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Informing the Community since 1999 DECEMBER 2013–our Big Anniversary–150th issue!

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Informing the Community since 1999


stablished in 1999 Upon This Rock magazine has developed over the years, the publication has grown from strength to strength to become the number one faith based magazine, incorporating up-to date news, charity events and light hearted entertainment. Upon This Rock, is a full colour, professionally printed magazine, funded solely through its advertisingand corporate donations. It has provided guidance on difficult ethical issues that are not only relevant to the Roman Catholic community - which is 95% of the population, but issues that are of interest to everyone in our society. Our monthly magazine is now a well respected feature of the local cultural scene and has often been invited to take park in televised programmes, and had a regular slot on GBC Radio’s early morning “Pause for reflection” for many years. This level of exposure has not only helped us to raise the publication’s profile, but to also give greater exposure to our advertisers.

The Background In the autumn of 1999, the late Bishop Charles Caruana asked Fr. Stuart Chipolina to start a diocesan newsletter. Fr. Chipolina approached EuropeAxess Media in order to realise this idea and on Christmas 2000, the first ever 8 page Upon This Rock magazine was launched to great success. Since its launch the magazine has grown in popularity has had as many as 28 pages. Regular readers Along with our trusted followers of readers, other influential personalities, such as the former Governor of Gibraltar, Sir Robert Fulton, have asked for copies of the magazine to be sent directly to them. Copies are being sent as far afield as, Canada and Northern Ireland. Back issues of the magazine are available online and are even read in Singapore and Australia. Advertise with us Share in the success of Upon This Rock, increase your businesses exposure, potential and standing within the community. Representatives are on hand to take any orders and answer any questions via email or phone. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 20079335 or via email: to find out how we may help you. Prime advertising slots sell out quickly and are often booked months or even years in advance. However, by registering an interest we can ensure you get a good position in the next issue.

Magazine Spreads designed with your ad in mind... Risso shares editorial from LifeSiteNews Confused about the popular image of womanhood? Dr. Monique

The dignity of the Christian woman Christmas is often a stressful time for women, so much is expected in the home and workplace...


wo Catholic sisters fedup with the mainstream expectation that women must “expose themselves” to be culturally relevant have teamed up to start a magazine that celebrates what they call the beauty of a “Christcentred femininity.” Dignitas Magazine — polar opposite to the how-to sex and fashion manual Seventeen — does not present women as orgasm-seeking sex dolls, but as God’s masterpieces of beauty endowed with great dignity. Catherine and Abby Pelicano,

both in their early 20s, told LifeSiteNews in an interview that they wanted to start a magazine that spoke to women about “owning their God-given value.” They wanted to present a counter-cultural, Christian perspective on the value and dignity of women. “We were reading about the value of the human person in the eyes of God,” Abby said. “But looking around at the culture, we did not see that played out. We didn’t see people, especially women, owning their God-given value.”

powerful,” said Abby. “It was life changing for us to take-on these thoughts and questions about the dignity of womanhood, what it would mean to be a Christ-centered woman.” The longer the sisters read and talked, the more they wanted to share what they discovered with Catherine said that she became other women. interested in “human dignity” “We wanted to shout out: ‘Hey during her high school years. ladies, we have dignity that Her interest exploded into a comes from God.’” passion after she attended a youth The sisters decided that the Body Theology of the best way to share their ideas conference and heard about was to start a new kind of “God’s plan” for how men and magazine. Catherine possessed women are to live as men and writing and editing skills. Abby women. was a graphic designer and The two sisters started reading each photographer by trade. The with and dialoguing other on the concepts of dignity, sisters teamed up, pooled their resources, and produced the 68value, true beauty, femininity, page premier issue of ‘Dignitas and what it means to be a woman created in the image and Magazine’ last April with a trail-blazing statement on the likeness of God. They asked one another what these concepts inside flap: A stroll through the mall or a meant for women. glance at the magazines in the “Our discussions were so

check-out line will give you a clear idea of what our culture promotes as the ideal image of womanhood. The plunging necklines and disappearing hemlines of clothing in store windows tell you that to be a woman you must expose yourself to the world. Mainstream women’s magazines encourage this message by upholding edgy and provocative women celebrities as images to aspire to. These messages combine with hundreds of others to portray an ideal of womanhood that when tested proves unfulfilling, unattractive, and ultimately untrue. “Our Catholic faith presents a nobler image of womanhood. “The truth about our dignity

from God gives us a powerful incentive to say ‘no’ to fashion trends that expose our bodies, and the beauty of Christ’s call to holiness motivates us to abandon the ugly provocativeness of our culture’s ideal womanhood. In their place, we discover the joyful challenge of dressing attractively yet modestly so as to affirm the worth of our bodies, as well as the fulfilling pursuit of an authentic life of virtue, especially the virtue of chastity. The sisters stated that the the purpose of Dignitas Magazine is to “seek the truth about womanhood as God intended it to be, to encourage Catholic women to authentically live this truth, and to promote it in the world. The sisters strive in their magazine to cultivate what they call a “very holistic approach” to the dignity of women, showcasing the beauty of authentic femininity, both inward and outward. Flipping through Dignitas, the casual reader will find articles on pro-life matters, a section on fashion, articles on the beauty of fertility, stories from the saints, and stories of real woman living out a Christ-centered femininity. “If we have dignity that comes from God,” said Abby, “then

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Merry Christmas from Orlando and all the staff.

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We wish you a joyful Christmas

that should impact how we dress, how we talk, how we present ourselves to the world.” The pages of the first two issues of the online magazine have been viewed over 40 thousand times by people from every continent. “It’s been so amazing to see how universal the theme of dignity is and how women from very different walks of life have been able to latch onto it and identify with it,” said Abby. “A fifty-year old woman told us that she ‘just loves’ that our magazine is out there and that she wants to share it with her daughters and nieces.” The sisters hope one day to bring Dignitas to print if they

Pregna nt?

can raise the money. They say that if enough people showed interest in supporting the magazine, they would have it printed “in a heartbeat”. Nneka Bosland, a big fan of the magazine, told LifeSiteNews. com that God-fearing women “who are under so much pressure to be ‘sexy,’ immodest, immoral, and promiscuous” need a magazine like Dignitas to encourage them to “try to live a virtuous life and ‘enter through the narrow gate.’”

showcases the beautiful life of purity, chastity and modesty that Christ has to offer,” she said.


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Peace and Joy to all Mankind

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Informing the Community since 1999 Where to find Upon This Rock About half of the magazines are laid out at the back of Catholic Churches where they are taken by those attending services and, in the case of the Cathedral, also by the many international visitors. The remainder are distributed to Homes, Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Business Centres, Clinics and Salons. The Hospital takes very many each month as do various clinics, there is sure to be a distribution point near you from these examples: Churches: Retail, Restaurants & Bars: Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned, Cheers St. Paul’s, St. Teresa’s, City Mill Lane Shops, Governors Street Shops St. Joseph’s, Sacred Health Stores , Heart, St. Bernard’s, The Shrine of Our Lady ICC shops and Café’s, of Europe. Irish Town, Ocean Village shops, All other Christian Bars and Restaurants Main Street Churches receive Piazza Shops & Bars subscriptions by request: the Anglican Picadilly Restaurant Business Centres: Cathedral, Kings Europort Chapel, the Methodist Church and Main Street Offices St. Andrew’s Church. Tourist Information Office

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Informing the Community since 1999

Contact Details... Upon this Rock magazine is published monthly by: EuropeAxess Media, Suite 8, First Floor, Leon House 1, Secretary’s Lane, Gibraltar. Upon this Rock magazine is entirely supported by advertising and donations. It is run in liaison with the Catholic Diocese of Gibraltar by EuropeAxess Media Ltd. as a not-for-profit project. Editor: Fr. Stuart Chipolina, St. Paul’s Church, Varyl Begg Estate, Gibraltar Advertising Enquires: Production Editor: A. Sargent Tel: +350 200 79335 Skype: Europax_x

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