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Why settle for anything less, when you can have perfect service at hand?

It’s indoor climate with built-in Project Services and Engineering!

Adds up and pays off: the long list of advantages when partnering with Uponor.

Because the best results do come from perfect beginnings.


Benefit Radiant heating and cooling, ventilation and special tailor-made solutions: everything out of one hand. And the service included!

What you read is what you get: One reliable partner who offers solutions, knowhow and engineering

A huge variety of indoor climate solutions out of one single hand

A market leader who will be at your side in the long run

Time-saving assistance all around your projects Considerable reduction of coordination complexity from an A to Z partner

From single familiy houses to huge commercial and industrial projects

Safety for cost management and easier controlling at an early stage of the project

Maximum project success and total cost-efficiency Individual services at every stage of the project

Long-term warranty of one reliable partner

Uponor – partnering with professionals Uponor is a leading supplier of plumbing, heating and cooling systems for the residential and commercial building markets across Europe and North America and a market leader in municipal infrastructure pipe systems in the Nordic countries. Uponor ’s key applications include indoor climate and tap water systems.

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State-of-the-art solutions and know-how from the cutting-edge of green building technologies and sustainable solutions

Smart technologies, perfect consultation, reliable service.

Uponor International Sales takes care of all business activities in the Balkans, Western, Central and East Asia, Africa and Latin America. Uponor. Simply more.

Uponor GmbH International Sales P.O. Box 1641 97433 Hassfurt Germany

T +49-(0) 9521 690 370 F +49-(0) 9521 690 750 E W

Our competence, your success: indoor climate project services and engineering

Profit from our A to Z services. And simply spare the runaround!

Why choose the first that comes along? Choose the one that is here to stay.

Just take the easy way to success: You do your job, we do ours.

Services and engineering for radiant heating/ cooling and ventilation: true process efficiency from the first draft to the finished project.

Turning decades of experience and market leadership into real added value for you.

Benefit from our entire service portfolio around your building project.


Competence When you plan, develop or sell a building, there are many steps to take, and many decisions to make. Therefore, you need to be able to focus on your core business – and not waste precious and costly time running from pillar to post. Not only due to rising energy expenses, this is especially relevant when it comes to the indoor climate.

Residential or commercial buildings, industry requirements or the demands needed by single family house clients: Choosing Uponor, you always do business with one single partner.

Services Today, Uponor stands for superior solutions and outstanding innovative strength – in any aspect of indoor climate technology. And there is more than one good reason ... Superior programme: Everything started from two pipe technologies – the Uponor Multi Layer Composite Pipe (MLCP) and the Uponor PE-Xa pipe. Nowadays we offer comprehensive indoor climate solutions.

You can count on these pre-installation services:

You will profit from these on-site services:

Concept design, simulations up to installation drawings

Tendering and documentation

Application consultation

Installer training

Energy feasibility studies for entire buildings

Material supply

System calculation for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)


Engineering approvals

On site consultation Monitoring support

Process experience: Take advantage of our long lasting and worldwide experience and innovation leadership in indoor climate and projects. Premium brand service: Rely on the execellent on-site support, planning-assistance and many other services of an international market leader.

Competence you can count on.

Bangkok International Airport Bangkok, Thailand

BMW Welt Munich, Germany 7.800 m 2 of Uponor underfloor heating and cooling provide

150.000 m  of underfloor cooling: To date the largest

the exclusive dispatch center with even and comfortable

panel cooling, perfectly matching with the specific climate

temperatures. Throughout the entire building, 365 days

conditions of the region.

a year.


Uponor project services and engineering indoor climate  
Uponor project services and engineering indoor climate