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Advanced solutions for your home – tap water and underfloor heating

A house is only a home if you feel good in it

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Partnering with professionals – to create better human environments Our company

Who is Uponor?

A team of over 4,000 employees Production in 11 countries

The Uponor success story begins in 1965 in Finland with one of the world’s first plastic pipe factories, being one of the pioneers in this field. Since then, we have used our experience, know-how and product quality to become the market leader in many countries across the globe.

Sales in over 100 countries Our business Indoor climate solutions Plumbing solutions Infrastructure solutions We offer innovative products and highly developed solutions in all these areas, and one principle unites them: creating added value for our customers. Our vision Throughout the world, our solutions enrich people’s way of life. It is in the core of everything we do. Our solutions provide the best basis for indoor comfort, combined with the most efficient use of energy. Our brand promise Uponor is simply more. We keep this promise day by day. And that’s something you can rely on.


Solutions for your comfort

Tap water

Underfloor heating

Drinking water – quality makes the difference Water is the source of life. It is important to bear this in mind when building a new home or renovating an existing one. Today, tap water is more and more often chemically treated in order to meet hygienic standards. Therefore, pipes are harmed in different and often more severe ways than in the past. But pipe systems are in contact with water more than anything else. This is why pipe materials should meet the highest hygienic standards – just as high as in the food industry. A fact that needs to be taken care of! Tap water systems – safety and durability count In order to master being exposed to high temperatures and pressures on the one hand and to fulfil long lifetime expectations on the other hand, tap water installations require high-tech solutions. It is essential that the pipe systems are thoroughly tested, easy to install and ensure long-living. Because investing in quality pays back!

Reliable and trouble-free tap water systems

Heating with a guaranteed feel-good factor

The perfect solution for every home

Reliable fittings for your safety

Underfloor heating – the “home comfort system”

Uponor tap water systems are safe and economical solutions which cover everything you need for drinking and tap water at home.

It all comes down to connections – and nowhere is this more true than in water installations. Our innovative range of fittings provides you with durable connections and has a proven track record to protect you against any unpleasant surprises.

Comfort is a matter of individual perception. This is why the Uponor heating system is designed to meet a variety of different requirements. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you will always get the comfort and cosiness you are looking for.

Our extensive range of connectors, elbows and T-joints means you’ll always find the right connection, whether press, screw or shrink.

At the same time, you can rest assured that your energy consumption is reduced.

We supply you with complete systems for delivering clean water from the house connection to the faucet. Clean and durable pipes Consider the pipe as the packaging of the most valuable food in your life – drinking water. We take care of it by using only the most advanced materials for our pipes. Whether you choose pure plastic or multi layer composite pipes, all our products are resistant to corrosion and tears. Besides, they perfectly endure the high and long-term temperature and pressure exposures of a tap water installation.

Everything under control Perfectly matched components

One of the keys to the comfort and efficiency of underfloor heating lies in the functionality of the control system. What counts is not only the outside temperature, but also the individual sensation of the temperature in a room. As this is affected by sunshine and light irradiation as well as by the air temperature, a control system has to take all these factors into account.

Source the entire system from us – alongside the many material-related arguments in our favour, this is the key advantage of Uponor drinking water systems. And what’s more, they’re quick and easy to install. We do not only offer a wide range of different dimensions, we also have a large selection of accessories.

Our radio control sensors just feel like you! And thanks to the wireless technology, you can place the thermostat wherever it is most convenient for you.

Each of our solutions is based on a tried and tested concept which means we can provide for any type of drinking water installation – be it for a brand-new house, for renovations or extensions.

Complete systems – because comfort begins with the installation Underfloor heating is no longer a luxury or something like rocket science. Being one of the pioneers in this field, Uponor offers a comprehensive system – perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs and your individual convenience. Apart from our proven and state-of-the-art pipe technologies and our advanced control solutions, we offer manifolds and a large variety of accessories for a reliable installation. We have furthermore developed several fixing standards that fulfil a wide range of building requirements and are particularly suitable for different installation conditions. All of them do have one thing in common: they are fast and safe to install.

Healthy home comfort – you can feel it and you can even see it Underfloor heating warms where it is needed: warm feet and cool head – just as the human body requires. Forced air or radiator heating – the principle of conventional heating solutions is based on moving air. And that is nothing that humans appreciate – but dust favours! Regarding the growing phenomenon of allergies, this is especially to be taken into account when choosing the proper heating system for your home. On top of that, underfloor heating systems allow you to use your space as you want – and not as your radiator dictates. Because the home zone is the comfort zone.

Efficient energy consumption – for a better future The sustainability of buildings is becoming more and more important. The efficient use of energy is one of our global challenges. Underfloor heating saves up to 12 % of energy. Thus, it is not only state-of-the-art in heating a home, but also ecologically friendly.

Tap water


100 meters of clean water pipes hidden inside your walls that won’t bother you anymore.


A healthy and energy-efficient heating system with all the comfort to make your house a home!

Underfloor heating


Tap water installation with the Uponor multi layer composite pipe system

Tap water MLCP system A comprehensive solution from one source With our multi layer composite pipe system (MLCP), you can accomplish the complete tap water installation in your house. Benefit from the advantages when choosing Uponor. MLCP is one of the two different systems for tap water installations we offer. Each of them has its specific advantages, each comes with a comprehensive range of accessories and tools assuring easy installation. The following pages provide a short introduction of both our MLCP system and our PE-Xa system. Manifolds, accessories and tools

PE-RT PE-RT Adhesive Adhesive Longitudinally welded aluminium Uponor tap water MLCP system – economical, durable and safe MLCP unite the positive material properties of both plastics and metal. Resistant to corrosion and incrustation, flexible and form-stable, they are an ideal solution for easy, fast and safe pipe installation. Combined with our smart connection system and its assembly friendliness, the MLCP system is an excellent investment for the future.

Our complete and sophisticated solutions are the special assets that make Uponor the smarter choice. Our portfolio consists of a broad variety of manifolds, connection accessories and tools for installations. Uponor’s new pressing-jaws, for example, do not only perfectly correspond to our fitting technology, but also grant absolute safety. Superior fitting systems with colour-code As obvious as it sounds, fittings have to fit. Uponor fittings represent simple but ingenious components that guarantee a long-term seal. Moreover, we have designed the first colour-coding system in plumbing. This does not only allow fast and secure connection, but also works like an integrated check.

Complete and reliable connection solutions – comfort and safety from just one partner

Safety and convenience for a lifetime

We offer complete solutions for a wide range of installations – whether tap water or radiator connection. Our systems are designed to meet the highest requirements in safety, comfort and ease of installation. Or, in other words, we deliver complete systems that work reliably.


Tap water installation with the Uponor PE-Xa system Tap water PE-Xa system Reliable, quick and easy to install Furthermore we offer our PE-Xa system for tap water installations. Here you can find out more about the specific advantages of our cross-linked polyethylene pipe system. Highly robust, extremely safe and with excellent longrun behaviour – these are the main criteria in favour of our cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa) pipes. Using our Quick & Easy fittings, PE-Xa doesn ’t only provide highest reliability in terms of tightness, but also saves you quite a bit of mounting time.

Patented connection solutions – reliable and safe Our PE-Xa system is the perfect solution for tap water installation. One reason is of course the high hygienic quality of our polyethylene materials. However, our connection solutions are as important as the materials. All of the components of the PE-Xa system are complementary, which does not only provide a maximum of installation simplicity, but also contributes to safest performance of the whole system.

Outstanding fitting tightness In terms of connection, we make use of a special memory effect of the PE-Xa pipes. Once expanded with one of our tools and pushed onto the fitting, the material shrinks back to its original state. Thus, absolute tightness of the connection is guaranteed. And this does apply for the long term. Manifolds and accessories for joint free pipe installation Another major advantage of our PE-Xa system is the broad variety of manifolds and accessories. If you want, you can even centralise all connections in one single point.


Reliability and longest-lasting comfort

Building, renovating or modernising – the Uponor home comfort system

Uponor – going the extra mile

Underfloor heating system Uponor pipe technologies – ideal for underfloor heating Uponor plastic and multi layer composite pipes have a high flexibility and good abrasion resistance to tough onsite conditions. Providing a maximum of safety and reliability and reducing the maintenance costs to a minimum, they are the first choice for underfloor heating installations. Uponor pipe fixing solutions – modular concepts for any kind of requirement No matter what the specific requirements in your home are, we provide you with a solution that fits your wishes and needs. Whether you want to equip your newly built house with underfloor heating or fit up an existing one – be sure that you discover the most suitable fixing solution at Uponor.

Lightweight panel

Cable ties or tying wires

The lightweight panel is an ideal solution when fastest completion is required. Easy to install and with a quick reaction time, this kind of fixing is especially suitable for renovation.

Directly installed on the steel mesh, the fixing with cable ties or tying wires is perfectly suitable for new buildings. As further advantages, this kind of solution only requires few components and is more than simple to install. Heat emission plates

Pipe positioning panel Simple and quick to install thanks to the easily bendable elements. Only one person is needed for laying the pipes, which reduces installation time and costs.


Uponor ’s special solution for wooden suspended floors. Easy to install and quickly laid, heat emission plates are an ideal alternative for people appreciating the cosiness of natural materials. Clamp track Simple and quick to install, the clamp track is one of the favourites for installers and house owners. Multi layer foil with integrated air cushions provide every room with improved heat insulation.


Safety you can rely on – our quality certification and warranty

Our definition of partnership: Providing expert and reliable support at every stage of the project Successful partnership

Uponor quality Certified quality All our products and solutions are the result of decades of industry and experience. By choosing Uponor, you select state-of-the-art applications for highest comfort and certified safety.

Easy to plan, design, install and maintain: for a genuinely efficient construction process Every project goal you achieve is a sign of effectiveness. Working with Uponor is more, because it means real efficiency, too. Or in other words, it provides the best possible cost-benefit ratio.

Take, for example, our multi layer composite pipe system: each item meets strict quality requirements as set up by several internationally renowned certification institutes, such as the German DVGW, KIWA, CSTB, DIN CERTCO, CE mark and many others.

How construction service providers benefit from working with us Construction process partnership from A to Z Products and processes adapted to the project’s requirements Personal commitment throughout the entire process

How planners benefit from working with us


Proven and reliable solutions

Our products and solutions are designed to deliver lifetime comfort. Thus, we can guarantee long-term durability and safe connections. Assuming the fittings and pipes are installed correctly, Uponor provides you with a ten-year system warranty.

Easy-to-design and customisable solutions Comprehensive assistance through personal contact, technical expertise, documen­ tation and software

How owners, investors and end users benefit from working with us Improvement of the long-term value of the building Building services for a risk-free future The right partner is the one that makes your project a success

Easy and flexible systems Excellent solutions for costeffective and innovative ecologically sound buildings


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