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Liverpool songstress Janiece myers teams up with Grime Star Wiley for her first release ‘Underground Love’


The transition from young choir singer to r'n'b diva is usually accredited to those on the other side of the pond in the U.S of A yet singer songwriter Janiece Myers was born of the same story. Okay maybe not the typical church gospel choir but a choir is still a choir none the less, and the One Heart One Voice choir was certainly a starting ground for Liverpool’s "underground" A-list songstress. Choir girl Janiece Myers has the type of sweet voice that money can't buy, you either have it or you don’t and with the raw talent she has been blessed with, Janiece has worked and perfected her craft. When asked how she fell into music, Janiece replied “I’ve always loved music, from a very young age there was always something blaring out the speakers at my house and then as I grew up and realised that I could actually sing , I developed a passion for it. When I was 13, I joined a local choir and everything seemed to blossom from there.” Blossom is a beautiful word and Janiece certainly nurtured her natural

love for music and talent. From an early age Janiece describes her creativity as a child Family “My life was good growing up, I have a massive family which is lovely, I was quite shy as a little girl but I had a crazy wild imagination, I was one of those kids that would just sit and play with my toys for hours and have my own little adventures, I always wanted to be either a singer or a teacher” a desire she acknowledged lyrically on the track ‘do what I do’ on her latest E.P. ‘too low for

“ Working in this industry can be stressful, but they have always been there for help when ive needed it” radio, her mother recognised this too as a child from the ‘twinkle in her eye’. Honing her skills to become the accom-

plished vocalist she has is now known for, Janiece ventured into the world of session singing and musicals before she took control of her own path and picked up the pen. It was then that people really took notice. Myspace was practically dying down when Janiece created her page and uploaded "girl meets boy" a very neo-soul hiphop'esque song reminiscent of early musiq soulchild. And "like a dream" the soft and gentle, image heavy love song that has a tone not far from that of Teedra Moses. Two songs, a couple of pictures, but it was not very long before bookings for gigs were flying at her and people began finding the name Janiece Myers on their tongues. At 21 Janiece released the highly anticipated EP "In my Element”, a free EP of album standards, which perfectly showcased the artist’s talent as a vocalist and an accomplished songwriter. With amazing tracks such as “Rockstar” title track “In My Element” and Janiece’s favourite, “Fallback”. Every artist has a personal favourite among his or her creations. When asked about hers Janiece wasted no time picking.”I love all of the songs but I would have to say ‘Fallback’ because I’m a big fan of harmonies and backing vocals on a good pop tune but this is just a simple track with a beautiful melody and yet it still has popular appeal and a nice message so I would have to pick that one. Another one of my favourites would have to be ‘grateful’, my family and friends have been very supportive of me, so I wrote this song to say thank you to them, working in this industry can be stressful, but they have always been there for help when I've needed it” What is evident about Janiece Myers and what sets her apart from other artists is her ability as a song writer, her creative, heart felt lyrics set her miles ahead of other artists on the music scene at present. Janiece explains how she feels this gives her the edge. “I've always loved creative writing whether it's poetry, songs or stories. I like to use my imagination. Working with the choir and working as a part of a

“I'm very influenced by music of today, I think it gives me an edge when it comes to constructing a song” Motown tribute band gave me that musical ear and a sound way of constructing classic soulful melodies and vocal arrangements but I'm very influenced by music of today, I think it gives me an edge when it comes to constructing a song.” Song writing is were the money is at in this business, artists struggle to make a living on merely selling music alone, without the millions of pounds worth of endorsements that the majority receive many would not have the millions they have today unless they are successful in writing their own material. If all runs smooth this is definitely were this lyrical lady will shine. Wiley In My Element was released Independently and with it came a tour of the EP with a full band. The release was a success and attracted a lot of attention. It wasn't long before urban music mogul and grime founder Wiley scooped her up and made her the first female member of A-List records. This is when sparks began to fly as not before long they collaborated on the urban dub step smash "Underground Love". “Wiley is just great to work with, he loves music so the creativity just flows when you are around him and so under-

“Wiley is just great to work with, he loves music so the creativity just flows when you are around him”

This EP shows definite progression from the last project but is still very much me.” ground love was born.” Things seemed to be moving fast and Janiece’s journey in the music business was starting to really take flight. Just working with Wiley in its self is a major accomplishment and there was soon a rumour mill about record deals being signed, A-List Janiece was quick to clear the air. “Wiley asked if I wanted to join the collective that he had put together and then when I showed him the track I wanted to put out as my 1st release (Underground Love)” said Janiece. “He really liked it and agreed to feature on it, he also asked if I would like to have it as the 1st signing to A-list Music Label. I myself am not signed to A list though just the

single.” Underground love not only found itself on MTV BASE, BBC Radio 1Xtra and iTunes as a purchasable release, but it was also featured on Tim Westwood's compilation album "the Big Dawg is Back" and garnered massive support from DJ’s on the club scene. Too Low For Radio 2010 was an amazing year for Janiece Myers and she is set to top it this time around with a second release “Too Low for Radio”. Another EP that consists of a weighty amount of tracks, further following the synth heavy tone she set with underground love. Featuring guest appearances from Manchester's R.I.O, former label mate KOF and Wrigz, Too Low for Radio is set to smash the scene with a flurry of catchy hooks and addictive melodies. Were “In My Element” was a soft introduction with a lot of chart friendly, safe r’n’b, Too Low for Radio offers a deeper, edgier sound with what seems to be a more close and earnest insight to Janiece’s personality. Too low for radio As the title suggests, it is a step away from mainstream pop this time around,

“I am still very much on the come up as an artist and there are a lot of set backs and disappointments.” and it certainly seems Janiece is experimenting with her freedom. “The EP 'Too Low for Radio' has a clearer direction and in my opinion shows definite progression from the last project but is still very much me.” Explains Janiece, and I couldn’t agree more, fans and new listeners alike will grow to love Too Low For Radio. As it stands Janiece Myers is self-sufficient and self managed. Complete independence. Despite the success of her debut single release, the artist is still humbled and ready for the next release with the same hunger, passion and motivation of the first. “ I am still very much on the come up as an artist and there are a lot of set backs and disappointments” said Janiece, smilingly and self-assured. “It's a hard industry and

definitely not for everyone. You have to have a solid back bone and always remain positive and optimistic about reaching your goals and achieving your dreams.” Launch The launch for the new E.P. ‘Too Low for Radio, will be held on 27th April at Liverpool’s Masque venue on Seel Sreet. With support acts from Liverpool’s own Paislie Reid, Future and Allie Broad, the night looks set to be one not to be missed. It the new EP is anything to go by, combined with the glow of confidence and positivity we have witnessed in our short meeting. The future is brighter than orange could ever imagine for Janiece Myers. Mark these words. In the words of Janiece Myers herself, “If you aim for the moon you can only end up in the stars, Peace and Love” You can find out more about Janiece at and follwer her on twitter at Alternatively download her two E.P’S ‘In my Element’ and ‘Too low for radio’ from

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