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MAY 2013

Qualitative Research Lab Receives Canadian Foundation for Innovation Funding The Qualitative Research Lab (QRLab) at UPEI received phase II funding from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Leaders Opportunity Fund. The QRLab, founded in 2009 with phase I funding from the CFI, provides equipment for the collection of field data, along with facilities to analyze, prepare, and disseminate materials. This second-phase funding expands the ability of the lab to collect and mobilize digital and visual media. It also expands research space to allow for a broader range of collaborators. Under the leadership of Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Canada Research Chair in Child/Youth Cultures and Transitions, the QRLab is a focal point of research excellence at UPEI. Projects from the faculties of Education and Arts, as well as the schools of Business and Nursing, use the lab to conduct qualitative research in new and innovative ways.

Debbie MacDonald, Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Ruby Madigan, Manuel Muñoz Millalonko (on screen, via Skype), Dr. Luis Bate, Valerie Campbell

Climate Research Lab UPEI’s Climate Research Lab, under the leadership of its director, Dr. Adam Fenech, conducts, facilitates, and hosts research and science on the vulnerability and adaptation of the environment to past and future climate change. The lab offers a new and valuable tool for researchers who require climate projections for any location on the planet. Raw data downloaded from 40 global climate models has been translated, analyzed, verified, and converted into a usable dataset for researchers.

Dr. Adam Fenech

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UPEI President's Annual Report 2013  

UPEI President's Annual Report 2013  

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