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Uponor PE-Xa Plumbing System Fast, Flexible, Reliable

The World’s first, best and most widely used PEX Systems Competence from the pioneers of plastic – the results of more than 4 decades of experience Entirely designed to make the installation work as easy as possible, the flexible Uponor PE-Xa system is the ideal solution for installation tasks in the field of potable water and heating installation systems. Uponor’s PEX system features PE-Xa pipes in coils or straight length, pipes in conduits, fittings made of PPSU, thread fittings made of brass, manifolds and an extensive range of accessories. Moreover, a tool which will become your secret weapon on the building site.

Temperature and pressure resistant through cross-linking PE-X is an acronym for cross-linked polyethylene, with the molecular chains of the polyethylene being linked into a three-dimensional network making it more durable within a wide range of temperatures and pressures for which previously only metal pipes were appropriate. The Uponor cross-linked polyethylene tubining is available in practical dimensions from 16 to 110 mm, both with and without insulation and in protective conduit, as well as pressure rating PN6 and PN10.

With over 4 billion meters of Uponor PE-Xa pipe installed in the world since 1972, Uponor has set a record that tells its own tale.

Molecule structure of unlinked polyethylene pipes.

Cross-linked molecule structure of PE-Xa pipes.

Your benefits • Lightweight and flexible – perfect for modern building designs such as shear-walls

• Largely resistant to stress crack formation

• No corrosion or sediment build-up

• Life expectancy well over 50 years*

• Good resistance to chemical-dissolving agents • Low pipe roughness meaning less friction and pressure loss

• Available in coils for easy transportation and handling or straight lengths in dimensions up to 110 mm, optionally in PN6 or PN10

• Shock-absorbing reducing water hammer by 30 %

• Available as pipe in conduit

• Durable material which is not affected by high flow velocities or low pH-valued water

* Acc. to long-term tests run by Studvik in Sweden and BASF in Germany from 1973 to 2009 at 95 °C / 12 bar.

2 l Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems

• Resists condensation on cold-water lines

Technical data Dimensions

Design Pressure [bar] Application Class acc. to DIN EN ISO 15875 Application Fire Classification acc. to DIN EN 13501-1 Working Temperature [°C] Malfunction Temperature [°C]

Uponor Aqua Pipe PN10 [mm] 16 x 2.2 20 x 2.8 25 x 3.5 32 x 4.4 40 x 5.5 50 x 6.9 63 x 8.7 75 x 10.3 90 x 12.3 110 x 15.1 10

Uponor Aqua Pipe PN6 [mm] 16 x 2.0 20 x 2.0 25 x 2.3 32 x 2.9 40 x 3.7 50 x 4.6 63 x 5.8 75 x 6.9 90 x 8.2 110 x 10.0 6

2 (Hot Water Services) Tap Water Installations E 70 95

Advantages of Uponor PE-Xa • Positive sealing effect: Thanks to shrinking back forces. • Low weight: Easy transportation and easy to handle on the construction site. • Food-safe: Hygienic, no corrosion and free of deposits and incrustation. • Low pipe roughness: Which means less pipe friction and pressure loss. • Largely resistant: Restant to stress crack formation. Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems l 3

The Uponor PE-Xa installation system with unique Quick & Easy jointing technology Uponor Quick & Easy fittings Your benefits The Uponor Q&E fitting is a tried and tested concept with over 500 million fittings already sold worldwide. The jointing concept relies on the unique elastic features of Uponor PE-Xa pipe to give a joint that is stronger than the pipe itself.

• Quick & Easy – Reliable connections can be done within seconds saving time and installation cost • Safe & clean installation – No solder, torches or messy fluxes and solvents required.

Uponor Q&E cold-expansion fittings make solid, permanent, manufactured connections without the need for torches, glues, solder, flux or gauges. The unique shape memory of Uponor PE-Xa piping forms a tight seal around the fitting creating a strong reliable connection within seconds!

• Corrosion-Free – No scale or corrosion build up means clear and clean water.

Uponor Q&E fittings are available in a range of high-performance plastic polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) and threaded brass fittings (DZR and non-DZR) for pipe dimensions up to 75 mm. Uponor PE-Xa pipe may also be used with Uponor‘s range of compression fittings.

• Healthy & quiet alternative – All installations feature low pipe noise and water hammer.

The Uponor PE-Xa system has the following application diameters:

• Higher Flow Rates – Unique fitting design gives 30 % higher flow rates throughout the system and reduces pressure drop.

Fittings Q&E Plastic Fittings Q&E Metal Fittings PEX Clamp connection

Dimensions Up to 75 mm Up to 63 mm Up to 110 mm

4 l Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems

• Cost-effective – Flexible piping manifold options for optimised material usage and fewer connections reducing potential leak liability, system and maintenance costs.

• Reliable & secure – Uponor Q&E is a watertight jointing system that only gets tighter with time minimising the cost of re-work or maintenance.

• 10 year system warranty – if Uponor pipe and complimentary fittings are used. • Plastic material eliminates theft concerns.

Wipex™ for dimensions up to 110 mm Manufactured from dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass and non DZR brass. Uponor PE-Xa clamp connection fittings WIPEX™ are specifically designed for connecting Uponor PE-Xa tubing from 25 to 110 mm external pipe diameter. WIPEX™ fittings feature an eccentric outer sleeve – for easier grip and an even force when inserting the tubing – and an inner sleeve with a threaded profile and O-ring to ensure a secure, tight seal. WIPEX™ fitting connections can be done in few simple steps without the need for special tools. PEX Clamp connection WIPEX™

Distribution manifolds & accessories Uponor flexible Plumbing systems can be installed using conventional T-fitting, serial- or manifold installation method. No matter the installation method, with our extensive range of manifolds and other accessories, Uponor always provides you the best solutions to save on installation time and costs.

Uponor PPSU manifold.

Uponor U-mixer connections inwall for inwall mixer and cisterns.

Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems l 5

Milwaukee Expansion Tools

Specifically designed for the Uponor Q&E system, the Milwaukee Q&E Expansion Tools offer continuous expansions for maximum install speed and feature an auto-rotating head for convenient, single-handed operation, making installs faster, easier and more efficient.

Your benefits • Compact, right-angle design for use in tight spaces. • Ready for use at all times and places due to battery operations – even if there is no power outlet at hand.

Expansion Capacity Diameter

16 20 25 32 40 50 63 75

Expansion Tool M12 M18 PN6 PN10 PN6 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● – ● ● – – ● – – – – – – – – –

• Metal M12 or M18 frame construction for jobsite durability. • Milwaukee Tool Kits include lithium-ion battery, charger, expansion heads (for M12 and M18), grease and a carrying case.

Manual expander tool also available.

6 l Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems

PN10 ● ● ● ● – – – –

M18 VLD PN6 PN10 – – – – – – – – ● ● ● ●

● ● ● ●

Connect in seconds in three simple steps. Fast. Simple. Secure.

16 mm

32 mm

≥ 40 mm 1

Cut the pipe edge vertically.


Expand the pipe end. To ensure a uniform expansion, the expander rotates according to the integrated auto rotate function.


Push the expanded pipe end in quickly until it stops on the fitting nipple. Hold until the pipe has been shrunk. Ready!

Your benefits • Quick & Innovative jointing with minimal effort even in cramped conditions such as niches or shafts, reducing workmanship fault.

• No O-rings or other movable parts reducing chances of leakages.

• 100 % permanent and leak-proof joint if properly installed.

• No fire or other hazardous risks since no solder, torches, fluxes or solvents required for installation.

• Q&E Ring with stop edge for accurate positioning on pipe. • Internal jointing ensures joint integrity even in case of external pipe damages on site.

• Visual connection

• Possibility of full plastic system. • No pitting, scaling or corrosion ensuring clear, clean and healthy water. Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems l 7

The Strength of Uponor PPSU

Beginning of test.

At approximately 1300 kg of force.

Uponor PPSU fittings are made from polyphenylsulfone, a polymer that has been used successfully in the demanding environments of medical appliances, aerospace and

plumbing for many years. In fact, lab tests prove Uponor’s 63 mm PPSU Tee is able to withstand up to 1300 kg of spreading force without failure.

Not all PEX is equal… Depending on the production method, the degree of cross-linking in polyethylene (PEX) tubing varies. The standard EN ISO 15875 specifies the designation of cross-linked polyethylene pipe (PEX) based on its manufacturing process and the minimum level of crosslinking as follows:

Features of Uponor PE-Xa • Highest cross-linking of up to 85 %. • Most flexible. • Smallest bend radius. • Least likely to kink. • Thermal memory.

Type of cross-linked Polyethylene


Peroxide (Uponor PE-Xa) PE-Xa Silane PE-Xb Electron radiation PE-Xc

8 l Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems

Minimum degree of cross-linking EN ISO 15875 70 % 65 % 60 %

• Shape memory. • Highest degree of crosslinking. • Greater resistance to crack propagation. • Enhanced resistance to chemical agents.

Kinks – No big deal with PE-Xa

Kinks in Uponor PEX-a are easily repaired with a heat gun.

Our crosslinking method makes PE-Xa more difficult to kink than PE-Xb or PE-Xc. However, even when incidental kinks occur, they can be easily repaired with a heat gun (if conducted as recommended by Uponor), with no reduction in the designed service life of the tubing. Uponor PE-Xa is engineered to withstand kinks – it will not burst.

Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems l 9

Uponor Pipe-in-Pipe System

Leak protection Although a properly installed Uponor system is secure from leakage, there may be occasions when extra precautions against damage to the construction of a building from leakage is required. Uponor Pipe-in-Pipe allows the pipe to be withdrawn and replaced particularly in solid floors or walls. Any leakage is retained within the conduit and can be detected. Easy renovation In addition, in a concealed pipe run without any T-joints, an accidentally damaged section of pipe can be withdrawn and replaced whilst minimizing structural damage.

Using a pipe-in-pipe system in concrete/screeded floors, pipes can easily be replaced with a minimum amount of work.

10 l Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems

Tried, tested and certified worldwide

We have produced enough PE-Xa pipes since 1972 to go around the world about 50 times. Nearly all of it is still in service somewhere in the world, in plumbing, underfloor heating systems, behind washing machines, in hospitals and in countless other applications, particularly in industry. During that time our pipe has been tested, approved and certified in numerous countries for everything from cleanness to strength gaining over 80 approvals worldwide. But for us, the final proof is still that we fulfil our customers high requirements and expectations.


Worldwide Code Approvals IPC UPC NSP IMC UMC ●


NBC of Canada

Worldwide Standards ASTM F876 and F877 ASTM F1960 CAN NSF ANSI CSA AS/NZS 2492:2007 EN ISO 15875 DIN 1988 ●

Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems l 11

Why do plumbing professionals choose Uponor PE-Xa tubing and Q&E® fittings as their preferred system? Features

Uponor PE-Xa

Flexible and tight bend radius for fewer fitting connections, reduces potential leak liability Eliminates dry-fit connection concerns and damage from blow offs Quick and simple fitting connection; easy to train installers/workers Pipe heat-reparable if kinked during installation (eliminating added connections) Eliminates go/no go gauges, torches, glues and solvents, making installations faster, safer and more sustainable Possibility of air testing right after installation to ensure system is free from leaks; no need to wait for setting time etc. Provides visual connections offering peace of mind the connection is solid Resists corrosion, pitting and scaling Dampens rushing water noise, eliminates water hammer Less susceptible to condensation on cold-water lines Stable material costs (full plastic system), eliminates jobsite theft concerns 1 2

Other PEX1



PEX Clamp

12 l Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems


● ● ●

● ● ●

– – –

● ● ●

– – –

● ● ●

PE-Xa, PE-Xb or PE-Xc clamp or crimping method Black Iron Pipe

Uponor PE-Xa Q&E




Top Reasons for Uponor


Complete solution Pipe size ranges from 16 to 110 mm, PPSU plastic and brass fittings (also in DZR) available allowing to connect to different systems.


Simple & Fast Uponor PE-Xa is simple and quick to install, saving time and money.

3 4

Clean, healthy and safe No solder, flux, glues or solvents to worry about.


Outstanding System Performance • Flexible & Lightweight. • Quiet: no water hammer worries. • Resistant to corrosion, pitting and scaling. • High pressure and temperature resistance. • Low thermal transfer (no condensation). • Thermal memory allowing for easy repairs of kinked tubing.


Experience With over 40 years of successful service and more than 4 billion meters of pipe installed, Uponor PE-Xa has the longest record of proven performance in the industry.


Innovation Uponor continually provides innovative new products and applications.


Quality • Quality made in Europe. • Industry's most extensive testing (internal and external). • Over 80 approvals and certificates worldwide.


Service & Support With its technical & professional design service including the HSE software, in-house and field training, as well as sales & marketing support, Uponor offers its clients the industry’s leading service & support package.


Extended Warranty Uponor offers a 10 year system warranty, if Uponor pipes, fittings and accessories are used as a system.

Peace Of Mind • Visual system eliminates guesswork. • Connection is even stronger than the tubing. • Millions of fittings in service with virtually no callbacks.

Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems l 13

PE-Xa Plumbing References

Gorod Stolits, Russia

Cape Town Stadium, South Africa

Radisson Blu Mall of America, USA

Country South Africa MAURITIUS China Ukraine Poland Finland Lithuania Hungary Turkey Estonia Indonesia India

Project Hermanus Station One & Only hotel Sugar Beach Hotel Harbourview Hotel Macau Regional Perinatal Center Hilton Tower Copernicus Science Center Log House Kuopio Swedbank Head Office National Theater Mall of Istanbul MaarjamĂľisa Medical Campus Pakubuwono Signature Pakubuwono Spring Phoenix aVance Offices H4 & H6 Infosys Campus Mysore

14 l Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems

Type Stadium Hotel Hotel Hotel Hospital Residential Office Residential Office Theater Shopping Mall Hospital Residential Residential Office Office

Country UAE

Qatar KSA Kuwait Jordan Oman

Project Type Emaar Dubai Opera House Retail / Leisure Meraas Blue Waters Island Commercial & Residential Al Naseem Madinat Hotel Jumeirah Al Mafraq Hospital Hospital Abu Dhabi Marina Villas Residential Heart Of Doha Commercial Fairmont International Hotel Kuwait International Airport Airport Al-Khawwam Palace Residential W Hotel Saraya Bandar Hotel Jissah

Pipe and Material Data

Uponor PEX Mechanical Properties Conditions Density – Tensile strength (at 20 °C) (at 100 °C) Modulus of (at 20 °C) elasticity E (at 80 °C) Elongation on (at 20 °C) failure (at 100 °C) Impact strength (at 20 °C) (at -140 °C) Moisture absorption (at 22 °C) Pipe roughness – Surface energy – Minimum Bend (at 20 °C) radius

Thermal properties Value



0.938 19 – 26 9 – 13 800 – 900 300 – 350 350 – 550 500 – 700 No failure No failure 0.01 5 x 10 -4 34 x 10 -3

g/cm³ N/mm² N/mm² N/mm² N/mm² % % kJ/m² kJ/m² mg/4d mm N/m

Temperature range

EN ISO 527

Coefficient of linear expansion

EN ISO 527

Softening – temperature Specific heat – Coefficient of – thermal conductivity

– – –

5 x OD


EN ISO 527 ISO 179

Electrical properties

Specific internal resistance Dielectric constant Dielectric loss factor Rupture voltage

Conditions – (at 20 °C) (at 100 °C)




-100 to +110 °C 1.4 x 10 -4 m/m °C 2.05 x 10 -4 m/m °C

– – –




kJ/kg °C –


W/m °C

DIN 4725




Pipe properties





(at 20 °C)



(at 20 °C) (at 20 °C /50 Hz) (at 20 °C)



1 x 10 100


Conditions Oxygen diffusion resistance Min laying temperature Max operating temperature Rupture voltage

Oxygeng/(m³d) tight (<0.10)

DIN 4726





(at 20 °C) 100


EN ISO 15875 –

* Short term

Uponor PEX – outer layer Mechanical Properties

Density Tensile strength 20°C Elongation at break Modulus of elasticity 20°C Specific heat Impact strength











ASTM D792 ASTM MPa D638 % – ASTM MPa D638 kJ/kg °C – BS 2782 J/m 306A g/cm³

Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems l 15

PE-Xa Pressure Loss Graph PN10


Pressure loss graph for Uponor PE-Xa PN10 (series 3.2) pipes The pressure loss graph due to the pipe friction shows the pipe characteristics, along with the various dimensions and flow-rate limits. It is simple to ascertain the pipe friction resistance per metre – for a given volume or flow using the graph in relation to the dimensions of the pipe and the flow rate. Pressure drop [kPa/m]




Water temperature: 10°C Recommended max. flow speed 0.01 0.01



Flow [l/s]


Correction factors for other temperatures Temperature °C: 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 Factor: 0.76 0.78 0.80 0.82 0.84 0.87 0.91 0.96 1.00

16 l Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems


PE-Xa Pressure Loss Graph PN6


Pressure loss graph for Uponor PE-Xa PN6 (series 5.0) pipes The pressure loss graph for the pipe friction shows the pipe characteristics, along with the various dimensions and flow-rate limits. It is simple to ascertain the pipe friction resistance per metre – for a given volume or flow using the graph in relation to the dimensions of the pipe and the flow rate. Pressure drop [kPa/m]




Water temperature: 10°C Recommended max. flow speed 0.01 0.01



Flow [l/s]


Correction factors for other temperatures Temperature °C: 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 Factor: 0.95 0.98 1.00 1.02 1.05 1.10 1.14 1.20 1.25

Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems l 17


Uponor PE-Xa expansion, contraction and heat emission Linear expansion Uponor PE-Xa pipes have great linear expansion and small expansive forces compared with metal pipes. With concealed installation, linear expansion take place between pipe and protective pipe. With visible installation, the expansive forces are tranferred to expansion-absorbing devices or to the building structure through fixing. 25

Example: A riser pipe conveying hot water is installed at ambient temperature of 20 °C. How much will the riser expand if the transported water has a temperature of 70 °C?

Expansion [mm]



From the graph, the thermal expansion at 20 °C is 2.5 mm/m, while the expansion at 70 °C is 12.5 mm/m. The expansion of the pipe will be 12.5 – 2.5 = 10 mm/m when carrying water at 70°C.















Temperature [°C]

Expansion and contraction/shrinking force Forces of expansion and contraction can appear when a pipe is installed at an ambient temperature of about 20 °C and is then suddenly exposed to a water temperature of 80 °C. Forces can appear during both expansion and contraction. However, if the temperature changes gradually or the pipe can give sideways, the strength of the forces will diminish. Naturally, sideways movement can be influenced by pipe length and by clamping, but note that the length of the pipe has no bearing on the size of the force.

Dimension [mm] 25 x 2,3 25 x 3,5 32 x 2,9 32 x 4,4 40 x 3,7 40 x 5,5 50 x 4,6

Shrinking Force [N] 300 300 400 500 600 800 900

Dimension [mm] 50 x 6,9 63 x 5,8 63 x 8,7 75 x 6,8 90 x 8,2 110 x 10

Shrinking Force [N] 1300 1500 2100 2100 2900 4400

Heat Loss of bare Uponor PE-Xa PN6 pipes Thermal Difference [ºC] 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80

Uponor PE-Xa 16 x 2.0 20 x 2.0 [W/m] [W/m] 84.3 102.2 168.6 204.3 252.9 306.5 337.2 408.6 421.6 510.8 505.9 612.9 590.2 715.1 674.5 817.3

25 x 2.3 [W/m] 106.3 212.5 318.8 425.0 531.3 637.6 743.8 850.1

18 l Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems

32 x 2.9 [W/m] 108.4 216.9 325.3 433.8 542.2 650.7 759.1 867.5

40 x 3.7 [W/m] 106.3 212.7 319.0 425.3 531.6 638.0 744.3 850.6

50 x 4.5 [W/m] 107.2 214.4 321.6 428.8 536.0 643.2 750.4 857.6

63 x 5.8 [W/m] 107.3 214.6 321.9 429.2 536.6 643.9 751.2 858.5

75 x 6.8 [W/m] 109.3 218.5 327.8 437.0 546.3 655.5 764.8 874.1

90 x 8.2 [W/m] 108.8 217.6 326.3 435.1 543.9 652.7 761.4 870.2

110 x 10 [W/m] 109.1 218.3 327.4 436.6 545.7 645.9 764.0 873.1

General Instructions

How to read tee dimensions?


In contrast to e.g. copper fittings, the dimensions of Uponor fitting tees are read starting from the left to the right as shown in the example – item no. 1023143 Q&E 5 TEE REDUCING PEXA 25 X 20 X 16

Uponor PE-Xa pipes may normally be bent without the need for any special tool. To make a bend in Uponor PE-Xa pipe, fix the pipe at one end and gently curve the pipe by hand and fix the pipe at the other end. Use pipe bend supports to hold the pipe in position.

2 (20)

1 (25)

The minimum bend radius for the pipe dimensions is shown in the following list, with OD being the outer pipe diameter: 3 (16)

• Cold bending: 8 x OD • Cold fixture bending: 5 x OD • Hot bending: 5 x OD

Storage and general care Uponor pipes should be stored in a clean dry environment and must not be stored or installed in areas where prolonged exposure to UV radiation (sunlight) is likely. Do not store Uponor pipes in direct sunlight. Pipes should be kept clean from dirt, grease, mortar etc. To prevent dirt entering the pipe system, end caps should be used on free pipe ends until final connections are made. For conduit systems, no concrete or screed should be allowed between the pipe and the conduit.

Care should be taken not to bend the pipe beyond this radius since this may cause the pipe to kink. Pipes that have been damaged during bending should not be used. Uponor supplies a variety of metal and plastic pipe bend supports for pipe diameters 16 – 32 mm. No heat or special tools are required and the pipe support should be left in place during the life of the system. Pipe Fixing

Handling Uponor pipes will withstand all normal handling but as with all plastic pipes, care should be taken to avoid any damage. Avoid dragging pipes across rough surfaces, e.g. concrete, and do not tug pipes which have become trapped. Avoid any action which may cause the pipe to be punctured, kinked or cut. Avoid walking on pipes. Uncoiling the pipe An Uponor pipe decoiler is available. This should be located in the working area to avoid dragging pipe across floor surfaces and around corners. Cutting Uponor pipes Pipes must only be cut using plastic pipe cutters to ensure a clean square cut with no internal or external burrs. Hacksaws must not be used to cut plastic pipes.

Uponor PE-Xa pipes are not self supporting and should be fixed using pipe clips to provide adequate support whilst allowing for thermal expansion. A certain degree of sagging is to be expected in horizontal pipe runs – this will not affect the performance of the product. Uponor supply a variety of plastic pipe clips to fix Uponor pipe products into position. Supports should always be installed at either side of a bend. It is recommended that pipes be supported at not more than 150 mm from connections, junctions, valves and other controls. Additional support must always be provided for pumps and other heavy items. Uponor PE-Xa pipe, Fixation Distances OD [mm] [mm] Cold Water 16, 20 500 25 500 32 750 40 750 50, 63, 75 750 90, 10 1000

Hot Water 200 300 400 600 750 1000

Uponor Flexible Plumbing Systems l 19

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