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someone was delighted to win the Hotel meal and overnight stay

Andrew didn't think Stephanie was very punny

roy was regretting putting 'baby bio' in the reception drinks

Nigel's disguise wasn't a patch on last years

Once again the Scottish lads wished England all the best in the world cup

Steve was sure he'd made a #hashtag of himself



does my head look big in this? asked peter

derek hadn't played tig since he was at primary school

trevor knew there was a pound coin under one of the cups

last one to get their hands in the air, had to buy the next round‌

Claire was going for the wicked witch of the west look

The three monkeys had been updated for conference


Brian had hitched to conference to save money

Martin only remembered where he'd put his helmet when he sat on it

If steve looked up, Kath was going to crack him in the nuts

Pauls odour eaters clearly weren't working

peter couldn't resist taking selfies of himself when he was working

Simon couldn't resist doing his Elvis impersonation when he had a mike in his hand


The hotels dumplings were well known in the area

Simon's experiments with self- pollination had paid off!

Ya didnae mess with Big stevie when he had his kilt on

some of the food hadn't been great‌

Steve wondered where they'd got his likeness from?

Paul fell asleep counting andrew's puns

APME Conference Comic 2014  

APME Conference Comic 2014

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