshop for 13 to 18 year March Salvationa ArmyMax. Just Youth Band 5 Salvationa Army Youth Band free olds. 12 noon till 1pm. Maidstone Max. Just turnolds. 12 noon5 till 1pm. Maidstone turn freeMarchMarch 12 The Great NZ Quiz night for families March 12 The G at the Salvation Army Citadel, Fergussonconcert at the Salvation Army Citadel, Fergusson up on the day. More info onconcert the day. More info –6.30pm. Over $200 worth of book vouchers up for– Over $200 wo Drive, 6.30pm. Drive, YouthtownUpperHutt or call Jade on 5279730 YouthtownUpperHutt or call Jade on 5279730 grabs! Upper Hutt Library 4-6pm. Register yourgrabs! Upper Hut March New 5 Segway Xtreme, with Hutt Warren River Trail,March 5 ofSegway Huttcontacting River Trail, team betweenXtreme, 4 - 6 by Francesteam of between Feb 27 New Year Sing-Along, with WarrenFeb 27 Year Sing-Along, Poets 10am to 4pm.695 FeesFergusson Apply. RidersPoetsMcEwen Park. 10am to 4pm. on 5272 182 Fees Apply. Riders McEwen on 5272 Loader. 2pm Salvation Army, 695 FergussonLoader. 2pmPark. Salvation Army, be over 45kg.transport More info available phone 830on4041.must be over 45kg. More info phone 830 4041. Drive U/Hutt. Limited transport available onDrive must U/Hutt. Limited 12 Skate Workshop. 12 noon till 1pm.March 12 Skate Marchbasis. 5 Healthy Homes, Happy MarchMarch 5 Healthy Homes, Happy Pockets. 1st come basis. For transport Phone Stan on1st come For transport Phone Stan Pockets. on Maidstone Max. Justworkshop turn up onPinehaven the day!. MoreMaidstone Max. J A roofwater harvesting workshop PinehavenA roofwater harvesting 5284584. 5284584. info info  www.faceb Community Hallin More infoMaidstone visit www.Community Hall More info visit www. Feb 27 Petanque in the Park. MaidstoneFeb 27 Petanque the Park. email call Jade Max 04 onemail jade@yout Park 1pm. Free. More info visit www.Park 1pm. Free. More info visit orwww. 5279730. 5279730. 9707630 9707630 13 Mangaroa 10-2pm.March 13 Mang March Have 5 Skate 12 noonPark. till 1pm.MarchMarch 5 Skate Workshop. School 12 noonFair. till 1pm. Feb 27 Have a Go at BMX McLeoad Park.Feb 27 a Go Workshop. at BMX McLeoad Mangaroa Road. Mangaroa School Maidstone More info Maidstone Max.School More info  `1.20pm. Small charge applies. More info visit`1.20pm. Small Max. charge applies. More info visit YouthtownUpperHutt email jade@youthtown.YouthtownUpperHutt email jade@youthtown. run by La LecheMarch 14 Breas or call Jade on 5279730. org.nzMarch or call14 JadeBreastfeeding Café on 5279730. League for pregnant and breastfeeding women.League for pregn Feb 27 Pilates in the park 8am CaliforniaFeb 27 Pilates in the park 8am California 6 Bike River trail. 9am start.March 6 - Bike theam Hutt2nd River trail. 9am start.month9.45 - 11.45 am 9.45 11.45 Monday of the Park, Free. More info visit www.upperhuttcity.Park, March Free. More info the visitHutt www.upperhuttcity. Under 14’s must be accompanied by an adultUnder@14’s accompanied by an adult the must HapaibeClub 879 Fergusson Dr   (diag@ the Hapai Clu com/page/1226/LivelyParks com/page/1226/LivelyParks over 13. No more than 3 children per adult. Moreover 13. No moreUH thanTrain 3 children per adult. opposite Station). ThisMore month’sopposite UH Tr Feb 27 Zumbatonic Latin inspired danceFeb 27 Zumbatonic Latin inspired dance info info topic:- Breastfeeding - Natures Standard. Moretopic:- Breastfeed class for children. Maidstone Park, 9.30am.class for children. Maidstone Park, 9.30am. info 970 4228 info phone 970 42 The Piano’. 2-3.30pm.March 6 phone ‘Around The Piano’. 2-3.30pm. Free. More info visit March More 6info ‘Around visit Heretaunga Christian Centre, 51 Lane Street. Heretaunga Christian Centre, 51 Lane Street. page/1226/LivelyParks page/1226/LivelyParks March 17 Author Talk: Upper Hutt LibraryMarch 17 Autho 6 Kiwi Family Upper HuttMarch 6 Kiwi 6-7pm. Bill Family Lennox,Storytime. author ofUpper ‘AfterHutt Andrew:6-7pm. Bill Lenn March 1 Work Shop for home educatedMarchMarch 1 Work Shop for Storytime. home educated Libraray This isLibrary the launch of familyLibraray is the launch After of family Two 2pm. kiwisThis cross Australia’. Andrew’Two kiwis cros students. Upper Hutt Public Library 10.30am. students. Upper2pm. Hutt Public 10.30am. storytime for 2011 and celebrates NZ Bookstorytime for 2011 and celebrates Book fromdocuments the jo documents the journey of AndrewNZLennox March 3 Sport Wellington Buggy Walk.March 3 Sport Month! All agesWellington welcome! Buggy Walk. Month! All agestowelcome! Adelaide Darwin in 1899, repeated 109 yearsAdelaide to Darwi Kaitoke Regional Park, Waterworks RoadKaitoke Regional Park, Waterworks Road later Andrew’s grandsonThe Bill.National FREE. Morelater by Andrew’ March10.30-12 6 “Sallie” The NationalMarch 6 by“Sallie” Celebration. entrance. 10.30-12 noon. Free but moderateentrance. noon.Celebration. Free but moderate information www Youth BandRegistration leads thenotmorning Band leads the morning meeting at fitness required. Registration not needed. Phonefitness required. needed. meeting Phone atYouthinformation or 527 2117. 527 2117.

ph 5280900

Come on kids Come on kids let’s give Inline let’s Hockey giveaInline go Hockey a go for FREE! for FREE!

     

            

   

Sunday February 20 from 5.30pm Sunday to 8pm February and 20 from 5.30pm to  8pm and  again on Sunday March 6 anytime again between on Sunday 11am March 6 anytime between 11am  and 5pm and 5pm Hutt Skating rink, 34B Goodshed Road Skating Upper rink,Hutt 34B Goodshed Road Upper 



  

Do you have a story you want to share with your community Do you have of Upper a storyHutt? you want to share with your Let us tell your story, email or Let us tell your story, email Or ring Bob Fox (027  449 3511) & Mary-Anne Thomson Or ring (027 Bob 386Fox 4386). (027 449 3511) & Mary-Anne T Tell us all about it! Tell us all about it!


    

Upper Hutt’s Premier Upper Hutt Destination ’s Premier forDestination Great Food,forCoffee Great&Food, Fine Coffee Wine & Fine W

The BoileRoom The BoileRoom Boutique Beer & Wine Boutique Bar Beer & Wine Bar

Geange Street or Thru Mayfair Geange CaféStreet or Thru Mayfair Café Weds Italian Pasta & Wine Weds– Italian Steak &Pasta Ale from & Wine 5:30 –pmSteak & Ale from 5 Dinner, Drinks, Snacks Dinner, - Thurs-Sat Drinks, from 5:30 Snacks pm - Thurs-Sat from 5:30 p Open 7 Days    Mon‐Weds 8:30am Open 7 Days    Mon ‐4pm                                     ‐Weds 8:30am‐4pm                                     Thurs‐Sat 8:30am‐Till Late    Sun 9am Thurs‐Sat 8:30am ‐4pm ‐Till Late    Sun 9am‐4pm

BRUNCH - DINNERBRUNCH - SPECIALS - DINNER - WEDS - SPECIALS ITALIAN NIGHTS - WEDS- ITALIAN SAT NIGHT NIGHTS LIVE -LOUNGE SAT NIGHT MUSIC LIVE LOUNGE 116 Main Street or 116 Geange MainStreet Street Upper or Geange Hutt Street 04 527 Upper 4116Hutt 04 527 4116 mayfaircafe07@xtra.c

WWW.ILOVEUPPERHUTT.CO.NZWWW.ILOVEUPPERHUTT.CO.NZ Put your club, school, business info Put FREE your club, on the school, newest business portal website info FREE withonongoing the newest construction portal website including withUHCC ongoing links construction and Eventsincluding calendar!UHCC links a

Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011


AN NO D N PAY OI NTEMENT RES S TU NTI L *on pro * duc ts


AU G 201 UST 1 $29






SAVE $ 151 $


Fisher & Paykel Washer • 5.5kg capacity • 4 wash programs • 3 spin speeds • 3 rinse options • 3 Star water rating

SAVE $ 151



Westinghouse Dishwasher

• 12 place setting • 5 wash programs • Wash progress indicators • Electronic controls • 4 Star water rating WDF901WA


SAVE 20%






Fisher & Paykel Refrigerator

• 7kg capacity • 11 wash programs • Express 15 minute wash program • LED display • Time delay (1-24hrs) & time remaining • 4 Star water rating • 4 Star energy rating

• 246 litre capacity • Frost free • Door alarm • Adjustable glass shelves • See-through fruit & vegetable bin • Wide door shelves to fit 2L plastic bottles • Interior light • H 1595 x W 525 x D 575mm



Bosch Front Load Washer

SAVE $ 202



Westinghouse Refrigerator • 370 litre capacity • Spill safe glass shelves • Frost free • Telescopic freezer bins • Separate temperature controls • H 1602 x W 640 x D 709mm WBM3700WB

NO Payments, NO Interest until August 2011 Terms & Conditions: Q Card: No Payments and no interest until August 2011 (“Payment Holiday”) is available on products (excluding Gift Card purchases) where the advertised cash price is $299 and over. Applies to Q Card Flexi Payment Plans. Despite the Payment Holiday an annual Account Fee may apply. The Q Card Standard Interest Rate applies to any outstanding balance at the expiry of the Payment Holiday. Payment Holiday period may vary depending on the Q Cardholders payment cycle dates. Q Card lending criteria, terms and conditions, and fees apply. FPF0043. GE Creditline: Finance offer excludes gift card purchases. Minimum purchase $299. Credit and lending criteria, $48 establishment fee and $48 annual fee apply.

RAINCHECK – some products advertised may not be displayed in all stores, but subject to availability a ‘Raincheck’ can be issued holding the advertised price upon delivery. All efforts have been made to comply with the Fair Trading Act, relating to product and pricing.

The choice of finance company will be at the sole discretion of each 1OO% store.

Product and Finance offers valid until Sunday 27th February 2011. Delivery and installation fees may apply. Savings - actual savings may vary between stores.

The prevailing interest rate will apply to any outstanding balance on the expiry of the interest free start-up period. GE CreditLine is provided by GE Finance and Insurance trading as GE Money.

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• 16 Upper Hutt Star, Friday February 18, 2011

What’s on in Upper Hutt This weekend

This week


hours visit • Louise Wyman-Donoghue – a series of vibrant paintings of scenes around NZ and the rest of the World. Expressions Vector Gallery. Until Feb 27. Visit for opening hours.

• Pre-schoolers Cooking classes. 10am-11am or 1pm-2pm. (Every Friday until April 8) Charge applies. Phone 9381552 for more info or registration. • Busy Hands. A preschool programme for 3 – 5 year olds. Children’s area, Upper Hutt Library. 10.30 – 11.15am. • Sit and Be Fit. 1.30pm (Every Friday) Connections, 541 Fergusson Drive, Trentham (next to the Fire Station). Entry by Gold coin donation. More info phone 528 0980.

Saturday • Healthy Homes, Happy Pockets. A roofwater harvesting workshop Pinehaven Community Hall. More info visit www. or Max 04 9707630 • Skate Workshop for 13 to 18 year olds. 12 noon till 1pm. Maidstone Max. More info? or call Jade on 5279730.  • Public Rollerskating session. 3-5pm (every Saturday) Upper Hutt Rollerskating Club, 34B Goodshed Road. Charge applies. More info phone Chris on 5297551. • Golder’s Cottage, Historic Place & Museum, 707 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt open every Saturday   1.30 – 4pm (group visits by arrangement Ph 5282-855) • Zumba Toning classes. Familyfriendly classes for parents and kids together. 10.30am every Saturday at Anita’s Dance Academy, 175 Main St. Charge applies. More info Anita 527 0384 • “Stabat Mater – A Collaborative Journey” – a collection of abstract paintings inspired by Vivaldi’s Stabat Mater. Mount Marua Gallery, Expressions. Until Mar 13. Opening

If you have a major event you would like to add to our What’s On column, please email Mary-Anne at We’ll also list it on our website,

Saturday and Sunday • Grail of Chivalry World Invitational Jousting Tournament. Harcourt Park. More info visit • Hutt Valley Gliding Club Open Weekend. Pakuratahi Forest. Sat and Sunday 9.30-10.30 am, 10.30-11.30am, 11.3012.30am, 1.30-2.30pm, 2.30-3.30pm, 3.304.30pm. Charges apply to ride in a glider. Bookings essential. Max 2 people per session. Phone 830 4041 for bookings or more information.

Sunday • Train Rides, Maidstone Park only $1.00 per person. 1.00 to 4.00 pm, weather permitting, All passengers welcome, infants to grandparents. • TSS Red Baron King of Kaitoke Bucket Bike Racing Series. Round 2. Kartsport Wellington, Kaitoke. Sign on at 8am. More info: • Artist Melvin Day gives a floor talk on his exhibition. Expressions Mount Marua Gallery 2pm. • Petanque in the Park. Maidstone Park 1pm. Free. More info visit www. • Have a Go at BMX McLeoad Park. `1.20pm. Small charge applies. More info visit • Pilates in the Park. 8am California Park, Free. More info visit www.upperhuttcity. com/page/1226/LivelyParksH2O • Zumbatonic,- Zumba fro kids. Maidstone Park, 9.30am. Free. More info visit • Women Only Swim night from 7pm (Every Sunday from Feb 13). Pool is run by women for women, Half price entry. More info phone 5272113.

This Week Monday • Tai Chi in the park. 9.30am Silverstream Park. Free. More info visit www.

Soon com/page/1226/LivelyParks • Yoga in the Park. Easy, low impact moves, stretching and energizing. Pinehaven Reserve 6pm. Free. More info visit www. • Zumba in the Park. Harcourt Park 7pm. Free. More info visit www.upperhuttcity. com/page/1226/LivelyParks • Children’s Embroidery Lessons. Wesley Centre, Benzie Ave   4pm - 6pm fortnightly. More info phone 5269021 • The Grind : 4pm till 6pm  Ascot Cinema Café. visit YouthtownUpperHutt • Eight week sustainable living course starts. 7-9pm. Rotary Lounge, Upper Hutt Library. Register by contacting Marion on 5272794 More info at healthyhomes • Upper Hutt Library Busy Babies. For babies 0 – 1 years. 10.30am every Wednesday. • Zumba Toning classes.  Familyfriendly classes – parents and kids can get fit together. 10 am and 8 pm every Wednesday at Anita’s Dance Academy, 175 Main St. Charge applies. More info call Anita 527 0384 Thursday • Pre-schoolers Cooking classes. 10am-11am or 1pm-2pm. (Every Thursday until April 7) Charge applies. Phone 9381552 for more information or registration. • Upper Hutt Library Busy Bodies. Stories, rhymes and music for 1 – 3 year olds. 10.30 – 11am weekly. FREE. • Salvation Army weekly ladies meeting, 10am, 695 Fergusson Dr. Women of all ages welcome. Gold donation is appreciated. More info phone Anne 567-5154 or Dulcie 9733183. Friday • Upper Hutt Axemen’s Club Centenary. For more info contact john.taylor@ • Busy Hands for 3 – 5 year olds. Children’s area at Upper Hutt Library. 10.30 – 11.15am. • Sit and Be Fit. 1.30pm (Every Friday) Connections, 541 Fergusson Drive, Trentham (next to the Fire Station). Entry by Gold coin donation. More information phone 528 0980.

• Pilates in the park. 5.30pm Pinehaven Reserv, Free. More info visit www. • Upper Hutt Library Busy Bodies begins for 2011. Stories, rhymes and music for 1 – 3 year olds. 10.30 – 11am every Monday and Thursday. FREE. • Upper Hutt Chess Club meets 7.30pm (every Monday) Hapai Club, opposite UH Railway Station. More info, phone Roger Smith, 971-6528. • Tai Chi For Seniors. 1.30pm (every Monday) St Margaret’s Church, Dunns Street, Silverstream. More info: 9770797. • Zumba Toning classes. Familyfriendly classes – parents and kids can get fit together. 10 am and 8 pm every Monday at Anita’s Dance Academy, 175 Main St. Charge applies. More info call Anita 527 0384. Tuesday • Sit and Be Fit. 10am (Every Tuesday) Connections, 541 Fergusson Drive, Trentham (next to the Fire Station). Entry by Gold coin donation. More information phone 528 0980. • Petanque in the Park. Maidstone Park 10.30am and 6pm. Free. More info visit • Hip Hop in the Park. Maidstone Park 6pm. Free. More info visit www.upperhuttcity. com/page/1226/LivelyParks • Yoga in the Park Harcourt Park. 6.30pm. Free. More info visit www.upperhuttcity. com/page/1226/LivelyParks Wednesday • Tea and Tales at the Library. 10.30am-11.30am. FREE. More info visit  www. or 527 2117. • Trentham 5K Series for runners, joggers and walkers. 6-7pm Trentham Memorial Parrk, Barton Road, outside United Harriers Clubrooms. Charge applies. Contact Shona on 9776190. • Tai Chi in the Park. Maidstone Park. 9.30am. Free. More info visit www.upperhuttcity. com/page/1226/LivelyParks • Zumba Gold in the Park. A low impact version of the latin inspired fitness class Zumba. Silverstream Park. 11am. Free. More info visit LivelyParks • Qi Gong in the Park. Calm controlled movements promoting wellbeing. Harcourt Park. 6pm. Free. More info visit www.upperhuttcity.


is working on a cool new place for kids to find out what is happening in Upper Hutt. The Council and Activation have many fun and interesting activities and links to things happening in Upper watch this space and help us develop the web site so that it works for you! Teachers, Parents and Caregivers and of course KIDS, give us some ideas how we can make the www. the best linking web site around.

The face-painted skull and crossbones completes the Pink Pirate look for Alexandra Lewis, 8.




WAS $799.99 $899.99 $1049.99 $1099.99 $1399.99






$400 WITH * E-IN D A R T


LESS THAN $6 PER WEEK Single King Single Double Queen King




• Internet @ TV • Wireless DLNA Capable • Full HD 1920 X 1080 • USB 2.0 • 100 Hz Motion Flow • HDMI x 4

NOW $499.99 $599.99 $699.99 $699.99 $899.99

TRADE IN $300 $300 $350 $400 $500


In cludes a BD -C5500 ER UBL RAY PLAY WORTH $349.99

*Trade-In is for your old bed in good overall condition


99 9 $ 139 $ 1599 WAS




SKU : 750 545 6














• HDMI x3 • 600Hz Refresh Rate • Viera Link • PC Input • 2000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast LESS THAN $8 PER WEEK

SKU: 7532872



LA40C650 40” FULL HD 1080P 100HZ LCD TV


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The Upper Hutt Star together with the new web site

Single King Single Double Queen King Super King

WAS $1299.99 $1499.99 $1699.99 $1799.99 $2199.99 $2399.99

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SAVE $400 $500 $600 $800 $700 $700















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Upper Hutt STAR 18 Feb 2011  
Upper Hutt STAR 18 Feb 2011  

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