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We are a free initiative, empowering young people to turn their talents into enterprise.


We help make creative dreams a reality.


We make changes to young people’s lives by giving them access to opportunities and experience to build their CV’s and showreels.


We are committed to building the confidence and skills of our young people, by providing them with a platform to enhance and accelerate their talents.


The U+ Project is made up of the: ‘U+’ talent platform, ‘BB Productions’ talent enhancer and ‘Raw Talent’ talent accelerator.

DREAM:  We help young talent gain the skills and ability to achieve their creative dreams.    

DISCOVER: We provide opportunities for young people to discover and

enhance their talents. CREATE:  We encourage young talent to be creative and showcase their creations.

INSPIRE: We motivate and inspire young people to turn their dreams into a reality.

s U h t i W g n i k r Wo …a few  of  the  companies  who  are  already  helping  us  launch  young  talent   into  crea6ve  careers!  

U+: IN ACTION! We have already helped young people get into creative industries: “ I wanted to be a presenter, U+ got me on set to interview Kate Hudson, it was amazing!” – Isabella

Professionals are recognising the power of U+ “Be inspired  by  U+.  Go  ahead  fulfil  your  dreams.  Stay   focused  and  believe  in  yourself.”  –  Kierston  Warering   (BriBsh  Actress)  

BB PRODUCTIONS OUR memberS fill their cv’s and showreels with U+ production EXPERIENCES. Just 3 of our new productions, Coming soon: “The Red Line” – shooting November. •  2 minute animation and live action short film. “Papillion” – in development with AW Broadcast. •  10 minute B&W short film to be shot on the Red Epic. “As luck would have it” – looking for a Sponsorship partner. •  10 minute Rom Com live action short film.

U+ PROJECTS WE INTERACT WITH KEY PARTNERS to give young people Once in a life time opportunities. THIS IS WHAT’S GOING ON RIGHT NOW!   •  •  •  •  •  • 

Lau+nch Event   Co-­‐producers  of  the  ‘365  series’     The  ScoP  ExpediBon   Children  in  Need   NaBonal  Geographic  Kids   ScarleP  Thread  ProducBons  

The ‘365 Series’, in association with Free The Children/WE Day A video series by Ayrton Cable, based on Michael Norton’s word-of-mouth best seller, to inspire and inform young people around the world to support them in truly making a difference.

‘365’ has been co-created by 10 year old, Aryton Cable •  • 

•  • 

At 8 yrs old, Aryton interviewed homeless people on the streets of London. At 9yrs old, he premiered his campaign film to change the law on factory farming “How was this Animal Kept?” addressed MPs at the Houses of Parliament, and led a national campaign in partnership with four highly respected NGOs. Ayrton’s photographic journalism, to help stop conflict minerals in the Congo, has been recognized by Amnesty International:

‘365 Series’ Partners • 

‘Free the  Children’/WE  Day.  ‘Free  the  Children’  is  the  world’s  largest  youth  led   organizaBon,  co-­‐founded  by  Craig  Kielburger  at  the  age  of  12.  By  the  Bme  he  was  24,  he   and  the  organizaBon  had  been  nominated  for  the  Nobel  Peace  Prize  3  Bmes.    


Unilever, in  support  of  the  School  Meals  and  World  Food  Programme.  

•  •  • 

Writer J.B.  Miller,  whose  credits  include  ‘The  Satanic  Nurses’   h9p://­‐Satanic-­‐Nurses-­‐Literary-­‐Parodies/dp/0312305443     And  ‘Acme  Climate  AcBon’,  co-­‐wriPen  with  Josh  Blackburn:     h9p://­‐Climate-­‐Ac6on-­‐Provokateur/dp/0007274750  

•  • 

Comic, Writer  and  Producer  Barry  Castagnola   hPp://    

•  • 

Film Maker  Alejandro  Sesma     hPp://    

‘365 Series’ EVENTS • 

6th March: World Book Day – Premiering Episode on “Books that Change the World” at a major Unilever sponsored event


7th March: WE Day London. A trailer of the 365 series screened at Wembley Arena to 10,000 young people, alongside Al Gore, Richard Branson and others in the stadium, and 50,000 online.


8th March: International School Meals Day – Premiering Episode on “The Amazing Power of School Meals” at an international conference, in partnership with the World Food Programme and Unilever.

The Scott Expedition Polar explorers Ben Saunders and Tarka L'Herpiniere, hope to complete Captain Scott's ill-fated 1910/12 expedition, taking them on an unsupported 1,800-mile return journey from the edge of Antarctica to the South.

U+ and Ben Saunders Each competition will be publicised and followed by Ben Saunders’ PR Team: •  • 

Weekly Vlog competitions following the expeditions progress.


Journalist competitions to be published in the U+ Magazine.


Comical Captions competition.


Physical Challenge.

Children In Need – South Pole Stroll The U+ Team are going to match the 1,800 miles which Ben Saunders and Tarka L'Herpiniere will be walking in the South Pole! We want to show our members that supporting all causes is essential, and we encourage them to get involved. We will be recruiting as many people to help as possible to raise as much money as possible, and walking the last mile to the BBC Studios on Children In Need day. Our Just Giving Page is: h9p://­‐pole-­‐stroll/

National Geographic Kids •  U+ have partnered with National Geographic Kids to offer our members a day in the life of a Journalist – one of the many ‘Opportunities’ we offer our U+ Members. •  National Geographic Kids also support Ben Saunders’ Scott Expedition and will be promoting the U+ competitions online and in their magazine.


At the end of November we are shooting the live-action sequences to the Scarlett Thread Productions animation. Edited by our Team Member Phillip O’Connor. Produced by our Team Member Charlotte Pepperell. U+ Members will be extras in the filming. U+ Members will shadow the professional crew, learning on the job, gaining experiences to add to the CVs and showreels.


LAU+NCH is  our  annual  event  that  enables  young  people  to  showcase,  enhance  and   accelerate  their  talents.    


LAU+NCH’s aim  is  to  empower  young  talent  by  encouraging  them  to  dream,   discover,  create  and  be  inspired  


LAU+NCH 2013  is  taking  place  on:  22nd  November.  


We are  working  with  Global  Entrepreneurship  Week,  and  have  been  idenBfied  as   one  of  the  top  5  High  Impact  Events  of  the  week,  and  with  the  Children’s   Commissioner’s  as  part  of  NaBonal  Take  Over  Day.  


KEY SPEAKERS FOR THE DAY Key speakers & guests include: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Doug Richards (Creative Start-Ups & Dragon’s Den) Lorraine Allman (Enterprising Child) Abi Griffiths (TV Sports Presenter) Ric Salmon (Harvest Entertainment, representing Seal, Morrissey, Joss Stone & Michael Bolton) Natalie Duncan (singer, Universal Entertainment) Michael Benjamin (Sales Director, Ugg) Shahina Johnson (Arts Awards) Sep Dashti (Breakdancer)

H C N + U A L Get Involved at one of our LAU+NCH spaces and help us to empower young talent!

LAU+NCH: Your exposure By being a part of ‘The U+ Project’ your company will be exposed to: • 

The Schools and Colleges directly invited by U+: –  –  – 


Your company Branding on all promotional materials Branding will be promoted to Boo Bod’s Network of creative talent Your branding will feature on our Website and our Social Media channels

The companies involved in the Children's Commissioner’s Take Over Day –


The companies who are involved with Global Entrepreneurship Week –

LAU+NCH: Your Involvement By being a part of the U+ Project, you will be helping us to empower young talent. We want to invite you to help us educate and inspire young people. How you can get involved… •  •  •  •  •  • 

You can be stationed at one of our unique Launch Areas i.e. Panel member or speaker. Your company can sponsor a Launch Area. Your company can sponsor our ‘Hu+b.’ Sponsor a creative opportunity inside our ‘Hu+b.’ Sponsor our U+ competition. Scout talented young creatives.


Six launch stations – L.A.U .N.C.H. Areas dedicated to running the event with the Hu+B (“H” of Lau+nch), in the centre.


10:00 - 13:30 - 3 hours 14:00 - 17:30 - 3 hours 18:30 - 20:30 Informal Networking Event/ Showcase of creative work by young talent.

H C N + U A L … S N O I T A ST

LAU+NCH: Limitless What Happens? •  • 

An area of creative interaction – where aspirations have no limits… We encourage young talent to express their creativity, their dreams and aspirations.

How you can get involved… •  • 

Sponsor: Your branding at this station. Talent Scout: Find the hottest new talent.

LAU+NCH: ACCESSABILITY What Happens? •  •  • 

An interactive experience provided by professionals. How to be a… Director, presenter, runner, photographer. We provide hands on experience of roles on a live set.

How you can get involved… •  • 

Teach: Advising young talent on how to progress into creative careers. Sponsor: Your branding at this station.

LAU+NCH: U+ Pitch, we Produce What Happens? •  •  • 

Young Talent pitch their ideas for a production… the winning idea will be created by the U+ team. Up to £500 will be awarded to produce the winning pitch. This station is ‘time slotted’ who will pitch on the day is decided by the competition launched in schools.

How you can get involved… •  •  • 

Judge: Be a panel member and help realise a young persons creative project. Discover: Find young people who are interested in working in your industry. We welcome Talent Scouts from any industry. Sponsor: The production of the winning pitch (£500).

LAU+NCH: Nurture What Happens? •  • 

We nurture young talent. In this station young people have the opportunity to showcase their talents at our open mic. This station will be ‘time slotted,’ participants will be able to sign up for a slot on the day to perform!

How you can get involved… • 

Perform: As an illustration to the young people we welcome professionals to perform.

•  • 

Discover: Scout young talent Sponsor: Your branding at this station

LAU+NCH: COMMUNICATE What Happens? •  •  • 

Young people can speak to other enterprising children and see examples of their creative talents. A space for young talent to gain professional industry insight through relaxed interaction with inspirational figures. A chance to Network.

How you can get involved… • 

Sponsor: Your branding at this station.

LAU+NCH: HU+B What Happens? •  • 


Our innovative space where we will launch hands-on experiences for young people. We will be showcasing exciting opportunities for young people to get involved with including Master Classes and other experiences, opportunities and competitions the U+ Project provides. The Hu+b is a space for young talent to gain professional industry insight through relaxed interaction with inspirational figures.

How you can get involved… •  •  • 

Provide: Offer a creative opportunity or experience. Sponsor: Competition Prizes/Master classes. Inspire: Talk to our young people about your profession


Revolutionizing Education: Making real-life opportunities accessible. We aim to have as many projects running, simultaneously, within the education system.


A scholarship fund and internship program for young creatives.


A pledge of donating 5% of gross profits to the charities ‘Kids Company’ and ‘Sense’.


U+ Radio and TV – all content produced by our members.


U+ Pitch, We Produce - young people pitching their own projects..


U+ are expanding into America in January 2014 and will be taking the U+ Project Initiative with us.


The U+ Project Event  
The U+ Project Event