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Something went terribly wrong for Jim …

you Know what? Count on quality. That’ll save you a whole lot of trouble!

Go for the cheapest option. You‘ll get cheap thrills on top … PE-Xa pipes This is the true story of Jim “the plumber” Smith, a regular, down-to-earth craftsman. Sure, he wants to do a good job. But – hey! – he needs to make money, too. So he set out to get the cheapest material he could find, when Kimberly Kent called him in for a bog-standard job in a single family house. It is my work that makes the difference, saving on the supplies will increase my pay!, he said to himself. Guess what: he was wrong! Working with pipes and fittings of poor or dubious quality turned out to bring lots of trouble, excitement, thrills. Cheap thrills, Jim thought to himself weeks later, never again do I want cheap thrills on my site. Today Jim “the plumber” Smith is a happy installer, running a prospering business. He relies on Uponor systems. He has learned – painfully – that it is better to work with top-quality supplies. This saves valuable time on the site and, ultimately, money too. This will prevent his work from being marred by unforeseen surprises.

Jim„“the plumber” Smith has learned his lesson, that‘s for sure. Read the story of a plumber‘s nightmare …


Pipes down the drain Save on material with Uponor


Common PPr pipes are usually delivered in bars – which will never have the perfect length that is required. So Jim had to cut off bits of the bars. What can he do with the small bits? Either throw them away or insert additional fittings … Another shortcoming of PPr pipes is their lack of flexibility. With Uponor PE-Xa or multi layer composite (MLC) pipes, Jim could have saved on pipe length and the number of fittings by simply bending the pipes to the right place. Uponor is flexible regarding the tasks at hand, too. Both PE-Xa and MLC pipes can be applied to tap water installation, radiator connection and underfloor heating – with Uponor, Jim can use the pipes for several applications.

Key benefits of Uponor Flexible bending PE-Xa and MLC pipes sold in coils and also straight lengths Saves pipe length Fewer fittings Faster to install One pipe for several applications

wha t a was te! PE-Xa and MLC pipes are sold in coils: cut off the exact length required – no useless left-overs!

Jim had to go back to the wholesaler to buy even more pipes. On the other hand, he had small left-overs with no possible use.

Pipes for all applications: tap water installation, radiator connection and underfloor heating.


The never-ending welding-thriller

1m 45 s, 1m 46 s, 1m 47s …

Connections with Uponor – so much easier to install PPr pipes require a welding or gluing procedure that is time-consuming and quite complicated. Jim had to buy and use an expensive tool, too. If he didn’t follow the instructions precisely, a tight connection cannot be guaranteed or even when overheating the pipe, then it can be closed inside.

Key benefits of Uponor

Uponor always designs complete systems that consider the complete installation process. With Uponor PE-Xa, for instance, it takes just 25 seconds for a reliable connection – thanks to the patented Quick & Easy technology and the shrinking effect of the pipe material.

Easy, fast and reliable connection No welding or gluing Just one simple tool needed Tried and tested technology

The same goes for multi layer composite (MLC) pipes. The smart design of the press fittings includes colour codings and other indicators to allow for a smooth and fast workflow on the site – with a perfect result: no leakage, total safety.

Colour coding and easy-to-connect jointing technology simplify work on the site – and allow faster installation!

Connection techniques as simple as 1, 2, 3 for PE-Xa …

1. Place the Q & E ring on the pipe.

2. Widen the pipe end with the expander tool.

3. Push the pipe onto the PPSU fitting – done!

2. Push the pipe into the fitting until the white colour of the pipe is visible in the small window.

3. Press the connection with the pressing tool.

… and MLC pipes

Welding takes its time. It is hard work. At the end of the procedure, JIM HAD TO HOLD THE PIPE CONNECTION IN THE RIGHT POSITION for Two minutes, WATCHING IT COOL DOWN SLOWLY. AND THAT WAS JUST FOR THE SMALL PIPES.

1. Cut the pipe straight angled.


The million elbows blues Flexibility – your shortcut to success! No matter how many bends there are in the architecture, with Uponor, Jim can install faster than ever! PE-Xaand MLC pipes are both flexible and can be bent – to save fittings and precious time. Flexibility is great and bending is easy with the Uponor bending tool. For smaller dimensions, it can even be done by hand. By contrast, PPr pipes are mainly delivered in bars, not flexible enough to be bent. Many more fittings are required and the limited bar length results in a lot of pipe waste. Take advantage with Uponor: flexibility reduces fittings to a minimum. This means: less sawing, less welding, the whole workflow speeds up! By the way – fewer fittings minimize the frequency of errors as well.

Key benefits of Uponor Flexible PE-Xa- and MLC- pipes Easy to bend for straightforward installation Fast workflow Less fittings Less waste of pipe

Flexible pipe installation with Uponor. PE-Xa pipes for different applications (here for tap water installation up to 110 mm outer diameter at the Cape Town Stadium in South Africa).

Pipe-flexibility – loved by successful plumbers. Small dimensions can even be bent by hand.

one small step for a man, one giant leap for a Plumber. Every Bend required an elbow, sawing off little pieces, welding and the whole shebang. A lot of work that will never RECEIVE ITS DUE APPRECIATION!

Quick and Easy - the flexible PE-Xa pipe system for tap water connection 9

Too hot to handle You never know ... unless it‘s Uponor quality

Oh no !!!

Heating is critical for pipes and fittings. When temperatures rise up to 60 – 70 °C or even higher, then reliable and robust pipe materials are needed. Uponor sets a high value on top quality raw materials to guarantee optimum pipe performance under any thermal conditions. Uponor PPSU fittings also stand out from the crowd because of their high temperature resistance.

Cheap PPr pipes are not qualified for high temperatures, because they suffer from bad material properties. They get brittle at high and low temperatures and display a poor long-term rupture strength. And with cheap noname products: who stands for the quality?

Key benefits of Uponor Best materials for guaranteed heat-resistance Proven in the long term Life expectancy of 50 years at a permanent temperature of 70 °C

Multi layer composite pipes combine the advantages of metal and plastic pipes. Their thermal expansion is similar to metal pipes. Thus, it is the ideal choice for radiator connection.

The job is done. Jim turns the radiator on - but what is that? Those PPR-Pipes seem to melt like wax!!!

Uponor connection

Uponor radiator connection with tee

Uponor radiator connection unit

As Uponor MLCP has no snap-back forces, it can be bent and connected directly to the radiator without elbows.

The system can be pressure-tested prior to radiator installation. Pre-bent Uponor MLCP in the insulation unit is simply placed in the wall and con­ nected to the radiator or manifold. Radiators can also be installed easily at a later time. Installation of the unit takes place in the wall. This offers the advantage of clean connection and simple radiator installation.

With the Uponor press connection tee, radiator connection can take place with a stiff plated pipe or with Uponor MLCP. This ensures sturdiness in every­ day use. This variant is used where wall connection is not possible.


The Bathroom FLOOD WHAT DO YOU MEAN “YOU SAVED me a lot of money”?!!!

With Uponor, you simply know it‘s safe and ready Who’s to blame for a leakage? The plumber, of course. Jim’s best advertising is satisfied customers – so he should do everything to protect them from bad sur­ prises. Using Uponor pipes and fittings pay off in the long run – for both sides. If the welding is not done correctly, leakage can occur – right away or, which is even worse, any time after installation. The welding procedure is subject to little shortcomings: surface not clean, wrong welding temperature, not keeping the heating and cooling time, ignoring welding periods ... you never know, especially if Jim used cheap tools for welding, too. Uponor developed smart systems that make it almost impossible to do anything wrong. With Uponor PE-Xa, it is the shrinking effect, which creates a self-tightening connection. With the Uponor MLCP system, it is clearly visible if the connection is not yet tight: water will discharge during the hydraulic pressure test if the fitting has not yet been pressed or screwed. Another innovation is the coloured stop rings which fall off only when the fitting is pressed. Once properly installed, both systems are safe for 50 years at least.

Key benefits of Uponor Smart jointing technologies All fitting systems are assembly friendly Proven long-term experience with PE-Xa and MLCP due to constant testing and long lasting practical experience Reliable safety included for MLCP fittings

Eye-catching indicators: As long as the stop rings can be seen, the connection is not yet tight.

Safety you can rely on: Uponor provides you with a 10 years system warranty, backed up by an international insurance company.

Certified Pipe Uponor MLCP/PE-Xa pipe

Certified Pipe Uponor PE-Xa Pipe

Of course, it was a big surprise when the pipe turned out to be brittle after just a few years. The damage surpassed the savings of the cheap material by far.

Certified fitting Uponor fitting

Certified fitting Uponor fitting

System approval Consequences Yes, in combination system approval


10 years warranty

System approval Consequences Yes, in combination system approval

10 years warranty

= 13

The Deadline-PENALTY Uponor makes your workflow smooth, fast and easy

Overtime pay?!? Oh no, I’m talking about overtime fee ...

Project schedules are tight. To meet the deadlines you often have to chase time. Uponor ’s intelligent materials which are easy to use allow you to do your job in record time. It’s not only the pipe and fitting technology, but a lot of deliberate details, that make Uponor the first choice for clever plumbers. If a PPr pipe is kinked, it has to be replaced by a new one. Uponor PE-Xa pipes are endowed with a memory effect – they can be repaired by simply heating them up, without loss of pipe characteristic or reliability. In PPr systems, it is not possible to correct the position of fittings after their connection to the pipe; otherwise leakages can occur. Again, the bending flexibility of both the Uponor PE-Xa and MLCP systems gives Jim some leeway: fittings and pipe can be turned to the right position without damaging pipe or fitting. The Uponor MLCP system stays completely adjustable until the final tightening.

Key benefits of Uponor PE-Xa and MLCP adjustable until final tightening Great details for a faster workflow Uponor software HSE for planning, layout and calculation Comprehensive commercial and technical support Uponor Academy training courses

In addition to all that, Uponor offers extensive services to satisfy customers.



Want to go for cheap thrills?

Think again! When you read a comic book or a thriller, or go to the cinema, then it should be exciting. When it comes to plumbing, you are not looking for surprises. It is much better to know your materials and to be able to rely on the product in which you are investing your professional work. Consider the time you save working with a clever, easy-to-install Uponor system. Time is money. So it pays off. Consider the reliable quality of your installation. No complaints; happy customers who recommend you or come back to you. That pays off in the long-run.

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Better work with Uponor.

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