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Welcome to the World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game World of Warcraft is huge. Whether you’re questing in the epic landscapes of Azeroth, doing dungeon crawls with friends old and new, engaging in full-scale PVP warfare, or enjoying your favorite fishing spot, there is something for every type of adventurer. The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game allows fans to experience all their favorite aspects of the MMO in a different way.

New to the World of Warcraft TCG? Now is the perfect time! Each card features a new piece of art depicting quests, characters, gear, locations, spells and abilities from

the MMO done by today’s top fantasy artists. Our design team works closely with Blizzard staff to ensure that each card truly represents World of Warcraft as accurately as possible. We have increased the insert rates for Loot cards, making your chances for getting in-game cosmetic upgrades even better!

Trading Card Game is supported by our extensive Organized Play programs, with something for every level of gamer, from casual to competitive.

Death Knights have descended on the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game scene, starting with the release of the Death Knight Deluxe Starter. This product introduces the Death Knight class to the TCG and also serves as a solid entry point for new players, containing everything two players need to learn to play! The World of Warcraft

So what’s new with the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game?

What’s New in the

World of Warcraft Miniatures? Yesterday’s battles fade into the landscape of Azeroth. Yet one thought remains on the minds of all . . . Vengeance! Souls of Vengeance, is the newest upcoming release for the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game. In the game, you control a party of characters, and any minions or companions brave enough to join you, as you fight to conquer the lands of Azeroth. Whether you support the Alliance or whether you’re more “For the Horde” at heart, legendary characters like Maiev Shadowsong or Nazgrel await the chance to battle and emerge victorious. But perhaps the best feature of World of Warcraft Miniatures is that you can play a party of monsters as well. Zul’jin or an army of Murlocs can be at your command. You can even demand the loyalty of the Betrayer himself. In past sets, we toured through the lush forests of Ashenvale and the deserts of Tanaris. This time around, we challenge you to enter the harsh lands of Northrend. Adventure through Sholazar Basin or trek across the salt flats of Borean Tundra, where new water terrain ensures that the quest for victory will involve a swim. For those of you new to our world, if you’re a

fan of the MMO, the miniatures game is easy to learn. Abilities such as your warlock’s Shadow Bolt, your mage’s Frost Nova or your warrior’s Cleave are a faithful translation from the online game. The Base-10 game engine creates a fastpaced game, incorporating casting and cooldown times to balance game play among the classes. More powerful attacks take more time to perform than an instant ability. So before you recklessly charge into battle and cleave the squishy clothie, know that vengeance is only a clock’s tick behind.

Getting started is easy! Stop by the Upper Deck booth for a free demo or go to for more information.

Recent releases have been focusing on the PVP side of the MMO. Fields of Honor is our most recent booster set, featuring a new “Honor” mechanic, locations tied to Battlegrounds, and a new Warsong Gulch alternate rules game. This set also contains the popular “El Pollo Grande” Loot card that grants the ability to purchase a giant Chicken mount. This winter, we’ll be heading into Northrend with the launch of Scourgewar boosters, the first set of the new block!

?Looking for more information? Organized Play and Events .........................................2-3 Where to Find Us Online .............................................. 3 Crafting Program............................................................ 3 Loot Guide ..................................................................... 4 Exclusive interview with Penny Arcade ........................ 4

Whether you’re just getting into the game, or whether you’re an avid player or collector, good games are the most fun when shared with friends. Be sure to check out Warcraft Minis Organized Play ( to find a battleground near you. Still have questions? Stop by the Upper Deck booth for a free demo.

Penny Arcade, © 2009 Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins

The Battlegrounds program for the World of Warcraft Minis and Trading Card Games is the first step a player can take to experience Organized Play. This program is run at participating local Hobby stores around the world. Each kit has prizes that support four weeks of play, and prizes change every four weeks. Each of the two games has its own Battleground system.

!Find WOW TCG & Minis!

Road to Worlds

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Battlegrounds

Lost contact with all the info your heart desires? Need some help building your new Mage deck? Or do you just really want to get in on some contests for Epic prizes like Loot cards? Last I heard, you could find all that and more at these sites: • • • — All the latest organized play info, coverage, blogs and morel • — Get your I00tzl • Find news, exclusive previews, event coverage, and contests! • — Become a fan, connect with friends, and maybe even win some cool stuff! • — Become a fan, connect with friends, and maybe even win some cool stuff!

World of Warcraft TCG and Minis players cap off their year-long journey

The TCG Battlegrounds weekly events are broken down into two sections: Achievements and Tournaments. When a new set is released, Battleground kits also contain prizes for the Battleground Release Party.

BATTLEGROUND TOURNAMENTS Each week participating stores will host a tournament with prizes from the Battlegrounds program. One of the top prizes is the highly sought-after class deck box. There are prizes for everyone, so even if you didn’t win, you will walk away with something. First and second place finishers also receive an Extended Art (EA) promotional card, and everyone that entered will receive a different EA promo card.

ACHIEVEMENTS The Achievement system is designed to be available to all players, letting them play whenever is convenient for them. A series of Achievements will be released with each new Battleground kit. These Achievements require the player to complete various tasks in order to acquire points. A few examples are “winning a battleground tournament,” “bring a friend,” and “defeating Onyxia.” The player with the most points at the end of the four-week Battleground kit is declared the Battleground Master and is rewarded with a playmat which depicts art from the trading card game. There are checkpoints along the way as well. You can acquire enough points to be rewarded with a Token or Badge of Justice material card. The Badge of Justice can be redeemed for exciting gameplay exclusive cards. Collect enough and you can turn them in for equipment that can be used by your favorite class.

with the World Championships held October 8-11, 2010 in Austin, Texas. Before they can play in the World Bring a new player (repeatable)


Play in your first sanctioned tournament


Championships, they have to qualify.

Play in a Battleground tournament


The first step is a Continental or

Play in four Battleground tournaments


National Qualifier. If a player places

Play 5 games


Play 20 games


well in this event, he or she moves on to

Win 1 game


the National (for international players)

Win 5 games


Win 10 games


Win a Battleground tournament


North American players) Championship.

Win a game with each of the five Horde races: Blood Elf Orc Tauren

30 Troll


Players placing well in these events will

Win a game with each of the five Alliance races: Draenei Dwarf Gnome


Night Elf


No Mana: Win with a deck with no abilities

or North American Continental (for

earn a spot in the World Championships in October.


No Rest for the Wicked: Win a game with a Demon Hero


Elitest: Play a deck with your hero and allies all of one class


Players can also qualify by accumulating

Limited: Play a deck with cards from only one set


enough Honor throughout the year.

Lazy Peon: Win with a deck that contains no rares or epics


Honor is accumulated by simply playing

REALLY Lazy Peon: Win with a deck that contains only commons


Pimp it: Equip 10 rings in play at one time


EZ Mode-Black Temple: Defeat Illidan at the end of the Black Temple raid without a raiding hero dying


Overkill: Deal infinite damage


in tournaments. The more tournaments a player plays in, the more Honor he or she

Menagerie: Have 3 or more pets in play at one time


Running on Empty: Win with no cards left in your deck


accumulates. With multiple ways to qualify and over

!Complete the Quest!

$250,000 in prizes up for grabs, the


World Championships is the place to be.

The weekend after a new set is released is the Battleground Release Party. This is the last chance that you will have to try and get your hands on the class deck box and set playmat that were given away at the Sneak Preview a few weeks before. If you weren’t able to make it to a Sneak Preview, this will also be your first chance to play with the new set!

The Darkmoon Faire All year long, the Darkmoon Faire circuit will be visiting exciting cities

World of Warcraft Miniatures Game Battlegrounds

around the world, bringing tons of fun things to do and awesome prizes to win.

If you are ready to try your hand at tournament play or just want to find more friends to play against, the Battleground program is perfect for you. For more information about this program as well as a list of participating stores, please visit for the TCG and for Minis.

The Miniatures Battlegrounds are similar to the World of Warcraft TCG Battlegrounds in that there are prizes that span a four-week period of time. Each week, players will compete for exciting preview miniatures and foil action bar cards. The miniature that is given away as a prize is a preview of a figure from the next set to come out, but if you win one, you can start playing with it immediately!

If you think you’re one of the best and want to show off your TCG or Minis

are held in the months leading up to the

in multiple qualifiers. The player that

Realm Championship. A player can win

accumulates the most points in a specific

a Realm Qualifier and be qualified for

Realm will win additional prizes and be

that Realm Championship. If they aren’t

crowned Realm Conqueror. The Realm

lucky enough to win a qualifier, they can

Championship offers a plethora of prizes,

accumulate points and qualify based

including travel vouchers, electronics

on the total amount of points they have

(iPod touch, Playstation III, iPod nano),

accumulated from participating

and plenty of Loot.

chops, or if you just want to come hang out with your guildmates, then this is the place for you! Every Darkmoon

Example: @WoWTCGandMinis Booyah the Destructor - Laziness skill +10! #FreeWoWLoot

Faire stop will offer plenty of demos of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and World of Warcraft Miniatures Game. There will also be beginner tournaments, so you can play even if you haven’t bought a pack yet. Each stop will feature Darkmoon Faire

Upper Deck Organized Play Wants You

Championships for both the TCG and

Sneak Preview

Do you have what it takes to become

travel packages to other events around

an Upper Deck Volunteer? Judges and

the world. In addition to a boatload

Specialists are needed throughout the world

of TCG and Minis events, players can

to bring the World of Warcraft Trading Card

also come to enjoy a variety of vendors,

Ten days prior to the release of a new World of Warcraft Trading Card Game set, players have a chance to see and play with the new cards. These Sneak Preview events occur around the world and give players the first chance to get their hands on the new set. Prizes for performance and participation are handed out in the form of class deck boxes and high-quality rubber playmats. All players receive an Extended Art promotional card from the new set.

Game and Miniatures Game to a hobby

artists, lounge activities, and carnival

store near you. Judges and Specialists earn

games that are fun for the whole family!

valuable promotional cards by assisting with

For the next stop on the Darkmoon Faire

staffing at large events, judging local events,

circuit, see for

and providing demo support for any event.

more information.

Minis, letting competitive players show off their skills in hopes of taking home high-end electronics, Loot cards, and

Upper Deck will also get you sponsored to attend events. There’s nothing like getting paid to have fun! For more information about how you can become a Judge or Specialist, visit or

Realm Championship Seasons In the Spring and Fall, the world is divided up into Realms. Each Realm provides a proving ground for players to win fabulous prizes. Realm Qualifiers

Enter for your chance to win an El Pollo Grande Loot card, Minis promo figures, and more: 1. Become a fan on Facebook 2. Follow us on Twitter 3. Send an @reply to WoWTCGandMinis with what your Hero’s name and flavor text would be and a “#freeWoWLoot” tag. 4. You’re entered for a chance at the epic l00t!

Crafting Redemption Program Contained in both World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and Miniatures booster packs, players will find different kinds of Trade Goods. These Trade Goods can be redeemed for Crafted promo cards. For information on which Trade Goods can be redeemed for specific Crafted promo cards, visit Players can redeem their promo cards in one of two different ways: via mail or by visiting a Premier event (Darkmoon Faire). Crafted promo cards are refreshed with each new set release.

Heroes of Azeroth Through the Dark Portal

Fires of Outland March of the Legion

Servants of the Betrayer Hunt for Illidan Drums of War

Landro Longshot





Tabard of Flame


Hippogryph Hatchling


Riding Turtle

A Riding Turtle mount that moves at walking speed, and is usable by characters of any level.


Picnic Basket

Used to place a picnic blanket, umbrella and hibachi grill out that everyone can click on to eat a tasty snack.


Banana Charm

Bananas, the baby monkey companion pet, is one of the most popular pets in the game. Perfect for those

Fortune Telling


Imp in a Ball

Goblin Gumbo


Goblin Gumbo Kettle

Gone Fishin’


Fishing Chair

Spectral Tiger


Thunderhead Hippogryph Saltwater Snapjaw Rest and Relaxation King Mukla

Paper Airplane


A red tabard featuring the Black Flame design. The Hippogryph Hatchling companion pet is a perfect pet for any collector, and looks great next to the hippogryph mounts found in-game.

Ask the Imp in a Ball any question you want, then get an ill-tempered answer from the imprisoned demon. Place the kettle on the ground and any player can use it to create Goblin Gumbo, which will make them Tired of standing while you fish? Drop this bad boy down wherever you are and get your fishing done in style!

Reins of the Spectral Tiger & The most recognizable loot item from the Trading Card Game, the Spectral Tiger is available in both regular Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger and epic mount speeds. Paper Flying Machine Kit

Use this book to create tiny paper flying machines, and then throw them at people!


Rocket Chicken

Giving fried chicken a whole new meaning, the Rocket Chicken companion pet is a mechanical chicken with rockets strapped to its back. Occassionally, it will launch into the air and explode.


Dragon Kite

A new twist on companion pets, the Dragon Kite flies above your character and occasionally attracts a rogue bolt of lightning.

Papa Hummel’s OldFashioned Pet Biscuit


Papa Hummel’s OldFashioned Pet Biscuit

Personal Weather Maker


Goblin Weather Machine - Prototype 01-B

Robotic Homing Chicken Kiting

Feed your pets Papa Hummel’s famous treats, and they’ll grow before your eyes! Like to have the weather change wherever you go? Use this marvel of goblin engineering to get a taste of sun, rain, wind, and clouds everywhere you go.


“X-51 Nether Rocket & X-51 Nether Rocket X-TREME

The Footsteps of Illidan


Path of Illidan

Disco Inferno!




Soul-Trader Beacon

Another boosted companion pet, the Ethereal Soul-Trader harvests souls of enemies killed that yield honor or experience, allowing the player to purchase fun cosmetic upgrades from him once enough souls are harvested.



Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.

Throw one of these in a crowded area and watch everyone bust a move in the confetti and chaos that follows.



The Flag of Ownership

Nothing says “I’m better than you!” like a giant thumbs-down flag planted in your opponent’s slain corpse.


Big Battle Bear

This bear mount is fierce and primal, letting its rider make a statement.

Sandbox Tiger


Sandbox Tiger

Don’t have a Spectral Tiger of your own? The Sandbox Tiger places a kid-sized version of the fabled mount that anyone can have a chance to ride!

Center of Attention


Epic Purple Shirt

Epic Purple Shirt The only way to have an epic item in every slot on your character sheet is to get a hold of this bad boy, and then /flex away for everyone to see.

Foam Sword Rack


Foam Sword Rack

Take a break from serious battles and set this in a busy area. Everyone can get a foam sword rack and take part in the wacky grand melee that follows!

Path of Cenarius


Path of Cenarius



Ogre Piñata


Magic Rooster Egg

X-51 Nether-Rocket

Ethereal Plunderer

The Red Bearon Blood of Gladiators

Loot™- A Guide to the WoW TCG Loot cards


Fires of Honor

El Pollo Grande

Blast off into the Nether with your own X-51 Nether Rocket, available in normal and epic flying speeds. Leave a flaming trail of destruction everywhere you go, just like Illidan! Bust out this disco in a box anywhere the mood strikes you. Anyone can click on the machine to dance and hear some funky beats.

Leave a path of flowers and happy thoughts wherever you go! Set the Ogre Piñata out and everyone can attack it until it’s destroyed. When it is finally cracked open, any players can loot the Pink Gumballs, which let them chew gum and blow bubbles for 5 minutes! You may not be a chicken, but this mount is. Ride around in style on the game’s first Chicken mount!

Penny Arcade and the WoW TCG

As most converts, we stuck to making decks that represented our online personas and found that act of replication extremely compelling. The granularity found in the card game was so complete that we discovered that it was even possible to compile our decks to accurately represent the particular class specs we enjoyed playing. Matching the race and gender also helped to cement the cohesion. Once we had our decks, the one on one battles commenced. Being a deeper system than we had been exposed to, there were a number of hurdles that we had to contend with. The turn phases had nuances that we adjusted to relatively quickly, and the keyword

system was very helpful when it came time for us to actually do damage. As we grew more comfortable with the rules, our decks began to crystallize with more sophisticated gambits and focused tuning. There was one dark corner of the rule set that loomed heavily in the back of our minds. Our visions of the future were clouded by the dreaded “chain.” Numerous readings aloud and endless private study could not crack the code that was buried in that diagram. With our decks becoming more elaborate, out of necessity, we began tenuously committing instants to that void zone in between our mats. The process began slowly. Whenever a chain was initiated, all of the players in the group dropped what they were doing—sometimes in mid-turn—and crowded around, lending support to the act. When we saw that titanic, five-card chain resolve itself perfectly, we felt the system knit together in our minds.

the more cooperative experience found within the Raid Decks. Our cohort, Jerry “Tycho” Holkins, was intrigued, in the beginning, purely by the game mechanics of these Raid Decks and offered to act as our antagonist. Later, he came to relish the horrible acts committed under the “guises” of Ragnaros, Magtheridon, and the undefeated Illidan Stormrage. In his wake were left broken equipment cards, dispelled ongoing abilities, and a sea of dismembered allies. On reflection, during this time in our online Warcraft careers, we were running roughshod over the plains of Outland in a tight 15-man guild. We had managed to eke out a comfortable raid schedule doing what we could with the 10-man offerings, never dreaming of stepping foot in the endgame content that required a much larger commitment, both in time and manpower. We were grateful to have the opportunity to experience this inaccessible portion of Warcraft lore, even if it was in an analog form, via the enjoyable World of Warcraft TCG Raid Decks. —Kiko Villaseñor Art Director, Penny Arcade, Inc.

That was it; we were hooked. After several evenings of harrowing 1v1 and Two-Headed Ogre, we felt that our decks were solid enough to entertain

Product depicted for demonstration purposes only and is subject to change without further notice. © 2009 UDC, Inc. 5909 Sea Otter Place, Carlsbad, CA 92010. All rights reserved. Patent Pending. © 2009 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. All products referenced are trademarks, and Warcraft, World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners.

Penny Arcade, © 2009 Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins

After we had accomplished the formidable task of “catching them all,” we found ourselves yearning for a CCG with a little more heft. There was an assortment of venerable card systems available, but without any previous experience with the content, it was difficult to get excited about the more popular games. We did, however, have a large amount of time invested in the Warcraft universe. Our knowledge and affection for Blizzard’s world, online and otherwise, let us transition into the World of Warcraft TCG very smoothly. As a rogue, when I “kick” someone online, I do a moderate amount of damage, but more importantly I disrupt whatever horrible spell my opponent was about to cast. It was comforting to know that when I played my “kick” ability card, at the table, I was accomplishing an identical task.


World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft