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A new type of help for executives at major corporations

Narrative Transformations

Welcome to your world Executives are tasked with “innovation” and “strategic thinking,” but there is very little help or structure.  Upend provides a safe place, structure and creative/corporate-ready thinking. Our CEO customers report that this saves time (months).

Upend Communications’ Stand  We believe that:  Everything in business is a narrative.  Skillful design of business narratives unlocks potential and opens the future.  Powerful narratives engage and mobilize listeners into action.  We offer:  Narrative transformation events  Structures and a safe place for thinking differently  Movie deliverables that are emotionally compelling and authentic (true to the heart of the company).

Strategy: differently  Too often, a strategy meeting is a death-by-PowerPoint marathon. Upend doesn’t believe in that kind of strategy meeting. Upend uses strategy events as a way of exposing weak narratives and transforming them into powerful ones. 

Upend refers to a philosophical view of strategy… as a: 

Linguistic framework, that results in a decision framework

A mental game that prepares us for adapting in-the-moment in a rapidly changing world

A search for a plan of action, that results in desirable ends based on available tactics and methods

Represent: differently ď‚™ Modern life, powered by the internet, means that the meaning of everything is presented, re-presented, modified and challenged all the time. 24/7/365. ď‚™ This is a fractal, post-modern version of life where we all have to constantly adapt to previously unforeseen events. ď‚™ Everybody can find out anything about a person, place, thing or company on-line.

Connect: differently ď‚™ Audiences base opinions on soft-factors, accumulated impressions, emotional connections, and trust. ď‚™ In short: they evaluate corporations as if they were human beings.

Leadership: differently

Effective leadership requires both vision and communication. Upend helps with both. Upend helps to clarify key visionary messages. Upend shows executives in their best light, at their most eloquent.

Move: differently

 Upend’s customers predict the future and move to shape it. We call that “telling the truth in advance.”  Upend helps executives align on the key – authentic – stories that ground the company in the present and set the right course for the future.

Results: faster Use Upend’s movies and reports to help with sales, employee retention and change management. Upend adds visual analogies and elements that communicate and drive the message on multiple levels, so that the effects are undeniable.

Upending: differently  In a world where companies are being unwillingly challenged and displaced… we believe that the best way to cope with constant change is to go through the transformation on your own terms.  Upend provides the means and situations to safely work on and transform your narratives.  Upend yourself, before you are upended!

Choose Your Own Adventure  Upend Communications offers 8 (eight) Narrative Transformation products & unlimited customization options:

 Corporate Constitution Narrative Transformation  Narrative Virtualization Narrative Transformation  Implementation/Operations Narrative Transformation  Company Lineage and Legacy Narrative Transformation  Integrity Narrative Transformation  Opposition Narrative Transformation  Market Forces Narrative Transformation  Accomplishment Narrative Transformation

Website: Credentials and Contact Upend co-founders: Lura Lee: 760715-7721 Robert Lundahl: robertlundahl 415-205-3481 Watch a (CEO) customer testimonial: Watch a Narrative Transformation movie (one of the deliverables from a narrative transformation experience) Stantive - A Massive Shift in Thinking :

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