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Old Boys, New Books

Upper Canada College Old Boys have probably written hundreds of books, on almost as many subjects, over the years. Here’s a look at some of the more recent ones.


Peter Newman ’47

James Bacque ’47

Hostages to Fortune: The United Empire Loyalists and the Making of Canada

Spirit Builders: Charles Catto, Frontiers Foundation and the Struggle to End Indigenous Poverty

PUBLISHER Touchstone/Simon & Schuster Canada PUBLICATION DATE Nov. 1, 2016 SUMMARY The latest of Newman’s 36 books that have com-

PUBLISHER Rocky Mountain Books PUBLICATION DATE Jan. 31, 2017 SUMMARY The book chronicles the work of

bined to sell 2.5 million copies recounts the dramatic journey of the United Empire Loyalists, including their exodus from America, their resettlement in the wilds of British North America, and their defence of what would prove to be the social and moral foundation of Canada. UCC INSPIRATION Newman was apparently moved to tears when he expressed his gratitude to UCC for giving him a chance during the Second World War after his family had escaped from the Nazis in Czechoslovakia and arrived in Canada. The College had a wartime program of awarding scholarships to refugees, and Newman received one even though he spoke almost no English, he wrote to class of ’47 president Bob Johnston for this issue of Old Times’ “Class Notes.”

Frontiers Foundation in Canada, which has helped solve some of the worst problems of disease, despair and deadly housing on Canadian reserves and Metis land. UCC INSPIRATION Bacque talked about Frontiers Foundation for the 2013 Barton Lecture he gave at UCC, where he also mentioned that studying Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy at the College inspired him to become a writer. A poem that Bacque wrote titled “School Long Ago” for a 1947 UCC class reunion will be included in his yet-to-be published memoir, Nice Light Work.

Tim Falconer ’77 Bad Singer: The Surprising Science of Tone Deafness and How We Hear Music PUBLISHER House of Anansi PUBLICATION DATE May 14, 2016 SUMMARY After starting singing lessons,

Falconer learned from doctors that he was tone-deaf. Bad Singer chronicles his quest to understand music’s role in human evolution, the science behind tone-deafness and how to retrain the adult brain. INSPIRATION “I hope people will enjoy my journey in the book, but I also hope they will think differently about the music they listen to and their own relationship to music,” says Falconer.

Rory MacLean ’72 Beneath the Carob Trees: The Lost Lives of Cyprus PUBLISHER Armida Publications, Galeri Kultur Publishing, Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus PUBLICATION DATE July 2016 SUMMARY MacLean’s latest book, a collaboration

with photographer Nick Danziger, documents Cypriot scientists who are locating, exhuming, identifying and returning to families the remains of 2,000 Cypriot men, women and children who went missing from 1963 to 1974. INSPIRATION “This is part of my humanitarian work and supported by the UN and EU,” says MacLean. “With the passing years relatives desperately waiting for information on the fate of their loved one, as well as witnesses whose cooperation is vital in locating burial sites, are passing away at an ever-increasing rate. For some it is already too late.”


Alex Tapscott ’04 Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World PUBLISHER Portfolio PUBLICATION DATE May 10, 2016 SUMMARY This Toronto Star and Globe and

Mail bestseller is a collaboration between Tapscott and his father Don (who’s written 15 books) and is considered by some to be the business leaders’ playbook for the next decade and beyond for its examination of the potential future of the modern economy. INSPIRATION “The book explores an important new technology called blockchain which, if stewarded correctly, could create enormous global prosperity and change many aspects of business and society,” says Tapscott.

Harry Underwood ’69 The Experience of Beauty: Seven Essays and a Dialogue PUBLISHER McGill-Queen’s University Press PUBLICATION DATE Sept. 8, 2016 SUMMARY The book is about beauty consid-

ered as an ideal and, since an ideal is an idea that can govern a life, as an inspiration to life. It consists of essays and dialogue between two thinkers. It takes as its illustrations the works of various philosophers and artists, but also meditates upon ordinary life. INSPIRATION “Though not autobiographical, the book reflects the desire I felt, after a lifetime of looking, striving, and pondering, to draw together the threads represented by these preoccupations.” 

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