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Dear Friends

Lift High the Fear

Cross of Christ

is a powerful force. It can lead us to panic and flight or it can spur us to faith and action. The fear of God is the antidote to the fear of losing one’s life. I sought the Lord, and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.O fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear him have no want! Come, O sons, listen to me, I will teach you the fear of the Lord.(Psalm 34:4,9,11) What is godly fear? It is reverence for the One who made us in love and who sustains us in mercy and kindness. The greatest injury or loss which we can experience is not physical but spiritual – the loss of one’s soul to the power of hell. A healthy fear of God leads to spiritual maturity, wisdom and right judgment and it frees us from the tyranny of sinful pride, cowardice – especially in the face of evil, and spiritual deception. Do you trust in God’s grace and mercy and submit to his word? When Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God he met opposition and hostility. He tells his disciples that they must expect the

same treatment if they are to live and to proclaim the reign of God. There is both a warning and a privilege in his statement. Just as Jesus had to carry his cross, so the disciples must carry their cross and not try to evade it. To suffer for the faith is to share in the work of Christ. As one hymn states: Lift high the Cross of Christ! Tread where his feet have trod. The Holy Spirit gives us power and grace to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Do you trust in God’s grace to carry your cross for Jesus’ sake? “Lord Jesus, it is my joy and privilege to be your disciple. Give me strength and courage to bear any hardship and suffering which may come my way in your service. May I witness to others the joy of the gospel.” God Bless you all Fr Stuart

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Come to the drop zone 15 SEPT* Ask abo ut c orpo rate spon sors hip

Diocesan Youth News

Their recce

‘We prayed at the feet

000282 M: 5852200 or M:54

£10K of the £35K required raised so far.

*Plans afoot for a great day out at the airfield near Seville on Saturdy 15th September... put it in your diary, more details soon...


r. Charlie, Louis Lombard, Sean Ballester and Stephen Sousi, travelled to Rio earlier this summer to reconnoitre the city, paticularly the barrio of Copacobana, where most of the World Youth Day events will be located, and to work on logistics and accommodation for a group of as many as 40 who will make


up the Gibraltar contingent in Brazil next year. The team explained they were extremely busy in Rio as it was not easy to finalise the accommodation but, by going in person, they have now pretty much got it sorted. Louis and Sean described what it was like to stand right next to the statue of Jesus on the top

of the Corcovado mountain. “I was very impressed, not just by the statue itself which is magnificient, but there were loads of people there, pilgrims as well as tourists, and you could feel the respect from all of them as they entered the small chapel at the feet of Jesus.” Fr Charlie took up the narrative. “Other World Youth Days

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have been about the events, but Rio will be very much about that, being at the feet of Jesus.” If you would like to support Fr. Charlie’s Sky Dive, call him on M: 58522000 or Louis Lombard on M: 54000282 Main pic; view from Corcovado mountain. Top; Sky Dive Poster. Right; Jesus the Redeemer. Below; Sean leaving the small chapel at the foot of the statue.

World Youth Day Preparations

in Rio Soulful and 60’s

of J e s u s ’ Emmaus Summer BBQ


n the 16th of July the Emmaus prayer meeting was held at Latino’s on Eastern Beach.

‘The Other Side Up’ led the prayer, brothers Phillip, Guy and Simon Dumas as well as Ricky Codali and Jeremy Perez sang, praised and prayed. This event was one of a series of very successful tie-ups between the CYC and Emmaus groups, there were also a lot of new faces. As part two of the evening got going, a brilliant alcohol free BBQ, the band displayed a wide repertoire, the 60’s music in particular finding a resonance with dancers who got into the spirit with ‘The Twist’ and other cool moves.

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The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, Main Street, Gibraltar.


to all who enter here


people wonder what is the proper way to pray when in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Especially if they set out to make a Holy Hour, what should they do during those sixty minutes with the Lord? Here is a whole list of suggestions from on how to pray during a Holy Hour, but there are still more ways. You will want to have you bible with you, and perhaps a notebook to jot down anything that comes to mind as you pray: 28 WAYS TO SPEND AN HOUR WITH JESUS 1. Slowly read scripture until something hits you. Then listen. 2. Say a rosary, slowly, while recollecting the mysteries. 3. Let God look at you, understanding that he loves you. 4. Tell Him something that made you happy. Then listen. 5. Tell Him what you are afraid of. Then listen. 6. Tell Him what angers you, he knows how it feels. Then listen. 7. Speak about your loved ones, tell him of your concerns. 8. Pray for an enemy, ask for the situation to be resolved. 9. Talk with Him about your work, dedicate your work to him. 10. Sing a favourite song for Him in your heart. 11. Promise to trust Him more in the future in times of stress. 12. Imagine Mary sitting next to you and praying with you. 13. Renew your loyalty to His Church and the Sacraments. 14. Lean on Him. Tell Him how much you love Him 15. Thank Him for the Sacraments you have celebrated. 16. Tell Him your failures. Ask for help to improve. Then listen. 17. Slowly recite the Beatitudes, meditating on each one. 18. Say one Our Father slowly, thinking about the meaning. 19. Say one Hail Mary slowly, imagining Mary is with you. 20. Say the Creed slowly, reflecting on your response. 21. Ask Him to show you the next step in your life.


22. Pray for vocations. 23. Count your gifts. Thank Him. 24. Pray for the world. 25. Enjoy being in His presence. 26. Read the lives of the Saints. 27. Read the Psalms 28. Read next Sunday’s Gospel. You may find, with the help of these suggestions, that your hour flies by, and you are left fulfilled, looking forward to the next hour you will spend before the Blessed Sacrament. Initially spending time with Jesus should not be any different, fundamentally, then spending time with a very close friend. You can tell Him your heart’s deepest desires and longings, or just tell Him how your day has gone, talk about your children, whatever you would like to share with your Good Friend with whom you are spending one quiet hour. Whatever happens, don’t let worry over how to pray stop you from coming to “Son-bathe” in the Real Presence. Just being there will have an effect on you. The answer to the question of what to do during your Holy Hour is: whatever you want to do that will help you enjoy your time in Christ’s Presence and grow closer to Him. There is not one answer. But perhaps the single best thing you can do in a Holy Hour of adoration is: “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 Many people have found that dedicating an hour to prayerful worship like this with Jesus has changed their lives dramatically. Prayer and meditation on one’s situation before God can have wonderful healing properties. Old wounds can fade in the light of His presence, gifts discovered that lay dormant, and new strengths developed. As time goes on you will come to know a peace that will endure. List of suggestions adapted from a list by Eileen McCarthy; New London, CT Photo collage by Angela Sargent.

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More about the early days of the Adoration Chapel from Tina Kirby

Nearly twenty years of Holy Hours in the Adoration Chapel.


hilst attending the International Charismatic Meeting in Brighton in 1991 Tina Kirby heard the Bishop of Puna, India, give a talk on the Blessed Sacrament. He said that if we spent one hour a day in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament exposed, our lives would change. “I came back home determined on this course for my life and with a calling to open an adoration chapel with continuous adorers throughout the day. I knew I couldn’t ask anyone to adore if I could not do it myself, so I began to train through discipline to stay before the Tabernacle in the Cathedral. It took three months to remain still in prayer but eventually the Lord’s grace descended and I was able to go to Bishop Devlin for permission to open a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament exposed, which he granted.” Tina encountered quite a bit of

negativity to start with, people thought it would never work, but she was confident in the knowledge that if the calling was from God no one could stop it. “And so it has proved,” she continues, “with the help of Fr. Caruana.” Tina was given a ground floor office opening on to the patio at the Cathedral. The door to Main Street was unsealed as part of the refurbishment, so the Chapel could function independently of the main Cathedral gates. “We opened on the feast of St. Francis, and many graces and conversions have started in adoration before God. He has surpassed himself in generosity and next year we celebrate twenty years of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Praise be to Him who is so faithful to our poor efforts.” Tina wrote to the Bishop of Puna to tell him about the good seed his talk in Brighton had sewn in Gibraltar.

The Bishop replied “It was wonderful to read your letter and to see how the Lord has been working in you and through you regarding devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. As I read through your letter I could only marvel how the Lord is accomplishing his work. Gibraltar will be blessed if you can start Perpetual Adoration. I myself have not succeeded in doing so in the city, though I have approached some of the parish priests and they seemed interested. Besides your devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, pray daily and often during the day to the Holy Spirit. He is given to us as a constant companion. Wishing

you God’s Blessings. Yours devotedly in Christ (signed) Bishop of Pune.” The Chapel of Adoration is currently open from 8.00am to midnight Monday to Friday. Perpetual Adoration would require a roster of Adorers all day every day - 24/7, 365. Anyone is welcome to come and spend time with Jesus in the small haven of peace on Main Street. However, it is a requirement that to ensure there is always someone present, and so we would like to enlist more regular Adorers. Call Frances on Mob:5422000 to find out more about Holy Hours in the Chapel.

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Family History

Charles Marfe

Do you have roots in Genoa? A Letter to the Editor from Charles Marfe.


have been an avid reader of your publication for some years now. Either my wife or I pick up a copy as soon as it comes out.  I was very interested in Kenneth Sciacaluga’s article in your May issue on tracing our ancestry. I have always been keen to trace my ancestors and like most Gibraltarians, I sought the help


of Louis Pereira some years ago who was able, with the help of the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned records,to go back to the early 1800’s when my great, great, great grandfather came over, with his wife, from a little town called Noli with under 3,000 inhabitants in the region of Liguria in province Savona near Genoa, Italy

to settle in Gibraltar. Between 1802 and 1816 they had six children all of whom were baptised in the Cathedral in Gibraltar. Then followed five more generations including my son, all born in Gibraltar and baptised in the same Cathedral. This was all very well but I now wanted to go back to before the move to Gibraltar. How far back could we go in Noli tracing the MARFEline? This was when I e-mailed Emilio Rombo an archivist in Genoa, as suggested by your article, to see whether he could help me. Emilio does not speak a word of English and I do not speak Italian but thanks to google translation we got on. The gentleman could not have been more helpful. I sent him all the records I had and within

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the space of very little time he had found  no less than four more generations going back to 1667. All  baptised and married in the same Cathedral in Noli. Naturally there have been variations in the name and among all the transcripts of  the records  found in both Churches, we come across spellings like MAFFEI, MAFE,MAFFE and MAFEE.   I suggest that if anyone is interested in tracing their Genoese ancestors, Emilio is your man. He can be contacted at Via Cerruti 15/17, 16154 Genova Italy or by email   Now all I need to do is visit the Cathedral of San Pietro in Noli. Yours sincerely, Charles Marfe

Giving Thanks

at the Shrine The prayerful highlight of each National Day party.

Every year on National Day the Community meets in prayer at the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe, to give thanks for all the blessings Gibraltar has enjoyed, and to pray for the future. Photo September 2010

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Kusama Trust Sponsored VSO Placement - Part II: India

To do what we Gibraltar Youth facilitate T

Photos: Top, all of the VSO GX team surround the fire on the eve of the ‘Holi’ festival which is celebrated on the night of the full moon in March, to announce victory of good over evil and welcome the spring. Above, with the local schoolchildren. We often played cricket with the boys and sang and danced with the girls.


o have a positive impact in the realm of community development we need to work alongside people to identify what they need. For three months I lived in a small and quaint Indian village, with a widow and her three children. Each day I was awoken with a cup or three of chai, and as I sat upon the stone floor to drink the sweet tea, my host mum cooked chapattis upon the

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home made fire. I washed my clothes in a well, and became known as ‘the girl who walks barefoot.’ The way of life in India was drastically different to anything I had experienced before. Little did I know the impact that we would have upon the community and, in turn, the impact that the community would have upon us. Of all places, fate summoned me to work in community development in Kadampura, Rajasthan.

Emily Batty

Photos: Above, The public hearing took place on our last night, I am reading the results of our survey in Hindi. Three hundred villagers attended, which was partly due to visiting every home more than once to make sure they would come! The energy and

enthusiasm of the crowd led to a positive change. Above, earlier that evening at the same meeting, beneath colourful sheets to protect the crowd from the sun, and looking towards where we were standing you can see the posters we created on the walls.

A place where 687 people live, a place that the people in the nearest town, only a few miles away had not heard of. During our time here (five of us from Global Xchange lived in the village), we began by carrying out a survey. We encouraged collective action when the results were known, and strove to provide a medium through which the authorities and people could identify common concerns and goals. ‘Compassionate communication to eradicate barriers’

thus far been unresolved (and was a creator of tension between the headmaster and the community) has been resolved. Further, following in the footsteps of Barefoot College (a grassroots organisation in Rajasthan that works to empower the local people), we felt it would be very important to ensure transparency and cross-check public records to establish whether any discrepancies (signifiers of corruption) exist. We accessed the beneficiary lists for those who

as each mother came foreword to say she hadn’t received this benefit. NREGA evoked the strongest response from the villagers during the surveys. We accessed the NREGA lists, and found information was incredibly difficult to make sense of and navigate. We persevered and managed to create a table of results that we then cross-checked. We went to all eighty workers and it was established that in the fall of December 2011 all of the work-

was the philosophy that evolved. We interacted with everybody in the village with the aim to foster relationships built upon trust and understanding. Once all the survey information was collected, our initial estimates were confirmed, and awareness and overall satisfaction of aid schemes available to the people was found to be very low. People were least satisfied with their access to clean water. The first public hearing to take place in Kadampura went very well. Two hundred villagers attended, in addition to the Media, the MET (the authority responsible for making NREGA payments) and local school teachers. The head teacher used the opportunity to speak to the parents. There was an open well which was a health and safety hazard in the school; potentially fatal for the children in fact. Despite several previous unsuccessful attempts to raise funds to seal it, on this occasion, the money was swiftly collected. We facilitated a space for proaction and a problem that had

had received health benefits. One of these is a government scheme which covers the costs of hospital birth, and transport to and from the hospital, known as ‘JSY’ which has been put in place to improve child mortality rates. We then visited every household on the list, and the discrepancies became all too apparent. Nine out of eleven women who were on the list for having received JSY had in fact given birth at home. In the public hearing, the truth came out,

ers received just thirty rupees a day, whilst the legal minimum is sixty rupees. That, in addition to the employees still not having received their payment for January, (over six weeks late) meant that the employees were entitled to a minimum of one thousand rupees compensation. In the public hearing many of the workers stood up to the MET and said that they deserved to have rights as workers. Compensation has been filed and will be given to the workers. The

can because we can. improved health care

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Kusama Trust Sponsored VSO Placement - Part II: India Emily Batty Photo: Left, At the school playground, the children dressed in red with water vessels on their heads are celebrating the local elections.

unequal power balance between the employees and employer has been altered, creating more balance and justice. We ran a night school during our time in the village, and on average we had 15 children attending each class. We led English and Geography lessons. We also led a youth meeting to raise awareness of the importance for young people to attend school and work hard. And again,

because we had taken the time to nurture relationships, they were receptive to what we had to say. Throughout the development work (surveying, crosschecking records, gathering villagers to the meetings), the youth never failed to surprise me with their great interest, and they often joined us enthusiastically, demonstrating initiative and concern for public affairs and community issues.

We didn’t come to Kadampura to build roads and provide every household with water. That would have been beyond our power. Working in community development has been a very powerful experience for me and has left me feeling empowered by empowerment. Building relationships. That is development. Having a voice. Being aware. I believe the most powerful tool in community development is the power of doing good (inherently). I have grown to realise that when it comes to community development, we have to do what we can do, because we can do it,

Sheriff Electrical Contractors Ltd.

Electrical Contractors Office 40/42 Cornwall’s Lane,


Tel: (350) 200 79353, Fax: (350) 200 74515 E-mail: Fire Services Division 3 Cornwall’s Parade, Tel: (350) 200 40583, Fax: (350) 200 74515 E-mail:

A. A. Sheriff (Wholesale) Ltd.

The Gibraltar Counselling Service 200 Main Street. Tel: 20071717

and therefore we are meant to do it. Community development is using my advantage as a prerequisite for responsibility. Adding a positive to a minus to make another positive. Why? We are all equal. That is the balance. A balanced global village. That is the answer.

Retail 51 Engineer Lane, Tel: (350) 200 78065, Fax: (350) 200 74515 Wholesale Unit 12A, Watergardens, Tel: (350) 200 73083, Fax: (350) 200 40585 Planet Mobile Unit 12A, Watergardens, Tel: (350) 200 50063, Fax: (350) 200 40585 Offices 40/42 Cornwall’s Lane, Tel: (350) 200 40583, Fax: (350) 200 74515

E-mail: Warehouse Unit 14, The New Harbours, Tel: (350) 200 41836, Fax: (350) 200 46344


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Forthcoming Pilgrimage

January 2013 in Rome With Fr. Stuart Chipolina

Fr Stuart knows his onions, when talking about these Holy sites.


hat do you notice about St. Peter’s Square in the background of the photo above, taken in January 2010? The square is practically deserted, this is the time to go to visit the Vatican, no crowds, no standing for hours in queues in the hot sun, you will find you have time to sit in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in St. Peter’s, as well as visit the tomb of Pope John Paul II. Father will also hand over to knowledgeable local people who will give you a rich insight into, for instance, ancient Roman ruins or the Classical Art Museums. Next January, Fr. Stuart will extend his pilgrimage to take in Assisi the ‘City of Peace’ and Florence, all for €1,150 If you would like more details, or to put your name down for the pilgrimage, contact Father Stuart or Richard Martinez on T. 20077135.



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The Infertility to the book and to the difficult journey, couples follow. More details about the blog tour can be found here: http://www. announcing-our-blog-book-tour/  The book can be bought from, here is a bit more about this excellent publication.


his month I wanted to share with you this wonderful resource: “The Infertility Companion for Catholics”.  This book has been written by two friends who faced the struggles and tribulations of infertility.   They have promoted their book in a novel way, by touring Catholic Infertility Blogs, each of the articles are a “must read” as they provide great insight


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One in every six couples in the United States experiences infertility but Catholic couples face additional confusion, worry, and frustration as they explore the medical options available to them. Filling a major void in Catholic resources, The Infertility Companion for Catholics, published by Ave Maria Press, is the first book to address not only the medical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of infertility, but also the particular needs of Catholic couples who desire to

Dr. Monique Risso


understand and follow Church teaching on the use of assisted reproductive technology. The book describes the options that Catholic couples can pursue in seeking to conceive, many of which are not ordinarily presented by the medical community. In an encouraging and nonjudgmental tone, authors Angelique Ruhi-López and Carmen Santamaría address both husbands and wives and help them recognize the emotional impact of infertility on their relationship. The Infertility Companion for Catholics presents a variety of spiritual resources including prayers, devotions, and the wisdom of the saints and provides suggestions for further reading of reference materials, Catholic documents, and Catholic blogs about infertility. Praise for The Infertility Companion for Catholics: “For a couple desiring children, discovering their infertility can be devastating. This personal witness of two couples’ faith journey struggling with infertility is uplifting and refreshing. This labor of love is also

extremely well researched and solidly within the teaching of the Catholic Church. Highly recommended!” Rev. Alfred Cioffi Senior Fellow National Catholic Bioethics Center “The suffering of infertility is an especially painful participation in the cross of Jesus Christ. In this thoughtful guide, the authors provide a spiritual road-map for walking through this suffering in obedience to the call of our Lord. This book provides both hope and solace to Catholic spouses who seek to follow Jesus and to be faithful to his teachings as expressed by the Church.” Angela Franks Director of Theology Programs Theological Institute for the New Evangelization Saint John’s Seminary

share this difficult path with infertile couples. Let this book help strengthen your marriage and your spiritual life.” Lisa M. Hendey Author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms   “A guiding light to infertile couples wishing to learn more about treatment options in light

of the Church’s teaching, and how to address this suffering emotionally and spiritually. Offers great inner consolation, as it addresses the difficult topics of infertility, discernment, miscarriage, and adoption. A mustread for infertile couples!” Marie Meaney Author of Embracing the Cross of Infertility

• further information on NaProTechnology and FertilityCare can be obtained from: Dr Monique

Risso MB ChB MRCGP General Practitioner and NaPro Technology Physician Specialist Medical Clinic, Unit 7, 1st Floor, ICC Building, Casemates Square, Gibraltar Tel: +350 200 49999

“Sharing the latest in advanced diagnostic treatment options that fall within the teachings of the Magisterium and providing faith-filled tools for both partners, the authors have created the perfect primer for married couples facing the stress, heartbreak, and uncertainty of infertility. Also a fantastic resource for family members, friends, and pastoral staff who

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Aug 2012 134  

Preparation for World Youth Day in Rio: Countdown to September 15 Sky Dive

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