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Uponor – partnering with professionals Uponor is a leading supplier of plumbing and indoor climate systems for the residential and commercial building markets across Europe and North America and a market leader in municipal infrastructure pipe systems in the Nordic countries. Uponor’s key applications include heating and cooling solutions and tap water systems. Uponor International Sales takes care of all business activities in the Balkans, Western, Central and East Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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BlueComfort™ is a trademark of the Uponor Corporation.

Uponor. Simply more.

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Higher eff iciency, more comfort, less costs:   the revolutionary individual radio room control with Dynamic Energy Management (DEM)

Eff icient and easy energy management   through intelligent control – BlueComfort™ by Uponor With BlueComfort™, we address all the people who care for the environment, and at the same time want to enjoy comfort and economic benefits. The label BlueComfort™ marks all our systems and products that combine highly energy-efficient technologies with features that provide well-being and peace of mind. Therefore, BlueComfort™ is our reply to increasing energy costs, a rising ecological awareness, and a growing desire for better human environments. Already today underfloor heating and cooling from Uponor is featuring significantly higher efficiency than conventional heating and cooling systems. With the revolutionary DEM technology, we are now offering a brilliant innovation to all those who want to save even more with their radiant heating and cooling system – up to 12 % in energy costs.

And the best of all: Compared to other renovation measures such as building insulation, total renovation or solar heating system, the investment into the Uponor individual radio room control with Dynamic Energy Management pays off up to three times as fast!

Many benefits, high comfort Up to 12 % energy saving potential due to higher efficiency No manual balancing required Improved heat distribution M  ore accurate and faster control, up to 25 % faster response time Easy operation, installation and handling

Compared to conventional individual radio room controls, a hydraulic balancing of the underfloor heating at the manifold is no longer required in hardly any case. Furthermore the new control offers a variety of new functions. The result is a unique innovation from which installers, specifiers, and home owners will benefit in many ways, in new buildings as well as in renovation.

C  hanges in heating loops/size without re-calculation possible N  o impact on the system when changing the floor covering Easy trouble-shooting Optional SMS connection

Uponor radio controller and interface with DEM –   the complete set for higher comfort Uponor DEM combines the efficient use of energy with a highest degree of comfort. Our set of radio controller and interface with Dynamic Energy Management serves the reception and transformation of signals from the wireless thermostats, and the control of the actuators.

The integrated DEM functions provide an optimised energy distribution in the radiant heating and cooling systems. In addition, the individual comfort is increasing – as well as the energy efficiency.

Complete set of radio controller and interface with integrated DEM functions

Uponor controller C-56 radio The Uponor controller C- 56 radio for utilisation of the DEM functions in connection with interface I -76 serves the reception and transformation of radio signals from the wireless thermostats, and the control of the actuators TA24. Alternatively also suitable

Wiring diagram on the inside of the controller

for the extension of the radio controller and interface set. Central management of max. 3 controllers via one interface I -76 is possible.


DEM control components – perfectly matching,   easy to operate Uponor thermostat display T-75 radio The thermostat is displaying the room temperature or the set temperature. The temperature setting is done with the “+/-” keys on the front. The sensor captures the air temperature in the room, the heat radiation of the surrounding surfaces and other sources of heating and cooling.

Uponor thermostat display T - 75

Uponor thermostat T - 55 radio The setting of the minimum/maximum temperatures is done via the dial switch. Uponor thermostat T - 54 radio

Uponor thermostat T - 55

Uponor thermostat T - 54

Uponor SMS module R - 56

This thermostat is designed for public areas. The switch is hidden under the cover, which must be taken off to set the temperature. A signal to the controller is triggered when the cover is opened. For limiting the minimum or maximum temperatures or for displaying the outside temperature, external sensors can be connected to the Uponor thermostats T - 54. Furthermore the Uponor thermostat T - 54 is required when using the remote control with the Uponor SMS module.

Uponor SMS module R- 56 For connection to the Uponor thermostat T - 54. The module serves the remote activation of the low-energy mode via SMS, and monitors the actual situation in a reference room. In case of abnormal temperature decrease in this room, an error message is sent by SMS. Furthermore, the remote check of the actual situation via SMS is possible. For operation of the SMS module, a SIM-card is required.

The outstanding benef its of Uponor DEM

Auto balancing function Up to 12 % energy saving potential due to higher efficiency No manual balancing required Fast and easy installation Better control of the room temperature Higher comfort

Comfort setting Faster reaction time Prevents cooling down of heating surfaces due to alternative heat sources in the room Saves energy when heating up again

Supply analysis Monitors the heating /cooling performance of the system Automatically reports over or under supply for fast diagnosis Easy error detection

Room check function Easy check of assignment of each room thermostat Easy activation of room check function on the interface

Optional room bypass function Possibility to use one room per controller as a bypass Optimising the operation of systems that require a minimum flow, e. g. heat pumps with an insufficent buffer storage

SMS module Optional component Monitors the actual situation in a reference room Activation and deactivation of the low-energy mode via SMS

Uponor dem controls salesfolder  
Uponor dem controls salesfolder