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Meet Ellie, The Wolf A wolf in Butte County? That’s right, meet Ellie. Ellie was born July 2017. She is a 95% wolf and 5% canine. Prior to joining our foundation, she was illegally owned and kept with 240 other canines. Wild animals DO NOT make good pets and belong in the wild. There are only 7,000 gray wolves living in North America and Ellie is the only reported wolf in Butte County.


On The Brick Wall If you’ve paid a visit to the recently revamped La Salle’s in Downtown Chico, you may have noticed a figure on the wall sneering down at you from behind his oversized shades. Step outside and a striking saturated mural of Honey Run Covered Bridge can’t be missed. The artist behind those expressive strokes is Andy Littlefield. “Just like most little kids, I loved coloring. By the time I got a little older, I was taking art classes every semester. A figure drawing course at Chico State got me really addicted,” he says. With a sketchbook tucked under his arm, and a cold pint at the ready, Andy often finds inspiration at bars and restaurants. He explains, “I try to see what's in front of me. I try to capture a little piece of time. I try to get what’s going on in that moment.” With a deep rooted love for Chico, something brings him back here time and time again. Both of his sons were born at

Enloe Hospital and it’s the place he met his wife. Now living in Sacramento, Andy says he misses riding his bike through downtown and “hitting the rivers.” But change often means the start of something compelling and Andy has found great success in his new city. Now a full time employee at the Office of State Publishing in Downtown Sacramento, he prints everything for the assembly and state capital. With a variety of methods for his exploration of art, a unique combination of materials are used in the process. Figure drawing takes Andy back to basics, with nice creamy paper and charcoal pastels. However, the wood prints you can find at Cafe Coda are all created with upcycled pallets. The materials are cleaned up to ensure a smooth surface,and then the prints are transferred onto that. It’s this technique that gives his work such a raw pure vibe. And that mysterious man hanging on the brick walls of La Salle’s? Raise a glass to Andy himself. It’s a self portrait from his Chico college days. IN CHICO, VIEW ANDY LITTLEFIELD’S WORK AT COAST BOARD SHOP IN THE CHICO MALL, LA SALLE’S, AND CAFE CODA.

Due to her prior living conditions Ellie is imprinted and therefore is unable to be released into the wild. She would not be able to care for herself. Being that she is very shy and needed a loving and caring home, Butte County Fish and Wildlife brought her to us. We are happy to give Ellie the love and care she deserves and have her live with us as an ambassador to her species. As an ambassador, Ellie will help us educate the public on how to help keep wild animals in the wild. To help Ellie settle in to her new home, we have built her enclosure around her specific needs. Her den box was designed to give her a place to hide but allow her to keep an eye on her surroundings. Her enclosure exceeds the state regulations and we are hoping to get her a companion. Come meet Ellie, and our other resident animals, at our 7th annual Spooktacular BBQ on October 20th from 1p.m–4p.m. For more information, visit BARRY R. KIRSHNER WILDLIFE SANCTUARY 4995 Durham-Pentz Road Oroville, CA 95965 530.533.1000


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