University of Prince Edward Island Student Union Annual Report 2011-2012

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Our Vision:Â As a unifying body, the UPEI Student Union strives to provide leadership while assisting students as they obtain the highest standards in their academic and personal life; enhancing their quality of life now and into the future.

Our Mission: The UPEI Student Union is a non-profit democratic representation of students. We are dedicated to fostering pride in the university, the betterment of university life, and enhancing the student experience at UPEI. We value our independence as an organization while maintaining effective relationships with the university and surrounding community.

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union Council 2011-2012

Our Core Values: Representation for all students Transparency, Honesty, and Accountability Fun, Participation and Engagement Progress (Growth, Strength, Best Practices, Creative Solutions, etc.) Sustainability (Triple Bottom Line - Financial, Social, and Environmental)

What You’ll Find Inside P R E S I D E N T ’ S R E P O RT


Co-Curricular Record


Changes to our Internal Structure


V I C E - P R E S I D E N T R E P O RT S Executive Vice-President: Josh Coles


Vice-President Activities: Jonathan Millington


Vice-President Communications: Kate VanGerven


Vice-President Finance: Emma McPhail


FROM THE DESK OF H. LOVE Reflecting on the Past 30 Years


A NEW PHASE. A NEW G.M. Moving forward as a Student Union


ELECTIONS Voter Turnout


Your new Executive & Council


OUR BUSINESSES Smoothie & Sandwich Kiosk


Mickey’s Place


The Wave - Your Campus Pub


The Cadre - Student Newspaper


Nexus Yearbook


END OF YEAR BANQUET Student Staff Awards ! 3

28 !

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

President’s Report Our first ever “official” Annual Report. I think that this is a testament as to just how far the Student Union has come in its 42 years of existence. This year marks both the beginning and end of several large chapters in the Student Union’s history, as well as passing some significant milestones. A General Manager retiring after 30 years with Student Union, a fresh new start for another. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the opening of the W. A. Murphy Student Centre, where the Student Union currently calls home. That also means ten years that The Wave has been in operation. The newest endeavour the students have decided to set out on is our new smoothie and sandwich kiosk, unofficially being referred to as “Mickey’s Other Place” for the time being, how this operation will develop over the next couple of years is yet to be seen. Given the excellent feedback and the tastiness of the products it has been producing, I am very confident in this new project. About our staff. The staff of the Student Union really makes this organization what it is. I have been extremely lucky to have the privilege of working alongside some of the brightest minds UPEI has to offer. All of our teams, whether it be the executive or Council teams, the Newspaper, Yearbook, Mickey’s, or Wave teams, have been operating at an excellent level producing extremely high calibre work, despite being students all the while. Due to all of this hard work I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Student Union over the course of the year for all of the success we have shared.

! 4


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Changes to Our Internal Structure Committee Structure Changes This year we completely revamped the committee structure of the Student Union. Deriving from a report written by past executive member, Kyle Murnaghan, the new committee structure combines many of the existing committees into five “super� committees, each designated to the portfolio of an executive member. These committees have proven to work much more efficiently than the organization of many separate committees. This new structure also adds an element of accountability to the executive positions as a member of the committee who is not the executive is designated the chair and is responsible for the organization and facilitation of the meetings.

Policy Committee

President Executive Committee

Tuition & Fees Committee Campus Safety Committee

Executive VP Executive Committee

National Representation Committee Faculty of the Year Award Committee Staff of the Year Award Committee Communications Committee Handbook Committee Events & Planning Committee Cadre Board of Governors

VP Communications Executive Committee VP Activities Executive Committee VP Finance Executive Committee

Remaining Standing Committees Hiring Board Wave Management Committee Executive Committee

Elections Committee Grad Week Committee Graduate Student Committee

Planning Committee Budget Committee Health & Dental Plan Advisory Committee 5

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Co-Curricular Record What is it? A CCR is to your extra-curricular background as academic transcript is to your academic record. Basically it is meant to document anything that you do while at UPEI that sets you apart from every other student.

Spring 2011 - The idea of the CCR was initially pitched to the University by the Student Union in the spring of 2011. Lots of questions were asked and we came away with solid base from which to build our proposal.

Future work – The committee will be tasked with working out all of the details of the program’s implementation. Because computer software is a large part of this process it is likely that the implementation of the CCR program will be combined with the University’s ongoing replacement of their current computer software.

Spring 2012 – The committee is in the process of being struck.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Summer 2011 – The rough draft of the proposal was researched and written over the summer months.

This is something students will be able to show future employers or graduate schools as an official document from the University verifying the legitimacy of each activity on the record.

Early Fall 2011 – The proposal was edited, revised, and a final draft was completed.

Late Fall 2011 – The final proposal was pitched to the University’s Academic Review and Planning Committee. The proposal was well received and an ad-hoc committee to determine how to implement the CCR at UPEI was struck.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Council Changes Two constitutional amendments this year brought forth changes to the makeup of the UPEISU Council. Firstly an amendment to make the Accessibility representative position an elected position was passed. This was possible because a way to keep the members of this constituency confidential, while still allowing them to vote was found through the use of their student numbers.

Current Council Legend:


Executive - Voting Arts Representative - Voting Business Representative - Voting Science Representative - Voting Senate Representative - Voting Interest Groups (Residence, International, First Year etc.) - Voting Interest Group - Non-Voting Executive - Non-Voting Chair & Deputy Chair of Council - Non-Voting

New Council Structure

The second change was the ratio of representatives on council to the number of students in a given constituency. Previously council had 1:200 ratio which was amended this year to a 1:400 ratio. The reasoning behind this was to slightly decrease the size of the council, particularly in the areas of science and arts reps. It was decided by council that in the past these positions have suffered from a dilution of responsibility and that in some cases this has led to substandard representation. We believe that these recent changes will help to correct these inefficiencies.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Executive Vice-President’s Report I can pretty much say that my time as the Student Union's Executive Vice President over the last year has been my best experience at UPEI to date. I've learned a lot about the inner workings of the University and the Student Union, about Post-Secondary Education issues across the country and within the province, and had a chance to contribute to the betterment of the student experience through a bunch of different actions on campus. As Executive Vice President I sat on the UPEI Senate and a subcommittee called the Academic Review and Planning Committee (ARPC). I represented the Student Union in the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), which is a federal student lobby group whose goal is making post-secondary education more affordable and accessible to students across the country. Those are some of the things that followed me around throughout the year. Being Executive VP involves lots of committee work, most of which is not mentioned above. Large projects such as Education Day, a press release regarding the George Coles Graduate Bursary, CASA, Movember, supervising the Buddy Program, and working with Trius Transit have kept me busy all year. This year I was lucky to have the Executive Vice President’s Executive Committee (EVPEC) helping me work on all of these projects. Consisting of myself and 4 councilors, we worked together to tackle the aforementioned issues. I could probably write for days about my time on the UPEISU executive. When all is said and done, I had a great time this year, I worked hard, and I learned lots about the University of Prince Edward Island. It was a great experience and I’m honoured to have played a part in the 2011-2012 UPEISU Executive.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Education Day Education day has become a great tradition on UPEI campus since its inception in 2006. With the intention of increasing awareness of rising tuition and student debt on Prince Edward Island, students participating in Education Day camp out in the UPEI quad for an entire day (and stay the night) participating in different activities throughout the day. Workshops such as "Lobbying 101" and "How To Graduate Debt Free" were held, students took part in a debt counting activity, UPEI acts Bad Mountie and DJ Nick Bike played live sets, and over 20 tents were filled overnight. This year Education Day coincided with the PEI Provincial Election Debate hosted at the W.A. Murphy Student Centre, allowing all participants to head inside and watch potential provincial leaders discuss PSE funding on PEI.

“Most of the Student Union’s provincial lobbying this year happened during the fall provincial election, which coincided conveniently with our annual Education Day”


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

George Coles Graduate Bursary As many UPEI students know, the "Island Student Awards" provide financial support for island students taking their first degree at Island institutions. During the provincial election in the autumn of 2011, the Liberal Party promised increases to the George Coles Bursary and the addition of a new bursary, the "George Coles Graduate Bursary" which would go to graduating students. This bursary was promised for students graduating in the spring of 2012, but by January of 2012 there was no word on when or if the bursary would actually appear on time. After attempts to contact the department of Innovation and Advanced Learning failed, I wrote a press release which was released on January 11th, 2012. The release garnered quite a bit of media attention and by the next week students had begun to receive the money in their student accounts.

“the UPEI Student Union would like to see an announcement confirming the implementation of this bursary before it is too late for this year’s graduating students”


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Vice-President Activities Report My year as VP Activities was a tumultuous, but successful, one. I came into the position after a change-up early in the year when the then VP Activities resigned in order to graduate on time and focus on her other extracurricular activities. The transition went about a smoothly as could be expected. I was thrown into things head first, The Fall Campus explosion was my first weekend on the job, but managed to hang on and get it done thanks to the support of the rest of the executive, the staff, and the piles of meticulous notes that the outgoing VPA left. This this was a great one for concerts, and The Wave played host to great “from away” acts while keeping with our desire to help grow and foster the local music scene. Off-Island Joel Plaskett Sonreal The Novaks The Idlers The Kestrels Andy Brown Fred Penner Sticks Three Sheet Kidstreet Scientists of Sound The Kestrels Tupperware Remix Party Mother Mother

Rococode The Will Be Gones DJ Grandtheft Tom Fun Orchestra The Town Heroes Poor Young Things The Darcys The Mellotones Arkells Merimac The Trews Said The Whale B.A. Johnston

Local Tim Chaisson & Morning Fold Sister Jack The North Lakes Molly Rankin Colour Code The Stout Fellas Dennis Ellsworth Vintage DJ Nick Bike Said The Whale Paper Lions Boxer The Horse Strange Folly 12

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Halloween Pub was SOLD OUT again this less than 30 hours!

Our Annual Beach Blast Tournament had 16 registered teams & the Party in the Sand featured Three Sheet.

Winter Carnival 2012 was a HUGE success. The semi-formal was a hit and the balloon drop...well, it dropped!


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Vice-President Communications Report This year was my second term as Vice-President Communications and frankly, it was a lot easier this time around. Since my position was created just two years ago, I had my hands full trying to understand where I was needed and where I could improve services that were possibly already happening through another executive Undeniably though, my biggest project this year was the rebranding of the Student Union. During my first year as VP Communications, I threw out the idea of changing our logo which seems simple enough, right? I hadn’t necessarily thought about all the requisite changes that would need to be made afterwards and was told as much. In my second year, I was lucky enough to work with a very talented designer in UPEI’s own Integrated Communications department who helped me convince our executive and our student council that this was a necessary, and very tangible process. We began by identifying what the Student Union was here to do, and what it meant to the people we represent. “The people we represent” turned out to be the key, and the tagline “Your Voice...Your Union” was incorporated into the very simple, very clean logo. Out of this process came our NEW logo, and more importantly, a plan for effectively rebranding our organization. To see the new logo, check out the “2012-2013 Executive Team” section. Day-to-day, I was solely responsible for maintaining multiple SU twitter accounts as well as Facebook pages. As you can see throughout these two pages, we were successful in communicating with our students. Of course, there’s always room for improvement!

Our Twitter account has been a labour of love...and it’s worked. A year of setting daily “tweet goals” has resulted in

595followers 14

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Our UPEI Student Union website is currently undergoing a complete overhaul. Fortunately, that didn’t stop visitors from


different countries

from visiting the site and seeing what we were all about.

Another huge part of my job has been the document you’re reading! The UPEISU Annual Report is something we’ve never done before and so even beginning the project was daunting. After looking at other comparable reports from our counterparts across the country, I dove in and began requesting information from our staff, our council and our students! The problem I ran into was “where do I draw the line?” as in what information needs to be in here and what could be left out?

Hopefully, this report you’re reading right now will act as a rough guide for future Vice-President Communications who are tasked with preparing one. In my mind, the Student Union can’t be accurately captured on pages. Our services and our impact on students are different for everyone and hopefully, will continue to be in future years. However, this report will provide some historical background for future executives who are lucky enough to be hired or elected to their position. Besides the two larger projects I’ve addressed, this year has been busy! My position did not come with any specific campus committees to sit on, but my position was often sought after because of my ability to communicate with a large group of UPEI students. Two of my favourite committees, or working groups, were the Diversity Week Planning Committee and the UPEI Reflections and Future Directions Committee. Overall - I’ve been extremely lucky to do this job for not one, but two years. It’s an exciting role based around projects but also requires daily attention and while it’s certainly kept me busy, I can’t imagine my University career without it. Facebook is a big part of our online presence. UPEISU saw a small increase of 84 new likes this year which brought us to a total of



University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Vice-President Finance Report As the Vice President Finance for the UPEISU I have been lucky enough to work with a great team over the past year. Over the course of a year the regular duties of my position include monthly bank reconciliations, presenting the financial statements to council approving expenditures, reviewing and approving funding requests as a member of the Vice President Finance Executive Committee, and presenting expenditure reports to council. The position also carries the responsibility of sitting on the Planning Committee during the first semester in which decisions are made about projects for the upcoming year and other considerations which need to be considered when preparing the budget. Second semester involves preparing the budget during which meetings are held with key stakeholders and ideas generated in the Planning Committee are put in into action. This year we are looking at our entertainment budget, increasing funding for students and student groups, and furthering the offerings at our campus pub The Wave.

“Your Wave Your Way� Your Wave Your Way originated as an idea of our President, Rob Livingstone early in our term. Over the summer I took over the project and saw it to its completion in October 2011. The basic concept of Your Wave Your Way was to have third year marketing students conceptualize an event to be held at the campus pub with the inclusion of execution details and a marketing plan. Over the summer I worked with Marketing 341 Professor, Dr. Susan Graham, our President Rob Livingstone and our Vice President Communications, Kate VanGerven, to finalize the details and information to be given to the students. The students 16

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

were given five (5) weeks to produce their plans and we received 33 entries. The top three (3) groups were chosen and were presented in mid October. I believe that this was a great opportunity for students to become more involved with our organization and I know we as an organization learned a lot from the experience. I hope that these kinds of collaborations are something we can continue in the future with different student groups and faculties.

External Review of Organizational Structure and Policy Shortly after the end of the Your Wave Your Way project I started thinking about specific things I would like to see accomplished before I finished with the Student Union. I thought back to issues that had arisen over the past year and landed on Human Resources. To give some background, the UPEISU has seen quite a bit of expansion over the past two years both physically and in terms of human capital. These new jobs however, had not necessarily been created under any kind of planning structure but were more so created to fill gaps in our operations. This brought to light two issues, one that we do not have the proper HR policies to move forward with further expansion and two, that we may have inefficiencies or areas in need of improvement in our organizational structure. In my first year I had started a mini internal HR review but had not had the time to complete it and upon revisiting the idea I realized that what was needed was something much larger than I would have the time, know-how or capabilities (i.e. being unbiased) of completing. This led me to put forward the idea of having an external company come in and perform an organizational structure/ Human Resources review for the UPEISU. A request for proposals was sent out in early December of 2011 and by mid January a vendor was selected and approved by Council. We are currently in the process of completing the project which will be finished around the end of March. This end date will give the current executive and council an opportunity to act upon any of the recommendations made in the report which we are really looking forward to reading. We have received positive feedback from all staff members and feel that this was a much needed effort. 17

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Heather Love: Reflecting on 30 Years as General Manager I accepted the position of UPEI Student Union General Manager in 1982 and was anticipating a career with a diverse workload. On my first day of work my expectations were confirmed when the SU President called at 6:00am to inform me that the Student Centre was on fire! I arrived on campus to find fire trucks surrounding a charred, smouldering Student Centre. This was my welcome to an interesting career with never ending surprises. Over the past thirty years I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of exceptional students; students who took the time to get involved, have fun, and give back to their University community. Student Councillors, staff, and volunteers who made campus life come alive with Orientation, Fall Fest, Winter Carnival, campus “On my first day of radio, campus newspaper, yearbook, the campus pub, bands, comedy, debates, and the list work my expectations goes on. Welcoming a new SU group each spring was always a high point for me and saying goodbye at the yearend Awards Banquet was always a low. We worked together, had fun and bonded as a team. Those bonds are still there today, and when I meet past SU Alumni they greet me with a smile and a fond story about their Student Union experience.

were confirmed when the SU President called at 6:00 am to inform me that the Student Centre was on fire!”

There have been many changes at UPEI over the past 30 years. In 1982 minimum wage was $3.75, a UPEI course cost less than $100.00, a beer at the Panther Lounge was $1.20, and a game of Pac Man cost 25 cents . The Student Centre was called “The Barn” (a converted cow barn!) located where the CARI swimming pool is now. The SU office equipment consisted of an electric typewriter, a phone, and an adding machine. By 1990 the Barn was clearly not meeting the needs of the campus, so the Student Union embarked on a 12 year project to create the new Student Centre. With many twists along the way, the SU amassed $2million in capital for the Student 18

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Centre Project 2000. UPEI President, Elizabeth Epperly, provided unwavering support for this project. UPEI President Wade MacLaughlin insisted the Student Centre be located at the front of the campus – the front door to the University – and accepted the SU invitation to create a partnership with UPEI. With this support, the W. A. Murphy Student Center became a reality. I stepped into the role of Student Centre Project Coordinator for a year and thoroughly enjoyed consulting with student groups and working with architects as the building started to take shape. As a member of the professional association AMICCUS-C, I had the opportunity to access peer support and career development training. Through AMICCUS-C I met an invaluable professional support system and made many friends. My Campus Trust colleagues and friends provided professional learning opportunities in the student health insurance management portfolio. As I prepare for retirement, May 2012, I want to thank all the people who have helped make my 30 years at the UPEI Student Union a fun and rewarding career. To the Staff at UPEI, thank you for your support and friendship. To the UPEI faculty, staff, and students who volunteered to sit on the Student Centre Project 2000 Committee and who helped to make the Murphy Student Centre a reality - thank you. To the over 700 Student Councillors of the Student Union who volunteered your time to run this wonderful organization -thank you. To the 1000 plus SU student staff who ran the SU building and services - thank you. To my AMICCUS-C and Campus Trust colleagues who provided professional support and friendship - thank you. To the Executive Committees and full time staff who I worked with on a daily basis, creating plans, attending meetings, and sitting on committees you made the SU a vibrant work place – thank you; you were wonderful colleagues and friends. The following quote by Margot Fonteyn (1919-1991) English dancer captures my Student Union experience eloquently. “The one important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one’s work seriously and taking one’s self seriously. The first is imperative and the second disastrous.”


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Melissa Morrow: Moving Forward as General Manager Exciting things are happening at the UPEI Student Union. Starting May 1st I will officially start my newest venture as the 3rd General Manger of the UPEISU, predecessor to Heather Love (2012) and J.T. Mickey Place (1982). I have currently been employed full time as the administrative assistant with the SU since 2007 but had two contact position before in 2005 and 2006. In 2005 I graduated from UPEI with my degree in Business Administration in Tourism & Hospitality in Co-Operative Education and in May 2012 will complete my Public Administration certificate. While attending UPEI I was a member of the Women’s Soccer Panthers. I’m excited to take on this new endeavour in my life and have lots of new ideas to bring to the SU. As I said I have been employed with the SU since 2005 so I have a great feel for the organization and the dynamic of the Student Union world. This past year we have ventured into food service with the opening of our sandwich and smoothies kiosk to complement our coffee shop and in February we took “In the future I over the food service in our pub The Wave. We would like to work are currently in the process of having an organwith the University izational review conducted which will be great to see the results to see where if any changes could in developing be made. With the current economic situation and student leadership enrolment starting to level off we need to be creaworkshops for all tive in our event planning and programming to find cost effective ways to do this.

campus student leaders.”


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

As well as we need to better manager our expenses to distinguish between what is a necessity and not. In my first year as GM my goal is to organize a fun and effective transition for the executive and to expand on branding/marketing of our products while trying to maintain the success that the SU has had. In the future I would like to work with the University in developing student leadership workshop for all campus student leaders in late August. I have had the opportunity to participate in the Association of Manager In Canadian College and Universities & Student-Centres (AMICCUS-C) since 2008 which was provided me with national network of professionals that are there for support and advice as needed. Currently, I’m the Communications Director of AMICCUS-C and I’m on the Board of Director of the Campus Trust, which is our health insurance providers. I am extremely lucky to have a wonderful executive committee to work with in my 1st year all who have had various experiences with the SU. Our president, Kate VanGerven, will be returning for a 3rd year on the executive and will be the first female president since 2004. Joining her will be Danielle MacDonald as Executive Vice-President, Jon Millington returning as Vice-President Activities, Chelsea Merry as Vice-President Communications and Daniel MacDonald as Vice-President Finance. I am looking forward to the new challenges ahead of me and will make the best of every opportunity. “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” - John D. Rockefeller


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Elections Traditionally, the Student Union has two General Elections as per our Elections and Referenda by-law. This year presented us with a few difficulties which altered our usual course of action. In the fall General Election, the roster of available volunteer positions were accompanied by the position of Vice-President Activities after the originally elected candidate resigned to focus on school.

Fall 2011 Election 29



7.25 2009

0 2011

Voter Turnout Voter turnout was 28.62% which is up from 21.72% in 2009. Jonathan Millington won the Vice-President Activities race with 603 votes and all vacant positions were filled, except for Education representative. The Education seat was later filled through a council appointment. These results are from a by-election, as the original election was stopped at 1:30 pm on the second day of voting - a result of technical difficulties within the computer system. The candidates faced some difficulties because of this issue, but the end result was a substantial voter turnout and filled positions. 22

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Spring 2012 Election The Spring General Election saw a full slate of candidates and once again, some hiccups with the voting system run through the ITSS Department. Fortunately, all problems were resolved quickly and effectively and the election results were upheld.







2011 2012

Voter Turnout In 2011, we saw a slightly lower voter turnout (33.48%) which may be due to the new timing of the election. Traditionally, campaigns were run through late February and into March with voting around the end of the month. In 2011, the Spring General Election began at the end of January and voting was finished mid-February. This year the voter turnout stayed around the 33% mark and resulted in a full council leading into the 2012-2013 academic year.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012


Executive Team for the 2012-2013 Academic Year



Kate VanGerven

Chelsea Merry

Jonathan Millington



Danielle MacDonald

Daniel MacDonald 24

University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Student Union Council for 2012-2013 Arts Representatives

Science Representatives

Oliver Bork Kelsey Cormier Amy Doyle Travis Gordon Sara Reeves

Lucas MacArthur Michelle MacDougald Emiley MacKinnon Sylvie Morin Matthew Rice

Business Representatives

Senate Representatives

Justin Lank Vacant Vacant

Matthew McInnis Anastasia Smallwood Jessica Willis Bob Deziel (Graduate Student)

Nursing Representative

International Student Representative

Amanda Johnston

Fall 2012*

Education Student Representative

Veterinary Medicine Representative

Fall 2012*

Fall 2012*

First Year Representative


Fall 2012*

Curtis Moerike

Graduate Student Representative

Chair of Council

Heather Wotton

Alex Fraser

Residence Representative

Deputy Chair of Council

Fall 2012*

Sarah Lavers


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Student Union Business Operations

Smoothie & Sandwich Kiosk This year saw the introduction of our sandwich and smoothie kiosk, a new Student Union business intended to offer alternative healthy options for students in the Student Centre. Throughout the course of the year we have added hot dogs, soup, chili, pizza and soft pretzels to the menu. While the kiosk wasn’t as profitable as it will be in the future, it garnered a loyal following of students, staff and faculty and we look forward to our second operational year.

Mickey’s Place Students, staff and faculty have come to appreciate the quality of our Starbucks coffee at Mickey’s Place as well as our selection of pastries and bagels. This year, with the opening of our own kitchen (servicing both kiosks as well as The Wave) we were able to bake our own muffins and cookies right here on campus! Perhaps the biggest change in our coffee house and ticket kiosk, Mickey’s Place, is the addition of debit as a payment option. For years, Mickey’s (as it is affectionately known around campus) was cash only and the inconvenience for students finally prompted us to install the proper equipment.


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

The Wave One of the biggest changes to The Wave this year was actually behind the scenes. Since The Wave opened in 2001, it has been managed daily by two student “assistant managers” who were overseen by our Operations Manager. After a few less successful years, it was understood that our failure stemmed partly from a lack of continuity as opposed to improper management and the decision to hire a non-student, full time Bar Manager was made. This decision has been wellreceived by the campus community and we look forward to our second year with a full-time Bar Manager.

The Cadre - Student Newspaper It’s been called many things - The Gem and The Panther Post are likely the most polite and memorable - but throughout the name changes, it’s tagline has always remained “the student newspaper” This academic year, The Cadre will ditch “the student newspaper” reputation as they launch into a strictly online presence. That’s right, the printed copies will no longer exist in an effort to give Cadre staff more time for searching out and writing newsworthy stories and less time in front of a computer making the print editions look pretty.

Nexus Yearbook After a few years of being behind (there was an unfortunate computer crash) and printing two books in a year, the UPEI Nexus Yearbook found itself back on track this year. We’re extremely lucky to be welcoming back our fearless editor, Rachel Wonnacott for a second year in charge. If you are a 2012 graduate and would like a yearbook, contact Candice at


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

Student Union End of Year Banquet The purpose of the UPEI SU Year End Banquet is to give thanks to Council members, Committee members, volunteers, and staff who aided the cause of the UPEISU during the year. Â This celebration is also used for the purpose of awarding deserving volunteers and staff with recognition awards of service.

The Wave Bartender of the Year: Brittany Tozer Server of the Year: J.P. Larkin Security of the Year: Logan Brown (male) & Alyssia Farrington (female)

Student Union Councillor of the Year

Dave MacLean


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

The Cadre Volunteer of the Year Rhyanne Beatty

Mickey’s Place Staff of the Year

Tomomi Sugeno

Nexus Yearbook Staff of the Year

Stephen Dunbar

10 Year Staff Appreciation

Kirk Dingwell (Operations Manager)


University of Prince Edward Island Student Union - Annual Report 2011/2012

UPEI Staff of the Year Award

Sarah Ready (Residence Life Coordinator)

UPEI Faculty of the Year Award

Andy Trivett (Engineering)

UPEI Student Union Honourary Member

Heather Love (UPEISU General Manager) 1982-2012