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Come and Go Insights on Batch 2011


s people fortunate to have learned economic analysis, we were trained to look far and wide. That is why many of us view MRT fare hikes as fair hikes (because they improve the incidence of public goods and improve efficiency), and why almost all of us favor spending for conditional cash transfers over a fatter budget for state colleges and universities (because the former has greater implications on human capital than the latter). But when we apply the same economic analysis to our college lives, by looking at it from arm’s length and only as a part of a longer existence, will many of us conclude that people just come and go? Think about it. Every year, wide-eyed freshmen enter the SE Auditorium, excited for what many say will be the “ride of their life;” a year later, baggy-eyed seniors don their sablays and agree that it was one hell of a ride, only it was faster and bumpier than they expected. Closer to home, every semester, we welcome new members into the world of Ecosoc; at the same time, we send-off people into the larger universe. The cycle repeats every year, with almost as many new entrants as retirees—the people change, but the School, our University, and our org all remain. But to reduce these people to mere membership inflows and outflows—as we oftentimes reduce the problem of poverty to mere tables and charts—is to underestimate what they really mean to us. The fact is, the seniors we send-off this semester are not faceless co-students who just come and go. In the few but meaningful years we have known them, they have become co-applicants, guardians, co-workers, mentors, or leaders of our organization. In many respects, they have become academic consultants, love gurus, matchmakers, or shoulders to cry on. They have become chat-mates on Y!M, best Facebook friends, and text-mates. They were our crushes, girlfriends,

boyfriends; we secretly admired some of them, just as a number of them secretly admired us. They have been our teammates, groupmates, casemates, Koreanmates, Anberlin-mates. They were part of our gambling ring during the months when pusoy dos, bridge, mahjong, or Monopoly Deal was the game of choice. Inside and outside of our academics, and inside and outside of Ecosoc, these seniors became our daily companions. Of course, just as we have good memories of these seniors, there have also been many flashpoints, when competition went past its (healthy) purpose, or when we have questioned their hegemony. Nevertheless, for tonight and through this token, we choose to celebrate the best in them—the traits that made them special, the stories we will tell our children, their heroic deeds and actions, the magnitude of their contribution to our great cause, and the reasons why, despite and because of the past four years, they are people we will never forget. It is our hope that when we meet again in the future, even as we recall our days in Econ and in Ecosoc, we have more insightful stories to tell: of new victories and even lessons from personal defeats; of how we have made good use of our UP education; of how we have strived to make a difference in our country; and of how, despite the years that have passed, we have continued to embody service, excellence, and tradition as we helped build a better world. As we have learned through our journey with them, people don’t just come and go; they invade our routines, leave a part of themselves behind, and depart not before they touch our lives in unimaginable and unique ways. Just as we have been forever changed by the lives of our seniors, we hope that we have made a difference in theirs as well. Congratulations, batch 2011!

Paolo Tamase President March 22, 2011

Agarma, Jovy Mariz V.

Member, Liaison Committee Member, Special Events Committee Jovy was my co-app in Ecosoc and my app crush. I didn’t know that she was two batches higher than me because she looks so young or I just look old. Our first conversation was about Adobe Photoshop—well, it didn’t go pretty well. We performed in the acquaintance party and she was like WOW and I was like ooh! She has a pretty face and I think everyone agrees that she looks like Katrina Halili. She was one of my late night chatmates where I learned much about her and I can say this woman from Bocaue, Bulacan is blest and has a bright future ahead of her. —Jason Tayawa I still remember how you were when you were a Liai app last year! You were funloving and always cheerful! You really went out of your way to get to know your co-apps and the rest of the Ecosocers. I’m really glad we got to know you even for a while. Thank you for allowing Ecosoc to meet you! Goodluck with whatever you choose to do in life! :) —Mads Salazar


Aguilar, Hendrick Christopher B. Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Secretariat Committee

Hendrick Aguilar was one of the most active individuals in Finance. He may not show up too often in Ecosoc, but his presence was felt during committee meetings and events. Though busy with his academic responsibilities, Hendrick always finds time to accomplish tasks that were assigned to him. He can balance his Ecosoc and academic commitments well, and that’s what makes him a good asset to the organization. —Gilbert Bueno Hendrick! I still can’t beleive that we never got to go out as Alistair suggested. Or perhaps that was really you just trying to be subtle. Regardless, I guess we’ll never know. But that aside, thank you for being one of the more active members of overdrive. From the spotlight during challange night to all the logistacal work, thanks. Love you lots, take care Hendrick. —Ben Bismark



Alcantara, Marie Catherine S. Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Academic Affairs Committee Member, Membership Committee

Cathy is an asset to any team she is assigned to. Despite having much on her plate, being batch representative, Internals Councilor, Council Chairperson, and now USC Councilor, Cathy never forgets her commitments to her jobs in Ecosoc. She may be a bigshot official outside the organization, but Cathy will never make you feel that she is higher than you. This is what makes Cathy so good as a leader—that she is able to humble herself before her constituents. Cathy is a blessing to both the Student Council and Ecosoc, having been able to show her love to both without any complaints. —Cocoy Vargas


Hay nako cathy! Ang haba haba talaga ng buhok mo! Haha joke lang, I don’t know what that means but you guys are always joking about that! Well I guess what I would really want to say to you is thank you-thanks for the friendship, leadership, and a whole lot of other shiPs. Haha I really learned a lot from you as a friend when you would share about things outside the council, how we’d just talk and have a good time. Just like during Henry’s band event at ride and rolltalking about pwedeng people. Second naman, I’d like to thank you for being a good chairperson. Even though you’d always tell me that you weren’t able to help, I never really believed that HAHA behind the scenes ka tumutulong eh! Kala mo di ko alam?? Ahhaha whenever I’d have an event, you’d always be in the back helping with everything else. Well I hope you really enjoy your new council! Econ will really not be the same without the likes of a cathy alcantara! —John Gan

Ame, Ma. Angela Kristina

Treasurer, UP Economics Society Chairperson, Finance Committee Director, Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Finance Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Lia Ame’s contribution to the organization can’t be taken for granted. She spearheaded successful fundraisers during her tenure as Finance Committee chairperson. Prior to this, she had also helped in other Finance projects as vice-chairperson. On her last semester in the organization, Lia Ame had opted to stay in the committee she’s been serving for a long time now. Her work in the committee did not falter even though she had commitments to CAP and her acads. —Gilbert Bueno Ate Liaaaa! Aww omg. You’re graduating na!!! Parang yesterday lang na I was trying to get your signature because you were a Fin VC when I was an app. Grabeeee. Who would’ve thought din that I’d be in your shoes now? (idiomatically lang. kasi alam kong hindi ko keri yung mga magandang shoes mo. Hahaha!) Thank you so much for making my first 2 sems as a mem awesome. I swear. I fell in love with Fin more because of the love we had for our committee. No bola there. Haha as in, ang fun lang na ang sobrang competitive natin. Losing was never an option for the BEST COMMITTEE EVAAAH. HAHA. Thank you rin because I’m where I am today because of everything I learned under your term. You were such a blessing to all of us so I hope God blesses you a thousand fold in your future. Fin loves you more than a million times the amount we earned! —Ica Ducanes



Anabo, David Joseph V.

Vice-chairperson, Sports Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Sports Committee Dave is a not only admirable for his athletic abilities but also for his intelligence. At first, he might seem shy but later on you get to discover that he can laugh and joke with you all day. You would always have a great time with Dave even just sitting down in the tambayan or playing futsal for fun. He is approachable, friendly and evidently a well-rounded student. He is a team player and has the initiative to lead or help a friend in need. Indeed, it is more than meets the eye with this four-eyed, awesome dude. —Myk Narciso Dave, goodluck.. You’ll need it. Hehe.. Pero seriously, salamat sa pagiging isang magaling na mentor at maraming salamat sa lahat ng tinuro mo sa akin.. Thank you very much at mamimiss ka ng ecosoc. PS At least di ka na magrereklamo na ako kakampi mo sa bridge.. Haha —Paul Ugalde


Asiddao, Carl Emmanuel Benedict

Assistant Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Sports Committee Member, Commission on Elections Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Sports Committee The ever so active Carl is someone you can always count on. May it be as the VC for transpo, senior batch rep, YFC chapter head, or even a classmate, you can see his dedication and hard work. This can also be seen inside the court where his great skills in basketball, among other sports, will leave you awe-struck. Even if he is a hotshot player, Carl is someone you can always rely on to comfort you when you are down and to give you advice when you need one. With his charming smile and his fun-loving personality, you will rarely meet such a great friend like him. —Gilbert Bueno <3 <3 >:D< -Ben Bismark Hey, Dad! I can’t believe you’re so close to graduating. I have learned a lot in the past two years and you have contributed so much to them. Thank you for being an extraordinary guardian and friend; you have given me and my co-wards a second family in Ecosoc. I love how even after our application, you are still there to guide us when we need you. Ecosoc is very lucky to have had a person as dedicated and talented as you. Nobody can ever replace you, you will surely be missed. Thank you for every fun memory and I hope you make a lot more with your life’s next chapter! —Bettina Ramas



Astudillo, Ma. Carmela Angel P. Associate Editor, Echoes Committee Layout Editor, Echoes Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, Secretariat Committee

Mia is the epitome of great things in small packages. She is incredibly smart, funny and has great taste in music and will be an excellent lawyer someday. I feel kind of bad stealing her from Echoes. :P —Cocoy Licaros Wow, you are finally graduating! Cheers to your four years or so in college! I really hope you do find yourself the right place in the “outside world.” Nevertheless, I know you will fit in just about anything as long as you use your exceptional talent in pub and writing coupled with a great deal of patience and wit. Having worked with you in Echoes and Ad Hoc had thought me that any person, however meek and petite, can come up with the biggest and boldest ideas. Thank you, Mia! Great things do come under five feet! —Horace Cimafranca


During my challenging stint as Ad Hoc Director, Mia was, to say the least, a blessing. Always reliable and ever helpful, Mia is a great help to any leader she is assigned to. Never jinarts and always willing to offer her services, Mia has been a great asset to Ecosoc. —Cocoy Vargas

Aw, Aaron James L.

Chairperson, Special Events Committee Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Special Events Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Member, Special Events Committee At first impression, people think of Aaron Aw as someone who could beat you up, bully small kids and take their lunch money. Although he does enjoy bullying shorter, smaller friends, your first impression of A is probably proven wrong. FUNNY, huggable, talented, smart, athletic and easy to talk to are probably some of the words you’d never think you could incorporate with A when you first see him. But you’ll later be proven wrong because he’s actually more than all these, he’s a great friend. Ecosoc won’t probably as FUNNY without him but he will definitely be missed. —Sel Ortiga Ang pagmamahal ko sayo parang langaw sa tae, kahit anong baho mo na, di kita matitiis. Labyu! —Jason Tayawa Words can’t express how much I will miss you. —JR Yambao Napamahal na atah ako sa ‘yo. —Henry Tan



Baquiran, Joshua

Vice-Chairperson, Special Events Committee Assistant Director, Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Sports Committee Joshua Hans is more than just a handsome name; it represents this person with a good heart and dance moves that will leave you in awe. He was born a dreamer with passion beyond imagination and would always aim for perfection. But also behind his strong façade, he is kind, loyal, fun and has a character of a gentleman. He inspires and helps others without expecting anything in return and is admired for his intelligence and wisdom. Indeed, he is unlike any other because he is the only Joshua Hans Baquiran. —Myk Narciso To the person who owns my heart,


This is it! The grandest moment in your life, so far… Truly, words are not enough to express how happy and proud I am of you. You have accomplished so much already and yet, you still continue reaching for your dreams, which is truly admirable. I look up to you because you inspire me to be the best. You never failed to make anyone feel special and your friends love you. You are the most amazing and incredible thing that ever happened to my life, Josh, and I am grateful for every moment we have. Continue conquering your dreams and know that I will be there for you all the way! Congrats, dear! —Patty Bucao

Barit, Kenna S.

Assistant Director, Ad Hoc Committee Assistant Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Finance Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Membership Committee If one will be asked to name one member who had been a great asset to the organization, one answer would be Kenna. She is very passionate about her work. What is asked of her, she does it not just “well,” but excellently. Kenna has been in the Finance Committee for a long time, and undoubtedly, her loyalty to the committee would be seen through her great contributions, especially in marketing. Kenna’s work wasn’t limited to Ecosoc only. She also served as Assistant Director for marketing in CAP were she greatly delivered. With these experiences and dedication, Kenna will surely go a long way. —Gilbert Bueno Hi Kenna! Nako-nako, eto na ang pinakahihintay mo. Graduation na. Kaunti na lang, ikaw na ang magdidikta sa kung san ka pupunta sa buhay. Mukha ngang mahirap, pero I’m sure, kaya mo yan. Kaw pa. Nakekwento mo dati yung mga pinagdaanan mo sa ecosoc. Yung sabi mong tumakbo ka for chair sa finance, tapos yung mga iba pa, you know. Haha. Pero eto ka, masayahin pa rin, at puno ng energy. Salamat sa pagtulong sakin sa MC kahit na hindi ako nakapag-audition. At galingan mo sa susunod na part ng buhay mo. Happy Graduation Day! Matagal-tagal pa ako, pero salamat! —Nathan Legacion



Bathan, Roxanne

Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Special Events Committee Assistant Director, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, Membership Committee Member, Special Events Committee Ecosoc wishes you well in your future endeavors! —editors


Dear Rox, when I was an applicant you were one of the friendly members. I still remember you as one of the Spev Vice chairs and one of the little twin stars of Spev. Haha. You even signed my sigsheet right away! Awww memories. Hahaha. Fast forward to 2nd semester and my 1st semester as a Memcom VC..remember our first project together? Super stressful but worth it TBS! I’ll never forget those days and I’m glad I was able to work with someone like you. Thank you for agreeing to be part of Memcom during my 1st sem. You always did the tasks assigned to you and submitted them on time. I really appreciate all the effort you showed Memcom. Rox, Ecosoc missed you sooo much especially when you chose to file for inactivity :( I feel bad for the people who weren’t able to work with you or get to know you. But it’s okay! I know you were able to use your time off wisely—to prepare you for your chosen career path. I know you’ll succeed with all your skills. I feel blessed to have met someone like you in college. Good luck with your job! We will miss you :) —Janna Ong

Bayhon, Camille Frances Winona Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Assistant Director, Ad Hoc Committee Member, Membership Committee Member, Secretariat Committee

Cams is a bottomless pool of talent. From Ad Hoc-TF director to singer, to photographer, to all around excellent member, we have been very blessed with the quality of work she has whole heartedly given us. —Cocoy Licaros My fellow roadtrip mate during scav hunt, You and RJ were one the reasons I enjoyed Scav Hunt so much. From the trip to alabang and jokes about going to Tagaytay, Fox’s candy for lunch along with a few cookies, hilarious phone calls, listening to the GPS and even playing bridge during the traffic, I would never forget any of those moments. You’re creativity seems to be endless, keep up the good work in photography! Hopefully we’ll still see each other in the future or everyone in RJ’s car actually goes to Tagaytay haha. —Ayla Reyes



Cabuloy, Lorreine

Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Special Events Committee Loreine Michelle Cabuloy, more known by Ecosocers as Reine, was the App Head of the Golden applicant batch. Through her enthusiasm and friendliness, she was able to lead the batch into finishing events that were required for them to organize such as Challenge Night and the Acquaintance Party. After the application, Reine continued contributing to the organization even though she wasn’t as visible as when she was an applicant. On her last semester, she continued giving back to her beloved organization through the Finance Committee. She never compromised her contribution to the organization even with academics being so demanding. —Gilbert Bueno Hey Reine! Just wanted to say that you’re taste in music is so cool. I never expected it from a dainty girl like yourself. Keep on rocking, especially in your band! —Kenneth Reyes


Castro, Kacel

Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, External Affairs Committee Member, Sports Committee A transferee from UA&P, Kacel entered UP as a BA Araling Pilipino student. After a year, she made her way to Econ and found her home. Kacel is an athletic lass who plays Badminton very well. (In fact, she tried playing for the university but then chose not to continue with the training.) Nevertheless, she continued to represent UP Ecosoc and Econ as a key player in sportsfests. Kacel is part of the Livewire batch, was an Externals Committee applicant, and was awarded Outstanding Applicant. Kacel, together with Myk, had a total of eight wards, five of whom are now members of the organization. —Myk Narciso Hey Kacel! Thank you for being my Co-Guardian for two semesters. I really enjoyed the experience. Ang dami nating anak. Hindi man lahat pumasa, alam ko magaling pa rin tayo. Tayo nga lang GW family na may shirt e! Also, I would like to thank you for that plansem ride to Batangas. I believe that plansem solidified our friendship and it really made us closer. Remember nung masakit tiyan natin? Haha! Thank you for everything. I know these past few days have been really hard for you. Just remember that Chila, Dhiren, Carlos, Early, Taking, Risa and Tong are always here for you. We love you! —Myk Narciso



Catral, Katrina

Member, Liaison Committee Kat is a very quiet person but she loved the org well. Reliable and helpful, she tried her best to integrate herself into the committee despite her other commitments. Her smiling face is already an Econ regular and she will surely be missed. —Mads Salazar Good luck Kat! Visit us once in a while! —Mads Salazar


Dadivas, Maria Annika

Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, External Affairs Committee Member, Sports Committee Annika is one of the most dedicated seniors of Ecosoc. Senioritis never stopped her from being present in almost all the Ecosoc events, participating in games and cheering for Externals. You’d also be surprised at how many bright ideas she has. It’s amazing how many points of view she can bring to the table—and that’s what many people admire about her. As she enters the real world, surely her wit and charm will make it a better place. Good luck Annika and thank you for everything! —Reg Reinoso Hi Annika! I know we’re not that close pero I’d like to say that you’re so nice! Hahaha! Randomly nagkakilala tayo during Chase’s campaign last year and I think we became closer during JSSCP! Can’t believe na wala nang mangungulit sa akin everytime na may magbebenta. Hahaha! Visit the tambayan pa rin and ako naman na magbebenta sa ‘yo! Just continue your dedication to what you’re doing and magiging successful ka in life. Good luck to all your undertakings, to your career, and to your love life! Haha! We’ll miss you! —Mark Matibag



De Jesus, Ma. Monina Elisha A.

Assistant Director, Task Force Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Membership Committee Member, Special Events Committee Misha De Jesus has been known for her angelic voice. Being a constant caroler in all of years in Ecosoc, she has been a great help in raising funds for the organization’s scholars. But many people don’t know that beyond her angelic voice, she has also been a “mom” to many sophomores. Sophomores would always share to her because she’ll always find a way to help the sophomores out. She has been a good guidance and role model to the “young ones.” Many would agree that she has truly been a very caring and loving member of the organization. She is a “mom” no one would ever forget. —Enzo Clemente


When I interned for Ad Hoc-Task Force, you were one of the few I easily got comfortable working with because of your warmth and care for me, especially when I had my crutches, even though we just met. Now, I feel so grateful because you’re treating me as one of your babies (kahit hindi mo ako staff sa CAP). Thank you for lending your ears when we rant, for hugging us when we need it most, for cheering us up when we feel so upset, and for being our friend and mommy in UP. Now that you’re graduating, paano na kaming babies mo? Aww! We will definitely miss you! Congratulations, mommy! Good luck! WE LOVE YOU! *hugssssss* —Jess Bodo

Dela Cruz, Francesca Mae

Director, Ad Hoc Committee Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Membership Committee Member, Membership Committee A strong-willed woman with a passion as intense as her sense of fashion: this is Chesca de la Cruz. She is unfazed by obstacles thrown at her, and defeat does not bring her down. Her spirit is unsumountable, and makes her admirable in every sense of the word. Ecosoc has benefited multiple times from her overflowing talent and creativity, and she does not grow tired of sharing it with the organization. She is a person who knows how to love, and does so with much intensity and much passion. All of these make up the legacy of this woman who has been one of Ecosoc’s greatest assets. —Cocoy Vargas Hi Chesca! :) Congratulations on graduating. I’ll really miss you! :) Lalo na yung mga baton pass and inuman sessions natin every Friday, I will really miss all you seniors. all of you have been my close friends ever since I got in UP. Visit us sa tambaya ah! Specially pag may work ka na. Libre mo kami on your first pay. Thanks for everything Chesca! I will really miss you :) —Enzo Clemente



Delantar, Cheyence

Member, Academic Affairs Committee Member, Sports Committee Cheyence has been in Acad for as long as I can remember (except for a semester when she was in Sports). I did not expect her to come back to Acad, but she did. In her final semester, she was very active in the committee as she helped out in this semester’s power event, UP Front. Despite being busy with her undergraduate thesis, she would always ask how she can help in any way. I really appreciated this gesture to take initiative in helping the committee. Good luck Cheyence! I know that you would do great in whichever path you take in the future! —Reuel Realin


The first time I was able to get to know you more was through TBS and we were part of team Suspense. It was fun playing bridge with you at TBS and at the Tambayan, especially whenever you’re so excited to play. Thank you so much for attending CDC with Alumni this sem. It was great seeing you there and having fun with the kids even though you didn’t have to attend CDC anymore. I can see how much you care about Ecosoc and I only wish I got to know you sooner. —Ayla Reyes

Dulay, Dean Gerard C.

Chairperson, Academic Affairs Committee Junior Officer, Junior Philippine Economics Society Vice-chairperson, Academic Affairs Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Constitutional Committee Member, Academic Affairs Committee Member, Liaison Committee Dean is a very passionate man. Most people know him as the guy that always speaks English and talks really fast but his intelligence and wisdom are unmatchable. The best part about his gift is his willingness to share it. We always see Dean talking to an undergrad or a batchmate, seemingly counseling him or her and being so willing to listen. That’s the guy Dean really is. He cares so much about the organization and its members and will really let us feel that. His familiar mannerisms and voice will be missed but his care and wit will be missed even more. There’s no doubt that you’ll be great! We’ll miss you and goodluck! Active alumni? “Yeah yeah yeah!” —Mads Salazar Hey Dean! Congrats on NYC and of course, on graduating! haha... Thank you for everything, especially our random talks. You really are fun to talk to. haha. Goodluck! —Simone Carpio



Echiverri, Katherine

Member, Finance Committee The resident TV personality of Ecosoc, Trishka is stunning on the outside and spontaneous on the inside. She is a person that one will never forget meeting. She is good at making conversations interesting, which is why people love talking to her. As a host and even a singer, she is extremely gifted and yet she is very humble about them. Definitely a model of beauty and brains, this senior is an asset to Ecosoc, one that can never be replaced by anyone. —Gilbert Bueno Trishka! It feels like it feels like its been so long since we got to hang out. I’ll definately miss the carbonara, the karaoke and GW moments we had. Along with your brother who I never got to meeet. Thanks for sharing your hosting skills which were used and abused. Miss you lots. We should go out this summer! Introduce me to all your basketball playing friends PS sana hot. Take care Trishka! Wuv you oddles. -Ben Bismark


Enriquez, Oliver Godfrey President, UP Economics Society Chairperson, Ad Hoc Committee Chairperson, Sports Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Membership Committee

Ogie Enriquez is surely one member of Ecosoc that no one will ever forget. Ogie is one the greatest motivators in Ecosoc. His inspiring words would always make any member work harder and perform his/her best. From being one of the best Sports Committee Chairperson to being the President of the organization himself, he has surely put on a great legacy in Ecosoc. Ogie is one heck of a workhorse. He has always been there for Ecosoc, and always gives 100% in everything he does for Ecosoc. His “all-out” and “give everything he’s got” performance in our Society is something all members of Ecosoc should look up to. —Enzo Clemente Whether you know or not (and whether you meant to or not), I learned a lot of things from you when you were President, especially when it comes to dealing with people. I am thankful for your advice and your constant effort to help out, for which I will always admire you. Thank you also for being patient but passionate, and for always pushing people to do better. Know always that just as you love Ecosoc, we love you also. Enjoy life after college! Eat and work out! —Paolo Tamase



Gamos, Josephine M.

Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Director, Task Force Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Community Development Committee Member, Special Events Committee People often perceive her as someone with a strong personality but when one experiences her company, he/she will find out that she is more than just having a strong personality. She gives without expecting anything in return and even though she is busy with things, she would definitely lend a hand whenever she can. Ate Jo is a smart, sweet, thoughtful and generous woman. She knows how to take care of her relationships that is why no doubt her friends love her dearly. Even children love her company. No matter what the world will give her, we’re sure that in the end she’ll still be standing. Congratulations Ate Jo! —Faye Ferrer


To one of my favorite seniors in Ecosoc, NAKS! Are you flattered? Hahaa kidding. No bola yan. I am currently reminiscing about our GW tasks. Remember that rainy day when we were soaking wet then rode the jeep pa! Priceless. I’ll never forget that day!.Awwww to my guardian, Thank you for helping me pass Ecosoc and supporting my in my endeavors. Kahit sa CAP na ako nagactive you still supported meee. I really appreciate that. I love that we still get to chat –outside the tambayan or in BA or wherever even if we don’t see each other that much anymoreee. Please get facebook after you graduate so I’ll know the latest chismis about you hahaha kidding. Or visit us parin! Go to CDCs because I am sure Angel will miss you. Aww. Even if I am not your legit child, you treated me like your own! I will miss you so much JoGa Mos. I love you! —Janna Ong

Garcia, Patrishia Anne M.

President, Philippine Council for Economics Students Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Junior Representative, Philippine Council for Economics Students Assistant Director, Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Finance Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Membership Committee Member, Academic Affairs Committee Pat Garcia has been the “biggest ate” for many Ecosocers despite her relatively small size. You’ll already know that she’s in the tambayan once you hear that small, “pacute” voice (Kidding Ate Pat!) Ate Pat, as I always refer to her since, is the one sure girl who’ll always be there for any Ecosocer. As a member of the Memcom for three semesters already, she has shown to everyone what being an Ecosocer really means. She is truly an inspiration for many Ecosocers. —Enzo Clemente Hi Ate Pat! Yan, feeling ko never na macchange yung “Ate Pat” kong tawag sayo no matter what happanes. Ever since my first day in Ecosoc, you have been an “ate” to me. Now na you’re graduating, I don’t know kung may matatawag pa akong “ate” ulit. I know medyo cheesy but you’ll always be my ate here in Ecosoc. I’ll really miss our bonding sessions (inuman and spontaneous dinners in Rodics). Maimmiss ko yung mga hatid ko sayo sa house mo pag galing sa mga Friday Night sessions natin. Or simply put it, mamimiss lang talaga kita. I want to thank you for everything! —Enzo Clemente



Garcia, Dominic B.

Member, Commission on Elections Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Secretariat Committee Dom is the guy every other guy secretly wants to be like (or at least I do): laid back, funny, unassumingly smart, friendly, and crazy athletic to boot. He consistently amazes me with his depth of talent, creativity, and love for the arts. I will be forever thankful to him for introducing me to the world of Fables. —Cocoy Licaros Hello Dom! If you’re reading this right now, I bet you haven’t treated us COMELEC yet :)) HAHA. Joke! Hindi naman talaga yun yung habol diba, kundi yung celebration of a job well done :D Yay! Congratulations to the early submission of the thesis, and sa graduation na rin. Mamimiss ko yung jamming natin :( But it was fun while it lasted. Ingat sa life after college and God bless! Stay being that cheerful guy! :) —Irene Arzadon


Go, Carlo Miguel Romeo S.

Assistant Director, Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Academic Affairs Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, Academic Affairs Committee Member, Membership Committee It is without a doubt that Carlo Go is a person brimming with vigor. His passion manifests itself through his competitiveness, loudness, and sheer eagerness. His passion has helped him pull off projects as big as the National Youth Congress or as simple as the dance number of Memcom’s candidate in Grand Trad. —Cocoy Vargas CARLO GO!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU ALREADY! I always admired your strength and composure in the midst of all the stress in your academics, extra-curricular, and personal life haha! Sobrang galing mo mag balance ng mga responsibilities and it’s like you have all the time in the world. Econ Rep ka na nga pero hindi mo pa rin iniwan ang Ecosoc, AIESEC and your friends. I really like the strong bond that you have with your college barkada. I also admire your value for friendship. You don’t care what other people think. You just do what you do and say what you wanna say. Sobrang mamimiss kita kahit na ineechos mo ako lagi. Pero na realize ko dun kasi tayo nagbobond HAHA! I’ll also miss your theatrical performances. Galing mo talaga! And may you someday follow your dream! I know you’ll do more wonders after college. That’s just who you are. You don’t settle for anything but the best. I’m so lucky to have met you. GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR LOVE LIFE HAHAHA! —Noreen Apuhin



Go, Laurence Anthony

Vice-president, UP Economics Society Chairperson, Task Force Committee Director, Ad Hoc Committee Vice-chairperson, Membership Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Membership Committee GOD. When you even start to describe Laurence Go, it’s hard not to associate him with GOD. Laurence isn’t just someone who can bag high grades or motivate a group. He’s someone you look for to help you out with academics, to give you a hug when you’re stressed or simply to talk to when you’re bored. He’s not just someone who you look up to; he’s someone you want to be good friends with and will be a good friend to you. Ecosoc without Laurence would be close to dying. But as blasphemous as it sounds, Laurence Go performed miracles for Ecosoc. —Sel Ortiga


I don’t think 100 words would be enough for me to even begin to thank you for what you’ve done for Ecosoc and for me as a friend! But lemme try anyway. Haha. Thank you for being: Golden’s invisible Memcom VC, a co-director for ZH, a 99.2 tutor, a SUPER VP to the Cliquish, an SUPERDUPER TF chair to Taskforce, and a friend to run to during Chrome. Ang panget. Anyway! I have no idea what life would be like without you to rant to, to talk to or to make me feel better. In behalf of Ecosoc, THANK YOU for everything! We’ll super duper miss you! —Sel Ortiga

Go, John Reyneil

News Editor, Echoes Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Member, Secretariat Committee If you’re student number is 2009 and younger, you’d never get to match Reyneil Go to a face. Known as the applicant who deferred after participating in Grand Trad, people always wonder what made Reyneil come back to Ecosoc a second time around. Being a news editor for Echoes for more than one semester showed that even if he didn’t show himself much, he did enjoy the work. Even if you’d be considered lucky to get his signature in your sigsheet, Reyneil still has given so much to Ecosoc and is someone everyone (well, at least those with student numbers 2008 and older) will really miss. —Sel Ortiga Kahit di ka na nagpakita towards the end of your college life, I just wanted to tell you that you really did play a big part in Ecosoc. Our Challenge Night wouldn’t have had yummy food if it weren’t for Go Catering, or Seccom wouldn’t have had nice pictures in the Blueprint sigsheet if it weren’t for you and Black Sheep #1. I guess I just wanted to say thank you because even if people think that you’re not visible at all, your work for Ecosoc was really appreciated despite the invisibility! You will truly be missed! Good luck in the after college life! —Sel Ortiga



Hotchkiss, Steven

Staff, Task Force Committee Member, External Affairs Committee Member, Special Events Committee I met him in my second semester under A. At first, he had a very intimidating presence in Ecosoc. I didn’t really know him because he was out in my app sem. I heard he sings well and, hot damn, he does. He was the vocal coach for Miguel for Grand Trad and all I can say is, he was very strict about it. Was it necessary? Well, we won. But he was not as bad as I expected. We got to drink a few beers with the Wednesday people. It is a miracle what a couple of beers can do. Cheers man! Good luck! —Jason Tayawa


You don’t know (or maybe you do, but I’m assuming you’re humbler, haha) how much we will miss you! From conducting our app batch performances to preparing Miguel for Grand Trad, singing during programs, and showing your support for Ecosoc, you’ve proven that you’re someone who is rightfully admired. We will never forget your self-deprecation (mixed with self-praise), your insights, and your willingness to share your talents with your organization and friends. We (especially your co-apps) will miss you! —Paolo Tamase

Huang, Raymond Joseph

Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Secretariat Committee Member, Sports Committee RJ is one of the most head-strong people I know. Known for being stubborn and often short-tempered, his personality belies a firm sense of principle and dedication to his work and to the people around him. Rarely will you find anyone as certain and as confident of where he stands as RJ. —Cocoy Licaros RJ! graduate ka na. :))) anyways, super nice na naging guardian kita kahit hindi tayo nakapagbonding. Kahit naman sa tambs langtodo bonding na eh. ayun. goodluck sa life mo after college. me and my co-ward wish you success. kaya mo yan! :bd —Justine Bernabe (your not favorite ward)



Jimenez, Darrel John P.

President, Junior Philippine Economics Society Junior Representative, Junior Philippine Economics Society Vice-chairperson, Community Development Committee Member, Community Development Committee Member, External Affairs Committee Mr. President! Darrel was the president of JPES, one of the biggest Economic societies in the Philippines, so there’s no doubt that his task was a tedious one. But even though he held countless responsibilities, he still managed to be one of the most active seniors of Ecosoc. And although he may seem scary at first, once you get to know him, you’ll see that he’s one of the most supportive people you’ll ever meet. He’s a great leader and a great friend. It’s almost certain that success will come his way. Universe, get ready because Mr. President is about to take over! —Reg Reinoso


You will never be missed here in Ecosoc. You are the worst guardian ever. You didn’t even help me with my application process. Haha! Joke! Pag bumalik ka ng ecosoc, libre ah. Let’s hangout with Ate Cherish and Ate Gel soon. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for ecosoc. Haha! —Gilbert Bueno

Kho, Maximillian O.

Member, Academic Affairs Committee Member, External Affairs Committee Member, Liaison Committee Zim, who served as the Livewire app head, is a responsible student leader who is active in several worthy endeavors. This ambitious soul will sure go a long way in life. —editors ZIM! Happy graduation! Sorry di ako super active this sem sa department natin. I’m doing enough naman as a member. But I’m very glad to know you very well as a person and as a leader! I admire your leadership skills, smartness, and pagiging friendly! I know di tayo sa Ecosoc naging close, but still thank you for the guidance, for everything you have shared with me, and for trusting me! Congratulations on your graduation! Good luck sa pagiging MCVPOGX! I know you can deliver very well. See you around! God bless! —Mark Matibag



Lanceras, Lianne Keneth M. Managing Editor, Echoes Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee

Ate Lianne is someone who you know will be there when she says she will. A helpful sales member and an awesome Finance member, Fin would definitely be losing a lot next semester without her. —Gilbert Bueno Lianne, congratulations! Alam ko naman na ang future mo ay sa mga stocks at derivatives. Haha. I hope na maiangat mo yung PSE dahil sa investment at financing efforts mo in the future. Hahaha. Go Lianne! —Tin Cunanan


Lazo, Kimberly Camille

Vice-chairperson, External Affairs Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Member, External Affairs Committee By the end of the previous semester, Kimmie expressed her want to remain in Acad. Her work in last semester’s National Youth Congress has been exceptional. As one of the senior members of the organization, I have respected Kimmie as her experiences as an Ecosocer has added value to Acad and to the other committees as well. Thank you Kimmie, and I believe that you can do well in the future. —Reuel Realin NANAY KIMMIE ♥ Di ko inakala na ang simpleng guardian-ward bonding tatagal ng ganito at magiging ganito. ♥ To my forever spazzmate, nanay, ate and kasama sa lahat ng kalokohan, I WILL MISS YOU! I know we still have summer and June – July to enjoy, pero iba na kapag wala ka sa school lagi. Wala na akong kasamang tumakas at ibang stuff. Huhu. But... Remember where it all started. 난 너를 정말 그리울 거예요. 사랑해요 언니. ♥ Forever Anak, Bianca ^^



Li, Reginald Siegfrid O.

Vice-chairperson, Membership Committee Member, Membership Committee Member, Secretariat Committee Member, Special Events Committee It’s funny how a guy as big as Regi Li could be so hard to find in the tambayan—in fact, Regi Li was a rare sighting in the realm of Ecosoc. This was true until he became a guardian, a feat that resulted to four of Ecosoc’s most outstanding leaders; and by a complete twist of fate, Memcom Vice Chairperson. During his stint of activity in the org, he was able to touch so many people with his infectious vivacity and constant fits of happiness. This gentle giant has a heart as big as he is, and one shouldn’t let the rare opportunity of getting to know him pass. —Cocoy Vargas Regi Li, you may not always be around but you will always have a mark on the hearts of the people whom you’ve touched with your gentle soul. :) Cheers to one of the best guardians anyone can ever ask for! —Cocoy Vargas


I’ll miss you :( Teach me about your stocks activities when you become super good at it, which I know you will be soon! Hihihi! And don’t worry, you’re a genius no matter what the title says!- Mads Salazar

Lilagan, Llorente V.

Member, Community Development Committee Member, Secretariat Committee Totoy is like my older brother from another mother. Known more popularly as Ecosoc’s resident manyak, Totoy is actually a pretty gentlemanly fellow who just happens to be too honest at inappropriate times (like around women). A frequent drinking buddy and a great friend, I look forward to seeing Totoy at UP law, God willing. —Cocoy Licaros Congratulations for making UP LAW. Grabe, hindi ka na nag-aaral tapos pinapasa-pasa mo lang yung mga law exam. Good luck! You will have MORE cases and more READING that, I know you won’t like. Thank you for: - times na naglibre ka - inuman sessions - times you were FORCED to drive my car - the memories and memories that I can’t remember You have taught me different things that I will not forget in a long time like: - Bente kada ngipin - Maniac yan, tago lang - Wag mag-swimming kung lasing, pwede malunod - Ang class cut parang leave sa trabaho, bakit hindi mo uubusin?


But most of all, thank you for being a part of my college life as one of my friends and teaching me values about life in general. Thanks! —Van Valdez


Limgenco, Jeanne Rachel T.

Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Member, Secretariat Committee Jeanne is the type of person that just exudes excellence. You don’t have to see her work to know that she’s capable of great things. (Maybe it’s because she’s Chinese :D) She might not have been around that much in Seccom but still she never made it hard for me to be her commhead. Pitching in whenever she can and always on time with the deliverables, all the while kicking ass and taking names elsewhere while making it look like a cake walk. —Cocoy Licaros To Mommy Jeanne, grabe ang bilis, maggraduate ka na. But working with and for you for one year was super fulfilling! You know na what I told you through email, basta remain as the sweet mommy and wag mastress masyado!I know you’re very capable in doing anything! Ingat and God bless! PS. I love his dp hihihi —Irene Arzadon


Manipon, Jessica J.

Director, Task Force Committee News Editor, Echoes Committee Features Editor, Echoes Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, Secretariat Committee Member, Sports Committee Jes is probably the closest female friend I’ve ever had next to my older sister. She is incredibly smart, funny, and she possesses the most refreshing sense of sarcasm and realism I’ve ever had the pleasure of being exposed to. Also a frequent drinking buddy and fellow Golden co-app, I value her insights and opinions very highly. —Cocoy Licaros Hi Jes! Hindi mo lang alam pero ikaw ang first “idol” ko sa Econ kasi GG ka namin. hahaha! Mamimiss ko yung times na sabay tayo uuwi, and kwentuhan natin. I know Econ will truly miss you! Dalaw ka lang ah pero I doubt it kasi magiging sobrang busy ka na HAHA and probably you’ll be studying abroad? Anyway, ingat lagi at God bless! —Irene Arzadon



Okada, Maiko Y.

Chairperson, Liaison Committee Director, Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Liaison Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Liaison Committee Maiko was definitely not just another Ecosoc member. She had her stint as the head of the Liaison Committee and there’s no doubt that she tried to incorporate new activities and services into the committee. More than the work, she will always be remembered as the super caring orgmate and friend. It’s easy to spot her in a crowd because of her cheerful personality and always-smiling face. She’s one of the most caring and sincere people we know and she will surely be missed. Goodluck, (Ate) Maiko! We’ll see you soon! —Mads Salazar


ATE MAIKO!! I super miss you! I’m so glad you’re happy and that you’ve been happy for a while now. You deserve to smile :) Thank you so much for seeing the potential that you saw in me. I will always owe all of what I’m doing now to you! Thank you for being so open to helping me out and guiding me when I’m a bit confused. Liai is my home because of you and Ate Roda and I’ll always cherish that. I’ll miss you! Please stay in touch and visit!! ALUMNI :”> Haha love you! :) —Mads Salazar

Oricio, Karen

Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Director, Task Force Committee Managing Editor, Echoes Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Member, Finance Committee To say that Kim is a hard worker is an understatement. Whatever is asked of her, she delivers. She may have only been part of the Finance Committee this semester, but even in other committees like Echoes, Ad Hoc, or Task Force, you will see how dedicated she is as an Ecosoc member. —Gilbert Bueno KIMMIE! Our game! I wish we could’ve played it at least one more time. I’ll miss working with you in council. I’m sorry I never got to take over your position but I promise that what I’ve learned from you will still be used. I’ll help Diane out even though she’s not you. PROMISE. For all the random hugs and secret sharing moments, thanks Kim. You’re the best and even though you’re not sure where you’re gonna work after college, I know you’ll do great. You’re the best marketing woman I’ve ever met, no hyperbole there. Love you Kim, don’t change ever.- Ben Bismark



Parel, Maria Carmela C.

Public Relations Officer, UP Economics Society Chairperson, External Affairs Committee Vice-chairperson, External Affairs Committee Member, External Affairs Committee Ella is a wonderful person who served as an awesome External Affairs Chairperson. Her kindness exhibits not just to her batchmates but also to Ecosocers of lower batches. She doesn’t distinguish between different barkadas because for her, the whole of Ecosoc is a friend. So too will Ella forever be a friend of Ecosoc’s. —editors Dear Ella,


Naaalala ko dati, sabi ko sa’yo “wag ka mag-alala, matagal pa naman yung year, sulitin natin yung time na nandito ka sa UP”. Pero ngayon, eto na. Sa short message na to, gusto ko lang sabihin na thank you. Thank you sa sandaling oras na nakasama kita sa UP. Next schoolyear, magtatrabaho ka na, iiwan mo na kami, pero one thing’s for sure - di ka namin malilimutan. Bisita ka pa rin sa tambayan ah! I’ll see you around Mamimiss ka namin, lalo na ako. PS. Bawal umiyak. Aalis ka nga pero dito ka pa rin sa puso namin HAHAHA —Miguel Andres

Patron, Karlo Miguel

Vice-president, UP Economics Society Chairperson, Task Force Committee Assistant Director, Task Force Committee Vice-chairperson, Sports Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, Secretariat Committee Member, Sports Committee Karlo has the very special gift of being able to talk people into doing anything. He actually managed to get twenty or so people to stare at clouds for half an hour then make them write fake haikus about them. Unbelievable. Known better in Ecosoc for his hosting talents and skills with a football, he also served Ecosoc as its vice-president. Hard to believe that someone as goofy and easy-going as Karlo could possess so much talent, but he does and Ecosoc has benefitted from him more than it can possibly thank him for. —Cocoy Licaros To my handsome, spontaneous friend, Yes, that is a compliment and I’m pretty sure you are not surprised. I am writing this because I want the readers to know how amazing you are and what a blessing you have been to my life. The list of good things about you is endless and I cannot imagine anyone not remembering any good memory of or with you. You don’t have any doubts in helping a friend or making a new one. I always admire your confidence and faith. Continue inspiring others as you have inspired me. Thank you and I am seriously going to miss you. —Patty Bucao



Santiago, Jessyka Mae N.

Co-chairperson, Task Force Committee Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Assistant Director, Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Membership Committee Whether it’s being a back-up dancer during Grandtrad or an assistant of a band, Ate Yka is definitely game for it. She was one of the more active seniors in the Finance Committee. What else can you expect from a former Task Force co-chairperson? Yka is truly someone you can count on. —Gilbert Bueno Hello Ate Yka Mae ♥ 안녕하세요~~ Wag ka mag-alala, everything will be okay! Lagi naman eh, di ba? I will pray for it! And Ate Yka, I will always be thankful that I got to know you. Thank you for everything, for listening and for not listening to Ma’am sa 186! Thank you for being a great 언니 ♥


Don’t forget me or else I’ll forget you! Alam na! I love you Ate Yka! I will miss you ♥ Love lots, Andy ^^

Santos, Patrick Allen

Assistant Director, Ad Hoc Committee Assistant Director, Task Force Committee Photos Editor, Echoes Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Liaison Committee More than just the guy that can make the posters and videos, Patrick is a very reliable guy. He did the artistic stuff so well but he was always willing to do more than that. There are times when he was really quiet but when he spoke, his input was so insightful. We’re more than blessed to have been able to work with him through Ecosoc. It won’t be a surprise if he does exceptionally well in whatever field he chooses. Good luck and thank you, Patrick! See you when you visit us! —Mads Salazar Hey Patrick! I never really got close to you before. It was only during this final year where we really had to work together in the council plus all those times that we would commute together on the way home! Well I realized na ang ok mo palang tao! Hindi lang limited to making pub mats and videos! Sayang sa last year ninyo na tsaka ko kayo nagging close-mga seniors! I really wish that you get to live your dreams of experiencing how college life is abroad and enjoy what you’ll be doing there and after college! Don’t stop working on your pub skills, tuloy mo lang yun! Hahaha fine arts maybe? Good luck din pala sa thesis ninyo ni Dean! Haha and lastly, thanks for everything man, my junior year would not have been this great if it weren’t for you. —John Gan



Sarmiento, Willie, Jr.

Vice-chairperson, External Affairs Committee Assistant Director, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, External Affairs Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Secretariat Committee “If there’s a Wil, there’s a J.” Wil-J is probably most known for being one of the coolest radio DJs on air, and of course for being the ultimate ladies’ man. But putting that all aside, you’ll see how amazing this guy really is. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and a good heart to go with it. If you need anyone to listen to your problems, Wil-J’s always there. It’s pretty rare to find guys who’re as sensitive and caring as he is. Although his journey in Ecosoc is over, he’ll always be our favorite DJ and friend. —Reg Reinoso


Hey will-j! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re graduating already! hahaha. Well, I wanna say thank you for everything... for the car rides, for helping me with 172, for our “song” talks. haha. You really are a great friend! And I wish you all the best as you enter the “real” world. haha :P just remember that we’ll always be here if you need anything. Goodluck! —Simone Carpio

Silva, Nikko Emmanuel D.

Member, Commission on Elections Member, Academic Affairs Committee Member, Finance Committee Nikko has been one of the most reliable members of the committee. I could say that Nikko helped out to the best of his abilities. He has helped the members of the organization prepare for their exams by facilitating discussion groups. I could even remember when Cheenie and I were taking macroeconomics; he readily helped us out when we consulted him whenever we had difficulty grasping the concepts. I would consider Nikko to be one of the most brilliant minds of the organization, and moreover, his humility is a characteristic that everyone should emulate. —Reuel Realin Tall, smart and handawesome (haha) / They say that’s what you are. / That’s why we often bug you / With econ concepts we find hard. We wonder if you ever get tired / Of us saying “Paturo!” / We hope you feel appreciated / And not the opposite which is jaded. Thank you for the being the best, / And for helping Acad and the rest! / Indeed you’re someone we look up to, / Literally and figuratively too. Now you are graduating, / Congratulations and / Good luck in what you’ll be doing! You’ll certainly be missed. / Nikko Silva, hope you liked this! —Reuel Realin



Suguitan, Carlo Emmanuel

Director, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Liaison Committee Member, Membership Committee Chase is very spirited. You will always feel his presence when he is around and you will never be bored with him. Very witty, you never want to be against him in competitions because he hates losing. Most importantly, Chase is a true friend. He is incredibly honest with everyone. It would be one’s honor to be close to him. —Gilbert Bueno


A big reason why I am where I’m at today is because you pushed me to do so. I’m so thankful because you believed in me! At first I thought it was just really random but I know you were coming from a good place. Your honesty and critical mind also taught me to be braver and to fight for what I believe in! I’ll miss all your hirits and random kwento and gossip! There’s no doubt that you’ll do great in whatever you decide to do :) Thank you again for taking me under your wing and for welcoming me wholeheartedly into college and all the fun that I could find in it! I’ll miss you Chaseee! —Mads Salazar

Tolentino, Carlos II L.

Chairperson, Community Development Committee Vice-chairperson, Community Development Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Community Development Committee You might remember him as someone who snatches people’s lunch and someone who is fond of wearing brown! Although not everyone knows how this man has a great vision for the organization as well as for our country. He believes so much in the value of education that he himself is determined to continue learning. I know this man will go far in the future! And besides, he’s the only guy who can pull off an all-brown outfit and the guy who doesn’t only snatch food but has also snatched someone’s heart. Congratulations Jay! You will be missed! —Faye Ferrer Jay Jay Jay! First of all, congratulations because I know that your stay here in Ecosoc was worth it! Especially that you were able to find the love of your life here. Thank you for everything and for being an important part of my college life. I will always cherish our CDC moments. I gained a lot of experience from working with you. Most importantly, I found a friend in you. Stop echos-ing me! Hahahaha. Di ka tatama ng hula. Good luck with you and ate Gel! Love you both! Stay happy, in love, and fat! —Hannah Manalili



Victor, Kristine Joy

Director, Ad Hoc Committee Vice-chairperson, Special Events Committee Staff, Ad Hoc Committee Staff, Ad Hoc-Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Special Events Committee Joy does a lot of things without even breaking a sweat. She was the pub director in CAP, she’s dedicated with her academics, and she is a sociable gal. Quite the accomplished girl, it’s a good bonus that she’s easy on the eyes as well. Her passion and hard work could really get her far. —Gilbert Bueno Hi Ate Joy! First, I want to say that I think you’re one of the people who deserve to be really happy and proud of herself. Thank you Ate Joy for being a friend and an Ate and a Director. I hope to see you around pa rin~ I will truly miss you! Pub love ♥


one of your pub babies, Bianca ^^

Villanueva, Nicole Angela

Vice-chairperson, Finance Committee Staff, Task Force Committee Member, Finance Committee Member, Liaison Committee Nikki V. is a silent operator: she’s a reliable friend, a diligent worker and peer, and a passionate optimist. She does all of these while being humble and reserved about her accomplishments. Aside from being the SE Finance Councilor, did I mention she was also in a band? —Gilbert Bueno Hi Niki!!!! Can you believe it, we’re graduating in less than a month! Geeez, when was it when we were just talking about what we ought to do with our lives and here we are now, about to dive into the crazy world. Hahahaha! Niki, I know a lot of things happened to you last year, maybe it’s still affecting you right now. But know that people believe in how much you have inside and how capable you are to accomplish things. We think everything seems so unsure from here. All we have are questions, with a little tinge of hope for a positive answer from LIFE. But you have US to be with you. I PROMISE to be here. WE PROMISE to be here. We hope you start believing in yourself again. You deserve it. I won’t say I miss you because we definitely will hang out even after grad. —Maan Espinosa



Yra, Jessica Joy

Member, Community Development Committee Member, Liaison Committee Member, Special Events Committee Not everyone might notice her tambay-ing in our room but despite her “invisibility,” she is very much active in her school work and is a very hardworking silent worker in her committee. She’s won contests for her cases and was even willing to share the cash prize to others. She may not be always physically present but you can be assured that whatever task you will give her, she will do it and she will deliver. God bless on your next adventure Ate Jess! Your intiative and your care for others will surely bring you farCongratulations! —Faye Ferrer


Ate Jess Yra is one of the hardworking members I ever saw in Ecosoc. Though she has other responsibilities, she tries to give whatever she can do for her committee. My first encounter with her was during the fun run organized by Liai. I didn’t know she was a member then. Every Liai event, she was there, especially during preparations for Grand Trad. Ngayon na CDC na siya, I know she also performs very well. Thank you for everything ate Jess! Good luck on whatever undertaking you’re going to embark on after graduation! God bless! —Mark Matibag


see you at cdc with alumni!

contributors Andrea “Bianca” Alvaro / Miguel Andres / Noreen Apuhin / Irene Arzadon / Benedict Bismark / Jessica Bodo / Patricia “Patty” Bucao / Gilbert Bueno / Simone Carpio / Horace Cimafranca / Vicente “Enzo” Clemente / Kristine “Tin” Cunanan / Maan Espinosa / Feliche “Faye” Ferrer / John Gan / Nathan Legacion / Andres “Cocoy” Licaros III / Hannah Manalili / Mark Matibag / Michael “Myk” Narciso / Janna Ong / Selena Ortiga / Bettina Ramas / Reuel Realin / Regina Reinoso / Ayla Reyes / Kenneth Reyes / Madelene “Mads” Salazar / Paolo Tamase / Henryson Tan / Jason Tayawa / Paul Ugalde / Jose “Cocoy” Vargas / Van Valdez / Jose “JR” Yambao THE ECHOES COMMITTEE headed by Kenneth Reyes THE LIAISON COMMITTEE chaired by Madelene “Mads” Salazar and co-chaired by Ayla Reyes and Mark Matibag COVER ART by Kevin Estopace

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The UP Ecosoc Class of 2011  

The UP Ecosoc yearbook, featuring the class of 2011

The UP Ecosoc Class of 2011  

The UP Ecosoc yearbook, featuring the class of 2011