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Fact Sheet History

Uplift Education was founded 1996 in the Dallas suburb of Irving through one of the first charters granted by the state of Texas. Uplift Education’s first school, North Hills Preparatory in North Irving, opened in 1997 and is now ranked among the top 10 public high schools and the top International Baccalaureate programs in the nation. Recognizing the need for high performing public education throughout North Texas, Uplift Education began to replicate its school model in more urban areas characterized by low-income, minority neighborhoods. This growth started with Peak Preparatory in East Dallas in 2004. Since then, Uplift Education has grown into a network of dozens of Uplift Education schools educating thousands of scholars across North Texas.


Uplift Education’s mission is to create and sustain public schools of excellence that empower each scholar to reach their highest potential in college and the global marketplace and that inspire in scholars a life-long love of learning, achievement, and service in order to positively change their world.

Richard Harrison Senior Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Deborah Bigham Chief Development Officer Marilyn Wright Director of Special Populations

Ann Stevenson Chief Administrative Officer Diana Meyer Director of Human Resources

Bill Mays Chief Financial Officer

Yasmin Bhatia Chief Executive Officer Johnny Deas Senior Director of Operations

Gene Zhu Director of Finance

Rosemary Perlmeter Founder Rhonda Nelson Senior Director of Strategic People Initiatives


Our Schools

As of the 2011-12 school year, Uplift Education operates a network of 20 tuition-free, college-preparatory, public charter schools. Uplift Education schools operate within K-12 feeder patterns to ensure that once scholars enter the Uplift Education system, they are able to continue within an Uplift Education school through graduation. Of our student body... • 80% will be the first in their family to attend college. • 80% self-identify as an ethnic minority. • 63% come from low-income households. There are 6,000 scholars enrolled and more than 5,000 scholars on waiting lists for Uplift Education schools. In response to this growing demand, Uplift Education plans to open two to four new schools per year, with 37 schools educating 13,000 scholars by 2015-16.

100% College Acceptance

• 200 seniors from the class of 2011 achieved 100% college acceptance, earning 1,100 college acceptance letters and $26 million in scholarships and grants, including five National Merit Scholarship finalists, six Dell Scholars and one Gates Millennium Scholar. • Uplift Education’s first urban graduating class, the Peak Preparatory class of 2010, achieved 100% college acceptance, 100% college matriculation, and 100% college persistence through the fall 2011 semester.

Ratings and Rankings

• 4 out of 5 Uplift Education districts are rated Exemplary by the Texas Education Agency. • North Hills Preparatory and Peak Preparatory are ranked as the #10 and #11 best public high schools in America by the Washington Post. • North Hills Preparatory is also ranked #10 best public high school in the country by Newsweek. • North Hills Preparatory and Peak Preparatory both have 5-star ratings from the state of Texas for academic growth and fiscal responsibility.

Scholar Performance

• Uplift Education scholars outpaced the state and the four major neighboring ISDs on the percent of scholars achieving Commended status for all 27 subject-grade combinations tested through TAKS. • Uplift Education outpaced the state’s Commended rates by 10 or more points on 80% of the tests, including all math and science tests.

Key Funders and Partners

• Uplift Education has received support from some of the top foundations in the country and in Dallas and Fort Worth that focus on public education, including: Amon G. Carter Foundation The Boone Family Foundation Capital One Charter School Growth Fund Citi Foundation The Communities Foundation of Texas The Dallas Foundation Department of Education - Teacher Incentive Fund

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Hillcrest Foundation Hoblitzelle Foundation The M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation The Matejek Family Foundation The Perot Foundation Posey Family Foundation Rainwater Charitable Foundation

The Real Estate Council (TREC) The Rees-Jones Foundation The Sid W. Richardson Foundation The Harold Simmons Foundation The Stemmons Foundation The Texas High School Project The Mike and Mary Terry Family Foundation The TI Foundation The Todd and Abby Williams Foundation

• Uplift Education has formal relationships with the Museum of Nature & Science and with UT Southwestern Medical School to enhance the curriculum and science experiences of our schools.


Deborah Bigham, Chief Development Officer

Uplift Education

606 E. Royal Lane, Irving TX 75039

Britni Bradford, Communications Manager


Our Schools Grades Offered

# of Students

Uplift District/ District Ranking

Fast Facts

K-2, 4-12


Hampton/ Academically Acceptable

Class of 2011, Hampton’s first graduating class, received $1.4 million in scholarships and grants.

Heights Prep West Dallas

K, 6-8


Williams/ Exemplary

Only comprehensive public school in West Dallas that is ranked Exemplary by the TEA.

Infinity Prep Irving South

K-1, 6


North Hills/ Exemplary

First year of operations for new K-12 continuum in Irving South.

Laureate Prep Downtown Dallas

K-3, 6


Peak/ Exemplary

Unique partnership with Museum of Nature & Science.

North Hills Prep Irving



North Hills/ Exemplary

Ranked as the 10th best public high school in America by the Washington Post and Newsweek.

Peak Prep East Dallas



Peak/ Exemplary

Ranked as the 11th best public high school in America by the Washington Post.

Pinnacle Prep Oak Cliff



Peak/ Exemplary

New K-5 feeder school for upcoming Laureate Prep secondary school downtown.

Summit Int’l Prep Arlington



Summit/ Exemplary

Class of 2011, Summit’s first graduating class, received $5.3 million in scholarships and grants.

Williams Prep Northwest Dallas



Williams/ Exemplary

Class of 2011, Williams’ first graduating class, received $2.8 million in scholarships and grants.

Hampton Prep South Dallas

The Uplift Education Model Uplift Education has a research-based, proven approach to education across our schools. We intentionally put scholars first to ensure that every adult within the system is working toward the goal of not only sending every scholar to college, but also sending them college-ready. Below are the core components of our model: More Time on Task: Uplift Education prioritizes funds for more in-class instruction through longer school days, an extended school year, and Saturday sessions focused on high priority instruction. All scholars participate in a rigorous curriculum that includes Advanced Placement, Dual-Credit or International Baccalaureate coursework. Data Driven: Uplift Education aggressively recruits school leaders who are entrepreneurial, create a culture of high expectations, and use data to drive results on their campus. Dual Board Structure: The Uplift Education Board, comprised of appointed business and community leaders, oversees governance and major policy for the organization, while regional school boards focus their attention on holding their respective schools accountable for scholar achievement and community involvement. Parental Engagement: Parental engagement and education is stressed around the value of graduation and college acceptance for their children.

Commitments Commit to College: Uplift Education is committed to building a brighter future – one scholar at a time. We do this by creating quality, college preparatory public schools in underserved communities. Each scholar must be accepted into a two- or four-year college institution in order to receive his or her diploma from an Uplift Education high school. Commit to Community: We actively reach out to local leaders and invite them to help us improve education in their communities by serving on our local boards and being advocates for our mission in their local neighborhoods. Commit to Change: By nurturing academic performance and civic responsibility, we do more than expand our scholars’ horizons. We also change people’s perceptions of what is possible in public education.

Priorities Our five strategic themes focus on scholar achievement, the key component of our mission: 1. Provide high quality college-preparatory education to 13,000 scholars by 2015. 2. Build the human capital pipeline and Central Management Office capacity to support “high-quality” growth. 3. Refine the “Uplift Model” and ensure consistent execution on all campuses. 4. Raise the bar for academic rigor to ensure college readiness. 5. Achieve financial sustainability.

13,000 Strong Uplift Education expects to educate 13,000 scholars annually by 2015-16. These scholars will ultimately succeed in college and in life. In order to achieve this goal, Uplift Education will continue to add two to four new schools per year throughout the North Texas area.

Road to College Beginning in the sixth grade, Uplift Education provides a detailed curriculum designed to help scholars navigate the “Road to College”. Scholars participate in scheduled college field experiences, understand the college and scholarship application process, and research career fields. Road to College Counselors track scholars and assist in their persistence throughout their college years to ensure college matriculation and graduation. As an additional support post-graduation, Uplift Education employs “inspire” counselors to work with our alumni to ensure college success.

Change Agent Uplift Education acts as a learning laboratory, testing best practices in education and sharing those with traditional and non-traditional educational partners, thereby broadening its impact and reaching more scholars.

Results College Going Culture

• Uplift Education graduates have been accepted to such top colleges as Boston University, Cornell University, Columbia, Loyola, Morehouse, University of Michigan, NYU, Pepperdine, Purdue, SMU, TCU, Texas A&M, The University of Texas, OU, USC, Vanderbilt, Carnegie Mellon and the U.S. Air Force Academy. • 200 seniors from the class of 2011 achieved 100% college acceptance, earning 1,100 college acceptance letters and $26 million in scholarships and grants, including five National Merit Scholarship finalists, six Dell Scholars and one Gates Millennium Scholar. • Uplift Education’s first urban graduating class, the Peak Preparatory class of 2010, achieved 100% college acceptance, 100% college matriculation, and 100% college persistence through the fall 2011 semester. • 97% of its IB diploma candidates at North Hills Preparatory have received the IB diploma (compared to 80% globally).

Accountability Ratings for 2010-11

Four out of Uplift Education’s five districts received the state’s highest rating of Exemplary for 2011. Statewide, only 4 percent of districts were ranked exemplary.

Uplift Districts

Region 10

(Dallas area)





Region 11

State of Texas



(Ft. Worth area)




50% 2%


54% 5%

Exemplary Recognized Acceptable Unacceptable

Sound Investment

• Uplift Education received the first investment grade rating in the country for a charter school in 2005 and has retained it since. • Since 2000, Uplift Education has issued more than $80MM of tax exempt bonds in the public market, the most recent issuance was in 2010 for $56.8MM. • In 2009 the Commissioner of Education of the State of Texas issued Uplift Education the first “waiver” on restriction to its growth, allowing it to grow without a cumbersome approval process.

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