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Initiatives include energy management, resource conservation, waste management, improved energy efficiency, improved maintenance and cleaning practices, sustainable landscaping, and construction. UPEI was also recognized for environmental savings with an “Environmental Calculator” plaque from Quebec’s Cascades Fine Papers Group and Wood Wyant. The plaque details UPEI’s reduction in environmental impact based on actual consumption. In 2011, UPEI achieved BOMA Building Environmental Standards (BESt) Certification from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Canada for 22 of its campus buildings.

Sustainable Business Hannah Bell, a student in UPEI’s Executive MBA program was dubbed PEI “champion” as part of the 2012 Student Entrepreneur National Competition. The competition is sponsored by the charitable organization, Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship and is presented by the John Dobson Foundation. Bell owns a company that provides sustainable business planning tools and techniques for municipal governments and non-governmental organizations. Her entrepreneurial spirit, combined with her UPEI executive MBA experience, led to the creation of an innovative model for working with municipal organizations for sustainable futures.

Program inspires students to host environmental symposium Environmental Studies students hosted an environmental symposium on campus that focused on the true costs of what we eat, wear, and use. Students presented posters that demonstrated the environmental and social impacts of consumerism on the local, national, and global economies. Guest speakers addressed topics ranging from a bioregional approach to local economies, to the true costs and environmental implications of plastics.

Green Practices

Hannah Bell

environmental symposium

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UPEI President's Annual Report 2012  

This report provides highlights of recent individual and institutional accomplishment, excellence, and impact.