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“NEW PERIODE NEW SPIRITS NEW BOARDS” Hi Fellas! We're back for our first edi on in SPE E-Magazine. Long me no hearing about our ac vity right? So this is it one of the newest ac vity that has been held by UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta rd SPE SC. In January 23 2017 un l January 24th 2017we held a Leadership Training in Villa Kepodang, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. This event is an annual event programmed by UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta SPE Student Chapter to introduce our self, how do we work, how we solve a problem in our ways to our boards. We hope from this event the new boards can adapt quickly, ge ng know each other more between new boards and old boards, and the most important is to make the new boards feel comfortable in our circle.

This event started at 4 o'clock in the evening, opened by our newly elected president Mr. Muhammad Irfan Maulana. He told about his annual programme from January 2017 until December 2017. After that, there was presentation from each officers and departments that have been told by each minister. Next, in the evening, we started to announce the position of each new boards. This moment is the most interesting of our event. Some of the new boards have been plotted in an-unpredictable-division. After the announcement, we got special guests which was our formers. They shared their experiences and all of the benefits when they became a board also all the better changed of themselves after they became a former. In the morning, we had our last activity of Leadership Training, that is outbound activity. The experiences from our former make our hope grow and believe that we can learn everything to prepare our future. Making adjustment, forcing ourselves to do more, trying something we never did before is the examples of a hard road we may find. But we do believe, this leadership training, this organization, this community is a gate for to make ourselves better, prepared, and ready.

So guys, that's all from our ac vity in Leadership Training. Interes ng enough right? Do you want to join us in UPNVY SPE SC Leadership Training next year? So, come join us in UPNVY SPE SC! We're wai ng for your coming



PE SC Gathering was held on February 2nd from 09.00 am to 01.00 pm. This event was led by Mr. Fidi Abganis Hermawan. It had a different concept than the previous year, which was held in Quinn Colombo Hotel. It took us to the more fresh and joyous atmosphere. SPE SC Gathering was an annual event programmed by UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta SPE SC to increase solidarity between SPE SC which exist in Indonesia.


This event was attended by : 1. Institut Teknologi Bandung SPE Student Chapter 2. Institut Teknologi dan Sains Bandung SPE Student Chapter 3. University College Sedaya International SPE Student Chapter 4. Universitas Gadjah Mada SPE Student Chapter 5. Universitas Indonesia SPE Student Chapter 5. Universitas Diponegoro SPE Student Chapter 6. Universitas Padjajaran SPE Student Chapter 7. TRISAKTI SPE Student Chapter 8. Universitas Pembangunan Negeri “Veteran” Yogyakarta SPE Student Chapter

“By giving your time and expertise and sharing them freely, the pie gets bigger for everyone.” - Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone : And Other Secrets to success, One Relationship at a Time

In this event, every SPE SC had an opportunity to presented about their student chapter like their annual event, previous and upcoming events, vision and mission, organization structure and etc. After presentation session, we continued to sharing session which moderated by Mr. Fidi Abganis Hermawan and Miss. Dayanara Surya. We discussed many kinds of topics especially about our student chapter and oil and gas condition nowadays. Likes the challenges in our student chapter and how we deal with that, quality or quantity member, how we increase the enthusiasm of our member for our event and etc. There were so many benets of this event, such as building networks, sharing and discussing many kinds of problems which every student chapter face and also getting closer with another SPE SC.

This student who usually goes by the name Ivan is an active student of the 8th semester. He is also one of the boards of SPE UPN “VETERAN” YOGYAKARTA SC who used to serve under the HRD department. The man who was born in Bukittinggi has recently won the POD championship at OGIP 2017. Wanna know more about what this guy has been up to and the recipe to win a championship? This article will tell you all about it. Many activities have been done by Mr. Ivan, such as taking his scription, so he always goes to the library to observe the references or the materials. He often spends his time on the student council of Petroleum Engineering and makes a proposal to help his thesis.

Name : Ivan Luthfian Danny Date of birth : Bukit Tinggi, June 29, 1995 Origin : Bekasi Major : Petroleum Engineering

With his experiences in every competition, he got: st 1. 1 winner of RAISE IATMI UPN “V” Yogyakarta Oil and Gas Smart Competition st 2. 1 winner of Intellectual Competition OGIP 2017 UPN “V” Yogyakarta Oil and gas Plan of Development.

The journey of POD on OGIP 2017. Do you know about POD? POD is needed for developing field management on oil and gas industry from upstream sector to the downstream sector. This prestigeous competition contains calculating of reservoir, drilling, and production aspects based on geological interpretation. Mr. Ivan also added that each team consists of five persons which have their own touch such as reservoir engineer, production engineer, drilling engineer, geological engineer, and economic. Mr. Ivan was plotted on reservoir engineering, his job was about determined the existence of oil or nature gas in the reservoir, mechanism drive, development scenario with using the simulator, and many more. This POD team named Danadyaksa with the meaning is the guard of the glory that comes from the Sansekerta language. Member of Danadyaksa Team 1. Reservoir engineer : Mr. Ivan PE'13 2. Drilling engineer : Mr. Jales PE'13 3. Production engineer : Mr. Alvin PE'13 4. Geological engineer : Mr. Latif PE'13 5. Economist : Mr. Galih PE'13

Tips & tricks to be a championship - Don't be ashamed to ask questions to anyone, because science can come from anywhere, anyone, and anytime. - Don't be hopeless - Pray everytime - Improve your basic engineering. - Enrich reading the references of the final projects or papers.

(n) benefaction month, on April 2017


Faiz Former of AAPG SC Geological Engineering UPNVY Batch 2013 “SPE Student Chapter is an international organization for all fields that related in OnG industry. For me, SPE is such an organization which has a really good progress at work. This student chapter has many kinds of competitions that can give benefits for its members. I really feel it too, because I've ever joined in some competitions held by SPE and could win the competitions. Also, SPE inspires the events that held by my organization. Besides that, for me personally, by joining many competitions in SPE, it can motivate myself to learn more about oil and gas. Not only me, but also other students in Geological Engineering become more triggered to join the competitions and also make SPE as the reference to hold an event.”

Chatarina Indah Former of AAPG SC Geological Engineering UPNVY Batch 2013 “I think SPE SC is an Oil and Gas professional organization which very stands out for its competitions, not like other student chapter that I know, SPE SC is such a big opportunity for everyone who wants to look for the experience in competitions. And one thing noted through many times joining in SPE SC, is a professional performance in conducting an event. Besides that, as a member of SPE, its paper really brings many benefit, that is really helpful for my study.”

Bella Ayudya Event Department of AAPG SC Geological Engineering UPNVY Batch 2015 “From UPN SPE SC official account that I follow, I think SPE SC is very active in conducting good events. Many events from UPN SPE SC are really inspiring for other student chapters in UPN, especially for international scale organization. And then, the boards of UPN SPE SC are very professional in running their events. I hope someday UPN SPE SC will collaborate with other student chapters in UPN, so they can also learn from each other.”

Agra Adipta President of SEG SC Geophysics Engineering UPNVYK Batch 2013 “So far, things that I know about SPE Student Chapter is about its commitment and professionalism which is different with other student chapters. SPE SC gives so much benefits, for example, we can access its journal, that's OnePetro which is really helpful to make a basic theory for my final project. Actually, it's like other student chapters, I can also access many papers and journals in SEG and AAPG Bulletin in AAPG. But in SPE SC, we can get newsletter about the upcoming events of SPE, discount, and the scholarship. From all things that I've been through with many boards of SPE, I think it can be a chance to establish the cooperation between SPE SC and SEG SC to maximize delivering benefits of each student chapter.”

Requirements S1 student only (all engineering student)

Semester 4 and semester 6 (min gpa 3.30) Young male & female, dynamic Very good academic result Adaptable, creative, hard working, independent, self-motivated Good command of spoken and written English Willing to work under pressure

Other Formation - Please bring your CV in English and academical transcript - Submit to

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E-Magazine UPNVYK SPE SC  

Well, E-Magazine is the latest breakthrough of our CMR Department. This magazine will be a source of all kinds of oil and gas related inform...

E-Magazine UPNVYK SPE SC  

Well, E-Magazine is the latest breakthrough of our CMR Department. This magazine will be a source of all kinds of oil and gas related inform...