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letter from the editor

Dear Readers, I am one of Facebook’s 500 million users, Twitter’s 105 million, and one of 281 million people who have seen Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video on YouTube. I check social media sites multiple times a day -- while doing homework, on my Blackberry, before I go to bed, and luckily I’m not alone. The impact of technology on our lives is undeniable. We have cell phones, lap tops, iPads, and Kindles, gadgets and gizmos with which to text and tweet, Facebook stalk and status update. Like Up writer Rachel Sacks, who wrote Technology Detox (page 50), I gave up social media websites as part of research for a paper. I kept a journal of my daily social media intake, and found that my days resembled a social media epicurean’s schedule that left me bloated from updates, overstuffed by notifications, and full from messages. My week-long social media diet was painful - I was hungry all the time for Facebook and Twitter, and I missed talking to high school friends and knowing what was happening in other people’s worlds. But I also talked on the phone more, procrastinated less, and found fresh, interesting blogs to follow, like those featured in “Blog Loving” (page 56) and in our web directory on page 62. You might not need a social media diet, like I did, or any kind of Internet detox at all, but I’m almost positive the wonderful world wide web affects your everyday life -- which is exactly what we wanted to explore with this issue of Up. Love,

Lauren Kelly Editorial Office 356 Shriver Center Oxford, OH 45056 Circulation 2,000 copies Contact upfashionmagazine@gmail.com www.upfashionmagazine.com Printer: The Merten Co.

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Paint your own pottery! Simple and fun


walk-ins always welcome, or feel free

to make a reservation at 513-532 -2734

or email at yourefiredoxford@aol.com

6 North Beech St. Oxford, OH 4505

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Current Upsessions To shop, visit at http://www.gretchy.com

Ever get sick of spending too much money on your uptown attire? Can never find any bargain deals on those cute dresses you just have to have? If you replied yes to these questions then I have a secret for you:

photography and styled by layne averill

Gretchy is a new dress-trading website launched in September 2010 by two sisters, Britt and Gretchen Hackmann. Gretchy buys contemporary dresses from you or other outside agencies, and then sells them for 50 to 75 percent off. You can see all your purchases in your wardrobe, and if you get sick of anything, you can trade it back in to Gretchy for cash. They will also buy dresses you’ve purchased from posh boutiques or department stores, leaving you with some cash for your next Gretchy dress.

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Take it easy Simple hair styles for any occassion

12 winter

photography by paige doscher

hair styled by caroline belger and paige doscher assisted by melanie allen at vista bella salon

Captions Captions Captions Captions captions captions captions Captions Captions Captions Captions captions captions captions Captions Captions Captions Captions captions captions captions

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Special thanks to: Vista Bella Salon 28 Liberty Ave. College Corner, IN winter 15


Miami’s Fashion Magazine

Your resource for current fashion, music, and culture, plus all past issues of Up. Spend 2 weeks of Winter Break exploring

Southeast Asia Vietnam Cambodia Hong Kong

16 winter

- Study The Business and Cultural Environment of Emerging Asian Powerhouses (4 credit hours) including company visits and guest speakers. - Visit famous temples, the thriving cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hong Kong, local villages, and ancient cultures. - Spend New Years Eve in Cambodia! - Open to all majors. - Check it out! www.fsb.muohio. edu/international - Apply Online!

Contact: Dr. Sooun Lee OR Kim Suellau 1022 FSB Office: (513) 529- 2715 Student lees@muohio.edu Services



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Drink like a gentleman written by john karalis

photography by ben philabaum

Scenario: your girlfriend’s parents are in town. Now, as much as you’d like to enter them into your buddies’ case race, you use your better judgment to take them to a more controlled environment. Dinner and drinks uptown? Much better idea. And, although Natty Light and kamikaze shots come to mind at the first mention of alcohol, you know somewhere deep down that there’s a class of alcoholic beverages of which you, as a young man, have yet to scratch the surface. But -- lucky for you -- you have me, John Karalis, certified epicure and all around gentleman here to help you. Step one: Choose a bar or restaurant. In the process, take note of the image the establishment is projecting. Are the bartenders professional? Are cocktails being served in their proper bar glasses (high ball, low ball, martini glass, etc.)? What is the layout like, and how is the seating? Unless your guests are particularly into pre-mixed rum and coke, your best Oxford bet in this search is Steinkeller’s and Three Trees. Step two: You’re doing this to make an impression, so it’s important to drink like you have dignity. Have your order down

18 winter

pat before you even walk up to the bar, and know how you’re going to ask for your drink. This will portray a sense of confidence and maturity, even though your buddies know

you’re not. A gentleman’s order should be simple, followed by a few firm qualifiers. i.e. “I’ll have a scotch and soda/neat/on the rocks”. (And please, never order anything with ‘a twist’). Step three: Selecting your drink can be difficult, as there is a multitude of choices available. In the end, though, it’s the basics that you want to stick to. If it helps, ask yourself: “What

would Don Draper do?” A gin and tonic or any whiskey variation are always a classy way to go, especially if you find yourself in the right company and feel like showing off your drinking knowledge. Don’t be bashful about ordering a gin martini, an Old Fashioned (a bourbon drink), or even a Manhattan (a classy whiskey beverage). This isn’t a bachelorette party; leave the cosmopolitans to your lady friend. Step 4: Finally, we are brought to a difficult subject for aspiring gentleman: ungentlemanly conduct. A true gentleman never gets sick from drinking, but in the event that you do find yourself feeling ill you should do everything in your power to conceal this fact. Politely excuse yourself to the rest room, let the inevitable take hold, clean up and return acting as if nothing happened. Also, don’t slouch in your chair, avoid cursing, and stand when you’re approached. So there you go, Gentleman Class of 2011, all that you need to leave a favorable impression and leave your tasteless ways behind. Be safe, but not too safe. And remember, when in doubt, order another stiff one.

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The e r u Will Be Fut written by zachary m. workman

For college students and those of comparable ages, the word “mashup” will nine times out of ten ring synonymous with music. Whether it’s Gregg Gillis’s smooth splicing of Notorious B.I.G’s “Juicy” on top of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” or the Hood Internet’s dorm room-produced mix tapes, one is immediately drawn to the thought of wearing neon while getting down with some sweet honey. While such associations to the word mashup are valid, for the fashionable men of Miami University’s campus, you will soon be hearing less and seeing more.

footwear is a notable departure from their arguably high fashion, innovative designs. The shoes stay true to Timberland’s roots while also injecting swagger and detail. Gone are the days of a mere nubuck exterior; with leather and suede both utilized in healthy doses, one can opt for a seemingly classic lace-up in leather or nab a pair of chukka-inspired boots. The six styles from the first release are far from the “Timbs” that Ali pays homage to in Nelly’s “Air Force Ones,” but they’ll deliver the same amount of pep in your step when you slip them on your feet.

Recently, well-revered names in the world of men’s clothing have undergone massive changes. Old school names have collaborated with a new class of designers in order to deliver fresh products to our generation.

The previous collaborations are unexpected, but the one-two-punch thrown by French masters of fitted denim and hipster nonchalance A.P.C. and renowned American workwear brand Carhartt. Though the juxtaposition of the brands is curious, the ensuing line is one that relates directly to the Miami male. Let’s face it, gentlemen: for the most part, we are focused on function over form. Oftentimes, we concern ourselves merely with what can deliver in lieu of what looks good; whether this is due to being self-conscious or simply not caring, this genius collaboration allows us to live both luxuries at once. The designs here are what most of us strive for — simple, versatile, and, while they encompass the aforementioned standards by which so many of us live, they are nonetheless updated and current. The work jackets and pants featured simultaneously exude a classic outdoor attitude of durability while also being proportional, allowing them to be dressed up or down with any number of items. The star of the show is the line’s denim shirt, a piece that can be paired with a pair of chinos or dressed up with a grey blazer.

For the preppy crowd, one of the brands in the midst of a demographic shift is J. Press. Founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1902, J. Press, much like Brooks Brothers, has long been criticized for catering only to the older, stuffier generations. Recently, however, the brand announced the launch of a new line to be sold through Urban Outfitters. Boasting prep standards, the collection encompasses everything from your standard collegiate repp ties to trim khakis to oxford cloth button downs. While understated, the line features an absolute gem in the release of a blackwatch tartan golf jacket. Men of Miami, I will say it but once: ditch the North Face. Move forward from the fleece masses into unchartered territory and be noticed, especially by the ladies. The tartan is a perfect segue from winter to spring, the perfect point between wool and seersucker. Although the preppy scene is prevalent here in Oxford, one may prefer to spin more Wu-Tang Clan than Weezer. For those more oriented with urban style, Timberland has collaborated with New York-based up-and-coming outfitters Rag & Bone. Their step into

20 winter

The late great designer Yves Saint Laurent once remarked that “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” The previous collaborations are new takes on classic pieces -- they permit evolution while remaining grounded.




From upper left: Photos courtesy of The Trad, http://thetrad.blogspot.com; HypeBeast, http:// hypebeast.com. Ties, J. Press; Hats, APC x Carhartt; Jacket, Urban Outfitters; Jackets, APC x Carhartt; Coat and tie, Urban Outfitters, J.Press; Shoes, Rag & Bone by Timberland Boot Company

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What your facebook profile


At first glance:

ave you ever thought of your Facebook profile picture as more than just a picture? How many times have you glanced through the pictures of your facebook “friends” whom you haven’t talked to in years? What most of us don’t realize is that all of our facebook friends, and potentially many others, have easy access to these profile pictures. Before putting up that Saturday night blackout picture, or lingerie mirror cell phone picture, think about how many people will see this picture and most likely show all of their friends.

Classy girl enjoying an ice-cold beverage. Not only is your face covered by a Natural Light can, your birthday, showing your true age, is directly under your profile picture.

What you’re really saying:

“At the age of 19, my skill of chugging beer has far surpassed my looks”

Here are a few facebook profile pictures, along with what other people see when you post your picture.

At first glance: Someone REALLY likes their dog.

At first glance:

Either the cover of the next Girls Gone Wild video or casting for the next Jersey Shore.

What you’re really saying: “Invite me to your next party. Chances are I will be the girl that runs the naked lap by choice.”

22 winter

What you’re really saying: “Chances of a one-on-one date with me are slim. My ideal night is you, me, The Notebook, a bottle of wine, and Mr. Paws.”

picture says about you

written by adam stiwald

At first glance: Wait… she’s pregnant? And he’s the dad? There’s no better way to announce your pregnancy to your former high school friends than on facebook.

What you’re really saying: “Privacy? What’s that? Many more pictures to come.”

At first glance:

At first glance: Random guy at a party holding a drink he seems to have spilled on himself. Upon looking at the name next to the picture you see that it is none other than Lance Moore, professional football player for the New Orleans Saints.

What you’re really saying: “Check out how drunk this girl is! I’m calling up Roethlisberger!”

Looks like Dave got a new car. Wait, no that’s the Ford Mustang he had in high school.

What you’re really saying: “My personality is skin deep. Look how cool my car is! My role model? I’m glad you asked. It’s Shia Labeouf’s character in Transformers.”


lways think about the numerous people that will see your pictures (and anything else) you post on facebook. Chances are good that your professor, future father or mother-inlaw, or boss will see these pictures, so put away the beer bongs, bras, panties, and for everyone’s sake—the bathroom mirror cell phone picture.

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fashion photos design

miami relationships laugh shoes



dress music technology color


section winter 25

photography by kelci house styled by meredith fossett and kaitlyn rowsey

Has time run away, or is it still popular to meet in the stacks?

Polka Dot Dress, Anthropology, $146.97; Lace Dress, stylist owned.

26 winter

Gold dress, H&M; Black pleather leggings, H&M, $14.99; Coral lace top, H&M, $ 14.99; White button down shirt, H&M, $19.99; Mesh biker gloves, Claires, $2.00

winter 27

28 winter

winter 29


think thru FASHION The blog that will make you love your wardrobe again

It’s Friday night and once again you have nothing to wear. But did you know that with some creative mixing and matching, your existing closet can be your new favorite place to shop? Whether you’re a self-proclaimed fashionista or a recessionista wanting to spice up your closet without splurging, Sydne Summer’s fashion blog ThinkThruFashion. com has a solution for you. As the Style Network’s Fashion Expert and the editor of mystyle.com, Summer has a knack for taking trends from the runway to the street just by shopping in her own wardrobe. Every month, Summer chooses six fashion staples from her wardrobe and wears at least one of them every day. At the end of the month, she shows readers how to wear each staple at least six different ways for a total of 36 looks. “At the beginning of the month, I think about what the current trends are and play dress up in my closet for hours to come up with the staples,” Summer says. “For example, I’ll wear a necklace as a belt or as a bracelet. This past month, I wore a camel sweater dress from Bebe for three days in a row and no one even knew!” But even if you don’t feel like

30 winter

written by allison mitchell photos courtesy of sydne summer

splurging on pieces like Summer’s Bebe sweater dress ($89), she emphasizes that you can make cheaper pieces from store like Forever 21 and H&M look expensive if you just pay attention to the fabric. “Material is most important. At Forever 21, you can’t go wrong with jersey. It doesn’t matter if it’s ten or fifty dollars, it’s still the same fabric,” she says. “I stay away from items with a lot of elastic and never order from cheaper stores online unless I’ve seen the item in person. And remember, always, always, always remove those clear hanger straps!” To add staples to your own closet, Summer believes every girl should have a special LBD and a unique pair of heels to help you strut your stuff. “I have a pair of Moschino heels that have a ladybug on them, and I always feel really happy and fun when I wear them because I know no one else will have them,” she says. One of this winter’s biggest trends is the wide leg pant. Summer insists any body type can pull it off, as long as you adhere to a few simple rule.

“Always wear heels with a wide leg pant,” Summer insists. “They look ridiculous if they’re too long or too short. For curvier girls, a long cardigan adds a slimming effect, I like tucking tops in with the pants, but if you want to keep your shirt out, make sure it doesn’t fall past the hip area. You want your legs to look miles long.” Wide leg pants are great for a chic and casual day or a luxe nighttime look. Summer pairs Hudson wide leg jeans with everything from fresh floral tops to roaring leopard-print sweaters to vests and scarves that play up the 70s vibe. For a more sophisticated style, Summer goes monochromatic in cream wide leg pants, layered satin shirts cinched at the waist to keep her looking long and lean. Or, to get your Blair Waldorf on at the office, black wide leg trousers plus pointed-toe pumps and a white ruffle blouse make for a classic option. For more inspiration on how to make the most of what’s in your closet visit Sydne’s blog ThinkThruFashion.com or head over to mystyle.com to check out her latest coverage on what’s going on in the world of celebrity fashion.

Wide Leg



winter 31

Texting Etiquette


Everyone’s doing it. Texting that is. And if you’re not, consider yourself liberated from this technologically toxic/convenient habit. written by olivia krawczyk

Scenario 1: Buzz. You’re popular. You got a text. Congrats. Although you and your friend are in the midst of a deep chat, you decide to check your phone anyway. Pause.

Warning: your “let’s meet up later tonight” buddy will take this personally, and overreact, and ask all their friends if you’re mad at them, and read your text over and over again just to make sure you didn’t say anything else. So save yourself the drama and save them from a minor heart attack and respond with “sounds good” or “okay!” Or anything that has a promising punctuation mark or is more than one letter/word.

32 winter

Although you may think your friend is absolutely convinced you’re truly listening to them as you are punching away rigorously on your cell phone directly in their face while eliminating all eye contact and chuckling to yourself, they’re not. I promise your “haha that’s funny” text will reach its proper recipient in due time, no worries. Be there for your friend. Put. The. Phone. Down. Turn. The. Sound. Off. And if you can do it, and only if you’re strong enough, Do. Not. Respond…Yet.

Scenario 2: Buzz. You receive another text. It’s your “friend-ish thing” asking you if you want to hang out later. You began to type out the infamous letter “k” and are inching towards the send button. Pause.

No. Believe it or not, you’ve had better ideas. For the sake of you and your dignity, back away from the keyboard. Your text may be a little hazy in your memory, but your outbox won’t let you forget your unnecessary confessions and you’ll spend a few weeks shedding this super awkward technology oops.

Scenario 3: You’ve had a few drinks. No. You’ve had many drinks. You’re with your friends you’re having a great time and suddenly it dawns on you. “I should text my ex and/or potential fling and tell them exactly how I feel in the most incoherent manner possible” Pause.

Scenario 4: The movie theater. You’re in the middle of a texting conversation as you approach Theater 4 and take your seat. The lights begin to dim and pretty soon everything is pitch black, with the exception of the white glowing square floating in aisle 8. It’s you. Pause.

Fun fact of the day: Breaking up over text, is never okay. Is it easier? Sure. Is it faster? Possibly. Does it get the job done? Unfortunately yes. Does it make you look like jerk? Absolutely. Breaking up over text is just as morally illegal as kicking a puppy. You just don’t do it. To end something so incredibly personal and meaningful in such an impersonal and meaningless manner is a low blow. If you want to end things, that’s perfectly fine! But do it right, be classy and leave the paragraphed text messages out of it.

You’d think the only giant glowing square people would notice is the one displaying their favorite half clothed actor, but believe it or not, the miniature glowing square that sporatically lights up every minute and fifteen seconds with a new message is what catches their eye, and they don’t like it. Take some time for yourself. Check out for a while, save yourself from making 64 new enemies and put the phone away. Besides, how popular will you feel if you have messages eagerly waiting when you do in fact check your phone at the end of the show?

Scenario 5: You’re done. You’re over it. Your friends just got you riled up about how your significant other is not significant at all. You reach for your phone. It’s time you end this for real. Nothing says “I really respect you” like a break up text. Right? Pause.

There you have it ladies and gents, five quick but common scenarios to improve your texting etiquette. The texting world is a dangerous place but with a little respect and just a little more class, we’ll all be just fine. winter 33

Factory Girl

Doctor Bags to Fashion Handbags written by coco mcnatt photography by callie andrews

The story behind Cincinnati’s own celebrity purse company What used to be your basic doctor bag production company is now exploring the more fashionable side of the industry. I ventured down to check out the Professional Case, Inc. factory in Cincinnati and get the inside scoop from the owners. In 1974, when Thomas Brown founded Professional Case, he had no idea that an accident would come to be the company it is today. It all started when Brown owned a packaging company in downtown Cincinnati. One day, out of nowhere, the general manager of the building Brown worked in approached him about starting to produce doctor bags. He agreed, learned the technique and it all began. Once Brown retired 25 years ago, he sold the company to his daughter, Erin, and his son-inlaw, Paul Biel. Paul has a strong background in design, while Erin handles the marketing side of the company. Professional Case is the only factory left in the United States that makes doctor bags and medical cases. In 2007, Lucky Magazine ran an ad about unique quality of the products. This is also about the time when the company started to look into making the doctor style bag “handbag” friendly. Erin started receiving phone calls aboutwomen interested in designing the bags with fun leather. The company split into two websites, one for the traditional doctor bags and one for handbags. Designs by Paolo is the handbag division of the company.

34 winter

company contacted Erin about doing a backstage celebrity lounge for tennis champ Andre Agassi’s Grand Slam for Children Fundraiser in New York. There were only 15 specialized vendors asked to attend this event, and although it cost Erin and Paul around $50,000 to attend, they felt it was a great chance to get their name out there. Erin says they were fortunate enough to have A-list people come through.

Interested buyers can custom make their own doctor style bag. Every handbag customized through Designs by Paolo is crafted in the factory located in Cincinnati. On a typical day only four to five people work in the factory to make the bags. When the company hits its seasonal peak around holidays and medical school graduation, there are eight to ten employees. Not only does Paul design every bag, he is involved hands-on in the production of every single bag made. Every bag is entirely Americanmade. Erin orders hides of leather from different companies in the United States, and they are shipped directly to the factory and made into bags. “It’s hard for people to believe these products are American made and the skills come from scratch,” Erin says. After Designs by Paolo was listed in Lucky Magazine, a

“We had people like Paris Hilton, Emily Procter, Tia Carrera, Carlos Santana, Goo Goo Dolls, Rob Thomas and Julianna Hough,” Erin says. The company had to be prepared to give away 100 leather handbags to the rich and famous for free. Despite the cost, Erin said this has been a highlight of her years in this business.

Although Erin says third generation businesses have a low survival rate, she is hopeful and positive about the future of their young and thriving company. Paul and Erin like being a boutique item, and they don’t plan to become the next big thing. “Success-wise, someone higher up will probably buy us out later down the road, but we still have another good 20 years to run this place,” said Erin. “As for now we’d like to see the company continue to grow and for people to say ‘I just have to have one’.” Each bag is individually crafted and is available in a number of colors combinations and types of leather. If you’re interested in custom making your own doctorstyle handbag you can visit their website at www.designsbypaolo. com.

“Just getting to meet and spend time with the celebrities was awesome,” Erin says. “Something like this doesn’t get a designer instantly known, but it does put our products in the hands of people in the public eye.” Even after the addition of the decorative handbags, Erin says the traditional doctor bags are still the dominant item requested. “We have had more requests for doctor bags because of more home visiting doctors,” said Erin. “Most people don’t know that now you can pay a doctor to be at their beck and call 24/7 and just pay them annually.”

winter 35

four square

written by lauren pax illustration by caitlin wilson

8:00 a.m. Allison W. wakes up in her off-campus house. As she is brushing her teeth, she suddenly remembers: she needs to check in on Foursquare. Yes. She needs to let the world know she is at her house at 8 a.m. Why? Well, beating her other housemates by obtaining mayorship is what this new social networking site is all about. It’s more than just a tweet or a Facebook status update stating your whereabouts or your mood – it’s a game. Foursquare, which was launched in 2009, gives you the ability to know where your friends are by seeing where they have “checked in” at various locations. If you didn’t already need more motivation to go out, now you too can compete to be the mayor of your favorite uptown bar by checking in the most times. The more times you check in at any location, the more badges you earn, and if you check in the most times in a particular location, you can become the mayor. Alison W. looks back on the month she’s had. She’s been quite successful. She’s gotten the “Don’t Stop Believing” badge by going to Brick Street Bar’s Monday night Karaoke three times in one month. She earned the “Bender” for checking in to Sushi Nara four times in a row (Sorry Visa bill!) and received the “BFF” badge thanks to her other Foursquare addicted friend, Brooke M. 8:45 a.m. Allison W. checks in at Starbucks. She earns her 36 winter

“Barista” badge by checking in there for the fifth time…this week. Foursquare can be used like any other social network to keep up with friends, but it’s more interactive because you’re constantly competing to earn badges, which range from “Newbie” to “Super Star,” depending on where you check in and how often. There are hundreds of badges that Foursquare users can earn, making the game all the more fun. One of the newest badges is the “Hangover” badge. In order to get the badge, users must check in to a bar after 2 a.m. and then into an office or class before 9 a.m. the next morning. 9:00 a.m. Allison W. arrives at Farmer School of Business. Check in. 11:45 a.m. Allison W. checks in at Bell Tower where she is grabbing lunch with friends. Danny Sauter is Miami University’s Campus Representative for Foursquare. This summer, Four-

square was looking for representatives to help bring Foursquare to college campuses, so Sauter took the opportunity to integrate this new social network. And it’s slowly catching on. Foursquare is adding over 100,000 users each week, with a total of about 5.5 million users currently. Sauter says there are approximately 500 different active users on campus, which is a huge growth from the approximate 20 in August. Senior Lindsay O’Hara started using Foursquare this past summer, and says she has noticed how much it has grown at Miami. “Now every time I log in, there’s someone new requesting me,” she said. Other college campuses, including Syracuse University, have already begun using Foursquare as a way of connecting with students by giving out freebies for people who check in at campus or athletic events. “Once more people use the service and the administration realizes the power of it, the possibilities are endless with how Foursquare can interact in a college environment,” Sauter says. Miami’s next step is joining the thirty-some schools in the nationwide program Foursquare for Universities. Sauter is currently working with Miami University Director of Communications Dion Tron to make it happen this spring. Sauter says he hopes this will connect the current students with alumnus with prospective students. “We’ve got a couple ideas in the works for Miami specifically. The Green Beer Day Badge, for example,” Sauter says. Katie Ginley, a senior Marketing major at Miami, uses Foursquare. “A few of my friends had it and said it was fun,” says Ginley. “We just treat it like a game, almost like a joke.” A joke? Maybe. But this contagious joke is turning in to a serious twist on social networking. “It is one of those things that

seems a bit silly until you actually use it. Then, people are hooked,” Sauter says. When Foursquare was first starting at Miami, the Farmer School wasn’t even a check-in point. Then Ginley added it and had no problem becoming the mayor. Now it’s been taken away, and she’s hoping to regain the title. 3: 00 p.m. Alison W. heads to the Rec. She has to maintain her “Gym Rat” badge. Work it. 4:15 p.m. She checks in at her house uptown. 5:00 p.m. Allison W. checks in at King Library. 5:05 p.m. She sees that her friend Greg R. checked in at the library just a half hour before. She texts him and suggests they meet for coffee in the cafe. Many local Oxford merchants, such as 45 East, Brick Street, Stella, and Sushi Nara, have taken advantage of Foursquare. Their pages name the location’s mayor and other visitors have left tips. O’Hara says she thinks Foursquare has the potential to help new students learn the ins and outs of Oxford by finding out where the best places to go are and what different locations have to offer without having to step foot in. All you need are your friends on Foursquare to give you “tips.”

incentive to stop in. According to Sauter, Starbucks saw a 50 percent increase in check-ins when it offered a special with Foursquare. 7:30 p.m. Alison W. leaves the library and heads uptown to Kona Bistro for dinner with her big and little in her sorority. On her way, she checks Kona’s Foursquare page and sees a tip from Matt. S, recommending the artichoke dip. 11:30 p.m. Allison W. checks in at her friend’s house and grabs a beer. Since Foursquare is a competitive social media site, one way to beat your friends is by having your house be the place where everyone is. “Trending,” as it’s known in Foursquare, means many people have checked into one location at the same time. “I think [Foursquare] will grow especially within groups of friends,” Ginley explains. “My friend made her house a check in point, and to keep up with the ‘trending’ she’ll invite people over all the time.” But not to worry, if you don’t want the world to know where you’re at all the time, there are privacy settings like those on Facebook and Twitter, so your weekend (and weeknight) appearances at The Woods can be your little secret. “You don’t have to check in unless you want to,” says Sauter. “Users also have security controls and are in command of deciding who can see their check-ins.”

“Tips” are notes about locations that Foursquare users can write to tell people what they think about them. By using “tips” about a location, Foursquare users can see what other visitors have said about it. This helps people to know about a restaurant, bar, or store before they even enter.

1:00 a.m. Allison W. checks in at Top Deck. She receives a text from her mom. “Young lady, out again? What is this “Crunked” badge?!”

“It’s like using that same idea except it [tells you] what bars are good, what’s good on the menu,” said O’Hara. “Leaving tips in places would be beneficial for incoming freshmen.”

3:30 a.m. Allison W. is finally home. It’s been a long night, but she checks in at her house, earning her the “School Night” badge since it’s after 3 in the morning on a Wednesday. Check mate.

Besides tips about locations, businesses nationwide have offered coupons, discounts, and free drinks through Foursquare to boost people’s awareness as well as the

1:05 a.m. Allison W. decides to up her privacy settings in two ways: delete mom from Foursquare and never add her to another social network again…ever.

winter 37

r e t n i W

a n S

s t o h ps

38 winter


ro arah and s on n a ewm n pauls e der n exan and laur l a y b m y o h o p l bl gra photo by michae d le y t s

ddie arf, E 0; 0; Sc 5 , $18 Bauer, $ w e r die J. C cket, d Hat, Ed ja e ckere vy blu 0; Na rew; Che d, $4 Bran ’s hat, J. C y k c u en hat, L ed m White $40; Strip list’s own ty r, Baue ing else s th Every

winter 39

Green tie, Ben Sherm shirt, J. an; C else styl rew; Gray and Gray half-zip, J. ist’s ow red swe n ater, Ex Crew; Button press, d $90; Eve own rything

40 winter

a word about

COATS Gentlemen: Though the worst of winter may have passed, chilly days are still on the way. As temperatures drop, one needs to bundle up. For a winter jacket, look to pick up one of two wool classics: the peacoat or the toggle. The former can be found on the cheap at your local Army/ Navy Surplus. Buy in navy and go down a size for a snug fit, letting it end no lower than mid-thigh. The toggle is a collegiate classic and is elegant yet effortless, with affordable men’s options this season from L.L. Bean. Sperry Top-Siders are an Oxford classic, but unless you are moving your talents to South Beach, retire them until March. Procure a pair of L.L. Bean’s famous “Bean Boots” for the snow. If they can keep residents of Maine warm, they will suffice for you, too.

Ladies: Ladies, the options are endless; from parkas to peacoats, you can wear it all. For a down jacket, look to North Face and Columbia. For peacoats, leave navy to the guys and purchase a peacoat in a different shade, such as grey or even a bright color. Uggs are a part of the Miami girl’s wardrobe. On warmer, dry days, abandon the cozy insulation in favor of a nice pair of leather boots. They may be slightly more expensive, but with good care, they will last you more than a few seasons. -- Z.W.

winter 41

> Going the >>> Distance

written by jen heuerman photography by callie andrews


With a little help from technology, your sweetheart doesn’t seem so far away

42 winter

A phone beeps, and Miami University sophomore Sarah Stimpert leaps across the room to grab it. She swiftly slides the keypad and pauses. A smile flashes across her face as she plays the keyboard’s sweet melody of clicking buttons. Her boyfriend of over six years is finally done with his workout, and he’s just sent her a message reminding her how much he loves her. It’s just another day for Stimpert and her boyfriend, Dean Zettler, who rely on technology to keep their relationship alive. Zettler, a second year at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, is only allowed a limited amount of vacations and visitors throughout the year, making communication a key tool in their relationship. “It can definitely be hard,” Stimpert says. “But we’re both following our dreams, and right now in our lives, that is the most important thing.” Stimpert and Zettler communicate everyday through technology. Stimpert claims she sends somewhere near 100 texts and makes four to five phone calls daily. Each and every time the two talk is special, and without the progression of technology, Stimpert is sure their relationship would not be as strong. Living hours apart would be difficult for any relationship, but with Zettler at the Naval Academy, the rose is even thornier. Rules and regulations keep Stimpert from even spending time on his campus. When she visits, she must stay in a hotel room, and only if she’s lucky can Zettler stay with her. A Zettler visit to Miami is even more of a rarity, since second-years are only allowed emergency visits home in addi-

tion to holiday vacations. “It’s really exciting when I know I get to see him soon,” Stimpert says happily. “I really wanted to come and surprise him for our six year anniversary, but that would simply be out of the question. There are way too many details, and if he wants any time off he has to let his commanders know a week or two in advance.” Stimpert and Zettler rely on free video chat software called ooVoo to connect during the long months away. Regulations at the Naval Academy stipulate that students are not allowed to use any other face-to-face application, such as Skype, due to what are referred to as “safe connection protocols.” “We’re very lucky we live in the time that we do,” Stimpert says. “Without these types of technology, I wouldn’t hear from him for days, or weeks, which would make the months apart even longer. I am so grateful for ooVoo. Seeing his face is always so much better than just hearing his voice. For example, he had to get braces and I got to see them on him the day he got them as if we were together. That would have never happened ten years ago.” Stimpert and Zettler are not alone in the technologically advanced age of long distance romance. Roughly one in four of the 17 million college students consider themselves in a long distance relationship, according to Dr. Greg Gulder, author of Long Distance Relationships, The Complete Guide. Miami junior Elise Sexton’s cousin Patricia Sexton finally just won her long distance battle

with a marriage to Jesse Phillips. Before their extravagant wedding in New York City, however, the two lived continents apart and had to rely on Skype to even have a date. “They met at a soccer match in Asia. She was from New York and he was from New Zealand. They knew from the start that it was going to be difficult,” Elise recalls. However, Phillips was creative and found all sorts of ways to woo over Patricia. “He would set up Skype dates, where he would wear a suit and light candles in the background, and then they would drink wine and talk. Also, one time he sent her a spreadsheet via email to try and flirt with her,” Elise remembers. It’s hard to say if technology will help long-distance relationships actually go the distance, but it is obvious that cell phones, text messaging, and video chat are helping couples feel a little less far apart.


winter 43


Social media puts fashion in your living room

written by bridget vis photography by callie andrews

Imagine Fashion Week 2001: The season’s hottest trends are making their way down the runway, but only elite fashion designers, editors, and celebrities are watching live. Every other fashion enthusiast is at home, anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s print edition of Women’s Wear Daily to see that fringe and cowboy boots will be fall’s must-have items. Fast-forward nine years. The wait is over. During Fashion Week 2010, online viewers were able to witness the fur and velvet trends as they emerged from behind the curtain. Thanks to social media sites that live-streamed the shows, these at-home viewers now had front-row seats to fashion’s most exclusive events. “What’s the hottest trend in fashion right now? Social media of course,” retail industry expert and fashion writer Hitha Prabhakar wrote in her article “How the Fashion Industry is Embracing Social Media” for Mashable.com. Social media, such as facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, has changed the traditional relationship between brands and their fans -- and it’s been an enormous success, according to “5 Ways Social Media Changed Fashion in 2009” on Mashable.com. By utilizing social media sites like Twitter, the average person can now be the labels’ top critic, newest designer, hottest model, or most influential commentator. They can also join the insider’s circle by enjoying exclusive tips on how to dress and where the latest sales are.

44 winter

Heiress, jewelry designer, and business-tycoon Ivanka Trump explained via her interview on Elle.com’s Accessories blog that she is constantly connected with her fans and potential consumers through her Facebook page and 750,000-plus followers on Twitter. The fans can “like” or rate her jewelry pieces. “I believe that social media builds a family around a brand that no other medium quite captures yet,” Trump said during the interview. Along with skyrocketing designers to success, criticism on social media sites is also keeping the fashion industry in check. Following the announcement of Gap’s new logo, for example, the brand experienced such a negative outcry on social media sites that it actually decided to forgo its proposed logo and stick with its familiar blue box. Social media has also revolutionized brands’ marketing potential with the introduction of user-generated content such as comments, videos, or photos. Now, customers can do their advertising for them, which both helps brands’ penetration into their consumer’s lives and creates loyal fans out of mere site surfers. On Charlotte Russe’s facebook fan page, the company gives “style assignments” to fans each week who post photos of themselves decked out in the brand’s clothing on its wall. Charlotte Russe also runs a contest allowing fans to submit t-shirt designs.

Winning designs go up for sale on the company’s website. Other brands are taking Charlotte Russe’s ideas to the next level by working through sites like the fashionable e-commerce genius Polyvore to sponsor contests where fans can create their own lines for the company.

social media sites grow, the possibilities for collaboration between fashion and the online world are endless. “Social media and the fashion industry will continue to combine like never before,” Fialkow says. “They are both connected and neither one is slowing down.”

Social media’s opportunities don’t end there. For those who dream of one day breaking into the fashion industry, social media has provided the outlet to reach the ears of those elusive designers -- blogs. Olivia Fialkow is one of the many young fashion bloggers taking the industry by storm. Her blog NatureGraffiti draws thousands of visitors each day from all over the world. She says her blog’s success is quite lucky. “The fashion industry has completely embraced blogging,” exclaims 18-year-old fashion blogger Olivia Fialkow. “At New York Fashion Week computers are now set up in the front row for bloggers to blog and tweet from shows, in a place where [magazine] editors used to be.” Instead of only a few elite magazines providing feedback on the industry, blogging has brought new voices to the industry. This not only means more commentary on trends, but allows for the discovery of new designers and behind-the-scenes coverage, since even designers can blog about bringing their lines to the runway. And since the competition between bloggers to be the first to report a story is fierce, the overall quality of fashion’s online coverage has improved. As the numbers of bloggers and

winter 45

REWIND written by allison mitchell photography by callie andrews

For most students, music has often been the soundtrack to every exciting and exhilarating moment throughout the college years. Going to parties? Music. Hitting the bars? Music. Tailgating? Music. But once upon a time, it wasn’t so easy to hit play on your iTunes or Pandora playlist for a quick fix. Remember those ancient items like cassettes and CDs? Shelling out $13 for that hit single forced you to sit through the other ten or eleven lame songs you didn’t even want to pay for – no thank you! But with the dawn of the Internet age and some clever music lovers like Napster creator Shawn Fanning and Pandora founder Tim Westergren, music is yours with just the click of a button. Back in 1999, Northeastern University student Shawn Fanning created Napster, the infamous online peer-to-peer file sharing service that launched more lawsuits within the music industry than ever before. Shut down in 2001, musicians such as Metallica, Madonna, and Dr. Dre were unhappy with Napster for releasing songs for free before their release dates. This caused an uproar about intellectual property, and copyright violations quickly spread throughout the media -- and arguably changed the industry forever. For example, when Radiohead’s Kid A album made its way online, the leak boosted sales so much that the band went straight to number one on the Billboard

46 winter

The internet and just how far we’ve come.

200. The success suggested that Napster’s sharing capabilities could benefit rather than harm the music industry. Even so, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) hit Napster hard with copyright violations, causing the service to file bankruptcy and close its doors. While Napster didn’t please everyone in the industry, it forever revolutionized the public’s interaction with music. Napster Media Representative Jennifer Wilbur believes Fanning created Napster with the consumer in mind. “He nailed it in respect to the user experience. It had never been easier to discover and acquire new music. Ten years later, the industry is still playing catchup,” says Wilbur. “Napster was about putting all of the control and power into the consumer’s hands so they could easily find and share music they were passionate about.” Fanning’s Napster had managed to revive the love for the 80’s mixed tape with the highly convenient and addictive mix CD. It also helped people discover new artists. “It’s great for music fans because they don’t have to rely on radio or close friends to introduce them to new music,” Wilbur says. “Unfortunately, it also created an avenue for people to get music for free, devaluing music overall. This makes it tougher for musi-

cians and the music industry to thrive in general.” But Pandora founder Tim Westergren hopes his online radio service provides listeners with the free and fresh music they’re looking for. Based on Westergren’s innovative Music Genome Project, Pandora allows users to enter a song or artist they like and the service automatically selects songs that are musically similar. “As people get older, they have less time to browse and discover music,” Westergren says. “I think Pandora is causing people to rediscover music and to find new music.” Pandora has allowed unknown artists to reach millions of ears, and Westergren believes this tactic makes his site one of the industry’s best allies. “It helps people discover and it’s a royalty to performers. Small artists are now reaching a large number of listeners,” says Westergren. As a former musician and composer, Westergren understands the struggles musicians face, especially in a world where free music is so accessible. With pop and hip-hop dominating the music scene, Westrgren sees Pandora as an outlet to bring indie and alternative artists to the mainstream.

Hear it First Whether you’re someone who uses Pandora daily or racks up your credit card bill with iTunes purchases, music is a part of life we all enjoy. For some it’s a hobby, for others it’s a lifestyle, but whatever the case may be finding a hot new song is a great feeling. Check out these websites to get on the fast track to being a music connoisseur. 1. iLeaks.com – updated daily with early releases of songs and music videos from today’s hottest artists – way before even Perez Hilton gets to them! 2. HotNewHipHop.com – updated daily with leaks and pre-releases of songs in the rap and hip-hop genre. 3. FratMusic.com – the ultimate must have for all frat stars. The site contains songs and playlists that can be voted on and ranked according to frat quality. 4. Sinternet.com – the music industry’s go to for picking songs to put on the radio. No lame logins required and you get full streaming of all songs uploaded.

winter 47


detox one girl’s break

from technology writen by rachel sacks photography by caitlin wilson styled by elise sexton


ake a look around and think about how often you use technology. Is your Crackberry clenched in your hand? Do you glance at your Facebook homepage every 42 seconds? Did you pop onto Twitter this afternoon, or did you receive that daily email from your mom this morning? How many text messages have you sent today? Now try to imagine not having any of those gadgets, social media, or electronic ways of saying hello. Weird, right? Almost unfathomable? I was drunk on social media, high on friendly e-mails, and so bloated from text messaging it was almost like the day after Halloween when I was seven. I needed a diet, a detox, a stint in technology

48 winter

rehab. Our world today revolves mainly around being constantly connected. We utilize quick social outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, email and texting so often it’s become just as good as face-to-face contact. “The younger generation doesn’t really think of technology in everyday use,” says Glenn Platt, co-director of the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies and Miami University professor. “Your generation thinks of it as part of everyday life.” It is, but I decided to forgo it all for a week. My Facebook announced to all my social network friends that I would

be available only in person or on the phone. You know, 1980s-style. I also sent out a mass text message reiterating this statement, and asked my roommate to change my Facebook password. I was met with skepticism and questions. Someone even said, bewildered, “You’re joking, right?” when I told my friends of the challenge. My mother laughed. The fact that my friends and family did not have faith in my ability to disconnect myself from technology was a bit disheartening, but I had to try. There were a few parameters to my challenge. I have a Twitter account, but only for

my IMS 201 class as part of a graded assignment, so I limited myself to logging in once to only complete the weekly assignment. Otherwise I would not be using Twitter at all. Email is another heavily used form of communication I use, so I cut out any social emailing and stuck to class and organization emails only. “I can’t imagine higher education without technology, or the Internet,” said Platt. “There’s no way you could do so many things, such as research.” I admit that the first day was a bit intimidating. My hands and fingers were literally twitching, as I tried not to text my friends, asking what their plans were for later. Although I did not make the mistake of trying to log in to Facebook, there were many times throughout the week where I thought to myself, “Make sure to check Facebook later to try and find this person, or write on this person’s wall. Oh wait…” Every now and then I would receive a text from a friend who had forgotten about my predicament. I allowed myself to look at the text and, if the situation was important, I would call the person. But I never found myself really wishing that I could just text someone. I knew that I easily could text if I really wanted, but I never really wanted to. I agree that texting is the fastest way to get in touch with someone, but now I would much rather talk to someone, either face-to-face or over the phone. I still text to make plans if I haven’t seen the person that day, but if I have a story to tell I will take the extra second to call the person. Leaving a voicemail seems to be the equivalent of an unread text message anyway. Besides,

which would you rather have: a few characters on a screen, or the sound of your friend’s voice and laughter as they recount a hilarious story for you? Many students joke about how they are addicted to Facebook, but what they may not realize is that this addiction is real. Facebook Addiction Disorder, or FAD, is a psychophysiological disorder that can include symptoms such as anxiety, distress and obsessive thinking when you are not even logged in. (I should note that I also found it extremely ironic that there is a Facebook group for Facebook addicts and people believed to have FAD.) Some universities are even going as far as to block social

me reconsider how often I use technology in my everyday life. Instead of texting a friend asking them how their day is or writing on their wall, I try to see them in person. For those that I can’t see, I try to wait for a time when I can call them to chat about what’s going on in our lives. People would argue that Facebook and texting are the more convenient ways to go, but social networking and quick contact seems to take the person out of the personal relationship. I have been trying to limit my Facebook use, because honestly there are so many better things I can be doing with my time, such as for enjoyment (which is something I love, but say I never have the

“ M any students joke about how they are addicted to Facebook, but what they may not realize is that this addiction is real.” networking from students. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania had a “social media blackout”, when they blocked Facebook, Twitter, AOL Instant Messenger, and MySpace on the campus network from students and staff for a week. “It’s like asking if a car is good for us. It can be bad, it can be good, it can be dangerous,” Platt said when asked if he thought these quick social outlets were good or bad for us. “But [technology] is so much better. The amount of people you can contact through social networks is so much bigger and broader.”

time for), studying or catching up with friends in real life time. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whose status says what, how many friends someone has or who uploaded what photos; what matters to me are the moments you spend in real life, with the people you really care about.

Overall, this past week made

winter 49

What’s Your


Celebrity Gossip, the media’s guilty pleasure written by keiana smith-mcdowell

“Hi! For some of you this is your first journalism course, others of you may know each other already. So we’re going to go around the room and say our name, major, hometown, and plans after graduation. Also, please tell us your favorite news media site.” This is a habitual practice used by journalism professors on the first day. Name and major? Easy. Favorite media site? Hmmm. Give me a second. I'm not a big news person -truthfully, I only check news sites when I have to for class. Even if I head to the New York Times website, I only read the Fashion/ Style section and Modern Love. That’s it! I sit back and watch my fellow classmates wrack their brains, trying to figure out the most intelligent news site to say. CNN? The Washington Post? The Wall Street Journal, maybe? Then I

50 winter

“ I’ve realized that my own guilty pleasure is very similar to the unpredictability of celebrity entertainment.” hear it. “PerezHilton.com” This is where you consume news everyday? A gossip site? Gossip sites are just one of those things for me. Some people love it, some people love to hate it, and I’ve

just never gotten into it.

drama” Platt explains.

I stopped in to chat with Glenn Platt, Co-Director of Armstrong Institute for interactive Media Studies, to see why he thought gossip sites are so cool lately.

The bloggers start or simply spread existing rumors, edit photos, and delve into just about any juicy topic to get thousands of hits a day. And the thing is, it works.

“Gossip has always been popular," says Platt. "Even Daniel Defoe in the early 1700s was writing a gossip column. What makes gossip sites and any citizen journalism so interesting -- and popular -- is that anyone can be an author."

Whether they delve into the drama of sex or drugs, question who’s in a relationship, divorcing, or having an affair, or post photos of celebrity babies, people have become addicted to this type of narrative. It's what Miami communications professor Ron Becker would call a “guilty pleasure”

Gossip bloggers like Perez Hilton of perezhilton.com has deemed himself “The Queen of all Media” He’s even reached celebrity status himself now, a flamboyant, loud, and outspoken character. Necole Bitchie at necolebitchie.com and Nick Denton of Gawker Media are also not shy about their rumorbased relationships with celebrities. "These sites provide an easy way to say outrageous, scandalous, and at times untrue things…it makes for

I’ve realized that my own guilty pleasure is very similar to the unpredictability of celebrity entertainment. “Think of [gossip sites] as if they are your favorite show, a show you tune into all the times," Becker says. "There’s a certain pleasure to unpredictability. They’re unscripted in certain ways because they're real people."

In other words, gossip sites have become like the cliffhanger on a season finale. Their reports get you excited so that you keep logging on to that website. “I love gossip sites," Miami sophomore Lukas Elkin says. "On a regular week I check Perez or people.com once every two or three days. They kind of give me a way to find material on things I like. I don’t find 'news' to be interesting, but I like music and movies so I find a way to tie news to that.” Miami senior Joclene Harper is also a gossip site junkie. “I check my gossip sites everyday after 10 a.m. That’s when they update," Harper says. “I go to Necolebitchie.com, Globalgrind, Freddy-O, and the pageant gossip sites on Voy forum boards. I find it interesting what some people see as news or interesting gossip, but I don’t really care much for what I see. I’m just curious.” At the end of the day, we are all just flies on the wall, but for our journalism professors' sakes, read some real news!

Perez Hilton Image from Creative Commons.

winter 51

Tucker Max, author of the hilarious I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and comedian and Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler are the king of queen of inappropriate humor. Often compared -- Max has been called “the male version of Chelsea” and Handler has been referred to the “female version of Tucker” -- they’re both successful troublemakers whose books, blogs, tweets - okay, everything that comes out of their unfiltered mouths never fail to make us laugh. But who is funnier? You decide.

“Every once in a while, I like to send out an all-staff e-mail to find out who the dumbest people working on my show are.” – Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang “The great thing about sleeping with a midget is that first you get to have sex with them and then use them as a pillow.” – My Horizontal Life “Even though I am not an extremely unkempt girl, I make it a personal rule to never allow others the displeasure of seeing my beaver in an unruly state.” – Are you There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea [On Snooki from Jersey Shore]: I believe it was about three months ago that Snooki got in a little bit of trouble and promised to “cut back” on drinking during the day. What a coincidence. Everyone knows that the less you drink, the less you pork. – www.eonline.com [On Paris Hilton’s arrest]: “My community service is really important to me,” Hilton said, and then went on to explain that she feels that it’s important to “give back.” Hey dumbass: If the court orders you to do something for the community, it’s not “giving back,” it’s called probation, and if you don’t do it you’ll go to jail. See: Lindsay Lohan. – www.eonline.com

Dress, Amanda Uprichard, $194; Belt, J Crew, $28; Shoes, Scoop, $168

written by oriana pawlyk photography by meaghan wylly styled by alexandra morris

“Are you there vodka? It’s me, Chelsea. Please get me out of jail and I promise I will never drink again. Drink and drive. I will never drink and drive again. I may even start my own group fashioned after MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but I’ll call it AWLTDASH, Alcoholics Who Like to Drink and Stay Home.” –Are you There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea


52 winter

@TuckerMax: To people watching Jersey Shore & not NFL season opener: Ur the enemy of everything good in life, including sex and puppies. @TuckerMax: A “Cleveland Steamer” is taking a dump on a persons chest. A “LeBron Steamer” is taking a dumb on an entire states soul. “We go to McDonald’s. The woman in front of me in line spends more than five seconds contemplating her order. This infuriates me, “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?? MC-SEABASS?? IT’S THE GODDAMN MCDONALDS’S MENU, IT’S BEEN THE SAME FOR TEN YEARS! IT’S ALL MCSHIT! JUST ORDER!” –I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell “Two girls called me closed minded. I tell them that they are so open-minded their brains leaked out.” —I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell [And those who fall victim to his game…] Girl “Do you love me?” Tucker “I don’t understand the question.” Girl “I definitely believe in fate.” Tucker “Do you believe that fate brought us together?” Girl “Oh yeah.” Tucker “Fate must hate you.” Tucker: “So, you’re pretty hot, can I get your number?” Therapist: “Sorry, no -- I wouldn’t give you my zip code.” Tucker: “Nice. That’s cool, because I’d rather be deaf than listen to you for another second.”



winter 53

Hat, Urban Outfitters, $28; Sunglasses, Ray Ban Cats 1000 Tortoise, $135; Sweater Top, American Apparel, $88; Skirt, Pleasure Doing Business, $99; Shoes, Stylist’s Own; Bangles, Forever 21, $4

BLOG Loving Inspiration from four of our favorite fashion bloggers

photography by jeremy smetana captions by lauren kelly styled by anne kash dobbins and alexandra morris

The Glamourai New York-based stylist and jewelry designer Kelly Framel is -- what else? -- pretty darn glamourous. The selfdescribed vintage addict’s daily diary of outfits will make you want to take off your sweats and start enjoying the finer things in life.

54 winter

Glasses, Urban Outfitters, $10; Crop striped tee, Urban Outfitters Truly Madly Deeply, $24; Blue floral dress, Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal, $19.99; Cream sweater, Urban Outfitters BDG, $68; Shoes, model’s own

Style Rookie 14-year-old fashion wunderkind Tavi Gevinson had a front row seat this past season at Marc Jacobs, rocks crazy patterns and the latest trends, and has style and cynicism beyond her years (i.e. she’d probably rather die than ever shop at that Justice place or Abercrombie). winter 55

Cupcakes and Cashmere L.A. lady Emily Schuman’s blog resembles what you might want your life to look like. There’s your closet, full of girly, slightly bohemian takes on the latest trends, and -- oh, look -delicious food on your flea-market-find dining room table, all photographed beautifully. 56 winter

Navy Top/Dress, Topshop, $120; Velvelt de Luxe Black Tights, Wolford, $42; Shoes, Stylist’s Own; Necklace, Madewell, $58

Fashion Toast California girl and personal style blogger Rumi Neely has recently nabbed modeling gigs with Forever 21, Rebecca Minkoff, and Free People, but she’s used to the camera. Neely’s photographs of her simple, undoneyet-glam looks are fit for a magazine spread.

Headband, Anthropologie, $28; Black shawl, Urban Outfitters, $38; Tights, stylist’s own; Booties, Juicy Couture stylist’s own

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art websites design


facebook love

shopping ipod music technology social



look this up section

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Tour Tracker Joshua Radin Cleveland, OH 2/15

MUSIC stint. Then, I came back home for about a year. Then moved to Denton, TX, which has been the best decision I’ve made musically thus far. Denton is amazing.

Gold Motel Cleveland, OH 2/15 Jimmy Eat World Cincinnati, OH 2/17 Wild Nothing Chicago, IL 2/18 Brad Paisley Louisville, KY 2/19 Those Darlins Newport, KY 2/23 Atlantic/Pacific Newport, KY 2/24

Maybe you’ve never heard of her, but Texan Sarah Jaffe’s folksy indie pop is starting to get national attention. Up Magazine blogger Brittany Dove chatted with the musician. Is being on tour everything you had imagined? In short, no. But thats not a negative no. Touring is equally hard as it is liberating.

Cage the Elephant Chicago, IL 2/27

Was this always what you knew you wanted to do? Absolutely.

Ben Kweller Columbus, OH 3/2

Where do you get your inspiration? Quiet, long drives. Hindsight. Pretty places.

Keller Williams Cincinnati, OH 3/4 Iron and Wine Chicago, IL 3/4 Lady Gaga Columbus, OH 3/10

How did you get started? I started playing shows in Dallas when I was about 17. I would play anywhere, or anything. From then on I played locally constantly until I graduated high School and moved away for a brief

What is the hardest part about being on tour? Long drives, little sleep, not a lot of healthy food options on the road. I guess it’s all about doing the best you can. Knowing when to reserve yourself, and your energy. What have been some of your biggest challenges so far? Well, I’m a newbie at this entire business and I’ve been very fortunate, but I suppose a challenge for me is staying positive and keeping my mouth shut sometimes. What is the most exciting part? Everything! You’re in a new place every night. Meeting new people every night. Being inspired everyday. Being in a van for 10 hours. Fighting urges to eat Arby’s. Even in touring’s most boring moments, it’s still fast paced and a blast. Where do you plan on going from here? After a nice little holiday break, I’ll start back up again. Playing shows, touring. I have no plans of stopping for awhile. Still working on new music while traveling. I have hoped of releasing some of those songs soon. Sarah Jaffe Image from Creative Commons.

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Fake Online Dating

One girl’s not-so-nice take on internet dating written by cailtin gaynor photography by caitlin wilson styled by elise sexton

They say one in four relationships begin online. I don’t know about that, so I decided to set up a fake profile on two different dating websites, Zoosk and eHarmony, in order to test virtual dating. And I didn’t find a single winner. Zoosk was just an overall mistake from the beginning. I figured this out right away when I chose to browse around after the creating my profile. The first winner I stumbled upon was someone who’s username was “Daddy.” He proceeded to tell everyone that he just got out of jail four months ago and was now looking to settle down. Every girl’s dream man. (Another contender was “Killer.” Sounds like a date to die for.) Then I continued to scroll through the site, I came across the guy who was the “20-yearold surviver frum bein shot in da head.” I would have expected a potential suitor to at least try to sound literate when writing their profile information. This guy said he wanted “a woman with an open mind and a mass amount of patients cause im slow to catch myself.” What does that even mean? 64 winter

And if you think the profile information is bad, just envision the photos. They were way worse. It’s a lot of very up close and too personal “myspace-esque” shots. So after the tragic Zoosk experience, I decided to try a more legitimate site - eHarmony. I had to fill out about 18 pages of personal information so they could match me with the perfect catch. I felt like I was taking the Myers Briggs personality test. They asked me weird things like, “Do you think you are sexy?” That’s so awkward. If I say yes am I conceited? If I say no, will guys not want to contact me? Ah, the decisions of the online dater. After the 15th page a little message pops up on the side from Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of eHarmony. He says, “This process may seem long, but I believe it will be so worthwhile for you -- just as it has been for so many others before.” Thank you for that Dr. Neil, you are torturing me with all these deep questions. Just let me see what kind of guys are on here. After I finished the long process, Dr. Neil screwed me over because I can’t even look at people’s pictures! I have to pay just to view the types of people on eHarmony. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled. I just got off and decided to give online dating a rest for the night.

Just because I decided to give it a rest, didn’t mean Dr. Neil was ready to let me go. I got about twenty e-mails everyday about people who would be “my perfect match.” Who cares! I can’t even see their picture. I refused to put my picture up because I didn’t want draw any attention to my profile especially if their names were “Daddy” or “Killer.” Reluctantly, I checked out the profiles of a couple of my matches, and they seemed interesting. I can see why people choose eHarmony. As corny as it is, it does a good job of matching you with people that you are compatible with. The problem is just because they are virtually compatible, how well will it work in real life? My two cents about online dating is: it’s dumb. We are young and at the time in life when it’s important to get out there and meet people. Maybe if you are older and have a job and a busy life with kids, but at our age there is no need for online dating. Just go to Brick or something. There are lots of eager contenders there, and I still believe that a relationship sparks because of a connection, and that connection cannot be attained online. Online dating makes it easy to fall in love with what you envision the person as, or what they make themselves out to be. When really, it’s a heck of a lot better to just see the real them, upfront and in the flesh at The Woods.




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Off campus housing made easy! Instead of trudging through the snow, find your home for next year!

www.oxre.com to compare:

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19 South Beech Street, Oxford, OH 45056 / Rentals: 513-523-4532

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Woody’s ONE UP Bar

For all social events, call or text 513.461.9032 66 winter